Chapter 12

23/01/2012 20:02
Bruno was right. We did last all night long. It was the best night of my life! The next morning, I was the first to wake up. The candles were burnt out and wax was all over the tables. “I’ll deal with that later.” Bruno said, in between thrusts. Bruno lay next to me. His naked body so beautiful, with the morning sun shining against it. His warmth covered my body. His arms were wrapped around my waist. I lifted my head to check the time. It was about 11 am. I smacked my dried lips and softly got up from the bed. But I didn’t get far. My upper legs are so sore and my lower legs felt numb. I basically tripped myself from my two left feet. I landed so hard on the floor, I woke up Bruno. He quickly got up from the bed and went to my aid. I laid on the floor, bursting in laughter. “Are you okay?! Are you hurt?!” Bruno said, checking to see if I was hurt. I kept laughing and pulled Bruno down to the floor with me. He put his arms around me and laughed along. “Bruno I can’t feel my legs!” I said. “Well then I did my job.” Bruno kissed my neck and I felt him giggling against my hair. I slowly got up and carefully made my way again to the bathroom. “Let me go with you.” Bruno’s voice was so deep, tired and sexy. Made my legs feel weak. “No not yet let me brush my teeth and comb my hair.” My hair was all over the place. Brushing it is going to be a nightmare.

While I was brushing my hair, Bruno knocked on the door impatiently. “Please let me in! I’m dying!” I laughed. “Not yet!” While I was brushing my teeth, he knocked on the bathroom door again. “Babe let’s take a shower together!” “Moth Yeth!” I said with toothpaste in my mouth. After I rinsed, I opened the door and Bruno was standing there in all his glory. His dick was already erected, waiting to enter me. “Bruno-“ I couldn’t finish. He walked in and slammed the door. We embraced while he picked me up and placed me on the sink. He placed his index finger inside my wet center. I moved my hips back and forth against his finger. I then got even wetter so he entered another finger. I gasped while he did. He moved his lips to my neck, to my favorite sensitive spot. I made eye contact on Bruno’s beautiful eyes. “Turn on the shower, Mr. Hernandez.”
Inside the shower, I basically stood under the water. The hot water felt so good and relaxing. It helped a lot on my sore legs. I closed my eyes while the water fell on my hair, then my face, and then my body. I opened my eyes and remembered I wasn’t alone. Bruno was watching me with that sexy look in his eyes. I looked at his toned body and he was stroking his dick. I smirked and said “Come let me do that for you, Mr. Hernandez.”

Bruno took out a small bag that was beside the shower. Inside was a small travel size Bath and Body Works bodywash and a washcloth. “I don’t need this.” I threw out the washcloth. Bruno put some of the soap on the palm of his hands and washed my body all over. He would kiss a spot and wash the area. I did the same to him with his bodywash. But washing him was such heaven! I felt every muscle, every bicep and triceps. He groaned and sighed with every movement of my hands. He whispered my name with such love and such passion. 
After we washed our bodies, my back against chest, he demanded: “bend over”. 
Somehow, the shower sex felt so much awesome than I had imagined! Bruno’s groans and my orgasmic screams echoed throughout the bathroom. After we both exploded in orgasm, we both sat side by side inside the tub. The shower water hitting us in our faces. Bruno held my hand and placed his head on my shoulder. I looked over and his eyes were closed, but he was awake. He was breathing hard. I put my hand to his chest and felt his heart, beating hard was well. “You feel that?” Bruno asked, his eyes still closed. “My heart is yours forever.” He opened his eyes. His fingers grazed my chin and turned my head to kiss me.

And then the phone rang.