Chapter 11

20/08/2011 13:35

The sky looked so beautiful, it was full of stars not even a cloud to be seen, just a plain starry


 “hey, look at the star” I said to Bruno

“okay, im looking at it” Bruno said as he turned around and looked at me

“Not me, stupid! The one in the sky” I smiled as I hit his shoulder

“but you’re the  most beautiful star I know” he said as he scooped me to his side and kissed my


“stop it, you’re tickling me”

“ mhmmm your hair smells good “ he said as he came on top of me and pushed my fringe to the

side and kissed my nose. He then put his hand in his jeans pocket and took out a small tiffany

box. It was lilac with a shade of baby blue and it had a white ribbon bow tied around it.

“I got something for you”

“wow, how did you know those were my favorite colors”

“I read your mind! Boom!” he said as he clawed his fingers and pushed my forehead

I opened the box and in it I saw the most beautiful thing ever, a silver necklace shaped like a

heart. It had white gems around it and looked so stunning.

“I promise to never hurt you in any way” he said as he put the necklace around my neck.

“never take it off, let this remind you how much im in love with you. I know its soon but I know

what my heart is saying. I love you”

“I love you too Bruno” I said as I kissed him

“only take the necklace off, if at any point in our relationship you think either one of us aren’t in

love with the other anymore okay! This chain depicts our love” he said as he touched the heart



At that point I snapped back into reality where I was in a totally different place. I was standing

backstage in an arena full of thousands of people where Bruno had just had his concert. It was

London, UK, the day of my 23rd birthday. 4 years had gone since I first met Bruno when I was 19.

 I had the necklace in my hand and tears in my eyes. All this time I had been thinking of my

happy past with Bruno, 3 years of love, happiness and joy. I had been going through a flashback

of my memories where everything seemed so right and the day Bruno gave me the necklace.


It was time, I thought to myself, it was time to let go off the necklace after what I had witnessed

just minutes ago. I looked at the necklace for one last time and threw it behind me not looking


“Ouch” I heard phils voice.

I turn around and saw phil picking up the necklace that had just hit him. He looked up at me and

his eyes were big and shocked. I could see it through his glasses and I knew that he knows what

I saw by the tears in my eyes.

“Ashley! Wait!” he shouted

But I just turned around and ran toward the exit not looking back. Tears were just falling from my

eyes as I ran as fast as I could. I opened the exit door and the fresh outside air hit me. I could

see a bunch of people waiting , Bruno was famous now and the whole world knew his songs just

like he wanted to but he wasn’t old Bruno anymore. I wiped my eyes and ran towards the train

station which was close by. When I got there I started feeling nauseous and dizzy. I had a severe

headache so I ran towards the washroom only to find myself puking in the toilet. I felt sick and I

didn’t know whether it was  because of what I saw or because I was ill.  My heart hurt so bad that

I felt like ripping it off my body!!! I’ve never felt this much hurt before.


So I took some tissues and headed to the ticket counter. I took the first train out not even

knowing where I was going. London was new to me and I’ve been there a few times with Bruno

but today I was going nowhere and I did not care about the consequences.