Chapter 11 - Party

21/06/2011 11:21

We have been driving for the past two hours in silence. Just the sound of the low radio music going on. I was watching the view pass by me outside when Bruno pulls over.
         “Where are we?” I ask him.
         “I have no idea.” He bends back and grabs his guitar and begins playing me a song (Just the way you are). When he finishes it I’m smiling and I just feel like giggling. “Well?”
         “It’s amazing... was that the song you wrote for me?” I ask.
         “Yeah. Let’s have fun tonight. Party, club hopping... anything you want.” His suggestions were great.

“What about our clothes?” I ask. He smiles and turns the car back on and drives down to the nearest city. He stops by a store and we get out. We both end up trying practically everything in the store on and I end up picking out a short black dress with black high heels and some silver and black bracelets and Bruno picks out a slightly open button down, gray shirt. With black pants and his shoes. When we step out of the store I can tell he’s staring at me.

         “Wow... I don’t think I should let you out of my sight.” I laugh and feel my cheeks which are burning. My make up is still there and I drag Bruno into another store to buy some makeup and makeup remover. I take off my makeup and then apply the new make up while Bruno just sits in the car strumming his guitar.

‘You understand there will be no drinking for you.” He looks so serious until the corners of his mouth begin to turn up and starts chuckling. “Just no telling anyone.”

“I’m good at secrets.” I reach over and kiss him. “Now... let’s go!” Bruno puts his guitar away and begins driving off towards the next city and by now it’s like 9 at night and I’m so ready to party. He parks off by the edge of one of the clubs and I see a line for one of the clubs and look at him. “It looks full.”

“So? C’mon.” He gets out and pulls me out to the line. We stand there when Bruno gets tired of waiting. He drags me out of the line right to the front where he completely goes in front of the person next in line. They begin yelling at him and he ignores them. He pushes me in front and they see me and let us in. Is it really that easy? I get into the club and it’s buzzing with people, music, booze it’s everywhere! I’ve been to clubs in NJ but nothing like this. It actually kinda lightens my spirits. Bruno and I head over to the bar area and I pick out a Link up, it’s a cocktail with vodka in it. I drink it down and couple other kind of drinks afterwards. After my seventh drink Bruno and I are on the dance floor stuck together because of the packed room.

Being drunk just makes everything so... different! The strobe lights were shining on and off and I felt myself grinding up against Bruno. His one hand was on my hip and the other on my thigh. I was laughing and felt like the only person alive. Bruno turned me around and began kissing me. Our kisses were hard and powerful until we finally had to let go for a breath.

“Can we get out of here? Go to another one?” I whisper right at his lips. He pulls me out of the club and I’m stumbling out one foot after another I try thinking to myself. We get to the next club a couple blocks away. We make our way there and just walk straight in past the security and into the club where I had who knows how many more margaritas, cocktails, beers... whatever they were. When I see myself in a room with Bruno and five other people, and a bong being passed around.         

“Psst...” I whisper to the whole group. “I’ve never…” I begin giggling insanely. “…done this stuff before!” I start laughing now and everyone else rolls their eyes at me. When it gets passed to me I smoke it up and it take about three more hits for me to finally get it to sink in. I’m giggling and talking insane things with the others. My eyes are glass like and Bruno and I leave the room and start dancing some more. When I’m at the bar for another drink some bitch starts complaining to me. About how ugly I am... maybe she was complaining? Or maybe she said I wasn’t ugly... either way I just hit her! My hand slapped her and the next thing I know I’m outside pulling this girls hair and slapping her arm with my shoe. While Bruno tries to pull me off her and the Security tries to get her away from me.

“That’s right bitch! Go home to your little candy shack!” I don’t even know... at all. I think we made it to eight different clubs by the time I saw sunrise and everything was closing down. Bruno and I are in the car by now and laughing our asses off about basically nothing. I have never been this drunk in my life! Along with being drunk I’m slightly high, although that was probably wearing off faster. Bruno must have drunk less than me considering he was feeling more of a hangover now. He drove into a pharmacy and bought some aspirin. He took two and took a swig of water. “Sweetie... can we like... not go back?” I ask him all smiley.

“No… here, take this Tatianna.” He hands me an aspirin. I push it away and pout.

“No! I like being like this!” I say to him. He tries to put it in my mouth and I end up slapping him. I step out of the car and begin walking away.

“Oh c’mon.. You’ll feel better! And... you’ll break the heels on your new shoes!” I stop and turn back around and get in the car. I swallow the aspirin and start feeling more like myself.

“You know what would have been so cliche?” I ask.


“If we had, had sex while we were drunk! HA!” I start laughing and he points to the back seat where I see...