Chapter 12

16/12/2011 20:33

You know the drill. Don’t like reading filth? Then don’t read it and save me the abuse lol

I only wrote this chapter because I got requests from horny Hooligans, so I hope it’s what you all wanted…..

“I don’t like fighting with you” I start. He nods and says “Yeah I know, it was worse for me though” “Bruno will you stop it with the It was worse for me shit please!? You know I have feelings and emotions too, when you go through something so do I” “Sorry.” I inhale and exhale, just as I’m about to continue he speaks “And I’m sorry for being selfish too, you’re right, I shouldn’t spend this much time in the studio, it’s not right, and it’s probably not healthy too….. Most days I hardly ever see sunlight, I’m sorry” and he leans in and kisses me. “It’s ok, I don’t want to make you pick between your music and me, I just want you to remember that I’m still here, and, just, you know, set some time aside for me” “But baby, even if I did have to pick between my music and you, you know what I’d pick in a heartbeat” I just look away from him, how can he pick me over his love of music? I just don’t believe that. I can’t believe that. I won’t believe that… “Lex, please don’t start this again, honestly, just, don’t…. You know what. I don’t think you understand just how much it fucking pisses me off, I mean seriously Lexii!” I’ve never heard him swear like this in front of me before, and he’s never called me Lexii either. Fuck, he’s angry. He continues. “It’s just so annoying, it’s I like obviously don’t mean as much to you as you mean to me, because I know how much you fucking love me. But you obviously don’t know how much you mean to me! And I’m sick and tired of trying to convince you! Baby, we’ve been dating now for over a year. We’re engaged. If you still by now don’t know how much I fucking love you then there’s nothing else I can do! Who else has all these songs written for them about how amazing and perfect you are, who else has songs written about how when we were only dating for a few weeks about how I knew, and Lex, I knew right from the start that I wanted to be with you for the rest of my life. I’m sick of having to sing the beautiful songs I write about you, trying to convince you about how much you mean to me. Urghhhh, you know what? Goodnight, I can’t talk to you anymore” and he instantly turns his lamp off leaving us in darkness and lies down to go to sleep. Wait. WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!? And anyway, it’s weird fighting when we’re both in our underwear…. “Bruno….” “No Lex, go to sleep, I can’t talk to you anymore” “Oh you call that talking?? You were kinda just yelling at me…” I say in a happy way to defuse the tension. It doesn’t work. He sits up again and turns the light on. “Well I was yelling for a reason! It’s just so damn annoy-“ I cut him off with a kiss. It’s the only thing I could think of. He looks at me and says with a frown “Don’t kiss me, you don’t deserve to kiss me” I just smile and kiss him again and he finally shuts up. This time it’s my turn to apologise. “I’m sorry baby, can we stop fighting? Please? I can’t take it anymore” He just shakes his head and smiles. He leans over me and pushes me back down on the bed pinning me to it and says “Tell me how much you mean to me” “What?” He just repeats himself “Tell me how much you mean to me, I need to hear it” I smile up at him and say “I mean the world to you” “you do” “You love me with everything you have” “I do” “you wanna be with me until we’re both old, wrinkly and grey” “I do” “you’d give up your music for me, not that I’d ever ask” “I would” “You know that you mean just as much to me as I do to you” “I do” “You wanna marry me and have kids with me” “I do, and what else?”  “You wanna make love to me right now” He leans down, kisses me and says “I do”

He slowly presses his lips against mine, he’s taking his time. His hand gently moves from my hair to my neck, softly stroking my skin with his fingertips, down across my shoulder, and back up to my neck. He then moves his lips to my neck whilst his hand slowly drifts down the front of my body. They moved gently across the whole of my body. All the way down to my quivering stomach and back up again to my throat. Slowly. Maddeningly slowly. And back down again. Exploring, as if he didn’t know every single inch of my body. A sharp chill ran down my spine as I felt his hand on my stomach again just carefully brushing back and forth. My body was on fire; his fingertips were leaving blazing trails in their path across my skin. I run my hand all the way down his arm, feeling his lean muscles and soft skin beneath my fingertips. I rested my hand on his as it still moved across my stomach. The wait is driving me insane. He must sense my impatience because he pulls me up and undoes my clasp and throws my bra on the floor. He leans me back but still kisses my neck. His hands cupped and massaged me, gently teasing, my back arched in to him fitting myself more fully in to his palms. My right hand grasped the sheets whilst my left was tangled in his hair. I can’t help but gasp and moan against his lips as he continues to massage me, and each time I do he just delves his tongue against mine. Especially as I could feel HIM against my stomach. Eventually, his lips follow the path of his hands on my chest, I feel like I could explode right now. His tongue leaving scorching marks wherever they go. As he licks up my body to my lips he traces his fingers around my bellybutton, sending sparks all the way through my body, igniting a fire deep within. I reach down to remove his boxers, but he pins my hands above my head and whispers “No, let me enjoy this for a while” and silences me with a kiss as he moves back down to my chest. I can’t take this anymore! No matter how fucking amazing this feels.

He smiles against my lips and I feel him slowly remove my underwear, I hesitantly move my hands down too and remove his, unaware if he’ll let me this time, but he does. As I move my hand down to touch him, he grabs my hand and just shakes his head. Fine, if he doesn’t want me to do anything I’m fine with that. He gently slides his hands between my thighs and gets rests it there before gently pulling them apart. He then moves his hand and rests it on my chest again. Just as I moan again from anticipation. I feel him. All of him. Inside me. Fuck. Our bodies move as one as I completely zone out, I can feel everything. The lust, the passion, his love for me all mixed in to one. The emotions that came were all too intense for this one moment. Both of our breathings increased and I knew we were both close, I had never felt so much love from him before, well, not like this, not since our first time together in the studio. We both hold out for as long as we can before we start screaming our cries of passion and love. He collapses on me and rests his head on my shoulder, I instinctively take my hand and stroke the back of his hair. I love this man. I love Bruno. I love my Bruno. It’s as if he knew what I was thinking because he raises his head and says “I love you” and kisses me again. Then it hits me. We have a wedding to plan.