Chapter 12

18/09/2011 17:50

I got into the train and went to the window seat. I sat down, put my bag on my lap and rested my

head against window as I saw raindrops falling. I felt like the world was over and so was my life. I

still couldn’t stop crying. I wasn’t weeping but tears were flooding my eyes.

“are you okay dear” said an old woman who was sitting next to me

“umm…just having a bad day”

“Oh don’t worry dear, I’ve been through many heartbreaks myself but one day it will all be okay”

she said as she touched my hand.

“I’ve just been feeling really nauseous and dizzy today!” I said

“maybe you’re pregnant dear” she said as she smiled

“what! No! how could you just say that out of the blue”

“well I just have a hunch that its not a common stomach bug or flu”

Not now I thought to myself, not when my life is broken into a million little pieces and there’s no

one to pick them up for me. please let me not be pregnant. I looked outside as the train started

moving and mind flashbacked to where I had left off, the starry night where Bruno first told me

he loved me….

“come on babe, lets go inside, its getting cold here and the stars are starting to get jealous of


“yeah right” I said as we walked hand in hand towards my room


He pushed me against the wall and started kissing me passionately. I could feel him kissing my

neck as he lifted me up and put me down on my bed as he removed my top. He kissed all the

way down from my chest until he reached my hips and took off my shorts . I couldn’t help but

strip him off his clothes. He was so damn sexy and irresistible that I couldn’t keep my hands off

of him. Then we made love for the first time on that star lit night. It felt like nothing I had ever

felt before but most of all, it felt right. It was a sensation that one couldn’t describe by mere

words and at that moment I knew I had found the one for me. Whether he felt the same, I did

not know, but I knew clearly now how I felt about him.


After it was over, he kissed my forehead and pulled the blankets over us as he scooped me up to

his side. I just looked at his amazing face smiling like I never had before and kissed him as I

laid my head on his chest and hugged him.

“I love you” I said running my fingers through a tattoo he had on his arms

“I love you more Ashley” he said stroking my head.


I smiled as I put my arms around and slowly closed my eyes making me feel so peaceful and

happy. It gave a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘ in the arms of an angel’ as I felt it for the

first time in my life.


The next morning…..

“Ashley! ASHLEY!! ASHLEY!!! WAKE UP!!!”

“what! WHAT HAPPENED!!!”

“guess what!!!”


“I love you” he said with a wink

“Awww is this why you woke me up so early” I said putting the sheets aside


I rub my eyes and see the sun rise into the horizon. The sky was beautifully orange and blue.

Bruno looked even hotter with his hair all messed up and curly.

He was standing next to the bed looking at his phone, so I went on my knees to the edge of the

bed, stood up and hugged him tightly.

He threw his phone on the bed and lifted me up as I put my legs around him and kissed him. He

then carried me all the way to the kitchen and got me a bar of chocolate.

“I cant eat anything without brushing my teeth Bruno!”

“oh so you can kiss me without brushing but you cant eat” he laughed as he put me down on the couch.

so i walked to the bathroom to get all freshened.