Chapter 11

24/07/2011 14:16

#Chapter 11 The day was perfect, just like I imagined it. It was the best 1st rendezvous ever.

After I kissed her she had this look, this happy and full of admiration look. She looked like a little cute girl.



_Are we a couple? I mean…for real? she shyly asked to me. 

_Of course baby, of course! I want to be with you! I said, taking her face in hands, gently kissing her on the lips.


She hugged me tight and stared at me. She was so emotive that she even had this tear rolling down her chick. I wiped it and said "I hope it's a tear of joy!". She laughed and took my hand in her. We started to walk towards the attractions. Suddenly, someone came up and took a picture of us. It was a paparazzi again. I heavily sighed. Damn, I completely forgot them! But you know what? I don't care. The only one thing i want today is hang out with the beautifulest girl right here, in my heart. I don't them to ruin all my happiness. I turned around and stopped myself in front of Kaylee and adjusted the hat to hide her eyes. She started to freeze. 


_Again Bruno?! she said, a little bit annoyed.

_Don't think what I think you think! I said, raising an eyebrow. 

_And what do you think i'm thinking? she said, relaxing a little.

_I bet it's something like that I want to hide you from the world but no way!

_Mhmm…she said, not convinced. 

_I want to protect you. Just keep walking baby, it's just you and me! I don't want the day to start like this! I said, almost begging her.


She silently sighed and we kept walking until she told me to stop to the roller coaster. She looked at me like a puppy because she wanted me to go have fun with her there. I laughed and said that I wouldn't be happier. I went to the little hut and paid for our tickets. We got in the wagon and had fun. 

Kaylee was clinging to my shirt and she was shouting a lot. In fact, i think she was afraid as hell but she didn't want to tell me that she really was. I cuddled her and I stroked her hair to calm her. When it was over, I took her arm to support her and don't let her fall down. I asked her if she was okay and she looked at me like there was nothing to worry about, i know she bluffs so i laugh. We were walking again and i saw this little caravan who were making love-apples, I bought them two and offered one to Kaylee. She was so happy. She told me that she always wanted her boyfriend to buy him one but from all these jackass, no one wanted to please her. Everything they done were for themselves. What basterds! Even if we have the same love-apple Kay wants to share. She reached out the love-apple to me and I take a piece of it. I told her to do the same then I kiss her and tell "you see? that's the way I like to share". She couldn't stop blushing and I think she couldn't really realize the fact that she was mine from now. A bit sudden but everything has to start someday, somehow, it has to. So we were there, still walking. I saw this shooting gallery and I told her that I was about to win a plush for her. She laughed and followed me until the caravan. The guy appeared from nowhere and hold a tommy gun to me. He looked really surprised. 


_Oh my god, you're this Michael Jackson young guy?! he said, surprised.

_Wow, huh, I don't know? I said, scratching my hair all shyly. 

_Damn right yeah, it's you! You're Bruno Mars! he said with the same ton in his voice.

_Yes I am. I said, with a little smile.

_Oh! My daughters listen to you like non-stop, crazy! You're a great guy! he kept compliment him.

_Well, thank you and thanks to her! I said, quite content. 

_Okay so you have to shot these balloons and if you do, Miss can get the plush! he said, all happy.

_Okay! I said, smirking. -I turned around Kaylee- Baby, I'm going to win for you! 


I took the tommy gun tightly in my hands, I looked into the gun sight and shot. I shot all the balloons. Like a boss.


_BOOM! STRAIGHT UP I WON! I said, doing my little happy dance. -I turned around Kaylee again- Baby!! I told you! I won for you! 


The fairground guy showed me all the plushes he got and told me to pick one. 


_Which one do you like Baby? I asked all smiling.

_The cute panda one. she said, showing me the panda bear plush.

_SOLD! Panda bear cutey one please sir! I said, all proud of myself. 


The guy gave me the plush and I gave him back the tommy gun. Before we go he quietly and shyly asked for an autograph for his daughters. 


_It's okay i can sign two autographs, you don't annoy me! I said to reassure him. Wow, lucky you I usually hate everyone! I said, joking around -I turned around Kaylee- Well, almost everyone. 

_Oh, thank you so much! They'll be so happy when they'll be back from school. Thank you! 


Damn, this poor guy almost makes me cry. He's so thankful, so shy and so through full towards his daughters. He thought I wouldn't agree to sign two autographs, like for real? Wow, crazy! He seems so nice. Poor guy. Then we left. Kaylee jumped on me and hugged me. "It's the best thing someone ever offered to me. Thank you honey!" she said, all happy. Damn, I wouldn't like to meet those boys she was dating before me. She's not a vulgar piece of $@#!*. She deserves to be loved, she deserves respect and apparently, no one could get that! Mofos! I took her hand as we went back to my car. She was hiding her face with her other hand and got in the car. I brought her back at her aunt.


_Thank you so much for today. It was a nice, normal, casual, couple day. I liked it so much. We need to do that more. 

_Thanks to you, it's the most normal day I've ever had in a longtime. Preeshiate chu for that! 


She started to blush. I removed a lock of her hair of her eyes and kissed her, intensely. I took the panda bear's plush that I won for her earlier from the back seat and put it in her hands. 


_Don't forget him or he'd be sad. I said, smirking.

_Wow, guess who's going to sleep with me tonight? she said, laughing.

_I'm so jealous, argh! Take him before i change my mind. 


She laughed again and shut the door up, walking towards the front door. I was waiting  for her to get into the house before to go. She turned around and waved at me. I blown her a kiss and left once she opened the door. 

The day was perfect, just like I imagined it. It was the best first rendezvous ever.



End of the Flashback: 


My name is Bruno Mars, I'm a celebrity and I will always love her.