Chapter 12

11/02/2012 15:06

I wake up from my alarm. Shut the fuck off! I think to myself turning it off like every morning. Then I feel something move behind me. I freeze but relax one second after knowing who's laying in my bed... Bruno! I open my eyes. Bruno! My... boyfriend! The whole last day flashes through my mind. I turn around and have to smile at him immediately. He looks just so cute but sexy as hell as well. Laying there on his back with one hand on his belly and the other one under his head. His hair is a mess. My eyes wander down over his bare chest. He's naked and the sheets only cover his hips and legs and... I smirk seeing his little man standing straight, hard as stone. Bless him for being so young... I huddle up against him and lay my head on his chest. He moves a bit and a second later I feel his arm around my shoulder holding me tight. I wanna enjoy this only for 10 more minutes before I have to get up, so I close my eyes again listening to his heartbeat and his calm breathing. This feels so good and I remember all the things that happened. I just hope it stays like that... 

"What time is it?" He asks me after some minutes and yawns.

"Erm..." I open my eyes and reach for my phone. "6.07" I tell him and lay back on his chest stroking it slowly with my fingertips. 

"Oh gosh. You have to get up so early every day?" He asks me rubbing his eyes.

"No not every day, but I have a lot of work to do and I wanna take a shower before I leave so I set the alarm at 6..." I say back and continue running my fingers across his chest up to his neck then to his upper arm and back to his chest. 

He holds me tighter and runs his fingers through my hair. "That's good I have to shower too."

I smirk and lift my head so that I can look in his face. He opens his eyes rather tries it but only can blink a little bit and smiles at me. "Mornin' by the way, I'm sorry for wakin' you up." I say, lean on my arm so that I can get close to his face and give him a peck on his lips.

"Mornin' brayer." He looks at me happy with a big grin. "I'm lucky to still be able to hear."

I punch him lightly in his chest. "Don't call me like that, please." I say with a begging glance.

"Ok. I won't... What time do we have to leave?" 

Did he just said we? So he doesn't expect me to let him stay here alone?! He's really too good to be true! I smile at him and answer. "I wanna be at the office at 8... so 'cause of the morning traffic around 7.30. Should I drive you to Eric's?"

"No he lives too far away... I'll call Brian he lives near the office... So you said 7.30? Good!... Sounds like we got enough time for..." Before he finishes his sentence he flungs me around and lays on top of me.

"Nooooo we don't." I yell trying to get him off of me without succeed. "I shower very long and I don't wanna rush with breakfast... and I'm already sore from all the magic happened in those sheets last night...please let me go." I beg.

"Hmm... alright... I think your neighbors at least deserve a quiet morning." He says back grinning, gives me a short kiss and lays back on his back.

I just roll my eyes and get up. I stand there looking at him for a while. He's so hot and I can't believe he's mine now. I so have to get back in shape. I wanna look good for him. I think to myself, when he looks at me. "Hey why you starin' at me?"

I giggle. "I'm just waitin for you boy! Didn't you say you wanna join me in the shower?"

He grins big and jumps up. "I thought you don't wanna..."

I just smile and go into the bathroom he follows me right behind...

After getting ready we leave the apartment. I let him out at Brian's. He says he will come around 12 to sign the contract. We say our goodbyes and he gives me a last big passionate kiss.

I drive to the office and start to do all the paper work and get the contracts ready. That takes me only 3 hours. I'm just so happy and motivated that everything is so easy today. From time to time I have to think of Bruno. I miss him so much! After that I call the caterer for an appointment for the probational eating. Maybe I can take Bruno with me? He loves food just like me and it would be so much more fun with him! I just wanna spend all the time with him! I lean back happy and in my thoughts. God Caro you can't fall so fast for him! But he's so cute and sexy and lovely and... I so have to talk to someone. It kills me that I can't share my happiness. So I text Lena. 

Hey sweety, how are you? you're free to talk a bit?... I did it :)

Instead of getting a message back she calls me 2 minutes later. I smile. "Hey sweetie, how are you?"

"What means you did it?" She asks without greeting. I giggle. She always comes straight to the point. I so love her.

"Wait. I'm in the office. I go outside..." I say standing up and walk to the door. "You could tell me in the meantime what's new!"

"Nothing gurl, just had a presentation about the farm in Texas I was at... and now I was thinkin to go brunchin' with this colleague, but he's cute but not hot so I don't know... You're outside already?"

"Almost.... ok now I am..."

"Then shoot. What did you do?"

"Oh god I don't know where to start..."

"Maybe with the biggest news?" She suggests.

"Ok... I'm not single anymore!" I say straight smiling big.

"What???? Who? When? Why? How?... What?" 

I laugh hard at her reaction. "It's Bruno. You know, we..." I start when she interrupts me.

"What? The small guy at Roxy's who fucked that other chick?"

"He didn't fuck her, he just wanted to make me jealous."

"Really? I knew it! I knew the way he looked at you! Gosh that's childish but whatever... it worked huh?" 


"So tell me what happened. I know they came to the office at Monday and then?"

I laugh and tell her everything what has happened at Monday and yesterday.

"Oh wow. That sounds so cool and you're so happy! I'm so happy for you gurl!"

"Thanks sweety. I'm really happy. I'm allways happy around him. He makes me feel like a little girl in love. And I miss him already... I just can't believe that it all happened... it's so fast but I enjoy it so much!"

"I can tell by the way you talking. You really deserve that, bein' happy again sweety. And don't worry about the things like he's broke and doesn't have a crib. If he doesn't want you to give him money or use your contacts everything's gonna be fine. And you never know... he's handsome and talented... he can get big in seconds... But tell me now the most important. How's he in the sheets? I want every detail!"

"Oh Lena." I shake my head and chuckle. "He's fantastic! He kisses so good and he kissed and caressed my whole body up and down, slowly undressing me piece by piece and the way he sucked on my neck and my earlobe... just like he knew exactly where and how. I almost came just because of that... and then his fingers... rubbing and sliding into me, so good, first slowly then faster and faster, remaining deep inside stroking my spot uuuuuhhhhh... and when he finally got inside I almost explode... he's not big, average but he knows ways to get so deep and he moves so rhythmically... slow but with so much intention and he searched my spot and when he found him he sped up so much... I didn't know that it can be so fast!!! and not only for some seconds... no for minutes that felt like hours!! I literally came again and again and again... It was incredible... I just want him to fuck me the whole day and week long... is that normal?"

"Girl more than normal! That's called SEX not the 5-minutes-shit Tony did with you! Gosh I'm sooooooo happy for you!!! When do you see him again?"

"He comes at 12 to sign the contract." I reply.

"And you told Mary already?"

"No you're the first. And I think I'll wait a little, maybe next week... I know she thinks he'll use me to get contacts just like Tony..."

"Hm... I'm not gonna lie I also think there's a certain risk he does... but I mean if you have fun... do it! I know you won't make the same mistakes again. So just enjoy it girl, alright?!"

"I will."

"Oh god now you made me so horny with all this talkin' I think I need some too. Does he have any cute friends?"

"Hm yeah you know Ryan already and Brian's hot too. Next Sat we go to Roxy's so if you want I'll make sure Brian comes too, ok?"

"Are you talkin' 'bout me?" I hear suddenly someone asking behind me. I turn around and see Brian and Bruno standing there. 

"Oh shit." I mumble.

"What's up Caro?" Lena asks me through the phone.

"Erm... Bruno and Brian are here... I call you back later, ok?"

She laughs. "Oh shit, sorry... say hello from me and 'til later. Bye!"

"Bye." I say back and hang up. I look at them a bit embarrassed. "Hey guys, you're early. Everythin' good?"

Bruno chuckles and steps to me. "Hi babe." He gives me a quick peck on my lips. I guess he told Brian about us because he doesn't look surprised.

"So how long are you already standin' here?" I ask.

"I guess not long enough. I hope when you already hook me up with somebody she's fine tho." Brian says grinning at me.

I grin back. "We were just foolin' around, nobody wanna hook you up..." I say bluntly. "But yeah she's fine..."

"Oh ok... alright...Hi." He steps to me and hugs me hello.

"Hi." I greet him back while we're hugging. "So you guys ready to sign a contract?" I ask them.

They just look at me and nod when Bruno starts. "Erm... I don't know if you got some free time but I thought you can join us. We meet all the guys at 1 in the studio for rehearsal. Phil and Eric come later 'cause they have to work... so we just can't really rehearse only arrange the songs and I thought you can help us a bit..."

"Hm I dunno I gotta ask Mary first, but if she doesn't have work for me, i'd love to." I smile at them and add. "Plus all of you guys have to sign the contracts so I can take them with me and you don't have to come here to sign it."   

"Ok then ask her. We stay here. I need a cigarette." He says. Brian takes out a pack and gives one to Bruno. He asks me if I also want one but I decline, I don't smoke. I did in the past not much only from time to time. But I stopped completely after they found lung cancer in my dad...  

"You smoke?" I ask him surprised. I didn't know he smokes. He never smoked before.

"Only after very exhausting nights, you know." He winks at me. "And only Brian's special ones." He chuckles and Brian just shakes his head while he lights his. 

I look at him confused. "Why special ones?"

He grins at me while lighting up. "With special ingredients..."

"Oh..." I say now understanding what he means. "Ok then I'll go in and ask. See you in a bit." I turn and go back inside. I feel a bit strange. I mean I'm not surprised they smoke weed, we all do in Cali... but in the middle of the day in front of my office? I think he doesn't have to do that! I decide to talk to him later about that. I walk inside Mary's office but she's not there. I look around in the main office and see her standing at Beverly's desk. I go to them.

"Hey Mary." I say and she turns to me. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Oh hey there you are. I was looking for you. We got a little problem." She says.

"I was outside... What's wrong?" I ask back curious.

"Well let's go into my office to talk, ok?"

"Yeah sure."

Beverly stands up and follows us. Although she's suddenly nice to me I still don't like her. I don't buy she wants to be friends with me. She's calculating and I don't want to give her any reason to have something against me. We reach Mary's office, go inside and Beverly closes the door.

"So ladies, like I said we have a small problem. You know that we hired Flo Rida. And he'll still come. But I just got a call from his people that he has serious time problems. They didn't say details but it's something with his album. In 4 weeks is the deadline and he needs more songs or  has to change some to finish it or something I don't know... whatever the problem is he's in his studio 24/7 and got no time to do a rehearsal at the venue. So you have to go to his studio and record it to show it to Mister Brown. And they said the best day would be today. So I suggest you go right now."

Beverly nods and smiles. "Of course Mary, that's no problem." Then she turns to me. "I get the camera, ok? And we meet outside." Before I could say something she's out.

"You also have time now, haven't you?" Mary asks me.

"Yeah I have. I finished the whole paper work already in the morning."

"Good! So you can go there?"

"Yeah sure." I say and walk out of her office and to my desk. What should I do know? I mean it's clear that I go to Flo Rida but outside is Bruno and expects me to go with him to the studio and what about the contracts? I think while packing my things into my bag, I put the contracts in there too. I could drive to the guys after Flo Rida and they sign it then. But Bruno and Brian came here for nothing and have to take the bus back to the studio. I hope he's not disappointed. I walk towards the doors when it suddenly hits me. What if I take them with us to Flo Rida? I mean I don't want him to use me for my contacts, but if I ask him it's not like he does... I smile. He's my boyfriend and it's nothing wrong to support him, is it? Or am I about to start doing the same mistakes again? No! He's damn talented and deserves to get some good contacts. So yeah I take them with me!

I step out of the main doors and of course Beverly already stands there with them. Is she smoking a cigarette too? I hope they told her what's in it. When Bruno sees me he smiles big. I love it when he smiles at me like that! I just hope he doesn't kiss me now. I don't want Beverly to know what's going on between us. She notices Bruno staring and smiling, so she turns around to see what he's looking at.

"Heeeeey there you aaaaare." She says in her typical high voice. I tremble a bit. "Loooook who I found outta here."

"Hey guys." I say bluntly.

"They came here to sign the contracts..."

"Yeah I know they called me earlier that they're coming around 12. I have the contracts here with me." I say pointing at my bag. "I thought we can drive to your studio later then we have all the signatures at once." I look at Bruno. He looks back at me confused. I guess Beverly didn't tell them yet about Flo Rida. Wow that's a surprise. I thought she's spitting things like that out without hesitation, using every chance to brag. Ok then even better so I can do it. I bet Bruno will be so happy. I grin. "Guys Mary just told us we have to go to Flo Rida's studio 'cause he got no time to come to the venue for a rehearsal."

Bruno listens to me and with every word his smile disappears more. He thinks I don't come with him and it's so nice to see that he doesn't like that. I grin even more. "But guys I thought if you want you can come with us." 

"What?" Beverly looks at me shocked. "I don't know if Mary would like that, Caroline..."

"Mary doesn't mind. I asked her and we both think it'd be good if Flo Rida meets 2 members of the band that plays at the same show..." I know that's a lie. But I can explain that to Mary before Beverly runs to her and ask her if that's true. And when I look at Bruno's and also Brian's face right now, I don't care if Mary has something against it...