Chapter 11

01/03/2012 14:22

Bruno’s P.O.V.

After Scarlet, the guys and I were done doing with the dishes, I decided to get to know Jay a little better, knowing that he was Lacey’s best friend and personal asisstant. We sat on the couch and he told me how him and Lacey met in school for the very first time, about all funny and crazy moments him and Lacey have shared and how much hard work and effort she put into her work to be where she is now.

I nodded my head, smiled and even frowned in some parts and wasn’t afraid of asking more questions about her. After he was done telling me about his and Lacey’s relationship I realized that Jay was a very cool and funny guy. He really seemed to like Lacey a lot, not in a sexual way, but in a more brotherly, protective way.

I looked at the clock, 10 minutes had already passed since Lacey and Aiden went upstairs. I watched as Phil and Scarlet were joking around with each other and laughing like two retarded people. Funny how fast we were getting along with each other, I thought while I shook my head at them, smiling. Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Ari in front of me, scratching the back of his head and clearing his throat. I wasn’t mad at him anymore after the incident, knowing that he had been very drunk yesterday and that he never was under control once he is drunk. I put a reassuring smile on. “Yo man what’s up?”

He looked at me and put his hands in his jeans pocket. “Are you mad at me bro? Sorry man, I acted like a total dick head yesterday, you know I always talk shit when I’m drunk, so you forgive me?” I bursted out in laughter, his face was priceless when he said that. Ari shot me a look and I jokefully hit his arm. “Of course man, it’s cool.” “Thanks man.” I smiled at him and he gave me a manly hug. We talked a little until I heard Lacey’s laugh, I turned around and I saw her coming downstairs with Aiden, their fingers intertwined.

Okay, so that meant that they made up, I thought to myself. I didn’t have the slightest idea why, but I didn’t feel a single emotion of happiness for them. I watched while Aiden was kissing her neck, one hand laid on her lower back. “Awww look at you two love birds” Phil laughed. Lacey just stuck her tongue out at him, still smiling. Scarlet looked at Lacey with a “You gotta tell me everything!!” look, Lacey just nodded and laughed. I felt a bit uncomfortable and let out a little sigh. “Guys I think it’s time to go now, don’t cha think so?” I asked, looking up at Phil and Ari. “No, you really can stay here for lunch if you want to-” I cut her off “Nah, thank you Lace, it’s fine. You have a photoshoot today, go get ready for it. Are you going to come over to the studio tonight?” Lacey smiled. “Sure, I want to get this album done as soon as possible. I’m gonna be there at about 8pm.” “Alright then, have a nice day. And thank you for everything, Lace.” I honestly told her.

Not only was I thankful for her protecting me and the guys by letting us sleep the night here in her house, but she really did care about my past too, and that’s one of the many reasons why I was so grateful to meet her.

“Seriously bro? I think you had enough yesterday?” Phil said to me, looking down at my glass of whisky which I was about to drink. “I’m fine man, I just needed a bit” I answered and downed the glass almost immediately.

I was lying.

For some reason the whole make up thing between Lacey and Aiden made me upset, and the worst thing was that I didn’t fucking know why. I just finished my 5th shot when Ari took the bottle away. “Alright man, you gotta stop now, you still have to prepare for a guitar solo remember? C’mon.” I glanced at him and stood up, picked up one of the many guitars laying around and put it around me while I adjusted the strings. I sure as hell was a little drunk because I couldn’t concentrate on the guitar solo at all. Phil shook his head. “We’ll wait 30 minutes, you can’t play in this state. Dammit Bruno, I swear alcohol’s going to kill you one day!” he mocked in a disappointed voice. I got back to my couch and watched Phil and Ari as they talked. “When will Lacey come over?” “In about..10 minutes” Ari said whilst looking at his watch. Phil nodded his head. “Alright man, enough time for me to go to the toilet.” he said and with that he went out to the toilet. I’ve realised that Lacey had a photo shoot, I totally forgot about it but I didn’t remember whom it was for.

Maybe it was because of the alcohol, but I really was curious, so I decided to ask Ari. “Dude, do you remember who Lacey is doing her photo shoot for?” He wrinkled his forehead in thought until his face lit up after a few seconds. “Ah yeah, it was for the Esquire Magazine. I think she said something about having a photo shoot 8 months ago, but the photographer couldn’t
make it that day. Why do you wanna know though?” “I don’t know..” I replied vacantly, staring at one spot on the table in front of me while I rolled up my sleeves on my button up checked shirt.

The word “Esquire Magazine” opened up a wound in me again, it was the magazine where Amy would have her first real photo shoot. I shook the thought away and stood up to grab a bottle of water, still slightly drunk. Right when I was about to open the bottle, I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to Ari again, who was texting someone. “Wait, did you just say the photographer couldn’t make it that day? And it was 8 months ago?” He looked up “Yeah, why are you asking?” He replied in a confused tone.

I felt myself getting pale.

It was 8 months ago that Amy died, did that mean that.. no.. or.. yes, it’s obvious.

I clenched my teeth together, I felt like I was exploding inside. My heart was racing and I felt like there was a huge loathing, hating, madness growing inside me. “Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!” I yelled, slamming the bottle on the table. I paced back an forth and wiped the sweat away from my forehead. “Dude, what the hell is up with you? Sit down man, you are still drunk?”. He was about to take me by my arm to sit me down, but I shook it off violently. “Shut up Ari, are you really that stupid, seriously? It was Amy. It was Amy that Lacey had a photo shoot with, her death is exactly 8 months ago!” I screamed. “Lacey fucking killed her, if Amy didn’t have that fucking, stupid photo shoot with that bitch she’d still be alive, she..UGH” I took a glass and slammed it against the wall, causing to break it. There were broken pieces everywhere, I never get this angry. I felt a strong arm grabbing me, it was Phil. “The fuck Bruno, calm the fuck down, what the hell is going on here?” I managed to let go of his grip and pushed him. “It was not her fault Bruno, you are drunk now-” I cut him off and shoved him, my voice got even louder! “Of course she did, don’t fucking tell me this shit that isn’t true!” I couldn’t control my body and continued pacing back and forth.

“Hey guys, sorry for being late, but my pho - Whoa, what happened?” I turned around and looked at Lacey straight in the eyes while she was standing at the door, confused. “Oh, speaking of the devil…” I mocked between my teeth, walking fast up to her, still looking into her eyes.    

It was like I wasn’t myself anymore and I didn’t have any control over my body…