Chapter 1

01/06/2011 15:43

It was a beautiful summer day in Honolulu, Hawaii…2 mothers sat on the bench watching their kids play in the sand.

“Ahh, young love. Beautiful thing isn’t it” said one of the mothers.

“It sure is.” Said the other mother smiling, watching the expression on her little angels face.

“I’m guessing that’s your little girl, my boy is giving all his devoted attention to.”

Laughing the mother replies, “Why yes it is…that’s my little angel, your boy seems charming.”

“Oh trust me, he’s a little charmer alright, loves singing and dancing…look at him, he’s already showing his moves to your young daughter” Both mothers look in the direction of their kids and start to laugh.

“He is quite the dancer, he’s got a lovely smile.”

“Thanks, he’s gets it from his father. Your girls got very pretty eyes.”

“Also inherited from her father.” Both mothers giggle.

“How old is she? Looks no older then 2 years.”

“She’s not, she will be turning 3 in August, but talks on like a little chatter bug. What about your boy?”

“He’s turning 4 soon, and I know what you mean, he’s a little chatter bug himself.”

“No wonder they’re getting along so well.”

Both mothers laugh, watching their kids getting along so well.

“I feel so silly, we’ve been talking and I didn’t even get your name.”

“My names Maya, and yours?”|

“Bernadette, but you may call me Bernie…all my friends do.”

“Well, I guess that makes us friends.”

“With our young ones looking at one another like that…at such a young age, looks like we may be having a little more of these play dates.”

Both mothers look at one another and laugh.

Meanwhile, the young ones don’t even realize that their mothers are still standing there.

“Brunooooooooooo” says the little girl “You have a diffewent kinda name…I no hear before” she says shaking her head.

“Well, that’s because I am diffewent. Now you tell me yours”

“My names Kiara, like the lion king one” She says proudly.

“I like it, can I call you Kiki”

“Yes you may, we fwends now”

“BEST FWENDS!!!” He says jumping up and down.

“Forever?” She says sweetly

He looks straight into her eyes and says “Forever.”

“Kiara, hunny it’s getting late” Said Maya “We better get going, we’ll come back tomorrow”

“Bruno, you too sweetheart.”  Said Bernie.

Both of them ran over to their mothers.

“Mommy, mommy I wanna come back tomorrow to play some more with Kiara”

“Yeaaah mommy, I wanna come too okaaaaay”

Both mothers looked at one another and smiled.

“Sure” They both said

“Well it was nice meeting you Maya, we’ll see you soon…here take my number and give me yours we’ll keep in touch”

“It was nice meeting you too Bernie, and sure…me and my precious little daughter would really love that”

They exchanged numbers and went their own way…not knowing that, this would probably be the last time they ever laughed and played with one another.

The next day, was a nightmare…for Kiara and her whole family. Her mother and father went out that night to have some time away from the hectic life of being parents---but they did not return. In the middle of the night, her sister received and dreadful phone call, that would change all of their lives. Her mother and father had gotten into a car accident, and did not survive.

Life for them would no longer be the same, Kiara and her siblings were now orphans…her older sister being the tender age of 18 was now too take her of her brothers and very young baby sister. They had the funeral the following week, Bruno and his mom showed up…his mother was crying and he was looking confused. His eyes lit up as soon as he saw Kiara, but slowly died down when he saw tears running down her face. He didn’t like it…it hurt his heart.

“Mommy, why is kiki crying?”

“Hunny her mother and father just passed away”

“What does that mean mommy”

“Well, sweety it means they are with God now”

“Oh” He looked down at his shoes, he didn’t like the idea that she had no mommy or daddy he knew how much he loved his, and although he was too young to understand…he knew he would never be able to live without his parents. “Mommy I wanna give kiki a gift”

“Okay I will take you to her.”

They walked over to the children, Bruno’s mother hugged Kiara’s sister and was just holding her saying nothing but “its going to be okay, we’re all here for you”

Bruno walked over to Kiara who was hiding in her eldest brother’s chest crying, she took one look at him and smiled. He smiled with her…then he gave her his little teddy bear. “This keeps me safe at night, his names Leo, he will protect you whenever you get scared or lonely” She said nothing but jumped off her brothers lap and gave him a hug.


“Aunt Bernie, you’ve been so nice these past couple of days…I don’t know what I would do without your support. It’s hard having to grow up after your parents-----“ She couldn’t finish her sentence, it was still to early.

“Hey, come on Danielle…you’re a strong girl. You got yourself a good job in LA, I’m so proud of you. And I know your mother and father would have been too” She said pulling her into a hug.

“Thanks, that means a lot” she said teary eyed

“I just wish little Kiara didn’t have to go so far from my little Bruno. He’s going to miss her so much.” She said looking at her son hugging the little girl oh so tightly.

“Yes, I’m sad about that myself Kiara gets emotionally attached very quickly, and Bruno seems to be her young love.”

“You got that right…well hunny it’s almost time for your flight…you better get going” She said pulling her into a hug

“Yes, and thanks once again. You really did a lot for us”

“No need to be so formal with me girl” She said smiling. She then walked over to Bruno and Kiara

“Hey there missy”

“Hello.” Said Kiara in her cute little baby voice

“Well sweety, it’s time for you to board the plane with your sister and brothers. I’m sure you would get lonely without them”

“Yeah” she said looking down

“Don’t worry darling, Bruno and I will come visit when we can”

“Pinky Promise?” said Kiara with new hope in her sapphire blue eyes.

“Pinky Promise. Now give your aunt Bernie a big hug” They hugged and Kiara smiled

“I’m going to miss you so much, you’re like my mommy”

That brought tears to Bernie’s eyes, this young child had to now grow up without her mother…or her father. Luckily she had a sister and brothers to care for her and she knew they would do a great job she would be surrounded with love.

“I’m going to miss you too baby, like I said we will come and visit okay darling?”


“ALL passengers that are to board the flight to LA please come to the main lobby, the flight will be leaving in T minus 1 hour.

“Looks like that’s our call.” Said Danielle looking over at her baby sister “Kiara baby, lets go now time to board the plane”

“Okay D” said Kiara, still not being able to pronounce her sisters full name

She looked over at Bruno and his mother, she was going to miss them so much, she was sad having to leave but she wouldn’t be able to stay without her sister and brothers. They are all she has left.

He looked at Kiara one last time before walking away with his mother, he wasn’t able to speak there were only tears rolling down both of their cheeks. “Forever” he mouthed to her.

“Forever” she whispered back.