Chapter 11

29/11/2011 23:28

We finally get all the papers signed and now we’re just waiting for Jake to come by and collect them. I never thought I’d ever be happy to see Jake to be honest… “Lex, why did Jaq send Jake over to get these papers? I thought you left the Stereotypes” Eric asks. “Yeah, but remember we did a few songs in their studio before I quit, we still need to sign for them”. I pull Bruno in to the other room and say “why won’t you tell me where you were!?” “It’s on a need to know basis…” “BULSHIT! Tell me!” “I’ll tell you when the time is right ok? If I told you where I was you’d kill me…” and with that he walks off. Why is he being so damn secretive!? I don’t like this. He walks in to the living room and gives Mid a nod. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!? I don’t like this…

About half an hour later Jake comes by to collect the papers. We all go outside to give them to him; I don’t want him in my house anymore. As soon as we step outside Bruno instantly walks up behind me and puts his arms around me hugging me from the back. If I wasn’t so angry with him right now then I’d enjoy this more. Damn him keeping secrets from me. Phred walks up to Jake and says “Here are your damn papers. Now leave” Jake looks at the papers and says “I left my jacket inside” “I’ll get it” Mid says as she runs in the house to go get it. “So, uh, how long have you two been dating then? What like a couple of months?” Jake asks “Over a year actually” Bruno responds in a cold harsh tone. This is awkward, I wish Bruno would let me go, but he just holds me tighter to him. “Lex, how long was we dating for?” “Who gives a shit, I hate you” I spit out at him. “Woah, calm down girl…” at that moment Jakes phone rings and he steps away to answer it. Bruno whispers in my ear “Last time it was my turn, now it’s yours, aim for the balls… If he has any” he whispers the last part just as his phone rings too. What the hell? Jake comes off his phone just as Mid runs back out with his jacket. “Thanks, so Lex, how about that goodbye kiss? Tongue?” “LEAVE” “All right! No need to yell, jeeez… Just between you and me, I don’t think you and this new guy will last, don’t bother planning a wedding, come on Lex, you know you and me belong together *he reaches for my hand but I pull away*oh you’re not gonna let me touch you? Remember the good old days when you would let me touch you anyway I wanted? I still think about those good times. Especially when I’m by myself….. I know you want me too, I can sense it. *he whispers* meet me at my apartment tonight at 10, I’ll be waiting…” He makes me wanna throw up when he speaks like this. I lean in closer and whisper “you’re right, we do belong together, I miss all the sex we used to have, it was amazing, so much better than the new guy I have now. Fuck Jake, kiss me now…” He leans in closer, as do I… just as I’m near his lips. I SPIT ON HIM! “EW WHAT THE FU-“ Just as he’s yelling at me for spitting in his face I kick him in the balls and he falls to the floor. SHAME! We all fall to the floor whilst laughing too, Jake’s in sooo much pain but to be honest, I just don’t give a fuck. Bruno comes over to me, pulls me up from the floor and full on kisses me. He hasn’t kissed me like this in a while, I miss him. I get all these emotions flooding back to me, I’m still depressed because even in Vegas we didn’t spend any time together. We pull back and both look at each other, I know he felt something more with that kiss too. I leave everyone outside and walk inside. Bruno follows me in but doesn’t sit with me on the couch, instead he sits on the floor by the door and puts his head in his hands. “Send them all home, let’s just have a quiet night in alone” I plead with him. “Baby, if I could then you know I would, but we booked the studio out today, I gotta go” “You don’t HAVE to go Bruno” “Lex, don’t do this” He says with his head still in his lap “Don’t do what!? I’m allowed to be angry! We haven’t spent any time together since forever! It’s not fair!!” He lifts his head up “What? You want me to choose between my music and you? Because I think we both know what I’d rather have in my life Lex, don’t be stupid” He says disgusted. “I’m not making you choose! You just need to learn how to split up your time better! I mean we’ve just got back from Vegas and already you’re leaving, fuck knows where you were this morning too, just STOP. Take it easy!” “I can’t believe you’re saying all this” “Bruno. Think about it. For the past month all you’ve been doing is coming back from the studio at ridiculous times, sleeping all day and getting up and going back! You use this house as a hotel! Sometimes it’s like you don’t even see me in this house!” “Lex, you know how much I love you, I thought you’d understand why I’m working this hard on it! It’s not even done yet and I have a deadline to reach before the album gets released!” “All I’m asking you for is some time alone. THAT’’S IT! I’m not asking for much! Even an hour would be plenty, because I don’t know if you’ve realised this, but right now, this is the longest time we’ve spent together in a while!” “So what do you want me to do? Just not go?” “No Bruno I want you to fucking leave, I don’t wanna force you to spend time with me. You know where the fucking door is now use it. Don’t even bother coming back home tonight, just stay in your precious studio that you love” and with that I run upstairs and hear the front door slam too. I can’t believe he actually left, I mean I know I told him to leave. But still! I meant everything I said. At least I think I did. Within seconds of the door slamming my phone goes off “Hey Mid, no thanks, I just wanna be by myself right now, yeah I’ll be fine, I’m just so pissed right now. Ok, I love you too. Bye” Now what am I supposed to do? The house feels so damn empty, and I miss him. Urgh, I fucking hate feeling like this! I spend the rest of the day keeping myself occupied with something, I spend most of the day cleaning, I like cleaning, and it takes my mind off things. Eventually, after I eat by myself in the evening, I sit down to watch a movie. I don’t even know what it is, I can’t pay attention to it, and my mind is on other things.. I look at the time and its 2am and I can’t stay awake anymore. I guess I’m going to bed alone again tonight. I have the urge to lock the door, but that’s just childish, I have a shower and get in to bed.

I hear rustling and realise Bruno’s just walked in, I close my eyes and stay still. I feel him silently get in to bed and turn the other way from me and go to sleep. I look up at the time and its 3am. I hate sleeping like this, usually he’ll put his arm around me and I’ll cuddle in to him. This just feels weird. After a while I feel him turn the other way so he’s facing me and he places his arm around me. FINALLY. He also moves closer to me and I feel him gently kiss the top of my head. Without thinking, I kiss his hand. “I had no idea you were awake…… I love you” I get up, turn the light on and look at him and say “We need to talk” he sits up and nods.