Chapter 12

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The first two subparagraphs are dirty the rest of the chapter is fine. Enjoy! 

I grabbed my bag and got in the car Bruno said I didn't have to come pick him up but I wanted to I drove to the airport I couldn't stop smiling I parked the car and leaned against the door I saw him walk out the doors I had to stop myself from running into his arms he tried getting a taxi, Hey sexy! I yelled, He frowned and looked around, Yeah you with the fedora! He looked right at me and the biggest smile appeared on his face he just dropped his bags and ran towards me he grabbed me and kissed me, I pulled back and hugged him "I told you not to come" I wanted to.. He sighed "I missed you so much babe.." I missed you more, I heald him closer, Oh my god i'm so happy you're here.. I kissed every part of his face over and over again, He pulled up my t-shirt and looked at my belly "Wow.." Bruno we're in public! I pulled down my shirt and got in the car, "Woah what are you doing?" I'm sitting.. "You're not driving.." Bru.. "Nope i'm driving babe" I sighed and got out, fine.. I got back in the car and we drove home I loved having him here with me we got to the house and he put all his bags upstairs I sat down on the couch , He sat next to me and put his arm around me he kissed me if I wasn't pregnant we would already be in the bedroom he started kissing my neck I knew he was getting excited, Babe stop it.. He pulled back "This is going to be so hard.." I kissed his forhead, We'll survive.. So how did the tour go? "The shows and stuff were awesome but missing you wasn't" He kissed me again, Bruno you're obsessed with kissing.. "No i'm just obsessed with your lips" I chuckled and put my head on his chest I took in his scent, I missed you so much.. "I missed you more baby" Oh I have to show you something. "What?" I got up and went upstairs I grabbed the stuff Sofia bought and went back downstairs, I sat down and started showing them "Auww babe that's so cute.." He grabbed one of the t-shirts and just kept staring at it, "Wow" I kissed his cheek, I can't wait to see you holding him.. "I can't wait to hold him" He kissed my stumock and put the clothes in the bag he grabbed my wrist pulling me upstairs we got in bed and undressed we werent going to do anything we just wanted to hold eachother he put his arms around me and started kissing my neck "Oh god this is so hard.." I sighed, you know we can just take it slow.. "Seriously?" I don't know I don't think anything will happen if we take it slow, He smiled and started kissing me he used his hands to push himself up I think he just didn't want to put any weight on my stumock, he kissed me and I felt him starting to enter me. He was moaning right into my ear, Baby slow.. "I'm trying" He kissed my neck and worked his way down to my colorbone I felt him pull out, Babe what are you doing? "I want to make you feel good babe.." My eyes widened I usually didn't let him to that but It had been months.. He spread my legs and started going at it, I put my hands in his hair trying to stay calm, Oh god.. 

I knew exactly how she liked it and I loved making her feel this way I missed her body and her voice so much just those moans could make me lose my mind.. She let out a huge moan letting me know she reached the top "Oh my god that was.... I have no words" I chuckled and kissed her I felt her hand go down my chest she suddenly grabbed me there making me jump a little she never ever did that. Woaah babe what are you doing? "I want to make you feel good too.." I was beyond shocked but who was I to say no? She made me lie down and she dissapeared in the covers I was kinda nervous she had never done this I don't think she knew how.. I felt her go at it, Damn she definitely knew how.. She started caughing, Shit babe are you ok?! "I'm fine i'm fine" She started again I threw my head back and hit the headbord I grabbed her head leading her a little at first but she was just fine doing it on her own.. She tried taking me in her mouth at once but she couldn't do it, Babe I grabbed her head and pulled her up kissing her, You did great relax.. "No i'm going to do it just watch" She went back, I didn't mind but we could be here for houres I knew she wouldn't let it go till she could do it.. Babe can I? "Wait" She came back up and sat on my lap she started kissing me I felt her lead me inside of her she went slow but I still came inside of her we both buried our head into eachothers necks, "Oh my god.." Again? "Hell yeah" I went in to kiss her but she just went back under the covers, BABE JUST LEAVE IT... "No I can do this damn it!" She went back at it and to my surprise she actually succeeded.. This felt beyond great.. She came back up and kissed me I grabbed her waist and lied her down I entered her again and thrusted slowly she started making moans right into my ear, We both came at the same time I had missed this more then I realised, "I'm going to take a shower.." I'll join you.. She laughed "No you never take it slow in the shower" I never take it slow in the bedroom do I but I did this time.. She squinted her eyes, "Fine but behave" We went to the shower I turned on the water and waited till it got hot we got under it, she tried washing her hair "Babe stop it!" I kept kissing her neck "Oh god" She grabbed the bottle of shampoo and started washing my hair, Babe I can wash my own hair... "I know I just like doing it" She washed the shampoo out of my hair and kissed me, "I missed you so much" I hugged her, I missed you more, Want be to wash you? "Oh god you're unbelievable" I chuckled, Can I? "No I can do it by myself" I grabbed the sope and put my hands behind my back "Give it to me." Nope I want to do it. "Bruuu" I shook my head.. "Fine you can was my belly.." I smiled and started washing her stumock I loved how big it had gotten I didn't mind it at all, We finished and rapped ourselves up in a towel we changed and got back into bed I fell asleep for the first time in months with a smile on my face.

I woke up seeing his face I kissed his nose softly and got up I put on Bruno's shirt and went downstairs I brushed my teeth and made breakfast I kept replaying last night over and over again in my head it was just amazing.. I heard him come downstairs he hugged me from behind, "What are you making?" Pancakes. "You know I'd rather have you for breakfast" I chuckled, You're so nasty! I turned around and kissed him, How did you sleep? "Great what about you?" Awesome.. "You want to get some stuff for the baby today?" I want to eat first, "Of course you do" I shot him a look, It's your son. "Don't blame my son and it'll be your falt if he's fat" He wont be fat! You were fat as a baby.. "I wasn't fat." Yes you were "I was chubby" Babe that's not chubby that's fat. "I was still cute" You still are, I kissed him and made us both a plate we talked and ate our food I loved spending time with him the last couple of months I would have to do this all on my own "Babe i'm going to take a shower you get ready" Alirght, I washed the dishes and changed, I went upstairs and sat on the bed waiting for Bruno to come out of the shower he came out he had a towel wrapped around his waist, he ran his fingers threw his wet hair.. I wanted him so bad right now. "Babe stop raping me with your eyes" You're mine I can do whatever I want.. "I am yours?" Yeah you're my bitch, He laughed "Babe i'm not your bitch" I got up and kissed his neck I ran my fingers down his chest, I leaned in to kiss him but suddenly pulled back inches away from his lips "You're such a tease" See you're my bitch. He laughed and waved me off he got dressed and put on his fedora before leaving the room we got in the car he sang along to the radio I loved when he did that.. "Have you thought about any names yet?" I really can't come up with a name.. "Chal-" DONT SAY IT. "Fine but our kid is going to hate you for not naming him that" Yeah we'll see about that.. He parked the car and we went inside the store I loved everything here it was all so tiny and cute 


Babe have you thought about what color you want the walls to be? "" I was thinking red but alright.. "Red? It's a childsroom.." I know I just like red, She picked out everything I told her not to think about the price we put everything in the car and drove home "Can you bring the bed and stuff to the garage so I have room to paint?" Babe i'm going to paint. "Bruuu" No you suck at painting... "I DO NOT" Babe let's put our ego's aside and think about the baby.... "Fine you do it but i'm putting the crib together" Babe you know you suck at reading instructions... "I don't need instructions" Yeah you do.. "You want to bet?" Sure i'm going to win anyway... "Fine but If I win get to say when we have sex and when we don't" Fine if I win I get to do the same. "Fine." We got to the house and first thing I did was take away the instructions I painted the room and went to the garage to check up on Alena,Babe? I opened the door and to my surprise she had already made it "I WIN" Shit. What did you do? "What do you mean what did you do I made it and I win" I squinted my eyes I didn't believe her at all.. I went over to the crib and pushed it around a little to see if it was done perfectly, it fell apart the second I touched it.. "OH MY GOD YOU BROKE IT" I BROKE IT? "YES" Babe you didn't build it right. "Yes I did" No you didn't, You know lets forget about he bet and i'll make it, "Fine but I still won" No you didn't "Yes I did" Liar "Cheater" I chuckled and started building the crib It took be about two houres to finish it the room still had to dry so we descided to put the crib in tomorrow I went to the licingroom and sat down I threw my head back, I was tired "Auww is my baby tired?" I nodded, yes.. She sat down and pecked me on the lips she grabbed the remote and started zapping threw some chanels "Baby i'm going to sleep" Alright i'll come later.. I went to the garagge and started making the crib we would have to do it eventually, It took me about two houred to finish it but I didn't mind I went upstairs and took off my clothes I got into bed and put my arms around her kissing her neck softly "Hey baby" Hi, Why are you up? "I was waiting for you" Go to sleep babe..I lowered my hand to her stumock and stroked her belly I knew she was smiling.. I woke up the next day seeing her beautiful face it was a perfect start.. I got up silently and got dressed I brushed my teeth and ate something before leaving I wasn't too excited about going back to work but I had to finish this album it was coming out soon and I wanted it to be absolutely perfect. I drove to the studio I turned off the radio and got out I went inside hearing the guys play Grenade, They all said hello we started playing all the songs over and over again trying to improve them, "Hey it's almost Alena's birthday have you thought about getting her anything?" Damn, I forgot... I don't know but I know she's going to want to pretend it's just a normal day you know Alena with birthday's she hates them..We finished and I started putting on my jacket, "Yo Brunz me and Urbana want to go watch some play you and Alena want to join?" I was pretty tired but I remembered thinking I would take Alena to one, Alright let me call her.. I dialed her number "Hey babe" Hey, Eh you want to come to a play with me, Phil and Urbana? "A play?" Yeah you know like in theaters and shit.. "Alright i'll get dressed and come to the studio" Ok babe, bye. "Bye" I hung up and threw my phone on the couch I poured myself a drink and sat down I took a sip and threw my head back I thought about how my life would be in a couple of months everything would be so diffrent..
I got dressed and drove tot he studio It surprised me that Bruno wanted to go to a play he didn't liek that stuff a lot I parked and went inside, Hey babe. He looked at me and smiled "You look really beautiful" Auw thank you, I pecked him on the lips and sat down next to him he put his arm around me, Where are Phil and Urbana? "Phil went to pick her up they'll be here in a half a hour or something.." Oh, I put my head on his chist he lifted up my chin and ran his fingers threw my hair before kissing me gently I could taste the alcohol but I didn't mind he pushed me on my back I knew I had to stop but this felt so right we started making out,Babe stop they're going to be here any second.. "No they wont they just left" He started kissing my neck he lowered his hands and I felt him trying to lift up my dress, Babe we don't have time.. "Yeah we do" I hated when he did this he would be drunk and the only thing on his mind was sex, Bruno before I could speak he slipped his finger inside of me, He kissed me harder making it impossible for me to even speak I suddenly heard people talking, SHIT. I pushed him off making him fall on the ground they looked at Bruno then back at me I looked at him and he shot me a look "That hurted you know" It's your own fault! "Eh.. We should probably get going.." Yeah.. We all got in a car and it was really awkward Bruno was constantly texting Urbana and Phil were singing along to the radio silently and I just sat there looking around like a fool.. "We're here get out" We got out of the car and went inside we took our seats a couple of people came and asked Bruno for an autograph but he didn't mind he never did the show was really beautiful I knew Bruno was bored and the thought that he did this for me warmed my heart I looked over at him he was still texting, Babe put your phone away it's rude. "Yeah sorry" He put it in his pocket and watched the show we all clapped when it ended and made our way outside, who were you texting? "Oh a friend" Does that friend have a name? "Babe it's just a friend" I let it go I didn't want to ruin this night by arguing with him we Urbana and Phil wanted to grab some dinner but we passed I wanted to go home and sleep..
I grabbed my phone reading the text she sent me "Did you tell her?" I don't know if I should reply I shouldn't have texted her in the first place but it was too late now.. Nah she would freak out. "Why?" Cause me texting with a beautiful women usually freaks her out. "Oh and flirting with one doesn't?" I chuckled, Wat she doesn't know can't harm her. "Right.." Who was I why was I saying all these things I would say them an regret it the second I sent them. I put away my phone and went upstairs I got into bed with her I felt bad and guilty I couldn't even look her in the eyes "Babe what's wrong?" Nothing.. "Babe.." She put her hand under my shirt and kissed my neck, "Tell me" I sighed, Nothing's wrong it's just been a really long day, ok? She backed up "Fine" She turned around and we werent even touching I don't know why this was happening but it did.. I got up the next morning and looked over at Alena I wasn't working today so I was hoping to spend a little time with her but remembering how we went to bed last night I didn't think that was going to happen I looked at my phone "Goodmorning handsome" Oh shit.. I didn't want to reply but I did it was like a reflex.. Goodmorning. I threw my phone on the couch and made some pop tarts I turned on the tv and ate while watching I looked around me trying to find something intresting to do, I guess I could write.. I grabbed my notepad and started writing a couple of things that have been on my mind.. I felt a hand stroke my back "What are you doing?" Writing... She grabbed the piece of paper and started reading "This isn't about us is it?" No.. "Oh really?" Yes really. "Ok.." She gave it back to me and went back upstairs I read the words again,
I was perfect for the circus if she'd dared me I'd do it love makes you stupid I gave it up but I guess it was not enough cause she never seemed satisfied, Oh Oh Oh I know i'm not perfect but at the end of the day who is? Oh Oh Oh she wanted someone that's perfect but at the end of the day, Who is?
I got up and went upstairs, Alena? "In here" I went to our bedroom, Hey baby.. "Hi" Something wrong? "I don't expect you to be perfect Bru cause you already are but when you write those kind of things it hurts my feelings.." Babe, I didn't write that because of you alright? "Yes you did you always write what's on your mind how could that be on your mind without me having something to do with it?" Babe I love you and I don't ever want you to think that I write those kind of songs because of you but I have to write things that other people can relate to if I write shit about how happy I am nobody will listen to it cause there are a lot of broken heart out there but mines not one of them and that's because of you. She smiled and kissed me, "I love you" I love you more. Oh and by the way what do you want for your birthday? "Oh god don't start about my birthday.." Babe your turning 25 not 57. "So..." I chuckled, Come on now what do you want, "Nothing I have everything I could ever wish for." There has to be something that you want, anything. She looked down to my pants and giggled, You're sick... "No i'm not!" I chuckled and jumped on top of her, Babe you can always have that, something els.. "Bru I don't want anything.." Fine i'll find something. "Bruu.." No I don't want to hear it you don't expect me to just not give you anything babe it's your birthday.. "Fine but don't over think it I'm happy with anything you give me.." Anything? "Yes anything." Alright, I lied down next to her, I'm tired.. "You just woke up" So i'm still tired.. "Go to sleep" I grabbed her tight and pulled her against me "Babe I can't breath" I let her go a little, better? "Yes.." I buried my face into her neck I heard her giggling, Why do you always giggle when I do that? She chuckled "I don't know" I started doing it again but now I was sucking on her neck "NOOO" I pulled away but it was too late I had left my mark. I went downstairs she had fallen asleep so I descided to surprise her by making dinner.
I woke up feeling terrible my throat was sore and I had one hell of a headache, I sat up and put my head in my hands, Shit.. I put on more clothes and went downstairs "Hey baby" Bru are you cooking? "Yes" Auww, I hugged him he leaned in to kiss me but I pulled away, No i'm sick. "What?" I feel terrible.. "Oh shit" I hugged him closer I loved how warm his body was, I love you.. "I love you too, now go lie down on the couch" I nodded and kissed his cheek, "Want me to make you some soup?" Babe I love you but you know you can't cook.. His jaw dropped "Yes I can" No you can't, "You go lie down and leave dinner to me alright?" Fine... I lied down and turned on the tv I heard some plates fall but didn't care as long as I didn't have to clean it up.. "Babe you hungry?" Eh...yeah.. "You want some soup?" Sure.. He brought me a plate and the smile on his face was priceless I tasted and this literally tasted like crap. Mmmm this is really good babe.. "Really? Let me taste" NO! I want it all to myself. He frowned and chuckled, "Alright.." I ate it trying to ignore the terrible taste in my mouth I didn't want to hurt his feelings, he was sitting next to me and noticed my plate was empty, "You want some more?" No thank you, "Alright I want a plate" Shit. NO WAIT! He frowned, "what?" I want it all. "All of it?" Yes. He went to the kitchen and tasted his expression was priceless, "OH SHIT" I chuckled, "Babe why the hell did you eat this?" I didn't want to hurt your feelings.. "Auww babe you wouldn't have hurted my feelings I know I can't cook" I chuckled, whatever just come sit with me.. He sat down and but his hand around me "Are you feeling a little better?" I nodded, He tried to kissme but I put my hand in front of his mouth, NO. "Babeee" No I don't want you to get sick.. "I don't care it's worth it." No babe you need your voice and you can't sing when you're sick.. "Just one little kiss?" I sighed, I pecked him on the lips "That's it?" It's all you're getting. He pouted, Bru don't do that.. "Pleaaasee" I hated when he did this I always gave him what he wanted when he would do this, Babe you'll get sick... "One kiss wont hurt me babe.." If you get sick it's your own fault, "Fine" I kissed him I tried to keep it clean but ofcourse he wouldn't let me, I pulled back "Thank you" You're welcome, I chuckled I knew I should't do it but after that all I wanted to do was kiss him I leaned back in he pushed me on my back and kissed me harder, Babe no come on you're going to get sick.. "I don't care" You don't now but you know you hate being sick.. "Fine but your neck is mine" I chuckled, No you already left a hickey.. He moved my hair out of the way and looked at it, "Damn I did.." I rested my head on his chest, I hate being sick.. "You'll get better.." He put his hand on my stumock and smiled "I really can't wait for him to be here.." Me neither.. He ran his finger threw my hair the need to kiss him was so strong but the last thing I wanted was for him to get sick.. I heard his phone go off he grabbed it and sighed, Who is it? "Oh just a friend" Well does that friend have a name? He sighed again, "Babe it's nothing" Alright.. I grabbed a blanket and covered us both up with it "You look pretty" No I don't "Yeah you do" No I really, really don't. "Say whatever you want you look pretty." If you say so.. I played with his ring he always wore it his father gave it to him just before he moved to LA and it meant a lot to him, I like your ring.. "I like you more" I smiled a little, Babe? "Yeah" Nothing, "No tell me" No it's stupid.. "Just tell me" Do you ever think about us in like ten years.. "Yeah sometimes" Really? "Yeah like I imagine having four kids and a house with a dog and shit.." I laughed, I'm not having four kids.. "Fine three" Two.. "Hell no three that's my final offer" What about when you go on tour? I'm not going to look after three kids on my own.. "We'll hire a nanny" I smiled thinking about this just warmed my heart
We talked about our future together all I really cared about was being with her and this baby, Babe how are you feeling? "I'm better" If it gets worst i'm taking you to a docter "Oh god it's just a cold.." It could be bad for the baby.. "Fine but i'm only going to do it for the baby" I grabbed my phone she kept sending me texts I just wanted her to stop I wasn't intrested "Ok that's it give me your phone right now." Alena.. "NO Bru I know you're hiding something." What?! "Stop playing ok? Just give me the damn phone!" Alena you're acting crazy. "If you're not hiding something then why wont you give me your phone?" Cause it's private. "Oh so now we have secrets?" ALENA JUST DROP IT. She shot me a look, "You know Bruno normally I would get up and leave but now i'm going to act like a grown up and I wish you would do the same and give me the phone." I sighed, It's Rita.. The expression on her face turned from angry to furious. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? OH MY GOD YOU ARE SUCH AN ASSHOLE" Alena we're just friends.. "NO YOU TOLD ME SHE GAVE YOU HER NUMBER THAT DOESNT MEAN YOU HAVE TO DO ANYTHING WITH IT GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU, SOMETIMES I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY WE'RE TOGETHER" She went upstairs and slammed the door behind her, I would normally go after her but not this time I was tired of this it was always me never the other way around and I didn't even do anything. I went to the kitchen and got a drink I didn't care if I got wasted I had no idea how long I was sitting there but Alena came down after a while she didn't pay any attention to me she was seriously hurting my feelings I washed the dishes feeling a little dizzy I guess I was drunk "I'm sorry" I looked over my shoulder she was leaning against the bar looking at the floor, Why? "I shouldn't have yelled at you" You really hurt my feelings Alena. I continued washing the dishes waiting for a response, she sighed "I know, I'm sorry" It's ok. She walked over to me and rubbed my shoulder she kissed me and smiled, "I love you" I love you too.. "Come to bed.." You go i'll come in a minut.. "Ok"
It's been a month since Burno came back everything has been going great the baby kicked for the first time and it was the best feeling ever..I went upstairs and got under the covers.. Suddenly the pain came back I hadn't had pain like this in a while but I did now and it hurted like hell. I started screaming the pain was getting to much "Babe?!" He came upstairs and heald me close to him I knew he was scared, "What's wrong?!" My stumock! Shit.. "I'm going to take you to a hospital.." No my pills just get me the pills "Babe what the hell are the pills going to do?!" JUST GIVE THEM. He got p and went through my bag he finally found them and gave them to me I took them but it didn't work it still hurted it never hurted like this I was really getting worried.. "Babe you have to go to a hospital" I nodded, get me my pants. "We don't have time for pants babe" He lifted me up and started walking towards the car I buried my head into his neck trying to make the pain go away I felt him put me in the seat I had no idea what was happening It was like I was going to black out any second now.. "We're almost there baby hang in there" He heald my hand the entire time I was just focussing on keeping my eyes open the car stopped and he carried me inside some nurses got me into a bed suddenly they brought me to another room I blacked out I just couldn't handle it anymore.. I opened my eyes seeing some machines around me I tried to talk but no sound came out of my mouth, "Alena baby are you up?" I looked him in the eyes they were always filled with joy but not now they were filled with sadness, Bru.. "Oh thank you god" He put his head on my lap and started crying I ran my fingers through his hair, Babe don't cry "I thought I lost you Alena.." You didn't i'm right here.. "We lost him, we lost the baby.." I froze, What?! I put my hand on my stumock it was gone my belly everything it was gone.. No, this can't be happening I pulled on my hair and cried and screamed I didn't want to believe this he hugged me trying to keep me calm, Why do things like these happen to us why? "I don't know.." I want to be alone.. "Babe.." No, please leave.. "Ok.." He left I threw my head back on the pillow and cried silently I can't believe I lost him.. I sat there for houres Bruno tried getting me to eat but I wasn't hungry I felt empty "Please eat something babe.." No just leave me alone Bruno.. "Alena we have to get through this together that wont with you pushing me away alright?!" I JUST WANT SOME ALONE TIME IS THAT TOO FUCKING MUCH TO ASK? "No it's not but if I walk out that door you can do this all by yourself Alena you got that?!" Fine just go. "Alright" He threw the plate on the table and stormed out I just needed to be alone and he judt didn't understand..
I went outside and got in the car after two weeks of sitting in that damn hospital she wakes up and acts like that I understand she just found out but I hated when she would act so cold to me. I drove tot he nearest liquer store and bought everything I wanted I put the bag in myc ar and drove to the studio I wanted to numb the pain just make it go away.. I arrived and went inside the guys were already there but at this point I didn't even care. "Bruno.." Don't even try. "I just wanted to tell you i'm sorry man.." I nodded, thanks. "When did she wake up?" Couple of houres ago. "Did you tell her?" I told her the baby died I didn't tell her he was alive for a week she would never forgive me for stopping the machines. "She would Bruno it was hopeless anyway." Nothing is hopeless in her eyes she would never forgive me I just know it.. "Just give her some time" I can't I need her now but she just cuts me off like I don't even mean anything to her.. "She just needs some time" I nodded, I pulled out the first bottle and took a sip not bothering to get a glass I went on like that for houres just drinking away my sorrows..