Chapter 11

26/07/2011 12:14

I started to play with his hair.

"You know, I could give you a little help with it. Help paint a picture with...visuals." I whispered visuals.
"Oh really?" he asked intrigued.
"Mmhhmm." I smiled.
"Like rubbing." he smiled sexy.
"Yes." I said imagining him rubbing my body.
"Yes!" I said thinking about his lips on mine.
"Touching." he licked his lips.
"Yes!!" my heart was beating fast.
"You will stop at nothing to get me into bed, huh?" he asked. I laughed a little. "My baby's ready." 
"You're baby has a fire only you can put out." I put one leg on either side of his lap and sat on his legs. "I'm burning for you." I said rubbing his chest.  He starred back at me with desire. "You really don't want me do you?" I pouted. 
"What? I want you so bad right now! I love that i can make you feel like this, but i hate that i cant satisfy it. can't you feel how much I want you?" 
"No hold on." I looked down, saw where the rise was in his lap and sat right on top of it. He let out a moan. "See." I started to grind slightly on top of his lap, he closed his eyes and put his head back. "See how good this feels. It could feel a whole lot better baby." I said kissing his neck. He wrapped his arms around my back, I giggled thinking he was giving in. He lifted me a little and scooted me off his lap. He gave me one kiss grabbed the notebook and ran out of my room. I sat there for a few seconds confused until I heard the front door close.
"BRUNO!" I yelled. I jumped up and ran out in the living room, he wasn't there. I opened my door and banged on his door.
"BRUNO!" I laughed.
"Sorry no habla ingles!" he said in a 'womans' voice. 
"Open the door!" I laughed.
"No you're gonna rape me." he yelled back.
"I can't believe you just said that!" I said a little mad. "Fine I don't care. Stay in your apartment, don't come over." I walked away and slammed my door.
"Hey." he said knocking on my door three times quietly.
"I said don't come over." I said talking to my door.
"What did I do? I thought we were facing fun." he said quietly. I opened my door a little. I saw his face and wasn't that mad anymore. He looked like a sad puppy with a toy in his mouth that just wants to play with someone.
"What did I do wrong?" he asked sad.
"What you said!" I said a little loud. "You made me feel like a horny little monster." I looked down.
"I'm sorry, I was just joking." 
"There's always some truth behind every joke."
"I'm sorry i hurt your feelings." he said sweetly.
"It's okay maybe I'm just a little sensitive." 
"No my fault. Can I have a hug?" he asked hopeful.
"yeah." I walked into his arms, he held me tight. 
He gave me a kiss on the cheek. 
"Sorry." he said again looking in my eyes.
"I forgive you." he let me go.
"So what are you gonna do now?" he asked.
"Since you left, sleep." I shrugged.
"If I came over?"
"There's only one other thing to do but your against it so...I'd probably still sleep." I laughed.
"let me in." he said and opened my door, he walked in.
"Fine since you just BARGE in without being invited you have to do things to make me not want you."
"Oouuh, a challenge, I accept." I shook my head at him laughing. I closed my door and he sat on the couch with his mini notebook. I sat on the other end of the couch and watched him. He never looked up at me, just kept writing. I could tell he was in a zone, I poured him some cream soda, when I put the cup on the table he smiled up at me. I poured myself some and went in my bedroom. I didn’t want to disturb him so I laid down. The pop kinda kept me up, but my thoughts helped me sleep. 

I felt something on my forehead, I woke up and saw Bruno laying next to me. 
“Why’d you leave me?” he asked. 
“I saw you were in a zone and didn’t wanna make you lose your train of thought. I know better than anybody that you never interrupt a writer.” I said with a yawn. 
“I feel bad like I ignored you.”
“No, you’re fine.” I said rolling over to look at him. 
“Do you need your space?” he asked me.
“What? Where?”
“In bed. I jus don’t wanna, …you know.” I starred at him.
“Seriously? Are you trying to make a joke?”
“No I’m being completely serious.”
“No Bruno I don’t NEED space, I kind of want some now though.” I said and rolled back over. 
“Oh come on.” he joked. He scooted closer and wrapped his arms around me. I took my butt and pushed him backwards with it.
“How you gonna booty bump me?” he laughed.
I rolled around in his arms, “I use the booty because I love you.” he laughed more. “Did you write anything else?” I asked.
“Yeah. A few parts to a couple different songs.”
“Do I get to hear any of them?”
“Soon.” he said.
“Which one?” I asked curiously.
“The one I started earlier. Time for bed.” he flipped over and fake snored.
“Really I get the fake snore?” he laughed in between snores. “Why you change the subject?”
“Because it’s time for sleep, only sleep.” he said carefully.
“You know, you’re good at being an ass. I can honestly say I don’t want you in any way shape or form right now.”
“You asked for this.”
“No I didn’t ask you to be an asshole I meant keep the touchy feely things, lip biting, licking lips and stuff like that to a minimum.” I rolled over, I felt him above me. “Goodnight.” I said not looking at him.  I felt him move back. He laid down on his side for about five minutes then he snuggled up behind me. He kissed the back of my neck once, rested his arm on my waist and whispered, “I’m sorry.”

I woke up at 3 in the afternoon feeling a little foolish. Maybe I overreacted a little bit, but I don’t know what I’m doing, he knows this is my first relationship. I don’t wanna keep bringing it up because it’s kinda embarrassing. I rubbed my race and rolled over expecting to see Bruno; he wasn’t there.
“Bruno?” maybe he’s in the bathroom. I looked around the apartment, but couldn’t find him. I called his phone, but he didn’t answer.
“Shit, I think I messed up.” I threw on a hoodie, some jeans, flip flops and ran downstairs. I went to the nearest home repair shop and got a key made to my apartment for Bruno. I went back upstairs straightened my hair, put on a shirt dress that stops above my knees with a fitted band, the sleeves are loose and  stop a little before my elbow. I threw some flats on, grabbed his key and walked across the hall. I knocked on the door quietly. 
“Hold on.” he said through the door, he opened it smiling, but dropped his smile when he saw me. “Hey.” he said and closed the door a little so I couldn’t see inside behind him.
“Is this a bad time?” I asked quietly. 
“Uh, kinda, what’s up? Why do you look upset.”
“I um…I wanted to apologize for last night.” he looked confused.
“I don’t really know what I’m doing.” I said looking at the ground cutting him off. “Like you already know I’ve never had a boyfriend or anything and this is new to me and just kinda fast.”
“Why don’t you come in.” he stood aside and I walked in. 
“But I didn’t want you to think I was mad at you so I went and got this made for you.” I happened to look up and saw that he had a new dining room table, a white table cloth, candles were lit in the middle on wither side of flowers. There were two places set and there was a smell from the kitchen. I looked at Bruno he looked at me then down at the key in my hand. “It um…a key to my apartment.” I handed it to him. “I see that you’re expecting someone so I’ll just…” I smoothed some hair back, “Bye.” I said and walked towards the door.
“Wait.” he said when I turned the handle, I turned around. He starred at me then closed the space between us, he kissed me and smiled when he pulled away.
“I love your idea, but I can’t accept the key.” he handed it to me.
“Why not?” I asked upset with a small tear in my eye.
“Because I have a plan.” he smiled. He saw my eyes water a little, “Don’t cry.” I looked over at the table, he looked too.
“I should leave before your company gets here.”
“She’s already here.”
“She’s in here?” I asked disgusted. “I’m in here while she’s in here?!” I said a little louder. 
“What? NO!” I turned around and tried to leave.
“I thought we were exclusive, officially together?” I turned around when he wouldn’t let me leave. 
“You are her!” he said smiling.
“What?” I asked confused.
“Come here.” he grabbed my hand and walked me over to the couch. “This is all for you, do over night.” he said holding my hands. I looked at the table, then back at him. “I was come get you in about an hour.”
“So what about the key, why won’t you accept it?”
“I was gonna ask you over dinner, but I want you to move in with me. We’re only here for about a month and I thought we should start to get used to living together.” he said.
“Oh.” I said looking down embarrassed.
“I can’t believe you thought I was cheating. I’m YOUR man, no one else’s.”
“I’m sorry.” I said and leaned back against the couch embarrassed. I buried my face in a pillow. He moved some of my hair away from my face.
“I love you.” he said, I looked up at him. “You’re so adorable when you’re like this.”
“When I’m embarrassed?” I smiled.
“Yeah, and everything you do, Angel.” it felt good to hear him call me angel. “Come give me a kiss.” I leaned over and kissed him, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him. He held on to me light he was afraid if he let go he would lose me. I pulled apart and hugged him. I pulled back and sat on his lap. 
“Hungry?” he asked.
“Well for dinner, spaghetti, and for dessert, a little, well big,” he winked, I laughed, “surprise.” he smiled.
“I’m looking forward to dessert.” I smiled.
“Me too.” we got up he pulled my chair out for me and I sat down, he served my then himself. He brought out breadsticks and sat at the end of the table next to me.
“There’s a special ingredient in the tea.” I took a sip and didn’t taste anything different. 
“Um, poisen?” he laughed.
“No, ginseng, said to be an aphrodisiac.”
“Oh, trust me I don’t need any extra help, just looking at you, I mean…” I took another sip, he smiled. 
“Just making sure you get as much pleasure possible.” the only conversation through dinner was with our eyes and body language. He cleared the table and he sat on the couch, I sat across the room in a chair. He starred at me with lust, he motioned for me to come over. He stood and led us to the bedroom.