Chapter 11

31/01/2012 00:05

I looked over to Karmin and then back at Chad. For a second I was confused as to why they were looking at eachother the way they were, and then it hit me. This was Chad, her Chad, the Chad that treated her like shit. The Chad that deep down I hated for showing her the least amount of respect when she deserved more than I could probably ever give her. But I would try. It was also, to my surprise, the same Chad that I used to play basketball with after school every Friday. We knew each other and were cool, but, nowhere near close enough to let him come between what me and Karmin were building. I quickly snapped back into reality. The look in Karmin's eyes killed me. She felt so uncomfortable and I wanted nothing more than to comfort her. "Oh wait a minute.." Chad said stepping back a little bit. "So this is how it is Bruh?" "Whoa man what the fuck." I said. My temper was beginning to shorten. He stepped closer to me and got way too close for comfort. "Stay away from her." He said. I clenched my jaw and balled up my fists trying so hard to hold back from punching this dude in the face. 

I've never seen either one of them so mad. I wanted so badly to let Bruno beat the shit out of Chad but I would hate to let him get into some deep shit over this. "Guys stop! Bruno, let's go." We started to head out of the restaurant and just as I was about to turn the corner I felt Chad grab my arm really aggressively. "What the fuck let go of me!" I shouted "I swear if you leave with him Karmin I will make your life a living fuckin hell." I snatched my arm back and slapped him in the face. "Why don't mind your own God damn business!" Bruno stepped in and gently pushed me behind him. "Watch out Karmin." He said. Before I could even get a word out he struck Chad a good one in his nose. "Bruno stop!!" I tried pulling him off of Chad with his shirt but he was way stronger than me. His little frame sure wasn't lacking any type of strength. 

I finally let Karmin get a hold of me and we made our way to the car. I knew she was embarrassed by what just happened but I couldn't stop my self. When we got in the car she put on her seatbelt and leaned up against the door. "Im sorry." I said looking at her and then back at the road. "Mmmhm..." "Karmin come on you have to cut me some slack, I was just trying to protect you." "Bruno you dont even know-" "I don't know what Karmin!? The motherfucker damn near pulled your arm out of it's socket!" "Just take me home Bru.." "No." I said bluntly. "Then stop the fucking car and I'll walk." "No Karmin, I'm not going to let you walk and I'm not dropping you off until this is settled" She let out a not so happy laugh and shook her head. "Just back off a little Bruno. Stop acting like I'm your wife, we've been together for a week." That was like a slap in the face. "You know what, maybe this is just all wrong." "Yeah, you don't say.." 

The rest of the car ride was silent. I felt like I was overreacting a little bit but he didn't have to do what he did. When he pulled up to my house I jumped out of the car and slammed the door behind me. "Fuck!" I heard him yell. But I didn't look back. Partly because I was a little embarrassed for taking things that far and because I was still pissed at him. I was relieved to find out my house was empty. The last thing I wanted to do was talk to my damn parents. I let out a deep breathe and fell back onto my bed. 

When I pulled up to my house I just sat in the car for second and leaned my head onto the steering wheel. I just want to take her into my arms and kiss her and tell her everything is okay. I thought to myself. But I can't, she's gonna have to learn. My thoughts were interrupted by my phone ringing. "Wassup Phil?" I said. "Aye man, you okay? You sound like your wife of 32 years up and left you." Shit, it feels like it. I thought to myself. "Nah I'm good man." "Okay, so anyways, you know how I'm leaving tommorrow to go back home right?" "Yeah" "Well my mom just called me, she landed us a gig at an event in Jacksonville. There's gonna be producers and record labels and all kinds of shit!" "Damn 

man, how am I gonna get to Florida? When would I need to be there?" Well the event is in 2 weeks.." I rubbed the back of my head out of frustration. "I can't ask my mom for the money man I've asked for way too much from her." "Look, I'll ask my mom to pay for you a ticket and we'll figure out a way to pay her back. This could be it for us man it's worth it, she was like a second mom to you before we left Hawaii." I smiled at his comment because it got me to thinking about all the shit our families have been through together. Before Phil and his mom moved to Orlando last summer we we're always into some trouble and while my mom was chewing him out his mom would be ringing me a new one. "Aright man, lets do it, I'm down." 

Why do I feel this way. I began to think to myself. I couldn't understand why I was hurt so bad by the situation and why it was killing me that I wasn't on good terms with Bruno anymore. As much as I wanted to call him and make everything right, I just needed to surf. I grabbed my things and headed to Sandy's. 

"Hey girly, what's wrong?" I heard Naomi say from ahead. "What do you mean?" I was trying to conceal my emotions but she knew me too well. "Come on Karmin I've known you for too long, you never come to just surf at a time like this unless your stressed out. I broke down and began to tell her everything. "And what did he say after that?" She asked "Nothing, he just kept driving." I said as I wiped the stream of tears coming down my face. "Karmin don't cry, he'll understand. Just talk to him." "I know but I completely turned this whole thing around and made it bigger than it is." "Look Kar, he will forgive you, he knows your hurting right here." She said pointing to my heart. "But, at the same time you have to learn to let your guard down, he's not Chad." She was right. We ended up laying out on the beach and talking for hours about everything. With me leaving for LA and the end of summer to pursue acting and her to New York for dance, I cherished times like these with her. 

I walked up to my room and shut the door behind me. I threw my keys on my bed and looked around trying to decide if I wanted to write, or just go to bed. I decided on a shower instead. I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it towards my clothes basket. After I was fully undressed I stepped into the hot water and let it fall over my entire body. I thought about the whole situation with Karmin. I don't feel like she's ready to commit to something like this. I'm no expert at love and have never experienced it first hand but I can say I was really falling for her. But I feel like she is in this for the wrong reasons. When I got out of the shower I threw on some boxers and laid in my bed. As much as this was going to kill me I had to do it. She's not ready, and I don't know if I want to wait..