Chapter 11

16/04/2012 16:39
I opened my eyes and looked around me I put my hand on my stumock, It was still there I thanked god, I nurse came in and helped me sit up "How are you feeling?" Fine, what happened? "This happens with pregnancy's like yours when you don't rest enough this was a warning you have to stay in bed and not move around a lot ok?" I nodded, I will.. "The docter wants to keep you here for today you can go home tomorrow" I sighed, alright.. She left and I watched tv I remembered calling Phil why didn't he just give the phone to Bruno? I grabbed my phone, I had so many missed calls from him I dialed his number, "Hello babe?!" Hi.. "What happened how are you is the baby ok?" We're both fine.. "Thank god.. What happened?" Nothing the docter just said I needed to relax more.. "Babe I told you that why wont you ever listen?!" I didn't say anything I just didn't want to talk to him, Why didn't you pick up when I called you? "I was out.." Phil picked up.. "Look i'm sorry alright I didn't realise you were calling.." Bruno he told me he can't give you the phone?! He sighed, "Babe it's nothing ok?" Peter don't you dare lie to me.. "Oh so now i'm Peter?" JUST ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION. "Will you calm down?!" I'm not in the mood to talk to you right now. I hung up and threw my phone in my bag I lied down and closed my eyes I was tired angry and worried all at the same time.. "ALENA!" I jumped up, God Sofia I was sleeping.. "Sorry I just wanted to see if you were ok.." I'm fine.. "What happened?" Nothing just the baby but we're both fine.. "Did you call Bruno?" Yeah. "And?" We got into another fight.. "You two were fine yesterday whap happened?" I called him when I was in pain but he didn't pick up so I called Phil and he said he couldn't give the Bruno or some shit and he wont tell me why it's like he's hiding something.. "Girl calm down they were probably not with eachother" Well he could just say that. "Just relax this isn't good for the baby.." I know.. Urbana came in and I explained everything to her too they both left I was tired and I wanted to sleep..
"Bruno she'll forget it.." But I wont she was in pain and I was dancing with some girl.. "You didn't know that could happen.." I shouldn't even had come I knew I was just going to mess up.. "Stop blaming yourself alright? She's fine that's all that matters..." I guess.. But she's going to freak out when I tell her.. "Just don't tell her." I don't want to lie to her.. "No good can come out of it man she'll get mad you guys will get in a fight and it aint good for the baby just let it go." Yeah you're right. I threw my head back and took a deep breath I really wanted to talk to her but she wouldn't pick up anyway she was so stubborn.. "Hey you got any new lyrics wirtten?" I don't know I got some stuff written but I havent finished it yet.. "Well what do you have?" I'll just sing it..
Everyday I wake up next to an angel more beautiful than words could say.. They said it wouldn't work but what did they know? Cause that's the past and we're still here today.. Never in my dreams would I think that this could happen to me.. As I stand here before my women I can't hold back the tears in my eyes.. Oh how could I be so lucky? I must have done something right.. And I promise to love her for the rest of my life..
"That's great man.." I smiled, I remembered writing it when Alena was asleep in my arms she was always the reason I wrote these lovesongs, Just The Way You Are, Talking To The Moon, Our first Time all of them it was all her she was the reason I am where I am today. "I'm going to call Ari and tell him to come over we got to finish that song.." Alright, I went to the bar and got a bottle of water I was done with alcohol. I sat back and Phil came back with the biggest smile on his face, Is he coming? "Yeah and he got a call from Lil Wayne's manager he want you to work with him on this new song called mirror he'll send you the lyrics but you have to come up with your own lyrics.." I was happy but this was just another big thing that was going to take a lot of time I really wanted to do it but with the baby coming and the album coming out in just two weeks it was going to be really hard.. Ari came and we started working on the song "You know I think you need some more singers when you sing 'Oh how could I be so lucky I must have done something right.." Yeah, That sounds good "Alright Bruno get in the booth" I put on my headphones and started singing we kept working on the song for a while and finally finished it, "Alright now play it" I really liked what the song sounded like I thought it was perfect for when I proposed to Alena but not yet it wasn't the right time yet..
I was released from the hospital and got a cab home I just wanted to lie down in my bed and relax this whole thing really was scaring me I read a magazine and watched tv but this just wasn't me lying in bed all day was more like Bruno I wanted to go and lie down in the sun but I didn't want to take any risks.. I tossed and turned I just wanted someone to be here with me. I heard my phone ring and picked up, "Hey baby" Hi. "Oh come on don't be like that.." Don't be like what I said hi.. "I miss you" Oh.. "I know you miss me too" I smiled a little, I do.. "Just a week and a half babe.." I'm counting the days babe.. "How is my baby boy?" He's alright I guess.. "You know when I get home We're going to decorate his room and buy all the things he needs me and you, alright?" That sounds great babe.. "I've been thinking about some names you know.." Really? "Yeah.." And? "Don't laugh!" I wont laugh.. "What do you think about Chalupa?" NO I ALREADY SAID NO. "Oh come on that's an awesome name.." Babe i'm not calling our child Chalupa do you want him to hate us?! "Oh come on.." Fuck no. "Fine but i'm sticking with Chalupa" Fine but that's not his name.. "We'll see" It's not. "Mhmm" BRUNO NO. "FINEE" I started laughing, He was trying not to laugh, "You promised you wouldn't laugh.." I'm sorry baby.. "Yeah yeah.." I love you tho. "I love you more" Not possible.. "Yes it is." No it's not. "Yeah it is" No, No it's not. "It is" Fine. "You don't love me like I love you?!" Fuck off. "Love you" Love you too. "Alright baby i'm going to go to sleep ok?" Alright, Sweet dreams babe.. "Love you" Love you too. "Bye" Bye.. I hung up just talking to him would make my whole day.. I got a text from him 'Can we like have Chalupa as his middle name?' Oh god.. I replied, 'No.', 'Fine..' I chuckled he wouldn't let this go.. I closed my eyes and went to bed it was kinda early but I just wanted these days to go by as fast as possible.. I woke up it was only 7... I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep but I wasn't tired I got up and took a shower I put on a long shirt it was hot and I was alone anyway so I didn't put on any pants I went downstairs and had breakfast I looked outside seeing paparazzi taking pictures.. I was just eating I called Trevor he was the guy Bruno hired and told him to come over I wanted some company and he could ask them to leave, He came in about ten minutes, I put on some jeans and went downstairs "Hey you" Hi, I hugged him and let him in "Are there always paparazzi around your house?" I shrugged, Guess so.. "So how's the baby doing?" He's fine "You want me to get you anything?" Could you go to the store and get me some stuff I would go by myself but the docter said I had to take it easy "Yeah ofcourse just write it down on a piece of paper" I sat down and started writing everything I was craving for before I knew it I had one hell of a list, I handed it over to him, Here you go. His eyes widened, "Are you having a party?" I shot him a look, I'm pregnant leave me alone! He chuckled, "I'm sorry i'll go get them" Thank you.. I sat down and heard him close the door I kept looking out the window I was hungry as hell.. I saw his car pull up and he was trying to carry all the bags, I opened the door and let him in, You want any help? "No no you go sit down" He went back about three times and put everything on the table, "Anything els?" No it's ok you can go home thank you, bye "You're welcome" I gave him a hug and closed the door behind him I grabbed a couple of stuff and sat down in front of the tv I was going to regret this but fuck it I was eating for two.
I called roomservice and ordered some food I was hungry.. They said it would take about a hour so I descided to skype with Alena she had showed me how to do it over a miljon times but I still needed help, face it I don't know shit about technology.. I asked Ari to come and help me out "Damn it's a fucking button man it aint that hard.." Just do it.. He started typing and clicking I couldn't have done that even if I tried.."Here you go.." Thank you, I noticed Alena was there I put on a shirt and sat down "Hey baby" I noticed bags of food and cookies around her, Babe what the fuck are you eating? "Your son is hungry" Don't blame it on my boy that's all you. "Shut up i'm pregnant" That's a good excuse for like a piece of pie not the whole store.. "Ha-Ha very funny" I chuckled, what you been up to? "Not much just eating sleeping watching tv and missing you" I'm almost back. "You're never leaving me again got that?" Yes ma'am.. I kept watching her eat damn she ate more then I did, Babe slow down you're going to choke.. "I'm full" Really? I thought you would never stop.." You know I really hate you." Damn that hurt my feelings, I pouted and looked down "Auwww noo don't do that.." I kept doing it "Babe i'm going to cry seriously don't do that.." What?! "HA GOT YOUUU" I squinted my eyes, That aint cool I thought I made you cry.. "I don't cry about everything you know" I don't know you're pregnant your hormones are all messed up.. "My hormones are fine.." My food came I sat down on the table and started eating "Babe what is that?" Spaghetti... "Mmmm" She kept staring, Are you serious right now? "I want it.." You're going to get so fat.. "SHUT UP" I chuckled, I'm kidding baby.. We talked for a while but I had soundcheck in 20 minutes, I have to go babe "Ok bye love you" Love you, I turned off my computer and got dressed I went downstairs and got in the car we had a concert tonight and I wanted to give the fans what they deserved, We arrived and I got on stage it was huge I hade no idea there were so many people that wanted to see me.. We finished and grabbed something to eat just before the show started I heard the croud say my name damn that was the best feeling in the world all the guys stood in a cirkel, Ok guys let's give these fans what they want they waited houres to see us lets give them a show they wont forget" I ran to the mic and started singing Nothin On You.. We gave the croud everything we had and I actually didn't want the show to end but I kept thinking of home and Alena, I went backstage and dried my face with a towel I took a shower and changed we all went back to the bus and played some videogames, Alright i'm off to bed guys, They all said goodnight and with that I went to bed and fell asleep immediately it was a long day and tomorrow would be even longer..
I called Kai I really missed him "Hey sis" Hey, how are you? "I'm good what about you how's the baby?" I'm so bored and he's fine.. "Oh and you went to the docter and?" Oh it's a boy "Auww that's awesome Alena how is Bruno?" He's ok he keeps asking me to call the baby Chalupa... "That's a cool name." NO IT'S NOT, Oh my god you're all crazy.. He chuckled "I really think it's a cool name." Well too bad you should have called your own son that. "I aint calling my son Chalupa.." Oh and I should? "I'm just saying it's creative.." I'm not having this conversationg with you by the way how is my adorable nephew? "He's alright he has a girlfriend" I laughed, Are for real he's four.. "Yeah the girl next door she came the other day and they started walking hand in hand" Auww that's so cute.. "Yeah, you should come here some time it's been ages since I saw you.." I know I was in Hawaii a couple of months ago but Bruno had to come back early so I didn't have the chance to visit. "Are you for real?!" I'm sorryyyy it's Bruno's fault take it out on him i'm pregnant.. "You can't use that excuse all the time." Yes I can and I will, Kai I have to go someone's at the door.. "Alright bye" I hung up and walked towards the door, Hey Sofia "Hey girl" She came in and sat on the couch, "I got you something" I frowned, what? She grabbed a bag and pulled out a couple of babyshirts, Auww you shouldn't have.. "I know but I just saw them and they looked too cute" I thanked her and put all the clothes in my closet I couldn't wait to show Bruno, I went back downstairs and Sofia was putting on her jacket, Are you already leaving? "Yeah I have to go see a location for the wedding with brendan don't forget it's in two months!" I wont.. Bye "Bye girl" She left, I sat down on the couch and threw my head back these last days were really annoying and boring Sofia had asked me to be made of honour but I would already be seven months and I wouldn't fit in the dress I just let her ask someone els I didn't mind it was too much work anyway.. I watched tv and read a book I was really starting to feel like a 80 year old I put the book on my nightstand and sighed, I got up and went to the guestroom I leaned againt the door and imagined what this place would look like in just a couple of months.. I kept myself occupied for a while and went to bed I fell asleep wishing I would wake up next to Bruno..
I sat there playing the same old melodie over and over again i just couldn't come up with those right words, I played it again thinking about the hurt and heartbreaks in my life and tried to turn my pain into wordsI had been trying to come up with the right words for this song but I had no insperation it was about looking in the mirror and trying to find out who you are all I had was 'Mirror on the wall here we are again' Fuck it, I got up and went to the bathroom I splashed some water on my face and looked at my reflection, And through all my falls.. No, And through my rise and falls... I kept thinking, come on Bruno.. You've been my only friend, Yeah I got it.. I went back to the piano and played the melodie again, 
Mirror on the wall, here we are again.. through my rise and falls you've been my only friend..
"Sounds good man..."  I need to finish it.. "It doesn't come out till after the European tour and that's like in a year and a half bro.." I know I just really want to do this thing right.. "You will just relax alright?" I nodded, alright.. "You want to go out with us?" Out where? "To go see some play.." Sure.. I grabbed my jacket and we all started walking to the city Phred said he was meeting some girls but I told myself to just stay away I didn't want to screw up it was just two days and then I would go home Alena would call me all the time she was bored a lot but I couldn't blame her all she could do was sit at home we saw some fans and they asked me for an autograph and some pictures but I didn't mind I had time anyway they all asked me how Alena was doing and if the baby was ok I loved that they all took it so well I knew some of them were ready to kill Alena if they ever saw her but I still loved them all no matter what. We got there and I saw a group of girls waiting in front of the main entrance I guess that was them.. I recognized a familiar face I just couldn't remember who she was.. We all said hello and then it hit me "Hey i'm Rita" Hi.. "Have we met before?" Ehh.. I don't know. "I think we have.. Oh right you were the guy in my bed that had no idea who I was" I just stood there awkwardly, Eh.. Yeah.. She laughed "Relax i'm not mad" I smiled, thank god cause I had no idea what to say.. We all went inside and took out seat I was sitting next to her and Phred the show started and the lights went off I watched the play and thought about Alena she loved this kind of stuff she would always beg me to go but I never had time I promised myself that as soon as I got home I would take her.. It ended and we all got up and clapped we went outside and the everybody wanted to go and grab something to eat, "Bruno aren't you coming?" I was doubting, I don't know.. "Oh come on it wont take long.." Alright, Me and her were talking all the way to the restraurant but I wasn't intrested in her like that she was just a friend nothing more. We got there and took our seats I saw paparazzi take pictures from outside it was really annoying me but I just pushed it to the back of my head. We went back to the hotel and said goodbye to the girls I turned around walking to the doors and heard her yell my name, "Bruno! Wait up" She came and handed me a piece of paper, "Call me" She ran back to her friends, I didn't know if she just gave it to me as a sign that we were friends or that she actually wanted me to call her and ask her out. I put it in my pocket and went upstairs I got in bed and called Alena..
I got up with the biggest smile on my face I knew this would be the last time that I would have to spend the day without Bruno I washed the dishes and cleaned up around the house I was taking it slow all this time I don't think washing dishes would do anything.. I dried my hands with a towel I can't believe it's been five months it was starting to get really hard but it would be all worth it cause tomorrow I would have him back in my arms, I put on some jeans and a sweater and went to get some coffee I walked towards a diner when I suddenly stopped I saw Bruno's name on a magazine I picked it up seeing some pictures of him with this blond girl they were having dinner, I didn't get upset or angry maybe it was just dinner nothing more I bought the magazine and got my coffee I went back to the house and threw my keys on the table I sat down on the couch, I read the article but I knew not to believe it these magazines were all full of crap anyway, I got my phone and called him anyway I still wanted to get to the bottom of this.. "Hello?" Hey "How are you doing babe?" I'm alright, What did you do last night? "Oh saw a play with the guys and got some dinner why?" Wow could you remind me witch of the guys have blond curly hair? He sighed "Babe that's just a friend of Phred's.." Bru you keep nagging me about going out with other guys and you do it yourself like seriously? "Babe I couldn't just leave cause there were girls nothing even happened.." Yeah whatever.. "Are you mad?" No, I just don't like her. "Babe you don't even know her" I still don't like her. He chuckled "Is somebody jealous??" No. "Baby she got nothin on you.." Yeah don't start with the lyrics please.. "Alright, but you know I love you just the way you are.." I chuckled, shut up.. "Jeez I try to be nice and then you say shut up?" I'm sorry baby.. Where are you? "I'm packing.." I smiled, cause you're coming home right?? "Yes I am babe" I'm so happy.. "Me too these couple of months have been too damn long.." Yeah but thank god they're over. "Babe?" Yeah? "Can we still have sex?" Babe no. "Seriously?" Yeah the docter said to take it slow sex isn't taking it slow and it sure as hell isn't when i'm having sex with you. "You love it tho" I didn't say anything "You do right?" I chuckled, Ofcourse I do.. "Alright babe I have to go I have one more interview before heading home.." Ok bye, Love you.. "Bye love you too" I hung up, I lied down on the couch closing my eyes I was pretty tired I took a nap I wanted to have enough energy for when Bruno got back, I woke up around eight damn this day was going fast, Thank god..
The interview ended and we started driving tot he airport we had one long flight ahead of us but the destination was home so I couldn't be happier I was happy that we were having a baby damn those two were the most inportant thing in my life right now but the whole not having sex thing, I wasn't happy about that.. She was already five months but I wasn't with her that whole time so having sex was impossible but I was going to have to keep my cool for four months.. I just hope I can. We got int he plain I didn't get to sleep a lot last night so I was pretty tired I figured I'd sleep in the plain to pass the time we took our seats and as soon as I got comfortable I fell asleep.. I woke up everybody was asleep, I saw a flight attendantcome my way, Excuse me how long till we get there? "Oh around four houres" Oh alright.. I sighed and watched a couple of movies and listened to music all the guys were already asleep I don't know why I was up but I guess just couldn't wait to see Alena..