Chapter 1

01/06/2011 15:01

'Just twist, jump, run then..."

Rae was doing everything in her power to do this right; here it was, everyone's hearts were racing, the music was pounding, lights were flashing back and forth on the huge black stage. this was the climax, the ultimate of the whole song, and Rae was the center of the pinnacle moment of it all. Everyone in directed their mental focus on her subtle form as she quickly and gracefuly crossed the stage until, from an audience view, she was no longer visable. her moment was coming...

'Just trust him...just trust him...'

It was all in slow motion. The costumes skirts that twisted and turned in a syncronized motion on the hips of the young women on stage rushed by her as she took the crutial three steps before her final leap. This was all that she needed to prove what she was worth. matthew awaited her from centerstage with his arms wide open; he trusted that she was going to own this moment.


she took the final step. then, she launched herself as far into the air as her feet would take her. she felt the air rush around her as her body spun in the air, her long dark hair simply brushin past her neck as she began her decent to the stage again.


She landed gracefuly in matthew's arms, doing everything she could not to smile....she still had to remain in character until Mr. Sneed, the director of the show and teacher of the class gave the next direction. This was the moment of a lifetime; Rae didn't mind if she was stuck like that until the end of time.

"perfect, perfect, lights fade out....curtain down and...."


"what the-?" everyone said in unison either in their minds or out loud. they all looked over in the direction of the backstage door to see a familiar (and mostly unwelcome) face appear in the doorway. rae graoned as she thought of her perfect moment being ruined due to the fact that someone failed to be informed on theater etiquite 101. Matthew placed her gently down on the stage floor as he went along with everyone else, migrating gradually towards the scene of the action.

"hello darlings! miss me much?" a bubbly voice reverberated through the theater.

"oh god....missy." Rae muttered under her breath. missy; the blonde-haired blue-eyed diva of the school, who always had something to say about someone, had been away for almost three weeks after an "incident" occured between her and Rae. She came back with a pretty-in-pink vengance that made the guys swoon and the girls (well, besides three sane females in the whole class of thirty, divided evenly between girls and guys) green with envy or in girls like rae's case, sick with annoyance. The worst part....she came with a new boy-toy on her arm...

"well, well, well, how are all of my little cast members doing?" she asked as though they were little children in a daycare, waiting for the next command from their godlike leader, the worst part being that everyone took this crap from her...even mr. sneed...but Rae and a select few saw through her friendly facade....she was the devil in gucci and gold.

everyone welcomed the intruder with open arms; she was the godess of the stage. she upstaged and squashed anyone who even tried for any role in any production that was too much more than a prop, so everyone tried to stay on her "good side". the only good thing about that year was that the prima donna was making her grand exit from the school as a senior at columbia college and would be moving on to 'bigger and better things', leaving the younger classmen to take over...hopefully...

Rae just stood waiting for class to start back up. They had limited time onstage and Rae had too many numbers rehearsed to not get at least a third of them done today. she especially wouldn't lose spotlight to missy, of all people. she  decided to shake things up; she noticed that Missy's newest love interest was lingering outside of the door. This was one of those moments where Rae decided to stael missy's thunder. this happens more than one would assume, but rae was no ordianry sophmore. She put two of her fingers in her mouth and gave a shrill whistle to get the crowd's attention. They all whipped their heads in her direction.

"There's someone at the door...could we please at least try and be hospitable by taking a break from worshipping missy's feet and say 'hi'?" they all rolled their eyes at her; she didn't care. Business was business. but when the crowd finally reluctantly turned their attention to the door, no one was anticipating the next event.

"OH MY GOD, IT'S BRUNO MARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" suddenly, everyone crowded around the doorway to go crazy over this person. only Rae stood back and watched. She had no idea who this person is and, frankly, she didn't care to know. if he was associated with missy, he was no good news for Rae. Still, though, she had to follow when matthew began to abandon her and draw slowly closer to the crowd with a string of 'ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod's escaping his lips.

"Who's this guy?" rae asked. for the sake of her "hate wall" back at home (not as vicious as it sounds; in fact it’s pretty nice. matthew's blue eyes where wide with shock from the question that had just been asked. he was floundering about for words as he tried to recover and give an explanation to the unexplainable...

"you mean you don't- you never even heard of-?"

"no, i don't and no, i've never in my life heard of....him" she said, gesturing limply with her hand towards the center of the mob. matthew simply shook his head.

"bruno mars, only one of the most fantastic new music artists of our time! well, musician slash songwriter slash producer slash-"

"okay! i get it! he's all that and a bag of doritos. still, though, he's missy's little play-thing now so-"

"only 'cause you stole her last one!" matthew couldn't help but laugh; only a month ago was some other 'important' man trailing missy around everywhere. then he had to stay and watch one of the class performances while he was waiting for her and he saw Rae in her element, which is a dangerous thing for any man, even one who belonged to missy. Rae didn't take this 'joke' very well; everyone thinks Rae was after missy's boyfriend, when, in reality, he was boarderline stalking Rae. missy was furious and left for some R&R.

"would you please drop that, okay? go over somewhere a big lunatic about this bruno person if you want. i'll be here." Matthew, though, was already in his own world, completely ignoring Rae and focusing most of his attention at the crowd...

"isn't he just yummy?" matthew asked. Rae rolled her eyes.

"okay, one, Matty-boy," she said, firmly placing one of her hands on Matty's shoulders, "please next time go somewhere else to verbally ejaculate homosexuality all over someone. second, how the HECK am i supposed to see him, hm? i'm FIVE-FOOT NOTHING in a room full of people who are five foot five and over!"

"Well sorry, ms. sensative! bruno's not that tall to begin with either!" Matty said laughing.

"oh, so you speak of him on a first name basis now, huh? well he probably has a napolean complex going on anyway." Matty hit Rae on the arm.

"don't say that! he's a good person, believe it or not."
"i'll go with 'or not' for now. c'mon, we still have a show to run." she glanced over at the tech crew from the front of the theater with the backstage crew, to the back, with the light and sound board. they all looked either bored, restless, or for the heads of the teach crew, extremely irritated. the stage crew was the only group that was, as a whole, not in a tizzy over this celebrity; in fact, they were just as irritated as Rae was that they had to stop runs and calls for the show all because of one person. Rae ran over to the head of backstage and asked for his headset. any other student would've been denied the equipment, but rae was also a proficient technical theater student. she placed it on her head and made sure that the pack was on.

"we're running my next number; the  class is too inebrieated by this man's presence to function properly." the backstage manager shifted side to side a bit uneasily. he knew the others would notice that their rehearsal time was down to none and that Rae and a select few had all of the work time. He knew that he was dealing with mostly self-centered brats; but he remebered fearless Rae and let his guard down. he simply nodded and let Rae cue up the next number.

"okay, are we ready backstage?" Rae recieved a collection of confermations that the next portion of rehearsal was ready to begin. Rae ran to her starting position offstage with everyone else oblivious to the lights dimming. then, a backstage crew member, who was particularly irked by the disturbance, decided to take her own revenge and bring in a line without calling it. everyone ducked and squealed as the big metal bar came in almost directly on top of their heads, missing some by only a hair, then glared at the crew member. she sneered at the crowd with satisfaction.

"sorry. pipe coming in." Rae giggled and readied herself for the next number...


"babe, i really don't wanna go. i dont wanna mess up your first day back in class." bruno felt uneasy at the thought of just coming in uninvited to a college class. he loved a certain way, but she had more vices than the average girl, which somewhat attracted him to her, but it also made the relationship a bit more strenuous than bruno thought neccesary. Missy, on the other hand...

"no. hon, it's gonna be fine;" she said, placing her perfectly manicured hands on the sides of bruno's face." besides, we're almost to my first class. you wouldn't wanna disappoint me and not meet my friends, do you?" Missy gave her pouty face that bruno always had to pretend to fall for by rolling his eyes and kissing her gently...his way of 'surrender'. he was tired of this routine; empty arguments and even emptier romance. it was all mundane and weak, but he was all that missy had...he couldn't leave her. besides, she had her sweet moments...

"here we are. and look... the class tramp is finishing her lap dance."  bruno didn't exactly enjoy when missy was like this, but maybe the girl could've possibly deserved it...missy didn't care about people deserving what. but bruno wasn't exactly aware of that; he just accepted missy's 'off' moments without much argument. missy waited patiently backstage. she sneered at the thought of what it took to ruin this highly anticipated moment for Rae. She knew the hard work it took to get this number together, it just took one second...

bruno peeked in through the backstage door to see what was going on. he stared slack-jawed as a girl offstage launched herself into the air and seemed to be suspended there, just twirling like a spinning top in the air, her thick, raven black hair swirling around her delicate neck and just a little ways down her perfectly arched back. she gracefuly landed in someone's awaiting arms below and bruno felt a strange twinge of jealousy at the sight of the girl in someone else's arms. he tried to shake the feeling and get the amazed look on his face off before missy noticed, but it was too late. she stomped past him and glared before shoving him in the chest against the wall.

"watch those wandering eyes of yours, mister mars. at least I would." she  gave bruno a glance up and down before strutting into the doorway. "you never know what you might miss out on." with this she gave the back of her mini skirt a tease to reveal that she was wearing a pink thong. She proceeded to enter the theater, leaving bruno to stand about awkwardly and wait for one of missy's many 'cues'. he really cared for missy; she was funny and spontanious and talented. she also was dedicated to keeping bruno by her side....which bruno thought of as a questionable plus. but the teasing him, making feel like he wasn't much more than a sex toy at times, was really making bruno feel uneasy around missy. he was deep in thought about this when, out of nowhere, a shrill whistle came from the theater. he heard someone talk about someone being in the doorway, and knew that he was in trouble. as to be expected, there was a crowd around him. he smiled and 'enjoyed' the attention. he had to. for missy. he looked around at all of the ecstactic, grinning faces, and noticed that one was missing: the dancing girl. he searched the crowd to try and find her, and saw her offstage with the man that had caught her. the pang of jealousy struck bruno again as he wondered if they were talking about him. his question was answered when her saw the girls gesture limply in his direction. bruno wasn't quite sure what to make of that, but simply tried to turn his attention back to the crowd. some of the backstage people started to get a bit fussy, then bruno watched the girl darted across the stage and took the headset from someone and speak unaudibly into it. she waited and quickly answered into the headpiece a few more times before heading off to the other part of the stage. suddenly, a pole came down on the crowd, almost knocking bruno off of his feet, had he not ducked out of the way. the mob around him got fussy and realized that another number was starting. they simply corralled into the house of the theater to watch the show. bruno felt a slight tug on his shirt. missy. she was not at all satisfied with the situation. she wanted to keep bruno as far away from Rae as was physically possible.

"maybe you are a bit distracting." she said, biting one of her nails in pseudo concern for his comfort. the only person she was concerned for, was herself. "maybe you should wait out in the car until class is over..." bruno just took her hand and led her offstage and into the house of the theater. they both watched the stage in anxious anticipation for the next portion to begin. bruno watched the girl pad across the stage in her bare feet; she turned to the 'audience' with a slight look of surprise on her face.

"sorry. my halo mic needs more batteries." she called. bruno watched her subtly so as not to upset missy. he liked what he saw. she was petite, with long black hair and full lips. he tried to see more of her facial features; long lashes highly arched expressive eyebrows. and then he saw one of the most wonderous things he had ever seen on a woman: her eyes were teal. there was no doubting it. They were wide and bright and shone brighter than any precious stone he'd ever seen. he couldn't help himself, he had to know...

"missy, what's with...her eyes?" missy frowned a bit, but recalled the story rae had told her so long ago.

"ahhh...they're just that way. she doesn't have contacts or anything; her mom thought it was a rare form of ablinism, but they're just that colour. Rae couldn't afford contacts anyway. "Missy sat back in her seat. she couldn't lie about Rae's eyes, no matter how hard she would try, it just wasn't lie about something that amazed even missy. the house lights came down and someone off stage with a microphone announced the next number. Rae reappeared onstage in a shorter black skirt that swayed with every step she took. bruno couldn't help but notice the way the soft fabric clung delicately to her perfectly curved hips and how the sinfuly red top met with the skirt at her small waist. he watched as she stood at the middle of the stage. twentie's rag-style piano music started and Rae began to sing.

"c'mon babe we're gonna paint the town...and all that jazz. i'm gonna rouge my knees and roll my stockings down... start the car.." bruno watched as she sang in a surprisingly sultry voice about gin and pianos and being out on the town. it was difficult by the second verse for him to keep a composed look on his face and the music got a little faster...

"c'mon babe, we're playin fast and loose.. and all that jazz. right up here is where i store the juice...and all that jazz.." Rae was joined onstage by men dressed in black slacks with matching vests that were wide open to reveal that they all had washboard abs. they were dramaticaly grabbed by rae as they danced around her, rubbing their hands across her body with her returning every touch. she finished the number with bright lights and much applause...except of course from missy.

they all met backstage to start the next number. missy was in this one and had forgotten about her 'love' for bruno and remembered her obsession with the spotlight. she quickly dashed to the dressing room to change for her next part. bruno saw this as his opportunity to meet this rae person. he watched as someone vocalized offstage and Rae was dancing to the melody. it was so amazing; Rae was moving music like no one bruno had ever seen. she suddenly stopped when she started to do more inticate moves such as being able to wind her body gracefuly to the ground and immediately wind back up just as smoothly. she stepped back, but started up again. it went like this until everyone was ready for the next number to begin. rae was on stage left; the same side as bruno, though she paid him no attention. she was in her original costume and now doing a gypsy-like dance around a group of guys who were thoroughly entertained by her, laughing and smiling, some reaching out to touch her swiviling hips and waist. rae tried to stay away from these but things don't always work out quite as you want them too...


"get your paws offa me!" Rae was grabbed by Roy; the class creep and the oldest of them all at a ripe old twenty nine. he had taken a firm hold of rae by her waist and was trying to kiss her neck while she struggeled in his arms.

"aw c'mon. you know you want me!" the guys around were all laughing. except bruno. he stormed over to Roy and managed to yank Rae out of his arms before getting so close in his face that Roy could smell the cologne that Bruno was wearing. before he could say anything though, roy backed away into his group of friends. Bruno turned to Rae who was still straightening her skirt and tank top.

"you okay?" he asked

"peachy." rae retorted. she didn't exactly want him to see her, if at all, like this. her hair was a mess and her clothes were bunched up and wrinkled in all of the wrong places. she tugged at them and pulled franticly, strangely nervous that he was standing there...just staring...

bruno finally couldn't stand it anymore. he gently reached out to help her detandle her costume jewelery from her intricate costume, rae pausing a split second, then resuming her work on the numerous tangles in her clothes. her light brown skin was warm to the touch, her lips slightly parted as she concentrated on a single knot which bruno started to help her with, just their fingertips touched, but they both felt like they were just struck with lightning. bruno tried to easy the tension a bit with some humor...

"well, sorry. but maybe if you weren't such a tease..." Rae saw nothing but red. this was one thing she could never tolerate. a tease was what Missy was....she wasn't missy. was this his way of hitting on her? did he really think she was that easy. Rae began to hyperventalate as she pulled away from bruno's grasp.

"tease?!?! i am no tease! you don't know anything about me!" she stormed out, but bruno raised his hand to try to grab her shoulder, but instead caught a necklace she was wearing which broke off in his hand. Rae stopped in her tracks, whipped her head around to give bruno one hateful glance before bursting into tears and running out of the backstage door...