Chapter 11

18/09/2011 17:42

Chapter 11


I woke up. Its 8:30am. I looked next to me. Sasha's not there. I saw a note on the table next to my bed, written "I'll be back around 1 pm. Text me if you need anything, I love you. -Sasha-" I took my phone and quickly texted her.
"Hey babe, hows everything?" I sent. She called me.
"Hey Bruno,"
"Hey babe." I cant stop smiling when I heard her voice.
"Everything's fine. So, whats your plan today?" she asked.
"I dont know yet, I just woke up. I'll call you later okay?"
"Okay Bruno."
"I love you Sasha, I'll always do. Thank you for an amazing night full with kisses."
"I love you more Bruno, thank you for everything. I have to go, bye B!" she cutted the line.
I walked and jumped into the shower. I cant stop thinking about her. So, this is love. After all these years. I walked into my room and dried myself. I changed into a pair of shorts and a black t-shirt with "Elvis Presley" written on it. I walked to the kitchen. Theres food with a note "Enjoy your breakfast, <3" I ate it. Its delicious ! I washed the dishes and watched some movies. I got a text from Taylor.
"Come to the place where we met yesterday. I'll show you our studio. Bring whatever you need."
Things I need? I have nothing except for my phone, and.... SASHA. I dialed her number.
"Hey baby," I said.
"Hey Bruno."
"Can you be back at home before 2pm?" I asked her.
"Ermm, Taylor said I need to be at the same place at 2pm. So, I need you to go with me."
"Oh okay, I'll be right home before 1:30pm, okay B? I love you,"
"I love you more," I kissed the phone and put the phone down. I looked at the clock. Its 1pm. Sasha just got out from her office. I changed into a white shirt, a pair of long jeans and a leather jacket. I put on my fedora and my ray ban on. Of course, Sasha bought it for me. I put on my new black converse and locked my apartment. I waited for Sasha. Few minutes later, I saw her car. She stopped in front of me and I get in to the car.

"Hey," I said and kissed her.
"Hey, have you eat your breakfast?" she smiled.
"Yes, its delicious! I'm gonna be fat if you cook that every morning." I laughed.
"I'm glad you like it." she smiled and drove the car to the same building we went yesterday. She parked the car near to the building and we walked there. I put my hand on her waist and we walked in together. She kissed me a 'Good Luck' kiss. And Taylor greeted me.

"So, your girlfriend is here too, huh?" he laughed and greet Sasha.
"Well, you said bring everything I need. I need her, so, I bring her." I winked at Sasha. Her face turned red.
"Awww, Bruno." she kissed me. Taylor and some guys stared at us. She pulled away and smiled.
"Thanks babe." I smiled to her.
"Urrhmm, so, youre ready to meet some of your partners?" Taylor smiled.
"Yeah, sure." I smiled. He lead us to a meeting room. Theres few guys sitting there.
"Hey guys, this is Bruno, Bruno, meet Ari and Phil. They need someone to be their third members for The Smeezingtons. And youre perfect for the place." Taylor smiled.
"Really? Cool!" I smiled. I shaked Ari and Phil's hand.
"Guys, meet my best friend and my girlfriend, Sasha." I smiled and showed them, Sasha. They shaked hands.
"Nice to meet you." she said. She pulled out a chair and sat down quietly. Me, Phil, Ari, and Sasha talked, we introduced ourselves. Suddenly,
"Guys, lets go down to the studio. Its 4pm already." what?! Really? We talked that longgg? Damn. Sasha told them about my songs. I mean, OUR songs. They really wanted to see some of it. And they said they'll finish it.
"Okay." I hold Sasha's hand. Taylor gets into the driver's seat. Ari sat next to him. Me, Sasha and Phil's sat at the back. Taylor drove and we saw our apartment. Taylor stop and parked the car. Me and Sasha looked at each other. Taylor walked out. He lead us to a small shop opposite my apartment. We walked in and there's a weird looking door. Taylor opened it and there's a big studio. Bigger than my apartment and there's a bedroom. Just in case someone have to sleep there.
"Wow, this is our studio huh?" I asked.
"Yup, is there any problems?" Taylor asked.
"Nope, its just, our apartments is so near." I laughed.
"Really? Where is it?" Taylor asked.
"Wont tell or else someone's gonna rape me or Sasha." We all laughed.
"Come on man! We're partners now!" Phil said.
"Well, its just in front of this building. Ritze Apartments?" I giggled.
"Haha, Gosh ! We can hook up at your place right ?" Phil said.
"Sure, but not when me and Sasha are alone." I winked.
"Youre really funny Bruno! Now, whats your nickname? For the singing thing?" Taylor said.
"Maybe iSpeakJones." I smiled.
"Bruno? Are you kidding me?" Sasha face changed,
"Hmm, Bruno.... Mars. Bruno Mars." I smiled.
"Why Mars?" they all asked.
"Because when I was little, someone told me that I'm from outta space" I laughed,
"Good reason. Bruno Mars." she winked at me.
"I'm proud to say I'm your Bruno Mars," I winked at her back. Her face turned red and I kissed her.
"Get a room," Phil, Ari and Taylor said. We all laughed.
"Okay, now, let's just stick to production okay?" Taylor said.
"Yeah, sure. I'm cool with that." I smiled.
"Yeah, me too." Phil smiled. And we looked at Ari.
"I'm cool !" we all smiled. 
"I need another thing." Taylor said.
"What's that?" I asked.
"Can Sasha be your 4th member? She can writes songs too right?" Taylor asked.
"I can write songs, play guitars and piano." Sasha said.
"WOW! Welcome to The Smeezingtons !" Phil and Ari said. They liked her. That's good ! 
"So, can we?" Taylor said, looking at me.
"What? Ask her, if she's okay, I'm okay." I smiled.
"Are you kidding me? OF COURSE I WANT IT!" Sasha said and hugged me. I kissed her.
"Okay, let's sign the contract. Since you've seen the studio, and your team members, there's no need another tour." Taylor smiled and pulled out papers. Sasha signed it. I get out from the studio. I pulled out my cigarettes  and lights it. I'm so happy. I've try to quit since.....well, yesterday. Sasha told me, whenever I'm stressed or happy or sad, just kiss her. No need to smoke. It's dangerous. But she admitted that I look sexy when I smoked.