Chapter 1

23/05/2011 21:43

"Umm yeah our bus broke down and we needed somewhere to stay for the night and your the only house around and there's not a hotel is it ok if we crash here for a night of two?" I think about it for a second. I have plenty of room and I'm sure it wouldn't kill us if we ate out a couple of nights. "Yeah sure I dont see why not. We can order pizza for dinner if you guys haven't ate yet." They all smile and huddle around me and give me a hug and tell me thanks. "No prob guys. Oh and I'm Emily by the way." "Ohhhh Emily! such a simple but very fitting name!" Bruno says. I blush. "Thanks Bruno. Why don’t you guys go get your stuff and come inside and make yourself at home." "Alright." They all get back on the bus and I just stand on my driveway and wait. I start feeling a little stupid just standing there and waiting. I look towards the back of the bus and see Bruno peeking through one of the windows. I smile and wave. He puts the curtian back down and then he reappears with Phil. They start making these funny faces and I cant help but laugh. When they come out I have tears rolling down my cheeks and my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. "Cmon guys let’s go inside." My driveway is kinda long so it takes awhile before we finally get to the clearing where you can see my house. "Holy s*it! You live here!" Bruno asks. "No Bruno this is some random persons house! Of course this is where I live pretty big huh?" "Damn straight it is!" I walk them into the main entrance and they start ohhing and ahhing. I let them finish exploring while I order pizza and let my border collie Martha out. I hang up with the pizza place and decide to show them the best part of the house. "Hey Bruno take your shoes off and come here." He looks at me weird. "Cmon just take your shoes off and come with me." "Umm ok?" He takes his shoes off and meets me in the kitchen. "Ok your gonna have to trust me Bruno, I wanna show you something and I need you to close your eyes." He raises his eye brow. "What exactly are you showing me?" I smack his arm. "Really? Ok Cmon just do it." "Ok..." he says uncertianly. I walk him to the sliding glass door and walk him down my patio steps. "Whoa what am I standing in?!?" I laugh "Just you hear it?" He gets a smile across his face "Your playen me arent you?" "Nope." I take my hands away from his eyes and let him see. "You live on a private beach!" I smile "Yup. Totally and completely private." He looks around and whips his shirt and pants off and jumps in. "This is amazing! I cant remember the last time I went to the beach. You gotta get in!" I laugh. Gawd I'm acting like a elementary school girl doing all this laughing! I walk closer to the water until I’m in about mid shin deep. "This is as far as I'm getting in." He raises his eye brow "Oh really?......." I feel someone scoop me and up and start running with me into the water. "Phil! Put me...." too late he throws me in. I come up and everyones laughing and jumping in. We play around for I don’t know how long when I hear the doorbell ring. "Pizzas here!" I shout. Everyone comes running out of the water and I throw them towels and let them dry off while I go inside and pay for the pizza. We eat and talk and laugh and have a good time until the sun sets. I take everyone inside and show them to their rooms. I live in a 8 bedroom 9 bath house so I have plenty of room for everyone. Finally it's just me and Bruno. "Well here ya go. I'll be next door if you need me. Just knock ok?" He smirks "Kay beautiful." I smile and blush. "Thanks." I walk into my room. I love it, it's really elegant. It's painted a light green and then I have a white and light green bedspread. I have a balcony the overlooks the beach onto my private island. I smile to myself, I cant believe they didnt see it earlier, they musta been to worried about getting me in the water. I walk into my bathroom and grab a quick shower and change into my pajamas. I walk to the far corner of my room where my wooden desk sits. It has my song books and my sheet music and some pictures of me and marybeth and my family. I walk over and pick up my orange electric guitar and start strumming, to Just the way you are. I strum through the whole song and I decide to check on the guys. I look in at Bruno sleeping and he looks like an angel, I move from one room to the next until I get to the end of the hall. I look around and decide to go down by the beach for awhile. When I step outside I'm greeted my the salty smell of the beach. I stand by the water letting the sea breeze refresh me, when I hear someone behind me. I dont bother to turn around because I figure it’s Bruno. He comes behind me and wraps his arms around my waist and puts his chin on my shoulder. "I thought you were asleep?" I ask him "I couldnt get to sleep I was pretending when you came in." "Why did you follow me out here?" He sighs and I wait for his reply. "I.....I was just.....I.....I dunno......" "Bruno why did you really come out here?" I turn around and look at him. "Because I wanted to do this...." He leans in and kisses me. I amlost forget to breathe. It’s amazing, words cant even describe.