Chapter 12

16/12/2011 16:52

"I'm gonna miss you baby" Al said. I mentally awwwwwwwwwwwwwed and took him in my arms. "I told you I could have stayed" I said even though I was now ready. I convinced myself that nothing will happen during these three months. I promised myself that NOTHING would happen with Peter. Nothing. I was only going to be friendly and that was all. "Come on … It's a big opportunity, you're not gonna miss it" he replied. I smiled and turned to Melly. I nearly burst out loud when I saw she was about to cry. "You're not gonna cry, are you?" I teased her. "I know you're very independent and that you can go through anything but me, I'm going to be … lost without you." "Awwww, stop it or I'm not gonna be able to leave" She automatically stopped complaining and made a big fake smile. I laughed and looked at my watch. Peter was late. As always. We were going back to LA for two days (I wasn't sure but I guessed it was because he needed to pack appropriate clothes and maybe spend a day at the studio. He was a crazy worker) and then, hello Europe. I wasn't going to lie: I was pretty much excited. Being payed to do what I love, listening to good music, shopping, eating brand new things … It was going to be epic.

I had to quit my job. My boss was sad that I was leaving but he promised to take me back as soon as I would be back. I already had tons of ideas for the videos and I definitely had to talk with Bruno otherwise, I was going to release a new video every day.

"Constance. We've got a little thing for you" I raised an eyebrow when I saw Al and Melly taking something from nowhere. It was quite a big box. "What the hell?" I said "I don't want your stupid present. I'm not gonna die. No need to offer me something" They laughed. "Oh come on. Just accept it. Furthermore, you need it" I rolled my eyes and angrily took the box. It was a big, professional camera, the sort of thing that took beautiful pictures and cost A LOT of money. "If I wasn't in a good mood, I would have both slapped you in the face" I said. "We love you too" Melly laughed and I went hugging them. "Okay, let's take a pic of you before I leave" I said to them. I tuned the camera on, waited them to be on a good pose and I took the picture. "You're a lovely couple!" someone exclaimed. Peter walked to us with his gray suitcase. "Thank you but I'm kindof with Constance" Al said and shake Bruno's hand. "Yeah, I know that" Curly Hair replied while he went kissing Melly on the cheek. His tone was dry and ironic. I frowned at him and he settled down his sarcasm. I looked aroun him. No Tipree. But wait, I kinda don't care where is Tipree. I'm not jealous or anything. "Nice camera" Peter complimented me. "Prepare yourself to be paparazzied. This camera must take the coolest pictures and videos of all time" He guffawed and for the second time, Al took something from nowhere and gave it to Peter. We all guessed what it was due to the shape of a guitar shell. "It's my Gibson man. You deserve it more than me" "What? No I can't, this guitar is a treasure" Bruno stepped back. "Come on. If there's someone who deserves a guitar like this, it's you. You're the most awesome live singer I ever heard and if this guitar is so unique, I won't need it because I didn't even realize it was so rare" Bru starred at the guitar shell, shot a glance at me and finally took it, extremely carefully. "I really appreciate it man. I don't have enough word to thank you." His voice was honest and full of feelings. God, how could he give so much with a simple 'thank you'? He looked very blessed and shocked, like something smacked him in the face. I mentally slapped myself in the face;STOP finding him all cute. A robotic lady voice interrupted us. The flight for LA was starting to board. I kissed Al, said goodbye another time (I thought Mel was going to break down so I just quickly ran in the plane to make it less hurtful), followed by Peter who was laughing. LA and Europe, get ready because the Hooligans are gonna blow your mind.

"Hey Brunito!" I said. Bru turned his head to me and I took a pic. I frowned. "Why are you all sad?" "I'm not sad" "I'm not retarded" I crossed my arms. "It's just that … Alex surprised me. I thought he was a selfish, drunk idiot but he's actually nice. I mean, he gave me a guitar that value 5000$ and …" He stopped his phrase. And? AND? NIGGA, FUCKING FINISH YOUR PHRASES. I wanted to scream. Pffffffffffff. I raised an eyebrow. Never mind, one day, I will make him drunk and he will tell me about all his mysterious phrases and looks. "Brunito is nice by the way" he smirked "Hum yeah but I don't know … It makes me think of my father. His name was Bruno too. I think I'm gonna call you Burrito. Bruno, Brunito, Burrito … Get it?" "Did you just mention your father?" I had a mini heart attack and turned white. Dammit, I was talking about my past to Peter AGAIN. "Nope" I just drily replied. He gave up but was still looking at me with his curious glow in the eyes.

"Why don't you answer to your fans by the way?" I asked to change the convo. "What?" "They all complain to me that you never answer" "I do answer! Sometimes … It makes my answer like the 8th Wonder Of The World and they are even more happy you know" "Not stupid sir, not stupid … And what happened to your lost cell phone?" "I still don't know where it is …" I rolled my eyes, amused "You're lucky the person who got it didn't release your pics or celebs numbers ..." "Yeah I know, I found it strange … Anyway, as soon as I'm back in LA, I'm buying a new phone" I looked away, I could talk hours with him but there was one question which was running in my head. Even though no one cared. He seemed to realize it because he pushed my knee (God our knees must be bounded) and wondered with his puppy brown eyes "Waddup?" I didn't answer immediately and looked at the lady next to me. "Where is Tipree?" I suddenly shoot. He sighed, annoyed. "She's not here" "Oh really?" "She's in New York. I asked her to not coming to the airport" Wut? "I told you our relationship was weird. She looks okay but I still remember what she done to me. I ain't stupid" "And this must be the first time in your life" He burst out loud.

"LA, there I go!" I never went here and let me tell you it's hot. Dammit, I packed for Europe, not for LA. "Leggo home" Peter said. A random dude waved to him and gave him some keys which happened to be the keys of his black Cadillac. "I don't understand .. You're a billionaire and you just afford a Cadillac. If I was you, I would have bought a Mustang or a 1973 Impala" "You even know cars … Come on girl, why aren't you already married?" "I'm annoying" I explained, laughing. "Yeah, that's an excellent reason. And I just wanna stay normal. I don't need expensive things" I smiled to show I respected his choices. "You should consider buying some new clothes though …" I teased him.

His house was on the top of an hill. It was big. Definitely too big for a single dude. "Edwin Street …" I mumbled "Don't tell anyone please" "I'm not retarded, thank you"

"I don't know … you can take any room. It's only for two nights though" He threw his package randomly on the floor and I picked it up and placed it on the couch. He raised an eyebrow "I know you're Bruno Mars but hey, you wanna be normal, don't you?" He shook his head, amused. "You wanna swim in the swimming pool?" he proposed "I wished … If only I had a swimming suit" I lied. "And this is where I thank God to have four sister who always forget their clothes" I started to panic. If there was something I was insecure about me, it was my body. There wasn't any way I was going to show it to Peter. I would be ashamed until the end of my life. "No it's okay mate. I'm a bit tired. I think I'm gonna take a nap and this is it" "Oh okay" He didn't insist and I ran away the more rapidly I could. Thank God. I was in a random corridor and I decided to sneak out a bit everywhere. Yeah, I was curious, but who wasn't? He obviously liked the white color … or he didn't have the time to decorate his house. The second option sounded more probable. If I lived around here, I would have done thousands things to this house. I was also surprised by the quantity of personal pictures hanging on the wall: none. I've always been used to live in places where there were tons of personal pictures everywhere. My flat was full of pics of Mel, Al, I and other people … Peter worked too much seriously … "Ryan and Dre are coming tonight" Bruno informed me, coming out from nowhere. He had grab a fedora and was wearing it 'his way'. "Oh that's cool! Do you need me to pick up some food or something?" I asked "I kinda can't cook so I was thinking about ordering some Chinese food" "WHAT? This isn't healthy at all mister" "I know" he said and looked away, ashamed. I smiled. "Okay, I'm going to a Walmart, buy some stuff and make you something 'A la Constance'" "But …" I gave him the Don't-Try-To-Argue look and ordered him to give me his Cadillac's keys.

Should I take two or three chicken packs? Hum Ryan and Dre would be here and let be honest Dre wasn't slim. I finally took four, picked two pineapples and grabbed a bottle of Canada Dry (I knew there was already alcohol at Bru's house …)

"What is it?" Peter asked "Let me alone. I need all my swag to full your stomach" he laughed and started playing ukulele and humming his future hits. Ryan and Dre arrived at 9 with packs of beers. "That smells so damn good!" Ryan exclaimed and looked at me with the same expression that Jam, Phred and Ari had in New York when I was talking to Peter. "It's going to be fun to have a girl on tour with us!" "Yes, I heard you had two buses. I want to have one by myself to avoid all of you snoring" He guffawed and I punched Dre who was trying to steal one of my chicken wing. "Back off" He frowned at me and I crossed my arms on my chest. I ain't scared of you Bald Man. He gave up, caught one beer and turned on the basket-ball channel.

"Sweet Lord, that was delicious" Ryan said and throwing his 8th bone in the trash plate. "Chicken, pineapple, sugar and water. Nothing more easier" "That reminds me so much of Hawaii!" "You already knew each other before?" I asked "We're kinda best friends forever" Bruno said, rubbing his stomach. "You are? God, I thought Phil was your BFF …" "Nahhhhh, Phil's more my music's wife. Ryan … Ryan is my wife" They laughed and gently fought each other. "What a lovely couple" I teased them and Dre agreed. "By the way … What's your aim for the videos and stuff?" Ryan wondered "I kinda don't know. I will surely annoy you 7/7, 24/24 recording you but that will make nice videos to put on Elektra. I heard something about a site called Tumblr. It's getting high and looks a good way to promote the tour with photos … What do you think?" "I make music, you make internet things, that's all I need"