Chapter 11

18/02/2012 15:46
As we drive to her house I was getting nervous. I look at her from time to time as she plays with her phone. I took a deep breath which caught her attention.

“We’ll turn right?” I asked her.

“Yup, then after five houses, we’re there.” She said referring to her house. I kept on driving and kept my cool.

“Am I going to meet your parents?” I asked.

“Oh! No, no, no. My parents are out, they bought food for lunch.”  She laughed. I tried to laugh with Alyssa so she won’t sense my nervousness.

“But do you want to meet them?” she asked me.

“Well, yeah but not now. I want to meet them but you know, not now.” I said and cleared my throat.

“I understand you. I know how nerve wracking it is.” She said.

“How?” I asked.

“I have brothers, hello?” she shook her head.

“Oh! Oh! There’s our house!” She pointed to a light apricot colored four storey-house.

“You’re house is huge!” I said.

“Yeah, we’re kinda rich, you know.” She laughed. I got out of the car and helped her out. She held my hand as we walk towards her house. We stopped at the front of her door and we faced each other.

“So, we’re now official, huh?” she said while holding both of my hands.

“Yeah.” I smiled. She put her purse on the little glass table behind her.

“So, you better go now before any paparazzi sees you.” She said. I smiled and looked deeply in her eyes. She leaned towards me and I did the same. We both closed our eyes and move more a little but before our lips touch…

“I found auntie!!!!” a familiar voice said. I looked down and it was Rianne, Alyssa’s niece.

“Rianne…” Alyssa sighed and hugged her niece.

“Oh my gosh, auntie. You’re with Bruno again!” she said.

“Auntie!!!” I looked down and see Frankie walk towards Alyssa and Rianne.

“It’s…it’s Br…Bruno Mars!!” Frankie said trying to recall my name.

“Oh my God! Alyssa why you didn’t tell us that you know Bruno Mars?” a woman a few years younger than her age started to walk towards us.

“C’mon Victoria, I know Jamareo who’s Bruno’s bassist.” Alyssa rolled her eyes.

“By the way, Bruno, this is Victoria, my youngest brother’s wife.” She added.

“Wait, someone said Bruno? As in Bruno Mars?” I heard a girl said. I peeked inside their house and see a teenage girl running towards us.

“OH MY GOD!!! My cousin knows Bruno…” before the girl scream my whole name, Alyssa covered her mouth and gently pushed her inside their house. Frankie and Rianne pulled me in as Victoria assisted me.

“Guys, don’t freak, he’s still a normal dude!” I heard Alyssa say to her family but none of them listened to her, they we’re all busy admiring me.

“Hi, I’m Marcus; we’ve seen each other before.” Marcus smiled at me and fixed his glasses.

“Yeah. Nice to see you again.” I smiled.

“Drake, Victoria’s husband, Aly’s youngest brother.” A young man with brown spiky hair greeted me and put his arm around Victoria.

“Kali, I’ve already met you, remember?” Kali said and shook my hand. I nodded and smiled at her.

“Bruno, you want something?” Alice said being the welcoming person Alyssa tells me Alice would be.

“No, it’s alright.” I smiled.

“Carrie, Aly’s sister-in-law.” A blonde woman who’s a bit few years older than me shook my hand.

“Hi.” I greeted. I look down and see Frankie smiling at me. I look up and I saw Alyssa shoving her relatives aside and grabbed my hand.

“So, Bruno needs to go now and I left my purse outside, okay. He’s glad to meet you, blah blah blah. Let’s go.” Alyssa said and pulled me out of their house. She got her purse and gave it to Frankie signaling him to put it inside. She held my hand as we walk down out of their porch suddenly a shiny black car stopped in front of us and then an old couple, but they we’re that old they’re like on the same age as my mother, came out of the car.

“Honey! Is this your boyfriend?”  The woman who’s wearing a floral dress greeted us.

“Hi, mom.” Alyssa smiled.

“Gary, bring these in.” the man said to the younger dude who looks on the same age as me.

“Hi, dad.” Alyssa said,

“Hey honey. So, who’s this fella with you? Is he your boyfriend?” her dad asked her.

Suddenly, my heart beat became faster as she looked at me and her parents we’re staring at us waiting for an answer.