Chapter 12

16/01/2012 10:28

If you're under 18, don't read that chapter! 

We arrive at the beach and I take off my shoes to feel the sand. I just love walking barefoot through the sand. It immediately gives me the feeling to be on vacation and lights up my mood. I guess Bruno feels the same because he takes his off too, smiles at me and gives me a kiss on my cheek. With his arm around my shoulder and mine around his waist we walk along the ocean. It was a very dark but warm night and if there weren't the lights from the pier we barely see where we're going. Bruno leads me to a place in the very back of the beach We spread out the blanket and lay down on it both on our backs putting our hands underneath our heads.

"Are you cold?" He asks me. 

"No. I'm fine."

He turns his head to me. "Hm too bad.. I wanted to make you hot..." He rolls on his side and kisses me.

I smirke a bit at his cute bluntless. I love how he kisses me with so much sensitiveness but also passion. I immediately fall into it and get turned on so fast. The kiss gets very passionate and he starts stroking me all over my body ending up under my shirt squeezing my breasts. I run my fingers through his hair and fondle his back with my other hand. Next thing I know is that he kisses and sucks my neck going further down lifting my shirt. He leaves a trail of kisses on my stomach up to my breasts. He sucks and kisses them so sensually and I start moaning while closing my eyes. After taking care of them he again goes further down and down and before I know he lifts up my skirt and his head is between my legs. Suddenly I realize that we're at the beach and there are many patrols especially at the weekend because well it's not allowed to have sex on the beach...

I take his head and lift it a little bit.

"Bruno... not here..."

"Oh comon babe nobody's gonna see us, it's far away from the pier and it's so dark tonight..."

"Maybe not see but hear?"

"Then try to be quiet?"

"You know I can't do that..."

We laugh at each other.

"Please babe. Try it! I can put my hand on your mouth too if you get too loud, ok? This was always a dream of me."

Looking in his pleading horny eyes I can't resist and lay down again releasing his head from my grip.

He smiles and goes back to my spot. I feel his tongue and oh god is this his finger? No... it's two... oh god... I moan and squirm more and more.

"Ohhh Brunoooo... ohh goood."

He backs away. "Shhh babe."

"I can't. It just feels so good..."

He comes up to me kissing me on my lips but one hand or rather his fingers stay down there... going in and out faster and faster.

I feel his arousal on the side of my stomach and pull it out stroking it up and down. He starts moaning too between our kisses. I'm so ready and press my hand against his hip a bit. He understands my signal and finally rolls on top of me fully and slides into me. He speeds up fast and I can't hold it back and moan heavily.

"Ssshhhh babe." He says putting one hand on my mouth while going faster and deeper. I spread my legs wider and he takes one putting it on his shoulder.

"Mmmmmpphhhh.... mm.. mmm... mmm..." I moan and breath heavily against his hand very close to come. 

Then suddenly flash lights are hitting us and somebody says: "Beach Patrol. Stop doing what you're doing and stand up." 

We both freeze and stare into the lights shocked. They are blinding me so much that I look away. 

"Oh fuck. That can't be true. Dammit." Bruno swears. He gets out of me and pulls down my skirt. Then stands up, fix his jeans and helps me to stand up too. The officer comes towards us flashing the light straight into our faces. I look down covering my eyes with my hand. 

"Maaan. Couldn't you wait til my lady finished?!" 

I look at Bruno. He didn't just say that. Oh god. That's so embarrassing.

"Sorry, Mister. As you might know it's not allowed having sex on the beach here in California... I need to get your personal data. You'll get a fine and if you're already caught the second time then a probation."

"Are you serious? Nobody has seen us here in this dark back corner... unless YOU catching love-making couples instead of some serious criminals... and most of all interrupting them... THAT'S a real crime!"

"Bruno!" I can't believe he said that. Even I find it very amusing and hot how he defends us... 'love-making couples' ... can he be any cuter? I try to hold back the big grin I would like to give to him right now. I take his hand and say to the officer. "It's ok you'll get everything."

We tell the officer our names and address and go back to the car.

"Baby your plan to make new memories definitely worked out haha... I'll never forget that." I tell him laughing.

He laughs too and tickles me. "The night's not over yet. I wanted to have sex in public with you and I'll get it!" He answers confident.

I smirk try to get away from his tickles but he holds me close and kisses me again.

"Hm okay can't wait to get the next fine and almost-orgasm."

"Oh that was only because he caught me red-handed... next time I won't stop til you come and scream my name in a fucking officer's face!"

"Oh my god you're soooo..."

"Sexy? Hot? Unresistible?"

"Noooo... nuts fit better! But in a way I love it. So it's aaaaalll good." I kiss him and we get back into the car.

"Sooo where next?" I ask curious.

"Surprise, baby. You know the game..." 

I put my hand on his thigh moving it slowly between his legs and stroking him there cautiously. He looks at me with big eyes.

"I see you really want to know it, don't you?" He asks me biting his lips when I caress his favorite spot.

I just nod and continue, feeling he starts to get hard.

"But I won't tell you girl!"

"Oh really? We'll see..." I say back and open his jeans. I bend over him and take his manhood out slowly massaging it. He leans back more and looks at me with this surprised but turned on look. I just have to do that I think to myself and start circling my wet tongue on him. He moans and groans. I can tell it's hard to drive for him while I blow him...

"Oh shiiiit... Saa..Briinaa...wohhw where in hell came that from?"

I just giggle and zip his jeans.

"I guess I'm some diiirty mama... you gonna tell me now?"

"No I show you... look!" He says and points to a big sign on the roadside. It says 'Hollywood Drive-In Theater'.

"You're so not serious now... Really?" I just laugh and shake my head. This is gonna be very interesting...

After paying for the tickets he parks the car. It's not the best place to see the movie but I guess that's not important. The film starts and we are already making out again. Soon we're getting to the back seats and continue on where we stopped at the beach. It feels amazing having him back fully again. I can feel his love and desire for me. He pleasures me so much, I could die as a happy person right now... Oh stop being so dramatic I tell myself. He fucks you right now, in a drive-in theater, hard, the whole car is shaking and you think about dying, you're weirdo...  

"Gosh babe this feels so good..." He whispers. "Just enjoy it! Nobody's gonna see us... relax baby..."

"Okay." I answer. His words help. I stop thinking anything and just concentrating on this very moment, feeling him inside and all over me. I climax soon and he shortly after. We remain in the position until both our hearts beat normal again. Back in the front seats he starts the engine and drives out of the theater. I just smile at this whole thing all the time.

"I can't believe that we did that. We're married, parents and act like 16-year-olds... where in hell should this lead too?" I look at him giggling.

"Oh babe. Didn't you find it exciting? We've never done that before... just that we're married and have a kid doesn't mean we can't have some good dirty fun!" He says laying his hand on my thigh. "I love you and I wanna do with you everything I always wanted to do but we never did... and I'm not only talking about my sex fantasies... well mostly... but not only... I wanna go skydiving with you, hire a yacht in the caribic and get stranded on a lonely island with you, just travel the world with you without being on tour, meeting all of your family and show them that I'm not this cheating, careless idiot like the all think of me... I just... I just wanna make you unconditionally happy... share with you everything, every dream I have, with you and Sam..."

"It's ok Bruno. I'm fine with that..." I give him a peck on his hand. "... I got some dreams too, you know?!" 

"I wanna know all of them..." He says curious.