Chapter 11

10/02/2012 20:09

Because of the storyline I start this chapter with Bruno's POV but then switch back in Caroline's... ENJOY!


She looks at me with a kinda scared, but excited look. I know she gonna love it. I try to extend my pause as long as possible when I finally yell happy. "...Parasailing!" Her face turns immediately in a big smile. Yes! I think to myself. She likes it! I love to see her smiling and just being happy. She's incredible. I can't believe we just had sex for the first time like an hour ago. Normally I do all this romantic shit with candles and stuff to make it 'special', but in fact it's boring as hell because everything's foreseen. But with her it was so different. We did it because we really wanted it. She took me and I loved it. Matter of fact it was the best first time I ever had...  

"Really? That's so cool. I did it like 2 or 3 years ago and I loved it!" She says and flungs her arms around me. "Thank you so much!" She gives me a quick kiss.

"Sweety for you anything!" I say back and give her a quick kiss too. 

"But I think I need to go to the restrooms before." She laughs lightly and turns to Alex. "Where are they?"

"This way the second door right." He answers her and she goes where he points to.

I decide to use this short time to give Alex the money so Caroline don't see how much it costs. She knows I'm broke and maybe insists on paying half or something like that. But I don't want this. I don't want her to feel like I need her money. I take out my wallet and give Alex the 70 bucks, normally it's 150 for only one person, so I'm really happy he gave me that good prize.

"Huh? YOU are paying?" He looks at me doubtfully taking the money. "She doesn't look like she's even more broke than you..." He says lightly chuckling.

"Dude shut up!"

"What? Just wondering where you got money suddenly. Do you have a new job?"

"Yeah kinda, I just got hired for a show, it's not that big but they pay very well." I response.

"Cool bro! Who hired you?" Fuck! I knew he gonna ask that.

"Erm..." I look towards the restrooms and he understands immediately. He just shakes his head and glances at me. "What?"

"So she gave you a job and to be sure that it goes on like that, you date her? Bro you really gotta stop that shit. Stop using girls!"

"I don't use girls!" I say louder, but then calm myself down again. I don't want Caro to hear anything we talk.

"But you did with Mandy!" He says back. God does he really have to talk 'bout that again? 

"Dude I didn't use her. I loved her, if not I couldn't be with her for 8 months! Things just went wrong at the end... But with Caro it's different. I really like her a lot. She's the total opposite of Mandy."

"Whatever dude. That's your biz... Talkin' 'bout Mandy... if you don't care 'bout her anymore, you mind I call her?"

"If you want to. Do whatever you want I don..." I start to reply. I don't blame him, Mandy is hot...

"Shhh time to change the topic. Your sweetheart comes back." He interrupts me.

I do like he says, cough slightly and tell him. "By the way I'm putting on at Roxy's next week at Saturday, so then you could come and like I promised join us at the drinks-free-table..."

"Sure! You def count on me!"



I go back to the guys still with a huge smile on my face. I'm so relieved that he didn't plan surfing, instead parasailing! Wow! That's really a big surprise and it's even better after that good good damn good sex we just had... Oh god we just had sex! For the first time! And it was incredible! I hope he knows that after all this he has to do it all night long. I giggle quietly at this thought. He himself said that he gonna fuck me every day and somehow I guess that was NO joke! I really start to like 23-year-olds, especially if their name is Bruno. I giggle again. Ok now stop that! He sees that I'm coming back and smiles big at me. God bless him for this smile it lets me melt instantly.

"Hey! You ready now having some fun?" He asks me taking my hand and pulling me near him.

"Always!" I response.

"Ok then, Bruno you know where all the stuff is. I already prepared everything for you guys. You just have to put it on and go down to the boats. Mike is there waitin' for you. Have much fun!" Alex says and we say our thanks and goodbyes to him. "No prob dude. Anytime again! And Caro, was nice meetin' you. Maybe we'll see again next Sat at Roxy's if you gonna come too." 

"Of course she will!" Bruno answers for me and looks at me smiling.

I smile back. I wonder how long it takes for me to get it that we're really together now. A couple. I'm in a fuckin' relationship again. And it just feels good! I turn my head to Alex and smile at him as well. "I think... yeah then..." I say while Bruno gives me a big peck on my cheek.

Then Bruno leads me to another room where all the equipment is stored. He picks out the things we need and I ask him how he knows all this. He responses that when he met Alex 3 years ago he offered him a part-time job, so he learned all about it. We change and go across the beach to the boats. I love walking barefoot in the sand. It just immediately gives me the feeling of being on holiday and I feel so free, happy, relaxed and most of all thankful that Bruno gives me those feelings. My new boyfriend! Gosh sounds that awkward but also so great. I suddenly have the urge to let him know how happy he makes me. He holds my hand so I just stop and pull him towards me. I take his other hand and put them both around my waist. Then I let them go and grab his head. I close my eyes and give him a passionate kiss. I feel him grabbing me tighter and his tongue makes its way in my mouth. A thousand of chills go down my spine again and again. I don't want this moment ever stop! But I know it has to before we start things right at this lively beach. So I put my hands on his chest and push me away from him. He keeps his lips as long as possible on mine until I push more and they part finally.

"I love your lips." He says with a smile. "I could kiss them all day!"

"But I won't let you!" I say back grinning.

"Says the one who almost rapes me between all these kids!"

I punch his shoulder. "Hey. I told you you should better leave on your shirt! How could I resist seein' you like that?" I say pointing to his body up and down. He just laughs, takes my hand and we continue walking to the boats. Like Alex said this Mike is already there and waits for us. We all greet each other and smalltalk a little and then it finally starts... we fly... over the ocean... it's an incredible exceptional feeling and even more special sharing it with Bruno on my side, holding my hand the entire time. All too fast it's over and we spend the rest of the day at the beach before we go eating. Bruno choses an italian restaurant, of course because I said it's my favorite. He's so sweet. We eat and talk and laugh. It's just so perfect. I don't know why but our connection is so pure, so easy, so natural... Still I keep in mind that it's basically only the first day of our relationship and I can't forget Mary's advice. Don't put too much emotion in it. I feel I kinda do, but it makes me so happy, so it can't be wrong, can it? When we're about to go I tell the waiter to bring the check. I want to pay for the food when he already paid for the parasailing. But he immediately takes out his wallet and grabbed the bill from the waiter. I say I can pay for it or at least half but he declines strongly. I don't want to make a scene or a big deal out of it, so I let him pay. He tries so hard to make me feel good and I honor that still I don't want him to spend all his money on me. We gotta talk about that but not today. Today is all about us being happy, celebrating us! Oh god are we really TOGETHER now? I still can't believe it! After he pays, we go back to the car and I ask if he planned anything more. It's 9pm now and I got a lot of work due to I didn't do much today, so I say I wanna go home soon.

"It's all about where do we go? To yours or mine?" I say with a kind of seductive look. "I'd love to go to yours and see how you live..."

"Erm... but yours is closer." He says back.

I instantly know that's a lie. I love the fact I notice when he's lying otherwise why the hell is he lying?

"And it's really really messy! We can do it the next days ok? When I cleaned it..."

Ok the second lie! What the hell is wrong with his crib?

"Bruno?! I can see you're lyin' so I suggest you stop that and just tell me what's up! For me honesty is the most important thing in a relationship. And if you wanna be with me you have to tell me truth, ok?" I tell him.

He looks down then up again and straight into my eyes. "Ok... You remember I told you I'm about to move?" I nod. "Well that's not really the truth. I lived with my ex together, we broke-up and I haven't found another apartement yet... so I stay with Eric and his wife Cindia most of the time, sometimes at Ryan's, sometimes at my sister's... 'til I find somethin' own." He looks down again. I can see this is totally embarrassing for him. He kinda tells me that he's homeless...

"Ok... that's ok... I know to find a crib in LA is really hard and you don't have a regular income so I can guess it's quite impossible for you to find one." I say as bluntly as I can. I don't want to make him feel low or not good enough. To be honest it bothers me a little bit. Not that he doesn't have an own crib. I love my apartement and if we only can spend time there I'm totally fine. No something else bothers me. I can see money will always be an issue between us and this lets me start to worry a bit.

He looks up at me again. "So you don't mind about that?" He asks hopefully.

"I think I can deal with that. It's not for forever, only 'til you find one.... so it's ok." I reply reassuring him. "So means then we go to mine? You comin' with me, don't you?"

He grins big at me. "Of course! Someone really has to take care about you. So that all this screaming goes down a bit." He says smiling seductively and steps closer to me.

"I don't think this'll happen. I'm just that loud... you can ask my neighbors...they were so happy the last months..." I smirk.

"Oh really? Well then... poor neighbors, gonna have some unquietly nights from now on..." He winks at me and pulls me in to a kiss. When he aparts he whispers in my ear. "Thank you for bein' so understanding."

"It's ok. I don't need a man payin' my bills. And if you don't ask me to pay yours I'm totally fine with it. Like you said let's just enjoy all this happy time and the problems gonna come on their own, they always do, right?!" I say half jokingly half serious.

"I will never ask you for payin' my bills, Caroline! And about the problems... I can't imagine I will ever could have problems with you! Still I know you're right. And I honestly hope that'll work them out, I promise you I'll do anything to make it work. I don't know you for a long time but I can feel how good and special you are. I appreciate that a lot and right now it would be really hard for someone or something to take you away from me!" He ends his speech with a long emotionally kiss. 

I don't care about all the problems and things that speak against this relationship. He's incredible and definitely worth the try and the risk.

We drive to my apartement and a night full of screams, sweat and sweet words follows...