Chapter 11

26/06/2011 14:02

“Bruno!” Some man said.

“Hey Kenny.”

“Who’s this?”

“Nicholle, she’s-”

“This is Nicholle..”

“Hi.” I smiled.

“I’ve heard a lot about you.”  

“Really?” I asked shocked.

“A-huh.” He said looking at Bruno. He walked away and we followed him. 

“Hey B!” I head a girl say, she gave me a dirty look.

“Hi Alex.” He said annoyed.

“I’ll take your coat.” She said and took it off of him.

“Babe, you can sit over there.” He pointed to a chair. I smiled and sat down in it. He walked into the recording area. I crossed my legs and took out my phone, to occupy me. 

“I’m back, is he here?” Some guy said walking in. I didn’t look up.

“Nicholle?” I looked up.


“Oh my god, it is you.” He said smiling. This guy was kinda hot, naturally tanned, tall, buff, and a nice smile. “You don’t remember me do you?”

“I’m sorry, no.” I saw that Bruno was looking at us through the Window.

“Maybe this will help,  Mino'aka  li'ili'i Honu.” <smile little turtle> He said, it started coming back to me.

“Moana?”<ocean> He smiled. “Ryan, what are you doing here?” I asked him.

“I could ask you the same. Don’t I get a hug?”

“Of course.” I walked over to him, he leaned down and hugged me. 

“What’s goin on?” Bruno said walking in.

“It’s her! li'ili'i Honu.” <little turtle>


“Me and Moana grew up together.” I said.

“Moana?” He asked.

“It means ocean.”

“I know. How could you guys have grown up together, when him and I grew up together?”

“I lived right next door to her.” He said.

“He was like my big brother.”

“And then her boyfriend.” I blushed. “You look amazing, by the way.”

“Thanks.” I saw Bruno looking at me.

“So how are you here?” He asked me.

“I’m actually with Bruno.”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah, we’re married actually.” Bruno said on the defense.

“Really?” He asked me.


“So much for waiting.” He looked down. “See you guys later.” He said and walked away.

I let out a sigh.

“What was that?” Bruno asked.

“We promised we’d wait for each other. I moved here when I was 19, he said he’d make it over here one day. We tried the long distance thing, but it didn’t work.”

“Bruno, I need you.” Alex said from around the corner. She smiled and called him over with her finger.

“Right back.” He said to me. He walked closer to her, she grabbed his arm and winked at him, then she gave me a dirty look again.

“Can we talk?” I asked as Ryan walked by the door.

“About what?”

“C’mon don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad, just betrayed.”

“Drama queen!”

“How long have you been married?”

“About 7 days.”

“You can’t love him though.” He said walking close to me.

“Why not?”

“You don’t know him.” He whispered in my face.

“What are you doing? I asked putting my hands on his chest trying to make a distance between us.

“You know you miss me.” He leaned down and kissed me.

“Wait.” I pulled apart. “I’m married.”

“No you’re not. It’s only been a week, it doesn’t count.”

“I thought you were my brother, why are you acting like this?”

“I still love you.”

“Found it!” Alex yelled. I looked beside Ryan, she was looking at us. “I knew you wouldn’t last.” She said in a different voice.

“What?” I asked her. Bruno walked in.

“Looks like we’re gonna be here late.” Bruno said.

“You want me to go home?”

“Yeah, you’ll be bored here.” Alex said.

“No, stay!” Bruno said.

“Okay babe, for you I will.” I smiled at Alex.

“BRUNO! Get your ass back here!” Phil yelled.

“I’m coming GOD!” He winked at me and ran out.

“ bout some drinks?” Ryan asked.

“I’m good.”

“What? The Nicholle I used to know would jump at a drink.”

“Now that she’s carrying Bruno’s love child..” Alex murmured under her breath.

“WHAT?!” Ryan yelled.

“Who told you that?” I asked her.

“Bruno called and told me last night. He said he needed someone to talk to, so he came over. He wasn’t sure if he was gonna stick around. I comforted him.”

“He was gonna LEAVE ME?! Did you guys hook up?!”

“A-huh.” She smiled. I pushed past Ryan and walked towards the music. I walked in to the part of the room where the producers and buttons were. I picked up a cordless microphone, opened the door where they were singing and threw it at Bruno.

“Aye! What are you doing?!” Bruno yelled.

“Don’t play pretend! I know!”

“Know what?!” He asked as he dodged the show from my right foot. I rolled my eyes and walked out of the studio. 

“Hey WAIT!” Bruno yelled coming after me. “What the hell did I do?!”

“You were gonna leave!”


“And you cheated on me!”

“What?! When with who?!”

“ALEX!” By this point the tears are streaming down my face.

“What? NO NEVER! I love YOU! I would NEVER cheat on you! It wasn‘t even like that.”

“You said you were different! I trusted you.” I said quietly.

“Baby look at me.” He put his hands on my cheeks.

“NO, stop!” I smacked his hands away, he shed a tear.

“It wasn’t like that.”

“So you’re not denying you went to her house?” He stood there.

“Don’t call me, text me, come to my house, nothing!”

“I love-” I interrupted him with a slap in the face. He looked at me teary eyed. I didn’t hold back my tears. I started walking. I was so mad, I couldn’t remember which way to go.