Chapter 12

24/07/2011 14:33

#Chapter 12 I wanted to make her a surprise for her birthday and take her to Paris.

I woke up. Yeah, i forgot that I was still in the sofa at the studio. This dream completely took my mind over the reality. I liked it. I like those old memories, we were happy. I miss this first rendez-vous, actually everyday should be like this first rendez-vous. I sat on the couch and try to think. I can't help but feeling guilty about last night. I know she was all smiling this morning, but I know her for a longtime and I can tell she was still hurt by last night, the way I acted with Janae, this "make out" thing…okay, I should stop this now. The guilt won't led me nowhere…or is it? 


I stand up and went to see the guys, apparently working on a new tune. 


_Oh, this is our sleepy boy! Phredley said, out loud. 


Everyone turned and looked at me like "where the hell have you been?". 


_Huh, yeah. Hm…you were working on something? I asked, almost asleep. 

_Sort of…Phil said. We can't find something great today. He continued, grimacing.


I scratch my hair, a little bit embarrassed. 


_We'll continue later then. I said, disappointed. 

_Can we stop by your house later? my brother said. 

_Hmm…not really. Okay guys, I wanted to tell you something. I know we'll better work or something but my relationship with Kaylee isn't that great at the moment and you all know when her birthday is. 

_Huh, not really…when? Kameron asked, randomly. 

_In two days and she didn't see her family for a while now and 

_Wow, wait…don't tell me that…Phredley cut me. 

_Yes…I wanted to make her a surprise for her birthday and take her to Paris…I said, in a low voice, anxiously waiting for the guys' answers. 

_Hmm..well, it's for Kaylee's birthday…we all love Kay' so…Phil said, scratching his head. It's okay for me. He said, turning around and waiting for the other answers. 

_Yep! Dwayne, James and Kameron both said. 

_Yup! Jamareo said. 

_Yes, it could be a sweet gift, I bet she misses her family! Kenji said with a smile.

_Well, okay. Take your Baby to Paris. Phredley nodded. She deserves it. 

_Hm…so, maybe this trip to Paris will give me some ideas. If I find this song, i'll let you know. I said, smirking. 


I high-ed five to my boys and left. I walked in the street searching for my car with flashes of cameras blinding me. I finally reach it and got in. I took my phone and called my manager. 


_Hey Brandon

_Hey Brunz, I was about to call you. How went the day with the guys? Did you write a new song finally? he said, a little bit excited. 


I didn't instantly answer.


_Huh…Brunz? Allo? 

_I'm still here. I said, gravely. Well, I need more time…

_What? Wow, B! We can't waste our time like this okay? You need to write down a fucking thing quick! he said, stressed out. 

_Yeah…I know…

_Okay, I'll visit you and the guys at the studio tomorrow then.

_Huh Brand…there's something else…I said, timidly. 

_Wait…what?! he said, expecting the worst.

_I won't be there tomorrow…I want to make a surprise for Kaylee's birthday, which is in two days…I'm going to bring her to Paris. 

_WHAT?! BRUNZ!! NO!! Brandon said, really annoyed. 

_Come on Brandon! My couple is going to be ruined if I don't do something to fix it up…Please! It's for her birthday! 

_Brunz…we need a song out soon…he said, embarrassed. 

_You know, maybe Paris will inspire me? Who knows? Maybe i'll be back with a new song right quick?


There was a long silence. Brandon sighed and finally accepted. 


_Well, I suppose you need reservations on a french flight for tomorrow? Brandon said with a genuine voice. 

_Yeah…I said, nervously laughing. Thanks! 

_No, you're welcome. I bet Kaylee's all excited? 

_Actually she doesn't know…I said in a low voice. 

_WOW MAN! he happily shouted through the phone. 


I laughed so loud. 


_You're such a great person Brunz! A really great person! She's going to be so happy! he said, almost imagine the whole scene in his head. 

_By the way, I need to join her right now! She's going to be freaking out if I don't come back home, it's almost 10pm! 

_Oh yeah okay bye! Tell me how was the trip when you're back. 

_Yeah bye! I said, hanging up the phone. 


I started the engine and drove back to home. When I entered in the house, there wasn't Kaylee. "Baby where are you?" I asked. No answer. I climbed stairs four by four and checked the bathroom, our bedroom, …No one. I started to freak out. I put my hand in my pocket and took my phone in my hand. I dialed Kay's number. "Hi, you're on Kaylee Donovan's phone but i'm not available for the moment. Lemme a message and I'll call you back. Thank you.". Arghh what the hell?! "Kay it's me baby, where are you? it's 10.30pm now. I'm home. Please call me back." I hope she's going to get my message! She didn't tell me she was going out! I sat on the couch and tried to calm down. There's no need to freak out like that, she's probably out with Janae. And it's when I was about to call her that I saw a car, parking in front of my house. The driver turned the lights off and I saw my Baby got out of the car. My heart stopped beating. I was so stressed out!! I don't even know why? Maybe all those paparazzi starts to get down on my nerves. She opened the door and I immediately jumped on her, hugged her tight. My Baby was safe. 


_Is everything okay? Kaylee asked, surprised. 

_I thought you were missing! I said, still worried. 

_Really? she said, rolling her eyes. I think i need to hang out more, you're so used to see me home when it's late that you freak out when i'm not here! 


I didn't answer. It may be true but arghh, I didn't need her to say it out loud. I nodded, quietly. Janae came to me and hugged me to say "hi". While she was hold me tight, she whispered "I quite miss last night" and smirked, discreetly. Then she went back to her friend and told her she had to leave. She waved at me with a smile and got back to her car. I grimaced and closed the door. Kaylee came behind me and hold me by the waist "I had so much fun today! What about you?". 


My name is Bruno Mars, I'm a celebrity and I will always love her.