Chapter 12

20/08/2011 13:24


Bruno’s P.O.V


What happened to her outside, is she okay? I couldn’t stop wondering about her but then she saw my expression on my face. “What are you thinking about?” she asked. “i was just thinking about what happened outside” I whispered. “and you want to know what happend?” She finished off for me. “kinda...”. “ was when i was younger i was on the beach with Katie and.....” Someone knocked on the door interrupting her. “tell me when you’re ready” I said. I ran and opened the door. “AMBER!” Katie yelled and gave her a hug. “come in” I said to the guys. “Dude... thanks for telling us you moved rooms!” Phil said as he walked past me. “yeah.... we knocked on and a granny opened the door, then we asked if you where there and she started hitting us with her walking stick” Kenji add. I couldn’t help but laugh at that “so how did you know i was here?” I ask. “we asked Eric on the phone” Phred said. We all sat down, Amber and Katie haven’t let got of each other yet so that made me smile. We all talked for a while nobody said anything about what happened before we all acted like nothing ever did happen.


Amber’s P.O.V


We all started talking it was like back at home, having fun. Im glad nobody talked or asked about what happened i just wanted to forget that ever happened. About 2 hours of talking they all left and it was me and Bruno. “there’s a pool outside wanna go in?” Bruno asked. “sure...” I said. Bruno watch me as i went to get out my things, i saw him at the corner of my eye i pretended he wasn’t there and ran into the bathroom to get changed. When i came out i saw Bruno on the balcony smoking, he looked smoking hot! I quietly walked up behind him and tapped his back. “ahh” he jumped. “its only me” i laughed. “please don’t do that again” he had his hand on his heart and his eyes looked really scared. “sorry” i said “can we go down to the pool now?”. He looked at me up and down. “well....” i said. “are we just gonna stand here or go down to the pool?!” he smiled. “well i would like for you to just stand there so i can look at you” i hit his arm playfully. “c’mon lets go” he grabbed my hand and we ran out to the pool. Bruno had his shades on and wow did he look good! “what are you staring at?” He asked. “oh...nothing”. we got outside and it was great weather! I leaned over the pool and put my toe in to feel the temperature.



Bruno’s P.O.V


I saw her looking at me “what are you staring at?” I asked. “oh...nothing”. Then she looked away. I put our towels on a chair and saw her on the edge of the pool Damn she looked good! I just couldn’t sit there i had to have a little fun, so when  she wasn’t looking i decided to creep up behind her and push her in the pool. I started laughing at her face when she fell in “Are....(laughing) are you okay babe?” I looked over to where she fell in and i couldn’t see her, then the smile wiped off my face. “Amber?!” i shouted. She grabbed my foot and pulled me in while laughing. I went under the water and put her on my shoulders. “Dont you dare!” She yelled. We were the only ones at the pool. “dare to do what?” i smirked. “please... just don’t dunk me under” she was holding onto me tight. “okay... i wont do that i’ll....” “No Bruno Dont...” i flipped her over my shoulders and dived in with her. We both came popping up. “you a jerk!” She said. “im a what?” i started to walk closer to her so she started backing away “a..... jerk” she muttered. “a jerk you love” i got a hand pull of water and threw it at her. We kept having a water fight till it started to rain “Dang it! Seriously?!”. I sighed “i think we should go back inside”. “yup” we both got out towels and went back to the room. “ it was sunny earlier” she said with a sad face. I smiled “well thats Earth for ya!” i said. “Im gonna go take a shower” she lifted up some clothes. “can i join you?” she looked at me “nah. Im good” i gave her the puppy dog eyes. “fine”. I lifted my clothes and ran into the bathroom.


When we finished we came out. I went over to the window “hey look! Its stopped raining” “oh yeah” she came over and put her head on my shoulder so i put my arm around her. “you know, theres a park around the block wanna go?” “uh... sure” we went out of the apartment and to the park. “its nice and quiet out here” she smiled. “sure is”. WE walked down hand in hand.



Edward P.O.V


I looked in all of the shop windows at the papers “well it looks like the new hasn’t spread about us” i smiled. “well.. the apartment we rented is just at the bottom of this park” Tom said. “well whats the quickest root?” i asked looking around. “through the park we just follow the path” He pointed. “well lets go” we started walking down it looked quiet like nobody was around. Then we heard laughter i turned around and saw Amber