Chapter 11

18/04/2011 22:27

I awoke with seeing Bruno sitting on a chair a sleep. Every time I blink my eyes water then sting. I crawl over to wake him but when I try to speak I sound like a frog so I just poke him.


“mmm.” I mumbled

“baby you ok?”

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out, so I just pointed to the chair and his guitar. I noticed that he had a scratchy voice like he was sick.

“you were crying in your sleep”

I pointed to myself and shake my head no

“yes babe, I had to sing you to sleep every time you started crying.”

I gave him a look of aw and a really, hoping he understood.

“your welcome and yes really, maybe you should work at the river damn”

I gave him a confused look.

“because you produced enough tears to serve the city!”

I pick up my pillow,threw it at him and stuck my tongue at him.

“you know I beat up handicap people like you”

He put down the guitar, jumped off the chair and onto me, I opened my mouth to scream but a squeak came out. He landed on me perfectly and started to tickle me. Kicking and squirming around like crazy. It hurt to laugh so I started to cough to get him to stop. He did and I gave him a kiss.

“eww cooties!”

I roll my eyes at him. He pulls me to him and kisses me.

“now you have my cooties”

I kiss him again and we walk hand to hand downstairs. I grab the tea kettle and all the ingredients to make mama's special tea. Plain Tea bag, honey,lemon and cinnamon sticks. I look over to see Bruno stretching his naked body, this boy I learned likes to sleep in the nude but I didn't mind the view every morning.

The kettle went off and I poured me and him a cup. He held up his cup for a toast. I just looked at him like he lost his mind but he kept his cup up so I put mine up too.

“To Me” he said

I looked at him and squinted my eyes at him.

“ok to our voice”

I nod

“i said to our voice”

I nodded my head at him

“hello can't you talk?” he said with a laugh “oh wait, you can't”

he started laughing and I just threw my curler at him and stuck my tongue at him. He came over and took my tongue into his mouth and started macking on my lips. Goodness the way he kisses me always makes me melt. I inhale a big chunk of cinnamon, not sure if it's him or the tea but either way, it smelled wonderful. He pulled back and smiled, making his eyes sparkle.

We finish our tea and I feel my throat sigh with relief, the warmness going down my throat feeling so good. When I touch my eyes, I fell there puffiness. Goodness, I really was crying all night long. They haven't felt this way since daddy left, well john. He wasn't my father anymore.

The phone rings and I don't answer, afraid it's john. I'm not ready to talk to him again, but Bru gets up and answers it.

“Hello...oh hey....oh ok....yeah...uh huh....yeah I know Alisia....ok...yup...your welcome....bye.”

I didn't even have to ask. I know I was getting called in. guess my vacation is over. I look at bru and just shake my head, like I already know.

“you sure you can work?, can you even talk?”


“you sound like a dying frog”

I clear my throat “and you have eyes like one”

He comes over and picks me up.

“PUT ME DOWN!” I say

“nope say i'm your master”


He spins me around and around. I start kicking and laughing, trying to get out of his grip.

“say it Alicia”


“smart ass”

He takes me up the stairs not even struggling with me. For a small guy, Bru is pretty strong. He slams me down on the bed still holding me down.

“say it, acknowledge your master!”

“NEVER” I said with a laugh

He grabs my undies and pulls them off, then grabs my hands and pulls me up and pins me to the wall with my hands up. He starts to kiss into my neck.

“never huh?”

“never” I said

He kisses my collarbone, then sucks on my neck. I bite my neck knowing what he wanted but we couldn't do this right now. I needed to get ready for work, To go back into the real world and off of Brunos world. I push my hips forward to get him off my me but he takes it the wrong way and lifts my leg up. I stop him.

“babe I got to get going” I say

“no, you can always stay here. I'll take care of you babe”

“Bruno I gotta go”

He lets me got and kisses me smack dab on the lips. I smile and put my fingers through his curls. I start to walk to the bathroom but he smacks my ass.

“i'll be waiting when you come home” he says

I blow him a kiss and walk into the bathroom. I could feel him watching me so walked with a little more hip into it. I hear a shudder of his breath and smile. He's so easy to turn on.

I hop in the shower, wash up,get out, dry off, put on the good ole makeup and curl my hair. When I look into the mirror and see the locket around my neck, disgusted, I rip it off and drop it to the floor. The locket pops opens and I see the picture of me and john, I close my eyes and kick it under the sink. I wrap my body in a towel and walk out, Bruno was on the roof writing. With his acoustic guitar. It looked kind of beat up and over used but you can tell that he loved it so. He turned his head as if he knew I was looking at him.

“why are you on the roof?”

“because if i'm in room with you naked like that, you'll never leave the house”

“hmm sounds like a plan” I said

He licked his lip “that's exactly what I mean”

I dropped my towel and moved my hips a little “ you mean like this?” I said with a smirk

“babe, stop doing that” he said

I go over to grab the lotion, turn to the side and begin to lotion my legs seductively without looking at him. I knew he was watching me and I was enjoying teasing him. I lotion my body slowly and dance at the same time. Rolling my hands up and down, caressing my body tenderly. One minute I was teasing Bruno, next thing I know he was on top of me, sucking the life out of my neck. Nipping at my ears and lips driving me crazy. At this point I didn't care of I was late for work he was turning me on and driving me mad. He started kissing his way down my body but when he got to my legs he stopped.

“oh wait, you have to go to work” he said with a smile

No he did not just get me all worked up for no reason. Oh best believe it was on when I got home. I pushed him off of me and got dressed in my uniform. He walked me to the door and I gave him a kiss but then licked his ear.

“see you after work” I said as I walked off

when I turn around he was still naked at the door, fully erected. I smile as I walk on my way to work. That'll teach him but I knew when I got home I was gonna get it but I didn't mind it.

I walk into work and there wasn't any customers but that was a Tuesday morning for you. When I walk into the back to grab my apron Maria and Alisia turn and look at me. I start to laugh because Gi-Gi had put them on the same shift knowing that they didn't like each other. I loved working with my girls, it was always fun.

“well well well, look who was a busy chica de la manana” Maria said

“no wonder I had to leave a message” Alisia said

I just smile knowing that they were right. All of a sudden Alisia screams.

“que es et el rata?!” maria asked

“ no stupido look at Alicia’s hands” Alisia said

Maria looked like she wanted to slap Alisia but then looked at my hand and her jaw dropped

“When?” Maria asked

“two nights ago” I said

“and you didn't tell us?” maria said

“i meant to but, things came up” I said

“like what could be so important” Alisia asked

“My father”

They both said oh and looked down at the ground. After that night when john left, we never talked about that night. It was all to awkward but It was fine with me because we all were going through the same thing with our fathers. Even though we knew them, we kinda didn't. Maria's dad

had passed away, Alisia's dad was never home and we all know my story.

“well i'm happy for you”Alisia said

“the wedding is going to be hermoso” Maria said with a hug and Alisia jumped in too

Gi gi walked in the back and seen us hugging

“well no one invited me for a group hug” Gi said

“Alicia is engaged” Alisia said

“let me see the ring” Gi said

I showed him the ring and he smiled with approval, them gave me a big fatherly hug.

“who's the lucky guy?” he asked

“peter Hernandez” I said

“oh the guy that was fighting all over my diner?” he said with a laugh

I just smiled and shook my head yes.

“so I guess you like bad boys but i'm glad for you, you happy., wait don't answer that.”

“& why not gi?” I said

“because from the mark on your neck I can tell you are” he said with a laugh

I blushed and they all started to laugh. “Gi can I say something, you have been more than a boss to us but more like a father, would you mind walking me down the aisle?”

Gi stared to rub his neck and turn red. I just smiled at him and he put his hand through is slick black hair.

“ wow I didn't know you guys felt that way about me” he said

“yeah” us girls all said together

“well I would be honored”

He gave me a hug and I was happy. John didn't deserve to do the honors because Gi Gi was another father when john was there and my only father when john left. We all heard the bell ring knowing a customer was here.

“i'll get it” I said

I go through the door and see E sitting on a stool.

“hey E” I said

“hey I didn't know you worked here” he said

“yea, what can I get you?”

I pull out my pad and wait for him to say something but he didn't.

“did you want anything?” I asked

“is that my grandmothers ring?”


“wow, here we go again”

“what do you mean”

“your not....nothing um look i'll have the Hawaiian Paradise with extra pineapples.”

I just looked at him then at my ring and I got this feeling of dread come over me but I ignored it because 10 more people came in. I took there orders and it got really busy after a while. When E was done he left me $20 tip, a note with i'm sorry on it and left. My mouth dropped, where did he get this type of money from? I just started at the note wondering...

“Hey you ok?” some one said

“ yeah”

“good, so can you take our order i'm hungry”

I rolled my eyes. Even with the rude customers, I still had what E said on my brain “wow,here we go again” . What did he mean?

I got finished with my shift which was closing. My feet hurt not used to being in my feet with Bru caring me everywhere. I smiled but then frown “wow here we go again”... I shook my head and took off my apron.

“you ok chica?” Maria said

“yeah just tired” I said

“you need a ride home? I can call J up and he'll drive us home” Alisia said

“is j that green eyed blondie” I asked

“yeah isn't he gorgeous ?”

“yeah but be careful” maria said

“oh so all of a sudden you care about me” Alisia said

“every time I try to be nice this vaca...”

“Cow? Your the cow maria, thats why she wont pick you as maid of honour”

“she never said that, alicia you didn't say that right?”

“no I want you both to be it” I said

“really” they both said

I just shook my head and we all huged. I left the back room, gave Gi a hug goodbye and began to walk home. On my way I stopped at a musical store.

“can I help you?” the guy st the counter said

“ yes I want to but a guitar” I said

“well what kind” he said

“ i'm not sure what kind of acoustic but a special one”

He showed me a section where the acoustics were and man, they were all beautiful. All hand carved, some had flowers on them, some had little designs on them but they didn't fit Bru at al. I looked at the guy and he looked at me. I smiled because he had the same lips and eyes as Bruno...oh my goodness.

“Mr. Hernandez?”

“how do you know...oh” he said as he looked at my ring


“you Alicia?” he said with a smile

“how did you know my name?”

“E told me he meet Bru new one, is he for sure this time?”

“what do you mean?”

“did he actually purpose this time or did he just give a speech and you assumed”

“he called me his wife and we talk about a family and stuff”

“yeah but did he really purpose Alicia, look I know my son and by the looks of it, your a smart strong girl, but peter moves a lot, so when he dosen't have a place to stay, he makes a girl fall for him, then he gives them that ring on your finger, then when he feels himself get too settled, he breaks up, or cheat on the girl, they always throw the ring at him so he always get it back. It's the way he lives.

I couldn't way anything. I was just so shocked at what his dad was telling me. He grabbed my hand but I didn't pull away.

I used to do what he did but then I meet his mother...look I feel as though your different just by a feeling that I get when I look at you. It was the same feeling I got when I was around his mother so when you get home, make him purpose to make it official and then see if that'll change his mind. He's not a bad son he's just...hurt.”

I picked out the Mahogany red one with the black music note on it. The notes were in a wave like and instead on whole notes they were orchids, there was microphones & all kinds of stuff on there that was all Bru. I bit my lip because I wasn't the only girl to get this ring, but I swallowed my anger and bought the guitar. Mr. Hernandez looked at me with sad eyes and wrapped the guitar up inside the case. The case was black with red designs on it just plain beautiful, I heard a shuffle and out came Eric.

“well surprise surprise” he said

I put $100 on the counter not caring if I got change back or not and walked out the door. Eric grabed my arm and I yanked it away.

“you forgot your change” Eric said

“keep it”

He didn't let go of me “is there anything else you want?”

“you, I want you”

“well i'm taken” I said as I showed him the ring

He looked at it and just smiled

“aw, cheap ass ring”

I snatched my hand away from him

“Fuck you Eric”

He slammed me onto the sidewalk and I screamed in pain. He started pulling my dress up and I started to kick him in the legs and punched him in the face, he didn't ease up, it just made him squeeze my wrist harder. I kicked and screamed, refusing to cry. He ripped my straps off and grabbed my hair.

“Eric let her go!” Mr. Hernandez

“Mind your own” he said

“ you don't want to go to jail as a rapist do you”

With all my might I pushed him off of me. He came off and I slapped him,twice and ran off. With Bru's guitar in my hand I ran as hard as I could.

“i'll get you one way or another!” Eric screamed

I ran like a trac star all the way home. When I got there, I pulled open the door and seen Bruno drop the pan

“Damn babe you...WHAT happened!!??”

I started to shake with anger and dropped his gift. That bastard tried to rape me. He tried to take me...i ran to the sink and vomited. I wanted to cry but I sucked it up. Just the thought of him touching me made me sick to my stomach. Bru rubbed my back while it all came out.

“babe what the fuck happened?”

I wiped my mouth with the hand towel and slid down to the floor, tears fell from my eyes harder. Damn I hated feeling so weak. So I wiped my eyes and took a breath

“Eric tried to rape me”

With a roar, Bruno yelled and stormed to the door but then came back to me and went down to my level and pulled my face to his. The look in his eyes were pure hatred and I felt the same. He looked at with and seen a promise of revenge. But I shook my head Eric needed to die but not tonight.

“Give a couple of days to make it seen like I didn't say anything” I said

“then we'll get him”

I nodded my head and Bru helped me up off the floor. I went upstairs to wash my face and change my clothes. When I came downstairs I realized that he had cooked dinner, with candles and glass plates, the works. I sat at the table and he put a bowel full of some kind of soup in front of me. He looked at me and I tried the soup. Surprisingly it was good.

“what is this” I asked

“potato soup”

“did you make this?”

“yeah, I made my brain”

“your brain?”

“nah Phil came over and helped me make it”

“helped you?”

“ok ok he made it, I wanted today to be special”

I laughed a little and that put a smile in his face. He poured him a bowel and then pulled out some white wine with two flute's glasses out. I got up and grabbed his gift and put it in his chair. When he turned around, he put down the glasses and put his hands on his head and closed his eyes.

“babe, did you get that at Mickeys?”

“i'm....damn it”

“DAMN how could you forget that fucking fast!”

“i just seen the guitars and I wanted to get you one”

“you didn't look up at the name of the store”

“no I was to busy talking to your dad”


“i....talked to your dad?”

The line of his lips fell way down, and he looked kind of green like he was sick.

“what did he say to you?”

“he seen the ring”

“Fuck...what did he say to you”

“the same thing your brother said when he seen the ring”

He turned around and put his hands on the counter. I seen his shoulder stiffen and his back tense up.

“How many peter? How many before me?”

He didn't say anything, he just gripped the counter even harder. His arms began to shake and I was beginning to become pissed off.

“How. Many. Peter”

“it's not that...”


He turned back around and looked at me. I waited for him to answer but he didn't say anything, so I folded my arms and stared back at him.

“well?” I said

“does it matter”



I just closed my eyes and bit my lip out of anger. 20, 20 fucking girls. So all this was a game to him and I now knew what E meant. He was just joshing with my emotions and I didn't like it. I fell for it, and once again I was hurting. The sent of cinnamon became stronger and I knew he was coming over to me.

He put his hands around me but I didn't do the same. I just sat there, debating if I should believe that I was being played. If everything he said to me in the field of orchids was truthful or was it just words. Mama always told me, never believe a mans words but believe his actions. So I started to think if he did anything that would save him from me kicking him out for good.

“you know, I let you in & I don't do that for any guy, just tell me one thing, what you said when we was at the barn, was it all real?”

“No but...”

“get out”

“let me explain”




He let me go and backed away from me.

“So tell me peter,how long until the break up?”

“a week but I wasn't...”

I put my hand up to stop him.

“i need some time to think, If your true”

“so now all of a sudden you don't trust me because of what my father said!”

“i just don't want to be hurt by another man...i just need to know the truth”

He took the guitar I bought him and left. Like always he leaves. I blew out the candles put the food away, went upstairs and went to my roof. I will not let him effected me in anyway. I am stronger than that and tears don't help. I closed my eyes to hold back the tears when I hear a strum and my name.


I crawled to the edge of the roof and seen everyone in the neighborhood in my yard..

“Go away peter” I said

“you want proof, you got it”