Chapter 12

20/08/2011 13:27

He had candles lit on top of his dressers, and it smelled amazing.

“Can we turn the lights down, girl?” he sang turning off the lights in the bedroom so the only light were from the candles, it gave me goose bumps. “So we can take our time tonight baby, I just wanna do you right.” he sang walking closer to me. “I gotta ask, can I kiss you on your lips babe.” he gave me a kiss. “Put my hands on your hips, girl.” he put one hand on each of my hips. “Touch you all over all over all over babe.” he said kissing my neck. “All I need from you is to just go with it, go with it, go with it and I will go real slow with it, slow with it.” he sang taking off his shirt. He put his hands on my thighs and ran his hands up on top of my dress. He slid his hands under the band on my dress and slid it up over my head tossing it on the floor. I sat on the bed while he took his pants off. He kneeled in front of me, put his hands on my knees and pushed my legs open, he kissed me once on each inside of my thighs. Then kissed his way up my stomach, chest, neck to my lips.
“I love you Sydney.” he said and kissed me. I rolled us over so I was hovering over him, we kept kissing, I guess he took off his boxers because when I lowered my self on top of him, I felt him against my butt. He undid my bra and threw it to the floor. He flipped us, I let out a little giggle. He went in the nightstand and grabbed something round, he put it on, he slid my underwear down and looked me in the eyes. 
“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” he asked.
“Yes.” I said. It started it off slow, but pleasurable. When he started to speed up he kissed my ear lobe.
“You okay?” he asked out of breath getting faster.
“Yeah, don’t stop.” I moaned. Our breathing sped up a lot, we were both sweating. He went once real hard.
“Ahh!” I moaned gripping the sheets.
“Sorry.” he said smiling.” he went slower than did it once more. “Bruno..” I moaned closing my eyes.
“You know how I get when you say my name.” he said and went fast.
“Ahh!! Bruno…oouuh, ah…right there.” I moaned. I wrapped my legs around him, he went deeper. I dug my nails into his back.
“Ahhh.” He groaned, he liked it because he did a little twist hip thing and it felt amazing! 
“Say it baby, just say it.” 
my legs started shaking, “I’m…close.” I whispered.
“Let it go, I’ll make it happen.” 
“Oh Bruno right there…ah, ah oh..there, don‘t stop.”
“Wouldn‘t dream of it baby.”
He went the fastest I‘ve ever felt, “…BRUNO!!” I moaned finishing, he was done too. I laid there panting heavy like a dog, both our bodies were covered in sweat. Me legs literally slid off his back and bounced on the bed, he laughed a little. He laid next to me and starred up at the ceiling.
“Wow, baby.” I said and played with his hair.
“Was I okay?” he asked looking at me.
“Are you kidding?! There aren’t even words to describe how amazing I feel right now.
“I love being the one that can make you feel like this.” he said sweetly.
“It will always be you, Bruno.” I said and rubbed his cheek, he kissed my forehead. I snuggled next to him and put my hand on his chest as we caught our breath.
We each took turned in the shower, when I got out he was laying in bed starring at the door.
“You know I never got to tell you earlier, I like you’re hair.” he smiled.
“Thanks.” I laughed and pulled out my pony tail so it hung free.
“Oh come look.” he jumped off the bed excitedly. I followed him over to one of his dressers. “For you.” he smiled.
“And here.” he grabbed my hand and pulled me to his closet. “The right side for you too.” he said sweetly.
“You’re so cute.” I said and pinched his cheeks a little. “I could have just kept my stuff in boxes.”
“No, it wouldn’t be fair. This is your house too now, you should be comfortable and do what you usually do.”
“Oh man, you know what I just thought about?” he looked at me. “No more naked taco Tuesdays!” I said dissapointed.
“N-naked taco Tuesdays?” he asked following me in the living room.
“Yeah. There’s nothing more freeing than cooking and walking around naked.” I laughed.
“Well we don’t have to get rid of it.” he said desperately.
“Well when we live with Phil that’s gonna be a little awkward, don’t you think?” I laughed.
“Well we got a few Tuesdays before we move.” he smiled.
“Hmm…” I rubbed my chin. “Tomorrows Tuesday…” I smiled at him.
“That’s my girl!” he winked at me. “Should I be naked too?” he asked.
“Well yeah! Yooou get a show,” I said motioning up and down my body, “and I get a show.” I said pointing at him.
“Yeah, okay. When do you wanna move?”
“Soon I guess.”
“Wanna now?”
“It’s gonna take more than one night.”
“No it wont, lets go.” he said and opened his door, then my door. He picked up my T.V and carried it to his, our, apartment. He put it in the bedroom. I got the clothes from my room and put them on his bed. I put the food away, and kitchen things in the kitchen, he put some more stuff. I helped him with the couch. 6 hours later we were done. We sat on the couch tired. 
“I didn’t think we could do it! You’re strong.” I said. 
“I had a lot of energy. Couldn’t wait for it to be official and for you to live here with me.” 
“What’s gotten into you, you’ve been so sweet today.”
“I try to always be like this.”
“Man it’s already morning. Wanna go get some food?”
“Yeah, where should we go?”
“Diana’s? They have good pancakes.” I smiled.
“Sure wherever you want, sweetheart.” I smiled, we got dressed and walked down to the restaurant hand in hand. 
“We’re gonna be the next big thing baby.” he said when we walked past the studio.
“I can’t wait.” I smiled. “What if they want us to break up though, of make us fake things for the public?”
“There’s always gonna be drama. As long as we trust and love each other, no matter what we’ll know it’s not true.”
“I will love and trust you forever.” I said looking up at him.
“I will love and trust you forever too.” he said and kissed my forehead. When we got to Diana’s we took a corner booth. As we ate, we talked about the future. Where we might like to tour, song ideas, and our relationship.
“You know there’s gonna be people everywhere trying to take pictures of us making it seem we’re cheating.”
“Damn paparazzi.” he said sipping his drink.
“Who?” I laughed.
“The paparazzi. But they can’t break this love. We got the strongest love, that no one can shake. It’s fool proof for sure.” hearing him saying this made me love him more. Every day I end of loving him even more, I think I might wanna spend my life with him. I know it’s early to decide this, but there’s something about him that I know he will be good and faithful to me. We finished eating and went over to the studio because Phil called and said to come.
“What cha need?” Bruno asked when we walked in.
“I got house listings for LA. We gotta plan, pack, and pursue.” we laughed at him. 
He showed us some houses and sat there trying to pick one.