Chapter 11

08/08/2011 13:11


 Ambers P.O.V

“babe....are you there? please answer me!” I heard Bruno say. I slowly opened my eyes looking around. “what happened?” I asked. “you fainted when i came through the door” Bruno was holding my hand tightly. I looked around the room remembering every thing that happened in the last 3 months “so... you never gave up on me?” I smiled. “no i couldn’t get my mind off you, all of the other guys said give up because you have been gone so long, but i couldn’t and i wouldn’t be here if i did” Bruno picked me up and hugged me. “ouch! Bruno you hugging me to tight” i squeaked. “oh...sorry are you okay, its just.... i’ve missed you in my arms” a tear rolled down his eye. The feeling’s i had for him are very strong more than words could ever say! I just wasn’t sure if he felt the same as me or just wanted to be friends.





Bruno’s P.O.V


I could wait no longer i just wanted her to talk to me i missed her voice, face, body everything about her soo much. “Baby... please talk to me its Bruno. I miss you!” I have tears down my face, i cant remember the last time i did. Suddenly i felt her hand squeeze mine then she slowly opened her eyes. I was so glad to she her smile at me. When the police asked her a lot of questions and let her go we went into my car and drove off.


It was all silent until she asked “what happened to them? Because i didn’t see them in the police car”. “When i opened the door and you fainted i came running over to you try to wake you up but you didn’t move or talk while i was by you i didn’t pay any attention to them and Edward so they had a chance and” He paused “they escaped” . I saw the expression on her face. “why didn’t you go after them!” She shouted. “Because you are more important than them” I said. “But what if they come after me again!?” She yelled. “they wont.... and calm down!” I said looking on the road. “sorry” she whispered. “where are we going? We just passed the hotel” She pointed. “To L.A. i have an apartment where we can stay, i want you to be safe” I said. “but i don’t have any clothes there and what about....” I interrupted her “i told Katie and the guys when you passed out, Katie said she would pack some clothes for you”. I have got to keep her safe i have never felt this way about any girl in my life, she means the world to me!



Ambers P.O.V


I cant believe that he would do all of this for me. I’ve got a feeling he likes me too. “Bruno... thank you for all you have done for me” I smiled and grabbed his hand he smiles at me. When we arrive there are only some people around until we reached the door a load of paparazzi came running around taking photos of us. “Damn...” Bruno whispered. He ran around and opened the door for me when i got out he holed  me closely to him. All of the paparazzi started asking questions ‘Where have you been’ ‘How did you find her’ ‘did you have to fight’ they started taking photos and flashing was going everywhere, i couldn’t see anything. So i stopped walking “babe... whats wrong?” Bruno asked me. I couldn’t see or hear anything but then i had a flash back of my childhood i was playing with my brother on the beach with Katie we were surfing but then it happened, i couldn’t do anything to stop it from happening. Then i felt someone tapping me on the shoulder i looked and saw it was Bruno. “hey... are you okay? Im worried about you” He said. “yeah... im fine” i said then he kissed my cheek. We rushed inside and went up the stairs to his room.



Katie’s P.O.V


I couldn’t believe it that Amber was alive! After all this time i never thought she would of made it, but she is a tough cookie. “Hey guys, i’ve just been on the phone to Bruno and he said he found Amber!” i had the biggest smile on my face ever. “really?! Where was she?” Phil hugged me and spun me around. “i think he said at this old farm” I was really happy she was alive i just hope she has no cuts or scars on her. I know Bruno will take good care of her.



Edwards P.O.V


“That was close we could of got caught!” I said. “do you think the police will find us?” Tom said. “Nah... we just need to change out look thats all” I said. We went into a shop to grab a few things. Then at the corner of my eye i saw a magazine of us on there for wanted. “dude look” i pointed to the magazine. “we have to stay low around here” Tom said. “yeah, i think we should go to L.A” I said. “what are you gonna do about Amber?” Tom asked. “well its not over yet!” i smiled. “This is just the beginning”.