Chapter 12

18/09/2011 17:42

Chapter 12


We had so much fun inside the studio. I can't believe I'm one of them now! I walked out to find Bruno. He's smoking. 
"Baby?" I make a face.
"Yes? Oh, I'm sorry. You're not here, so, I have to smoke." he smiled.
"That's okay boo. I love you." I smiled and we kissed.
"I love you more." he smiled back. How happy am I to see that Bruno's mine now.
"Wanna have dinner? We didn't eat lunch." I asked him. My stomach started to make weird noises.
"I'm starving," he winked at me. We both heard his stomach make noises and we laughed.
"Yo! Whatcha doing after this guys?" Phil asked.
"We're going for dinner. Wanna come ?" I smiled.
"Yes, sure!" Phil and Ari smiled. We took a cab and went to a Japanese restaurant. Bruno ordered some sushi and we all ate. I'm full enough after I ate a few sushi. I paid for the bills and walked outside.

"Sasha! Thanks for a great night. Are you going to work at The MultiNadia ?" Phil smiled.
"Yeah, it's the only place where I can have our musical instrument for free! Eventhough after that I quit or whatever." I smiled.
"Oh, cool. Here, take this, this is my number. Call me if you need anything." Phil smiled and passed me a card with his number. Ari gave me his number to me too. We hugged and went back home.

"Baby?" Bruno said after he took a shower. He's wearing his boxer and lay down on his bed.
"Yes B?" I looked at his chest. With water droplets on it, I'm melted. 
"Move in to my room?" he smiled.
"What? This room is small. My room is small too. If you insisted, we'll be walking on bags and clothes." I giggled. He makes a sad face.
"Then, let's buy a new house." he smiled.
"Bruno, we've been together like 24 hours? Are you sure?" 
"Baby, I've know you since we were 5. Don't tell me you can't be with me?" he asked.
"No, I trust you. It's just.... it's still new." I put my head down.
"Baby, you're my first girlfriend, and I'm gonna make sure that you're going to be the last. I'm gonna marry you some day. I promised myself to make you happy since we were little right?" He smiled and kissed me.
"Okay, thanks Bruno." I smiled. I lay down next to him. He pulled me and hug me right. I put my hand on his chest. It's warm. I kissed it and he smiled. We both fell asleep.

I woke up. Bruno's still sleeping. I checked the fridge. There's nothing left. I took the day off. I called my secretary, Lisa.
"Hey, its Sasha McAdam."
"Oh, Miss Sasha. May I help you?"
"Lisa, I'm not coming to work today. Can you please cancel my meetings and appointment today?"
"Will do,miss. Have a nice day," Lisa is a nice girl. She never left her works undone. Thank goodness I picked her to be my secretary.
"Okay." I put the phone down and took a shower. I changed into a blue shirt and a three quarters blue Jean. I walked to his room. He's still sleeping.
"Bruno?" I said. I put my hand on his chest.
"hm?" he's still closing his eyes.
"I need to go to the supermarket. Want anything?" I said.
"Hmmmm" and he doesn't response .
"BRUNO!" I shakes him.
"What?" he said, smiling.
"What do you want from the supermarket?" I asked.
"I want...... Oh wait. No."
"I NEED.... YOU!" he gently kissed me on my lips.
"You wanna come or what?" I asked. Damn, I need to shut up.
"Nope, I'm still sleepy." he smiled and lay down.
"Oh, okay. I love you." I kissed him and walked to the door.
"I love you more." he smiled and waved at me.
"Bullshit." I laughed.
"It's not! It's true I love you more." he make a sad face.
"NOPE ! Liar !" I smiled.
"You want to see how much I love you?" he winked at me.
"Yes, please!" I laughed.
"Come here." he pointed the bed. I sat on top of it an Bruni came closer to me.
"This is how much, I love you." he started to tickles me.
"BRUNO! STOP IT! I NEED TO GO NOW !" I can't stop laughing.
"Okay, but we'll finish this later." he winked at me and took the box under his bed. Crap. He gave me a piece of paper written "I love Sasha, now and forever. I won't let her go." I laughed so hard
"What?" he make a confused face.
"You won't let me go! You're gonna rape me!!" I laughed.
"It's not rape if you enjoyed it." he winked at me.
"BRUNO!" I playfully punched him.
"Ouch, you're so gonna have it later." he winked. Shit. I grab my car key and lock the door. I ran as quickly as I can and jumps into my car and started the engine. I'm too late. Bruno hops inside and tickles me. He's really fast ! Damn.
"BRUNO!!!" my tears started to drop. He stopped.
"I'm sorry, baby?" he wipes away my tears. 
"Yes?" I looked at him.
"I'm just playing, you know?" he smiled.
"I know.... cause, I'm playing too!" I laughed so hard. He wanted to tickles me but I stopped him. 
"I really need to go. Wait for me at home okay boo? I love you more than you ever think of." I smiled And kissed him. He walked out and waved. I pull down the handbrake and drove to the supermarket. I picked things that Bruno likes. And end up with a full trolley. I started the engine and drove back to home.