Chapter 12

31/01/2012 13:42

"Karmin come down for dinner!" I heard my mom shout. I really wasn't even hungry, but whatever. "How is your day going sweety?" "Fine" "You don't seem fine." My dad interrupted. "I am dad.." I really didnt want to talk about these kinds of things with them. "How is Chad?" My mom asked me. Shit. I thought I told her. "We broke up.." They both looked at me like I was crazy. I threw my hands up and looked at the both of them. "Sorry, I didn't know I was expected to be with him forever." "It's not that." My mom said. "Why didn't you tell me honey?" "It just happened Mom." I lied. "Oh sweety, I'm sorry." I felt horrible that I haven't talked to my mom about anything. She has no idea that in the last week and a half I've broken up with my boyfriend and caught him banging some chick, gotten drunk, lost my virginity to Bruno and officially claimed him as my boyfriend. As a matter of fact, she has no idea what a Bruno is.. 

I did only what I knew how to do during a time like this. I wrote. I wrote until no thoughts could form and no melodies could play in my head. These were the times that brought out the best in my music. I ended up with a total of four songs by the end of the night. Love songs of course. They seem to be what I'm best at. No matter how much I wrote though, I couldn't stop thinking about Karmin and how much I wanted to feel in love with her. Despite the issues that may come along with her, and her fragile heart, I found myself needing her. I couldn't build up the courage to tell her that I wasn't going to wait and deal with it. Believe it or not I had the text message saved in my drafts, but I couldn't even do it. 

It was 3:21 in the morning. I knew I had to be well rested for my competition tommorow but I was tossing and turning all night thinking about Bruno. I had to call him. "Karmin?" He said. He sounded tired but not asleep. "Bruno, I'm so sorry. I completely blew this whole thing out of proportion. I didn't mean a thing I said and I really want to be with you." "Karmin just listen." He took a deep breath. "Im not out to get you, I'm not gonna do you like your ex. My past is my past and we've already talked about that." There he goes making me feel all gushy inside. "I know Bru.." "Plus, I haven't got the chance to show you what real love making feels like." I started to laugh. Deep down I was yearning for that. I couldn't wait to feel him again. "Your crazy Bruno." "You love it though." He said in a seductive voice. Fuck. Get in me now. "Well I'll let you get some sleep. Your competition is tommorrow." "You remembered?" I asked. "Of course." 


I woke up to Presley's horrible taste in music. I was excited to see Karmin today. And watch her surf, it was so sexy. After using the bathroom I went downstairs. "Good morning mama." I said as I gave her a kiss on the cheek. "Morning Brunito. I made breakfast, yours is on the stove." Hell yeah, nothin like some bacon eggs and pancakes on a warm Hawaii morning. 

I was sad that I would be competing in my last Surf competition later today. Throughout the years I've collected plenty of trophies and medals. But acting was my life. I lazily laid in bed and stared out into the sunlight. I heard the palm trees swaying next to my window. It was beautiful. I sure was going to miss my hometown. 'Bzzzzzz' 

'Morning sunishine, can't wait to see you kick ass today :)' 

'Good Morning Peter ;)' 

'Who's peter? You cheatin on me already?' 

'Shut up. Lol. Come over?' 

'You know it..' 

I wasn't sure what she had in mind but I wasn't going to give up any opportunity to spend time with her. I quickly hopped in the shower and was out the door within 20 minutes. 

"Hey mom when are you and dad going to be home?" I said into phone as I was brushing my hair. "Why what are trying to get into?" She said joking, not knowing that I was really trying to get into a whole lot. I laughed. "Nothing mom I was just wondering!" Honestly I wanted Bruno so bad and I wanted to make sure I had time. I felt a little scandalous on the inside, but I didn't care. I was older now. "We'll be home in a few hours. Just make sure you have everything ready for your competition." "Sure thing mom, love you." Just as I hung up I heard the doorbell. I ran down the stairs and opened the door. He looked so amazing, almost edible. He had on a pair of black vans with khaki pants and a blue and yellow plaid shirt. I smiled at him and he let himself into the house. He took me in arms and hugged me and I returned the hug rubbing his back with both of my hands. We swayed back and forth and hugged even tighter. "Where are you parents?" He asked me as we let go of each other. "They went to town early this morning until later." He looked down and smiled at me. I swear his eyebrow raise will be the death of me. I bit my lip and looked back at him. "So you wanna show me more of where that came from." I said looking down towards his pants. 

Damn she is just too sexy for words. She led me to her bedroom and I looked around. Pink everything. I smiled as I walked past a picture of her on a tricycle when she was little. She laid down on her bed like she has been planning this. Make-up sex I'm guessing. I set my keys on her dresser and slipped off my shoes. I crawled into bed and held myself over her with my arms and began to kiss her. She grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me closer and wrapped her legs around my body. I don't what's gotten into her but I'm really liking it...