Chapter 12

19/07/2011 12:31

The month flew by. I signed with Electra Records and both me and Bruno found with every passing day it was harder and harder to keep our hands off eachother. Then it was finally my wedding day. November 29th. I was so nervous. It was finally the big day. Everything looked beautiful. We found a little chapel and we decorated it so beautifully. Bruno and the guys were going to be the band and the "Entertainment" as Phil had said. The rest of Bruno's sisters had flown to Georgia and Marybeth invited some friends from work. Finally it was time for me to go back and get my dress on. I had kept my hair in a braid all day so when I let it down it was all wavy. My dress looked like this. I had a white bouquet of flowers that were surrounded with pink ones. I put my dress on and Marybeth came in. "20 minutes." Oh my god! I was so nervous!


"Phil is the wireless mic ready? I don't want it to mess up on me." He double checked it and it worked fine. "Is the CD with the music in the stereo?" "Yeah it's here." He played it and it sounded perfect. She was going to be blown away. Finally after all this time he wouldn't have to hum her song anymore, he could finally sing it. He was so nervous he was shaking. "Man chill, you'll do fine." "Thanks Phil." ******************************************************************************

"Shy, it's time." I let out a sigh and look myself over in the mirror one last time. My makeup is minimal, just how Bruno likes it. I put my veil on and walked outside. While I waited for the music to start playing Bruno's dad walks out of the chapel. "Hi Mr. Hernandez, what are you doing out here?" "Well, I know your father is gone and all so, I came out here to ask you if I could walk you down the isle." I hear the music start to play and I smile. "Of course." We walk in and as soon as I see Bruno I cant believe that this is actually happeneing. He's wearing


The doors opened and Shyloe walked in. "Oh my god!" Phil grabbed my shoulder and gave it a reassuring squeeze. "You did good." She looked stunning. His dad was walking with her down the isle and he knew that, that must mean a lot to her. As they get closer she has a huge smile on her face and the tears start falling.


"Thank you so much." I whisper to Bruno's dad. He kisses my cheek and sits down. I walk up the steps and stand across from Bruno. "Are you crying Hernandez?" He smiles. "Yeah." The preacher goes through everything and we slip on our rings. "Now Mr. Hernandez told me that before I pronounced you husband and wife he wanted to do something special." The preacher looked at Bruno and nodded. Phil handed Bruno a mic. "Shyloe, I love you so much...." He can barely talk. "....more than words will ever be able to explain, I love you can't even cover how much I care about you....." Music starts playing. ".....hopefully this will help." He starts singing Rest of my life. His voice cracks and you can tell he really put his heart and soul into this song. I start sobbing and he wipes my tears away. He finishes the song and the preacher says. "I now pronounce you Mr. And Mrs. Bruno Hernandez." He kisses me and everyone starts to clap. The reception was so fun we sang, and danced our hearts out. Bruno and the guys sang and danced like crazy people. When it was time to cut the cake me and Bruno both had the piece we were going to give eachother. Well I guess great minds think alike because we both at the same time slammed the cake into each others faces. After the reception was over we both decided to change into different clothes. I changed into a T-shirt from Hollister and knee shorts. Bruno wore skinny jeans and a blue button down stripped shirt. We walked outside to get into our awaiting limo and head to the airport. After landing and renting a car we finally pulled up and the hotel is really nice and big. We checked in and of course the elevator was the slowest one ever! When we got to our floor we literally started running to our room. Bruno opens the door and we walk in and I don't even have time to put my stuff down before Bruno attacks me. He carries me to the bed and lays me down. He lays on top of me and showers my neck with kisses. He ever so slowly works his way down, taking my clothes off as he does. He stops at my stomach kissing it slowly. "Bruno please...." "Please what?" He starts to toy with my waistband. "They clothes need to go." He slowly sits up and as slow as humanly possible takes his clothes off. I think I lost my voice that night. When I finally fell asleep I felt like I was on top of the world.


I woke up in the morning and smiled. I looked over at Bruno and he was still sleeping. I quietly got up and took a shower. I threw on a green tank top and a pair of black butt shorts. I left my hair down and slid on a pair of flip flops and headed outside to grab a drink from the vending machine. I grabbed a room key and a couple bucks and walk out. I closed the door behind me and I accidentally bump into a man. I avoid touching him anymore so that way I can't read him. "Oh god I'm sorry." "It's alright it's my fault beautiful." "What?" I look at his face and he looks vaguely familiar. "Do I know you?" He smiles and I know I know him from somewhere but I have no idea where from. "No but I'd like to know you better." He leans in and I put my knee up and it catches him right in the balls. "Don't touch me! My husbands inside and all I have to do is scream and he'll be out here and he'll take you down." I brush past him and walk into the room where the vending machine is. I get my soda and he's blocking the door way. "You don't remember me do you?" "No I don't now please move." "Still as stubborn as you were then Emily." I think my heart stopped beating. "That's not my name, my name is Shyloe." He laughs. "That's cute Emily, I see you still wearing the ring I gave you when you were 16." Oh. My. God. "Nick? Why would I wear that ring?! I'm married now, I'm married to Bruno Mars. I sing with him he loves me." "HA! Funny. If he loved you why did he stop looking for you when you went missing for 3 years! Oh wait maybe because he's famous and to him you were another person for him to screw and dump." I try to stay calm but he knows how to push my buttons. "Ha! No. Maybe because no one knew where I was I didn't even know where I was! He found me though, he helped me, he took a bullet that would have killed me. He loves me more than you ever did." He smile instantly fades from his face. "What chu say?!" "I said he loves me more than you ever did." He slaps me. Hard. I felt something hot drip from my lip. Blood. I take my soda bottle and swing as hard as I can. It hits him on the side of his face and explodes all over him. He falls to the floor and I start running. I bang on the door to the hotel room. "Bruno! Help me!" I fumble to get the key card into the slot but my hands shaking too hard. I bang on the door again. "Bruno! Please help me!" Nick gets up and grabs my arms and squeezes them so hard I feel my fingers starts to tingle. He starts to drag me to the stairs. "Let me go you freak!" "Hey man! What's your problem? Let her go!" I recognize the voice immediately. "Who are you?!" "That's my husband!" Bruno starts running down the hall. It looks like he was getting dressed when I started screaming because he doesn't have a shirt on and he has a pair of skinny jeans on. As Bruno gets closer I can tell he's pissed. Nick throws me against the wall and it knocks the wind out of me. I fall to the floor and try to catch my breath. Bruno and Nick start cussing eachother out and then Nick throws the first punch but Bruno ducks and it misses him. "Stop it!" I yell. They just keep swinging. Then i get an idea I run back to the room and pick up the key. I go into the bathroom and take the rod that you hang the towels on and run back to the other end of the hall. When I get there I swing and hit Nick on the side. He sees me and tries to take off. "Sit down Nick Carmile! Bruno you too!" I raise the rod and Nick just smirks. "Ha your funny. I can murder you as easily as you murdered my parents." "Your not that cold." "You wanna bet Carmile?" He starts to laugh but then I swing and hit him on his arm. "God girl!" I take the rod and point to the door. "Go, and don't ever show your ass around here again." "Or what?!" "This rod will be in places that you don't want it." He stands up and gets right in my face and Bruno gets up and stands by me. "Get out of my face Carmile." He smiles so I spit right in his face and laugh. He slinks down the stairs and I let out a huge sigh and look at Bruno. He has tears in his eyes. "Baby what's wrong?" "I was outside on the balcony smoking. I closed the door and I couldn't hear you. The only reason I came out is because I needed to grab another one and then I heard yelling, then I saw you and, Oh god I'm so sorry! I....." "Bruno! Please! Quit blaming yourself for everything that happens to me! I should have known who it was! I shouldn't of been so careless. It was my fault, ok. Look at you! Your going to have bruises all over you!" "Shyloe, your shaking." He says quietly. I stop and realize I actually am. "I....I....I'm sorry I snapped I'm just really shook up because I never though I'd have to see that face again." He gives me a hug and it's like everything that just happened melts away. He smells so good and his chest is so smooth. "Cmon let's go inside and clean your lip up." I grab Bruno's hand and rest my head on his shoulder. "This should teach you to stop smoking. It's not good for you anyways." We walk back to our hotel room and Bruno cleans my lip for me. It's nothing bad just a cut on the side. "Is my cheek bad?" "No it's just a little red, your arms look bad though." I look at my arms and you can see very distinctive finger marks that are starting to bruise. Bruno kisses my cheek and then kisses my arms. Then I see his neck. "Bruno, your neck, it's bruised." He puts his hand up to his neck and sighs. "Yeah that freak did it to me, it's fine though." "Wait lemme see it." He turns his head and I brush my fingers across it. I give it a small kiss and Bruno smiles. "What do you want to do today Shy?" "I dunno I though maybe we could walk around downtown maybe go to the beach or something." "Hmm, we could walk around but no beach. Maybe swimming instead?" "Why no beach?" He sighs. "The truth is the minute I set foot on that sand chicks are gonna start looking, when I pull my shirt off there's going to be a sea of women swooning over me." "True." Hs gives me a kiss and walks out of the bathroom. I follow him out and he's putting a shirt on. "Aww, I liked the no shirt look." He let's out a little laugh. "You like that look huh?" "Mmhmm." We walk around downtown and see some very.....interesting things. The shops are crazy. You can't walk into one without seeing naked people, or posters, or shirts, or anything. We grab some lunch from a pizza place and we head back to the hotel. I change into my black bikini, Bruno puts on his swim trunks and we head down to the pool. The water was too cold so we just decided to go back up to the room. We spent most of the day in the room together and around dinner time we decided to go eat at olive garden. We just walked because it wasn't even a block away. After we at I started to feel uneasy, like something wasn't right. I looked around and didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I push it to the back of my mind. Geez shy calm down! Brooke and Jason said that life would be back to normal quit getting so jittery! There's nothing to worry about.

Big mistake. Very big mistake.