Chapter 11+12

19/05/2011 20:15

Chapter 11

It was the next day. All I could think about was why Dalton came here. It was 1:30 and Bruno hadn't called today. I got worried. I called Bruno's phone and he didn't answer. Then I called Phillip. He actually picked up. "Hey Cait! Whats up?" he said. "Oh nothing... actually I'm looking for Bruno. He won't answer his phone... know where he is?" I asked. Phillip paused. "Oh uh he... is... righhhhtt, here. Here ya go" I waited for Bruno to speak. "Babe!" he said. "Awhe babe I miss you... It's so boring at home!" I complained. "Awhe boo I miss you too... no guys you with?" he joked. "Well actually, my ex, Dalton came. He wanted me back. You know what I said? I said, 'I have a boyfriend'" I told Bruno about our whole fight. And he was laughing. "Babe what are you laughing at?" I said starting to catch his laughter. "I love how you tell him off and scream at him." he said. "You love how I'm so abrasive?" We were both laughing. Then I stopped and thought, "Oh to hear his laughter in person again" "Why'd ya stop talking? I miss your voice!" Bruno said. "I just thought, and I missed hearing you talk and laugh in person" I confessed. "Oh come on. I miss you too. I miss those blue eyes. How you kissed me at night. I miss the way we sleep" he said still laughing. "You don't have to sing Colbie Calliet to me Bru." I was cracking up by this point. "But what if I want to?" he said. "Okae fine if you want to... but I personally think I'm not that bea-" "SHUT UP!" Bruno said. "What?!" I said. "Stop saying your ugly. I love you so so so much" he said. "Awe Bruno now I miss you more" "Well I'll be home in two days. Wait for me baby? Love you! Bye" he hung up. I stared at my phone.

It was the day Bruno was going to come home. I texted him earlier morning asking what time he'd be home and he said around 5 p.m. It was 3. I cleaned the house. I just put jeans and a cami on. And didn't do my makeup for Bruno.  But I did straighten my hair. That all took and hour and a half. So there were only 30 minutes to spare. Then I heard a knock at the door. I ran to it, thinking it would be Bruno. I swung open the door and Dalton was standing there. I sighed and leaned my head back staring at the sky. I went outside and was on the porch with Dalton. "Why are you here?" I sighed. "You do realize I'm not going to stop" he said with a sly smile. He was walking closer to me but I was backing away. "Wait the other day you were screaming at me and now you sitll want me? Go to the doctor." I said. "Why? Because my heart is broken?" Cheesy. "No, because you're fricking bipolar Dalton. Just leave okay?" I said. Dalton grabbed my wrist and slammed me against the brick house wall. "GET OFF OF ME!" I screamed. He covered my mouth with one hand, and the other was holding me. "RAPE" I called. I repeatedly called it. I realized that a black cab had pulled up infront of my house and Bruno came darting out. Veins popped out of his forehead and arms. "GET THE F*** OFF MY GIRLFRIEND YOU FREAK" he ran over to Dalton and punched him in the back of the head. Dalton dropped my wrist and dropped to his knees. Bruno picked me up like a baby and kissed me all over. "I missed hugging you I missed kissing you" I said. I was out of breathe from fighting with Dalton. "You probably missed me in bed too" Bruno said trying to act cool. I narrowed my eyes and laid my head on his chest. "Hey get off of h-" Dalton stopped and realized me in Bruno's arms. "Yeah Dalton this is Peter. Bruno. My boyfriend. We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE eachother" I said rubbing it in his face. Bruno set me down and faced Dalton chest to chest. "Bet you wish I was her don't you?" Bruno said looking at Dalton. "Man just back off of Caitlin. She don't love you. She loves me." Dalton said. Bruno looked over at me, seeming as if he believed that. "Dalton Parker, I freaking HATE you." I screamed. I was right next to Bruno, but my face was right infront of Dalton. Dalton leaned in and puckered his lips and kissed me. I jerked myself back as soon as I could and wiped my lips. Bruno pulled me close to him and we made out right infront of Dalton. "THIS is who I kiss Dalton. BRUNO IS WHO I KISS! Not you" I said. Bruno nudged me behind him so Dalton wouldn't pull anything like that again. I ran inside and called the cops. I darted back outside and saw Dalton walking away in handcuffs. Bruno grabbed his suit cases from his cab and came in and unpacked. We went into the bedroom. I sat in Bruno's plaid armchair with my legs crossed and watched Bruno unpack. "I told you Bruno. That guy is crazy. And a freak. I try to stay away from him as much as I can." I told Bruno. "Babe I believe that you hate him and everything. And he is trouble" he came over and rubbed his hand on my cheek. "Listen, he's trouble. He's bad. He's on the virge to probably raping you. And I'm here for you baby" he said and pulled me closer to him. I looked at those big brown eyes. Adorable. "Bruno" I said. "I missed you." I smiled. He smiled too. Our foreheads met.

I woke up next to Bruno. His curls in his hair were perfectly messed up from sleeping. His mouth was wide open and he was snoring loudly. I clenched my jaw jokingly. I stayed there staring at Bruno. He opened his eyes and looked over at me. "Like that face don't you" he asked. "I love it" I replied. He pulled me closer and I laid on his stomach. "Oh babe my friend who works for the police told me how Dalton's doing in jail" Bruno smiled. "He's in jail?!" Bruno nodded. "Yes!!!!" I hugged Bruno tighter. I heard my iPhone beep but I ignored it. It kept beeping. "One sec babe I gotta get my dumb phone" I got up and grabbed my phone. It was some number I didnt have in my contacts. The text said "I'm going to get you. That body. Your face. I could sleep with it if I could. And I'm going to able to when I'm out." Dalton. Fuck. I knew it was Dalton. "Baby" I started. "Dalton texted me. You're right. He's coming to kidnap me." I started to cry and Bruno held me close up to his heart. Bruno ran his fingers through my hair and kept kissing my head. He kept repeating "You're always mine."


Chapter 12

The swat team was in my house. Everyone just stood around staring at the team. "WELL IF THE FREAKKIN SWAT TEAM IS IN MY HOUSE TAKE THAT IDIOT AWAY!" I said pointing to Dalton. "But I didn'-" Dalton begged. The swat team pulled him out onto the porch and we heard gun shot. I rushed to the bay window and peeked outside. I couldnt really see I was too short. Bruno picked me up and I saw Dalton on the floor in a puggle of blood. "Bruno! Daltons got shot" I said in amazment. "You miss him already." Bruno said worried. "Of course not. I love youuuuuuuu." I said screaming and smiling. Bruno flipped me over his shoulder and walked outside. "Let me downnn!" I screamed. I kicked his abs. "Watch the abs." He said smiling. He walked out onto the porch, and oh yeah I was still slung over Brunos shoulder. "What happened?" Bruno asked. "He was jail broken. And a drug addict. We found weed in his basement." The swat team guy said. "Oh..." I said in a low tone. "Whoa... so like, what are you gonna do with him now?" Bruno was staring at Daltons dead body. "Bury him. Good day sir. And ma'am." The guy said. "Bye." Bruno and I both said. Bruno walked back inside and set me down on the couch. I curled up in a ball and pretended I was mad. "You’re mad coz I was carrying you." Bruno laughed. "Hm." I pouted. Bruno reached his hand towards my stomach. I uncurled and he tickled me. He knows thats my weakness. I squeled and laughed. "I'm not ma-a-a-a-d." I said squeling. "Good!" He stopped tickling and wrapped his arms around my waist and I laid on him. I stared at those beautiful eyes. "Hey, how's Phil?" I asked. "He's good actually. He married Ahmity." :O "Awwwhe really?" I said. "Yup. There wedding is in two weeks and I'm Phils best man and you Ahmity's bridesmaid!" "REALLY?!" "YES! Like I said! Yes!" "I was to go get my nails and hair done. Then buy a dress. Oh, whats the color theme? What if I come in pink and the theme is yellow? What if I do-" Bruno interrupted me. "You’re so pretty you dont have to worry." He said. "How does my prettyness reflect to my worrying?" I asked. "It just does okay?"