Chapter 11

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´For real?’’ Phil said shocked. ‘’Yeah.’’ ‘’Wow, that’s…that’s great.’’ Phil seemed very happy for me. But Bruno clearly was thinking about it.


‘’Yeah, good for you.’’ he finally said, not also too excited.


‘’He wants me to go back with him to New York next week. Introduce me to a couple of people and stuff.’’ I said, breaking the dead silence.


‘’I told you he would do this.’’ Phil said. ‘’But next week we’ll perform in Vegas. You won’t be with us anymore.’’ he said disappointed. By that comment Bruno’s face dropped more.


There was an awkward silent again. I didn’t have words to say. Bruno was staring down at some papers, pretending he didn’t even care. I knew he didn’t like the idea.


Phil noticed and quickly decided to change the subject.


‘’There are some new beats created, we need your opinion about it.’’ He reached down beside him and turned on the beat. The speakers began to shake wildly. I nodded my head.


‘’This is great, very catchy. I like it.’’ I smiled. ‘’What about you, Bruno?’’ Phil turned his head to him, but he didn’t answer. His eyebrows were frowned; he was in a deep thought.


‘’Bruno? Yo Bruno?’’ Phil waved his hand in front of his face. ‘’Huh? Yeah, it’s good. Play the next one.’’ he said quickly.




Phil played a couple more beats. The reactions to it were quite the same. Nobody was clearly in the mood anymore, so we decided to go back to the hotel.


I was packing my stuff in my bag, while Bruno was on his bed, with his guitar again.


I looked around, searching for my toothbrush, went to the bathroom to search there, but couldn’t find it there either and walked back into the bedroom.


‘’Bruno, have you seen my toothbrush?’’ I asked him. ‘’No.’’ he said dryly, without looking up from his guitar.


I sighed and continued packing. He has been like this since the news and I was sick of it.


‘’You’re gonna tell me what’s going on?’’ I said, stepping away from my bag. He didn’t answer. ‘’Bruno.’’ Still no answer.


‘’Don’t tell me this has anything to do with me going solo.’’ I said, almost begging for him to answer me. ‘’Fine, if you wanna have it that way…’’ I walked up to him and grabbed the guitar out of his hands.


‘’Hey!’’ he yelled, furious.

I placed the guitar against the wall and saw that he was about to stand up to get it back.


‘’Don’t you dare.’’ I raised up my finger. ‘’Now, you’re going to tell me what’s going on.’’


He just looked at me, still angry, without saying a word.


‘’I’m waiting.’’ I said.


‘’Fine. I don’t want you to sign.’’ he said, burying his head in his hands. The anger in his eyes slowly disappeared.


‘’Then why didn’t you just tell me?’’ I sat down next to him, on the bed.


‘’You seemed very happy about it. Don’t you realize what it will do to us? You were a part of us and now you just go and leave.’’ He brushed his hands trough his hair back and forth.


And suddenly I felt very guilty about it. ‘’If you don’t want me to leave, then just say it. You don’t have to act all like this, ignoring me and stuff.’’


And that’s when I knew I shouldn’t have said that, cause that’s when he became frustrated again.


‘’You don’t even think about our feelings, but only about yourself!’’ He stood up and bolted his fists.


‘’You know that’s not true!’’ Anger started to take control over me as I jumped off the bed in defense.


‘’If you want to leave, then just leave. We don’t need you anymore!’’ he yelled at me.


‘’Fine! Maybe I will!’’ I dumped the rest of my stuff in my bag and threw it on my shoulder. ‘’Goodbye!’’ I yelled, opened the door and slammed it as loud as I can shut, that even people in the hallway turned to look what the commotion was all about. But I didn’t care.


I knocked, almost banged on the band’s room. ‘’I’m coming, coming.’’ An angry Kenji swayed the door open, but that look soon disappeared when he saw my face. ‘’Come in. What’s wrong?’’ he asked softly, letting me in.


‘’I’m leaving.’’ I said almost whispering, too afraid that my voice would crack. ‘’What? Why? You told us you would leave to New York next week.’’ Phil said confused.


‘’Plans has changed. I’m leaving now.’’ I said, trying to calm down from what happened before. ‘’I just came to say that I’m going to miss you, guys. I had a great time here and I’m never going to forget that.’’


Phil stood up and hugged me tight. ‘’Group hug.’’ he said, and soon the rest of the band joined too. ‘’There will never be someone that can take over your spot. We’re never gonna replace you.’’ Jamareo said.


I pulled away, looking at each one of the members and smiled. ‘’Thank You guys, without you this would never be possible for me. I promise we’ll keep in touch.’’ I waved at them and left.


Before I headed to the lobby I turned to take one last look at Bruno’s room, somehow hoping that he would come out. But I knew that wouldn’t happen. I made my way out of the hotel, realizing I was miles away from home. So I just took a cab to the airport and called Lea to pick me up there. I would explain erverything to her on our way home.


And there we were, on our way home. ‘’Can’t believe he acted like that. But give him a break. He was just a little upset about you leaving after all you’ve reached to. But on the bright side, you’re becoming a famous artist.’’ Lea said, trying to cheer me up.


‘’Yeah, but I still feel guilty. About the band I mean. I still don’t get Bruno.’’ The car window was rolled down and the wind was playing with my hair.


‘’Just wait. We’ll see what will happen next week. Just keep your mind off it for at least a day and relax.’’ Lea advised.


‘’I’ll try.’’ I knew that wouldn’t work.


Lea dropped me in front of my house. She would’ve stayed, but she had to go home to get ready for work.


I quickly went throught my mails. Nothing inportant. I heated the rest of the lasagna, I still had in the refrigerator, in the microwave, when my phone rang. I reached down my pocket, expecting it to be Bruno, and looked at the screen. Lea.


‘’Hey.’’ ‘’Turn on the tv.’’ she said fast. ‘’What, why?’’ I asked confused. ‘’Just turn it on. You won’t believe it.’’ she almost yelled.


I obeyed her and walked to the livingroom, still with the phone in my hand and turned on the tv. ‘’What channel?’’ I asked, zapping around. ‘’CRW.’’ I quickly zapped and dropped the remote in horror, when I saw what it was all about.


My eyes scanned the discription below the picture that popped up on the screen. A picture of me leaving the hotel, angrily.


Bruno Mars and Bre Lake breaking up?! Hollywood couple not seeying each other anymore?


I turned up the volume to hear what the tvhost had to say about it.


‘’Are Bruno Mars and Bre Lake breaking up? Back- up singer Bre Lake was leaving the hotel, where they stayed after a concert. But at the angry look on her face you could see someting was wrong. Witnesses confermed that she left Bruno’s hotelroom mad, by slamming the door. Maybe this could be the end of the perfect lovecouple?’’


I turned down the volume, forgetting I was still on the phone with Lea. ‘’Bre, you still there?’’ ‘’Oh, right. How come they have the news so fast. It creeps me out. And now the whole world knows.’’


‘’Keep your head up. That’s how it goes with fame. They just want to make money off of you.’’ Lea said chill.


‘’Well, I don’t like this game. I’m going to get some rest. I talk to you tomorrow.’’ I sighed. ‘’Alright, you sure do. And remember, everything is going to be allright. I talk to you soon. Bye.’’ she said. ‘’Bye.’’ And I turned off the phone.


With an empty stomach I went upstairs and dropped myself on the bed. I grabbed a pillow, stuffed my head in it and screamed. Just what I needed. After a few minutes I fell asleep.




Phil turned of the tv.


‘’Can you explain this?’’ He looked at Bruno. He didn’t answer. ‘’Is this true? Cause Bre told me something different.’’


‘’Maybe. What did she say?’’ Bruno said. He fiddled with the buttons on shirt shirt.


‘’Well, she told us that plans had changed and she would leave to New York tomorrow.’’ Phil explained.


‘’What?!’’ Bruno. ‘’That’s not true.’’


‘’So you two did get in a fight. What did you do to her?’’ Phil said annoyed.


‘’Me? I didn’t do anything. It was her.’’ Bruno jumped in defense.


‘’Oh really? What exactly happened? I want details.’’ ‘’Okay, it was my fault too. But this wouldn’t happen if she didn’t sign that stupid deal.’’ Bruno said frustrated.


‘’Bruno, be happy for her. She’s making her dream come true. Just make it up to her.’’ Phil said.


Bruno sighed.




‘’Come on. Get dressed.’’ Lea walked in, opening the curtains wide to let the moonlight in and ripped the sheets off the bed.


I turned over to my side. ‘’Where are we going?’’ I mumbled. ‘’We’re going to get some fresh air. Head over to that new grand club that opened just last week. I heared the most famous people come there too.’’ Lea said excited.


‘’I’m not in the mood. And how do you want to come in anyway? I bet it’s very exclusive, only coming in by reservation or something?’’ I covered my eyes.


‘’Hello, we have you. You’re quite famous now. They sure’ll let us in. Come on. Get out of bed.’’ She hit me with a pillow.


‘’Fine.’’ I stood up and headed to the bathroom to pee. When I got back Lea pushed me inside again, with a dress. I took a look at it and held it in front of me, in front of the mirror. I sighed and pulled the short black dress, with little diamonds on the shoulders on.


When I got out, Lea got dressed too. After finding the right shoes we headed out the door, hopped in the car and drove off to the club.


Lea was right. After the security saw me, he let us. Guess I was famous enough.


The lounge was big. Bright disco lights were flashing across the dancefloor. First thing we did was getting to the bar to het something to drink.


‘’So, what do you think? Pretty cool, huh?’’ Lea said over her drink. All I did was nod. Man, this drink is good...


I looked around the lounge. People were dressed pretty casual and the room wasn’t overfull.


‘’Enjoying your drink?’’ I turned my head and saw a pretty young attractive guy sitting next to me.


‘’Yes.’’ I said, smiling.


‘’Good.’’ He smiled at me. He had the most beatifull gray eyes I’ve had ever seen. He leaned closer to me and ordered another drink for me. And so our conversation started.




At the other side of the lounge, in the vip section, Bruno was watching them. Anger and jealousy filled his eyes. He couldn’t watch it anymore, so he turned over to the girl on the couch next to him.




What am I doing. This guy is flirting with me. I have to stop...


‘’So, what’s your phonenumber?’’ The guy asked me.


Sigh. ‘’I’m sorry, but I’m not interested. It’s not you, but I’m just not...interested.’’ He just gave me an irritated look.


I stood up and searched for Lea. I saw her on the dancefloor, dancing. So I looked around for a nice spot to sit, when I saw Phil, in the vip section. I walked to the entrance and was let in by the security. Phil saw me and smiled.


‘’You here? I tought you said you would leave to New York yesterday?’’ he said, hugging me.


Shoot, forgot.


I tried to make up an excuse fast. ‘’Did I say today? I meant tomorrow.’’


He knew I was lying. ‘’Yeah right. I know about you and Bruno.’’


‘’Oh. How is he anyway?’’ I asked, a little nosy.


‘’Yeah, he’s fine. He’s here, anyways. Right over....’’ Phil turned around to look at the couch in the corner, but it was empty. ‘’He was right there. He’s probably...’’ He eyes flew to the dancefloor and widened. I noticed this, so my eyes followed his.


Yep, there he was. On the dancefloor, dancing too close with some chick. After a few seconds his eyes met mine, but with an arrogant look in them. He moved closer to the girl, grabbed her waist and started to do vulgar moves, while he kept looking at me.


I turned my face to look the other way, hurt.


Phil’s face dropped at Bruno’s action.


‘’I gotta get going now. Tell the rest of the band I said hey.’’ I walked away, before Phil even could say a word.


Lea was sitting at the bar, drinking some cocktail.


‘’Can we leave? I don’t feel so good.’’ I said, trying to get the image of Bruno out of my head.


‘’What’s wrong?’’ She didn’t even finish her sentences, when she saw the hurt in my eyes. She looked behind me and saw Bruno, still on the dancefloor. His eyes were still rested on Bre, but then they met Lea’s. She narrowed her eyes, giving him an evil look.


‘’Lets go.’’ she said, dragging me out of the club. We jumped in the car and headed back to my house.


‘’The way he just looked at me the whole time, with so much hate.’’ I leaned against the kitchen counter.


‘’This boy really needs to know what he’s missing. Can’t believe he did that.’’


She dropped me off in front of my house.


I dragged myself inside and went straight upstairs to the bathroom. I dressed in my pj’s and washed my face. I looked at myself in the mirror.


‘I don’t recognize my reflection. All I see is a product of your deception.’


Suddenly I knew how I could get my revenge on Bruno.


I walked out, went to sit down behind my desk in my bedroom and started writing fast on a piece of paper.