Chapter 11

16/12/2011 16:51

Phil looked at my terrible face, looked me in the eyes and sighed. "She's the Grenade girl"

"As soon as I heard Phil saying Grenade girl, I took my cloak and left" "But why?" Melly wondered. I explained her that I remembered the way he talked about her, like she was the best thing that happened in his life. That he removed his leg from my knee. That our bound seemed to have been broken as soon as she popped her stupid lipstick whore face through the door … But what hurt the most is that he didn't call after. I hoped he would have tried to contact me after my sudden leaving but it has been two days of total silence. It was very hard.

Melly once again seemed to read in my mine and said "You know he cares about you though" We shut our mouths because Al arrived and put a plate of mini cakes in front of us. He and I have explained ourselves and everything went back to normal. Peter was just a bad memory. Al returned in the kitchen and Mel focused back on me. "Seriously, I don't wanna talk about it. It is just painful and now that Al and I are back together … I'm done with of all this" My best friend shook her head in very hopeless way.

Al sat next to me and took me in his arms. I laid my head on his chest and sighed. I was very tired, not physically but mentally. The events which took place the last week seriously had an impact on me and I automatically made a connection with my childhood in France. I was still in my thoughts when my eyes stopped on seven caps laying on the table. I forgot to give them to the guys. Dammit. I worked so hard for finally nothing? No way.

I grabbed my Mac and entered the twitter URL. Kameron and Jay where always online and I could ask them their address in LA or Atlanta or wherever they were living. My mentions were full of Bruno questions from the Hooligans since I didn't come on twitter for three days. I ignored them and tweeted Kam: 'Homie, where are you? I forgot to give y'all something' Touché, Kam was as I was expecting online and answered me three minutes later 'Girl, we miss you! We've just came back to LA though …' 'I knew it … Pfffff … Gimme your address then' 'But wait, Bruno's still in New York. You can see him and give it to him … ' My whole body froze. He was still in new York. . WHAT? But Phil told me they were all flying back to LA.

My freaked out disappeared as soon as it came up. If he has stayed in New York for me, he would have called me.

"Why don't you go?" Al asked. I nearly had a mini heart attack. I didn't know he was reading behind my shoulder. "You worked hard on those caps baby. You're not gonna throw them away ..." "Yeah I could go but …" But what? What I was going to say? No I don't wanna go because I'm gonna see the guy who makes me feel more things than any of the guys I ever met in my whole life? Suicidal answer. I looked at Melly and she pretended to look somewhere else. Bitch. "Would you mind to come with me then?" I asked. "Anywhere" Al smiled.

Okay. I see him, throw the caps in his face and run back in the street. Sounds like a good plan no? Well guess what happened? Exactly not the way I planned it of course.

"Excuse me, could you tell Peter Hernandez I'm waiting for him here? I need to give him … something" The lady took the phone and I heard her saying "Yes a young lady, small, wearing a beanie … Ah you know her (I rolled my eyes. It wasn't because I wasn't dressed like a top model that I was a terrorist). You're welcome sir" she hung out and I started to freak out. Oh my God. Oh. My. God … *Le starting to have breathing problems* AL, where was Al? I saw him a few meters away and focused on his blonde hair. His amazing hair. But an image of black curly hair popped in my head and I wanted to slap myself.

So I just focused on my breathing to settle down. After two long minutes, my heart beat went a little bit slower and at this precise someone grabbed my arm and took me in a dark corner. I tried to scream but the person who was GOING TO KIDNAP, RAPE AND KILL ME, because YEAH, WHAT ELSE COULD COULD HAPPEN TO ME? has put his hand on my mouth. I randomly threw my foot to hurt the man and I had a satisfied smile when I heard him let an AOUCH out. I turned back to punch the dude in the face when I saw his skin color. We looked at each others "WHAT THE FUCK BRUNO?" He put his forefinger on his lips and said "Hushhhhhh" I punched his arm. "Aouch" he whispered with a hurt face. Then he smiled again "No more Peter?" "No. Now I just want to punch you in the face so you're Bruno" He did a weird thing with his mouth like he was annoyed. "But what the hell? I thought I was getting attacked by a murderer! Why couldn't just come up and say hi like a normal person?" He smirked. "I was going to when I saw your stupid boyfriend in the middle of the entry" I punched him again "Don't say Al is stupid, you're not better." His smile disappeared and I realized that he was still Peter. Not the guys who let me down for Lipstick Whore. "And why did you want to avoid Al?" I raised an eyebrow "I kinda wrote a song about him called Fuck You" I looked away, annoyed. "It's not true anymore" "Why?" I didn't answer and looked to the ground. "Hey, are you okay?" he asked. No I'm not good you stupid twat. "I thought you forgot me so … no, everything's not alright" "Forget you? What? Never" He said with a very serious tone. I thought you forgot me" "Pardon me?" I exclaimed, more than surprised "My phone mysteriously disappeared so I tweeted you but you never answered and I asked Tipree about that and she told me that when women acted like this, it meant that they didn't want to hear about you anymore so I gave up" he said. I was speechless. So he didn't call back because he didn't want talk to me anymore? Well. That changes a lot of things. I wished I could shout to the world my release and happiness but as a good Shakespearean actor, I just replied "Tipree?" I tried to use a very neutral tone even though my heart skipped a beat pronouncing her name "Yeah … We're … we're just friends" "Of course ... let me believe that … I'm not an idiot"

This is my main problem with boys. When I see they are more interested with someone else than me, I completely give up and convince them to go with the girl they like even if I know I'm better than them and better for the guy. Melly had searched the word for this and found it: abnegation. (denial, renouncement of something). Yup, I gave up a way to easily but I was made like this. I was such a coward in love. "No really. Our relation is weird" he pleaded "Pffff, you perfectly know how it's gonna to end" I said, still continuing my I-give-up speech. He didn't answer anything and I sighed "I wish you two to be happy" even if I absolutely didn't mean these words. I even wished she shocked herself with a milkshake.

"And you're still with Alex?" he wondered "Well, obviously …" He was stupid or what? "Oh you know … Just checking" he explained. Just checking? What did he mean by just checking? NIGGA, TRY BO BE EXPLICIT FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE "Aren't you supposed to give me something by the way?" he asked as he saw I was getting upset "Damn, yeah, I nearly forgot" I angrily took the caps from my bag threw them is in face. He laughed, looked at them, still thinking about something. "Well, I think it's time to say goodbye then …" I said. And I really meant it. Each second I spent with him made me more addicted to him. "NO NO, WAIT" Peter exclaimed and grabbed my arm. I looked at him, bewildered. "You just can't disappear from my life like this" "Sure I can …" "No you can't. I mean look what you done: you told me the truth, you yelled at me, made me discover my fans, the guys love you …Even Dre told me he liked the way you made me shut up when I was annoying …" "Wow, that's a compliment" I smirked but he didn't smile. "You can't walk away. I need you" He whispered with a very dry tone "Let me remember you you are going to leave for two months" I whispered in the same way. He took his head in his hands and started thinking and walking. I looked at him and sighed. It was hard for me too but the feelings I had for him were above anything I ever felt for someone and it may be dangerous. "Well Bruno, if you don't mind, I'm gonna go back to my boyfriend now …" "NO … Let me think thirty more seconds". I sighed and did what he asked me. He lead his hand to my cheek and stared in my eyes.

Needless to say I died. Twice.

His eyes suddenly brightened and he looked extremely released and happy. My heart jumped. He found a solution. He fucking found it. GOD DAMMIT. Why did he find a solution? Why? Why was he going to make me more suffer? "No, I refuse" I immediately said. "I didn't even tell you my plan!" "I don't wanna listen to it. Just stay with your Tipree and leave me alone" "STOP IT WITH TIPREE! She's not going on tour with us!" I froze. "On tour? I can't play music. Well, okay, I might be a beast at the triangle but …" "You're going to be our video maker" Wut. "Yeah, we need one and your video edits blew my mind. Seriously. The guys won't object and the fans will be glad if you post videos or photos through all the tour." No no no. I had to refuse. I had to run away and never see him again. Please God, give me the strength to say no. I beg you …

"Hey Bruno!" I turned back and saw Al walking in our direction. I saw Bruno freaking out a little but Al pretended that nothing ever happened and they shook their hands. "I'm sorry about all the Peter thing" Bruno apologized. "It's okay, I understand you wanted to be anonymous and stuff … So … what's up?" "Remember you showed me Constance's videos … well, I really like them so I just proposed her to be our official video maker. She's got a ticket to the European Doo-Wops & Hooligans tour" Al looked at me, surprised. Ask me to say. Beg to me stay with you Al. Please. "Baby that's awesome" "You really want me to leave you for two months?" I asked, horrified. "No but it's the opportunity. Traveling, meeting new people, eating new stuff. Babe … Why are you even hesitating?" I closed my eyes and I felt Peter smiling. He won.