Chapter 12 - Running

20/07/2011 23:37

My underwear and an open pack from a condom. “Oh... never mind. We are SO cliche!” I started laughing a little when Bruno completely ruined my whole day.

“We should go back.” He said it sincerely and I felt my face collapse. The fear was back and I looked away towards the side of the interstate. He had already started driving  away. “I know you’re scared...but just,” When I kissed him there. The car swerved to the right. ‘Holy shit!” he yells going off to the side of the road. Some of the cars honked at us. “What was that Tatianna?!” I shrug and begin kissing him more. He pushes me off him. “Tatianna! What is wrong with you?!” he yells at me as he goes off to the side of the road. “Calm down! I know you aren’t drunk, and trust me I know you’re scared! But seriously we need to get back there.. today.” Bruno begins brushing my cheek with his hand. I slap it away and look away from him. I’m not scared... bull shit. Okay well maybe a little. BUT JUST A LITTLE!

“I’m not that scared okay?” I whisper. Bruno lays his head on the steering wheel and sighs. “Bruno. you don’t understand. Having my father know where I am, and my new identity is giving up my entire life.” I feel tears running down my cheek.

“Tatianna... I will not allow him to touch you. I will stay in your room with you if I have to.” Bruno tries comforting me, but it’s not really working. I get out of the car and Bruno starts yelling for me to come back. I stand on the side of the road and wait until some blue car comes roaring by and stops by me.

“Can we help you missy?” the man says in a country accent.

“Yes. Yes you can. You see that car over there?” I point towards Bruno’s car and watch as he slaps his hands on his face. “Well I need to get away from it. Can you do that? Take me anywhere you would like.” I hear the doors unlock and I quickly pile into the van with a bunch of loud kids. They all stop talking when they see me. They all have green eyes.. like legit they were all green. The same shade and everything. Kinda creepy if you ask me. Some are blondes and some are raven haired. I sit next to a small boy about the age of eight who has large ears, and is very thin for his age.

“Why don’t you kids introduce y’all?” he says back to them all. The girl in the back sits up straight and smiles.








“And I’m Fred.” says the boy next to me. Eight kids. How do you deal with eight kids? This isn’t the old age where you have a ton of kids in case one dies!

“Tatianna.” One of the older boys maybe my age winks at me. Ew? Unfortunately I’m still dressed in my outfit from clubbing so no wonder he’s winking at me. Not trying to sound all egotistical but it’s true. I fall asleep in the car to the sound of all the kids humming some stupid show tune. By the time I wake up Fred is no longer next to me. The boy Jeremy is.. the on who winked at me.

“Thought you’d never wake up!” He yells to me. I groan it’s to loud for this shit.

“Are we almost there yet?” I ask desperately.

“Maybe about ten minutes...” says the dad. I sigh in relief and wonder how far away from home I was. Tomorrow was school, and I had a test in history and science. Wonder if Bruno thinks I’m coming back? Jeremy begins blabbing on about his life and puts in a couple cheesy flirts in their. I ignore them and when we finally end up wherever we are I jump out of the car and breathe some air. Some non-annoying child air. There’s a barn to my right and on my left is a big old red brick house with two chimneys. Doesn’t seem terrible, but then the smell gets to me. It smells like farm. From corn to cow shit. Great! Ugh! I’m walking on the gravel road up to the house when a chicken runs right by me. I scream and end up in Jeremy’s arm, who happens to be very close to me now. I scramble out of his arms when I see his pervish little grin.

“Go away..” I mumble. I make it to the house when I hear a honk from behind us. It’s Bruno. God damn it!

“Tatianna... get in the car.” I hear him yell to me. He runs over to me and grabs my arm away from the family. “I have been following that God for saken van for four hours! I’m almost out of gas and why didn’t I stop for it? Because I couldn’t let that damn thing out of my sight!” I shove him away and glare at him. “Please Tatianna.. you don’t belong here! You’re a city girl! Not a crop growing, country accented redneck!” I walk away and hold Jeremy close.

“Not any more.. partner!” I add that bit in haha. “I have a new love.. so go away ya hear!” I suck at this... Jeremy is confused but then his mouth seems to be coming closer to mine. I slap it away and squeal, “Ew! Ew! NO! Go away!” Bruno begins chuckling at me.

“Great guy you picked there.” Bruno teases me. As Bruno approaches me I scream and the dad comes running out with a rifle and points it at Bruno.

“What are ye doin’ to this poor gir’ here?” Bruno backs off and I hear the click of the rifle as he prepares to shoot.

Bruno begins stuttering and looking for a choice of words. “I-I just w-wanna take her h-home!”
         “This is her home naw!” When suddenly a shot goes off! But not from the dad but from Lucy! Where the hell did she get a gun?! Who gave it to her? She’s like twelve! My mom barely even lets me use a sharp knife! I look over at Bruno and his shoulder blade is bleeding. I gasp.