Chapter 1

25/04/2011 15:56

Ashleigh Paris Jackson. Yes Jackson. As in Michael Jackson. The daughter of the King Of Pop who comes face to face with Bruno Mars, who we could say is the Prince Of Pop. So many bad things are happening. Who is the one that is Always There?


Chapter 1


'hey bitch, you ready to drop some jaws tonight?' Ashleighs best friend, Vanessa said whilst walking into their apartment. 


Ashleigh was in her room getting ready. They were going to a new club that opened in town. Live music, cheap booze and lots of boys. 


'yeah I'm just in my room!' Ashleigh shouted from her bedroom.


'girl, I'm so excited for tonight. Booze and boys with my best friend. Let's go!' Vanessa said passionately as she walked into her best friends' room. 


As soon as she did her jaw dropped to the ground.


Ashleigh looked so beautiful with a baby blue dress on, the top half was all ruffles whicht was then dragged to the left side of her bottom half and twists and turns then drops and showers her sophisticated legs. Her hair was all down and pinned onto one side with slight waves in it. Her light skin was glowing with solid eye make up and thick red lipstick that topped off her breathtaking face. 


'what?' Ashleigh said so innocently.


'dude u look hot.' Vanessa said in one go.


Ashleigh blushed and chuckled 'thanks girl. You should go get ready, imma just go call my dad real quick'


Vanessa nodded and ran into her bedroom to get changed out of her work clothes. Ashleigh went to the couch and sat down, got her blackberry out and rang her dad.


Ashleigh was really close to her dad, he is the biggest superstar in the world and she grew up with only him as her mother died when she was young due to skin cancer. Her dad, Michael was so upset and depressed when she died. Ashleigh remembers hearing him cry himself to sleep. She was so young she didn't know what was going on. But she only remembers her daddy's sobs every night. He never really talks about her mother, Ashleigh never really brings it up too because she's scared she might hurt her dads still broken heart. 


'hey daddy, it's Ash' she said sweetly into her blackberry


'hey sweetie, how u doin'?' Michael asked


'i'm good daddy, getting ready to go out with nNssa. There's a new club that just opened in town. Thought we'd check it out' she said. 


'sounds nice honey. Don't drink too much baby girl, remember when u vommited all over me last time' he chuckled remembering back to the memory he'll never forget. 


When his baby girl first got drunk. 




'ash baby! Watch where you're going!' Michael shouted in a whisper to his incredibly drunk daughter. 


She was walkin everywhere. All over him, the road and even into people. What a thing to do when it was almost 3am! 


It was Ashleighs birthday and Michael wanted to treat his daughter for her 18th, so he got a whole club shut down just for the two of them and some of ashleighs friends. Funny how her friends were sober but she wasn't! 


They were both going for a walk because Ashleigh didn't want to be in the car as she felt like she wanted to vomit. 


Boy she sure did vomit. 


'ASHLEIGH!!!!!!!' Michael screamed in anger as he wiped off ashleighs vomit off of his $1,000 suit. 


What a birthday that was for her. 




Ashleigh laughed thinking back to the memory too. 


'nah, this time it'll be nessa's turn' Ashleigh chuckled


'i sure do hope so.' Michael laughed. 'but hey, be safe okay. Don't want u gettin' hurt.'


'yes dad I know.' ashleigh sighed. 


As she leaned back on the couch, vanessa walked out. She was wearing a black dress that stops way above her knees. It had a bow that wrapped around her hips and thin straps. Her hair was put up in a messy but sexy ponytail. Her make up was just lip gloss, mascara and blusher. But she still looked so beautiful.  


'hey dad I gotta go, Vanessa is ready. I'll call you tomorrow. Bye, I love u' Ashleigh said in a rush.


'goodbye honey. Have fun tonight. I love you more' Michael answered. 


Ashleigh pressed the red end call button and looked up at vanessa. 


'very nice Miss Brooks!!!' Ashleigh screamed in excitement.


'not as nice as u Miss Jackson!' Vanessa replied.


They both got their purses and cardigans on, and set out of the door to head into town. The journey to the club was about 5 minutes by taxi so they got there pretty quick. 


The club was packed, and there was a huge queue outside it too. Ashleigh knew it was time to work her Jackson magic. 


'hey Nessa, follow me' Ashleigh said to her best friend. 


Vanessa followed her up to the front of the queue, where the bodyguards were standing. A huge tall white guy, with brunette spiky hair, goatee and all black clothes on was standing there staring at the two girls.  


'Ash! What are you doing!?' Vanessa said worriedly as she swallowed a lump of fear in her throat. 


'just stay here' Vanessa protested as she left her friend in the front of the queue. People were bad mouthing them, but they didn't seem to care. 


The bodyguards were all smirking at both of them. Ashleigh walked up to one of them and said,


'hey, do u mind if I jump the queue. I'm kind of V.I.P.' Ashleigh innocently said. 


The bodyguards just burst out laughing. 'who are u? The queen?' the white brunette said jokingly. 


'no but my dad is the king. King of pop.' Ashleigh said with a smirk. 


'psht, girl get to the back of the queue. You must be high. You ain't Michael Jacksons daughter' the brunette bodyguard protested. 


'hmm, I think I am. Want proof? Here.' Ashleigh got her phone out and showed them a picture of her on the front cover of a OK! magazine with her father next to her. It was the night of when she turned 18. She shouldn't be reading this tabloid garbage but she did anyway. Thankfully the magazine didn't say anything about her getting drunk though.


The bodyguards mumbled for a minute then put on a fake smile, unracked the hook to the rope that blocked the entrance and said 


'welcome miss jackson' 


They pretty much worshipped her now. Ashleigh felt so good about herself as she smiled to them. 


'come on nessa' she called back to her friend. Vanessa was just standing there laughing. 


They both walked into the club in hysterics after what just happened. 


'did u see his face!? 'welcome miss jackson' ahhhhh! So funny!!' Vanessa screamed and laughed while they were walking to the bar. 


'i know right. I felt like god to them!' Ashleigh shouted and they both laughed. 


The music was pretty loud in there. There was a live band playing. They were pretty good, but the main singer kept on staring at Ashleigh. She felt her cheeks blush a bit. 


They both got their drinks and made their way to a table. 


'alright guys, time for us to have a break. Help yourself to some drinks though. We'll be back before u know it.' the main singer said into the mic before walkin off the stage stairs and moving over to the bar. 


He was kind of cute. Ashleigh was thinking. But still she doesn't need a relationship right now. She's just turned 18. And he must be like 25. No boys. She was thinking. That was until he made his way over to their direction. Oh boy. 


'hey, do u mind if I sit?' he asked whilst he had his drink in his hand


'not at all, please sit' Ashleigh kindly said with a smile. Vanessa was just eyeing them two. 


'my names Peter, but people call me Bruno. Pleased to meet you...?' he asked with his hand toward ashleigh to shake.  


'Ashleigh Jackson' she replied as she finished off bruno's sentence. 'pleased to meet u too' as she shook his hand. 


Who would have thought this was a start of a new relationship.