Chapter 13-15

01/11/2011 19:23

Chapter 13

He looks like he doesn’t want me to see his house, why? What’s he hiding from me? We get to his and I see that he lives in an apartment. It’s not that far from my house either, he lets me in and we go up. His apartment is small and very messy; I just have the urge to tidy it. It’s open plan, so the living room and kitchen are connected. I see another small room opposite, I suppose that’s Bruno’s bedroom and to the left is the bathroom. Bruno comes from behind; put’s his arms around me and says “I know it’s not much and it’s nothing compared to your house but….” is he embarrassed? “I don’t care where you live” He kisses my neck and lets me go. “Just make yourself at home, I’m going in for a shower” Can I join you? Or just sit and watch? I think in my head “Ok, take your time” I say as I make my way over to the couch before I realise how filthy his house it. I decide to wash his dishes and just do some regular tidying up but what do you expect? It’s a bachel-or it WAS a bachelor’s house. I know it’s not nice to snoop but I just can’t help myself, I open his cupboards and see hardly any food, does he not eat? The only edible thing I find is a packet of pop tarts. I try to familiarise myself with his house, opening cupboards and drawers. I open this one drawer and find papers, they look like bills. They look like un paid bills and final notices. Bruno hasn’t been paying his bills, I wonder why that is. Unless he can’t pay his bills. I feel terrible; I let him pay for dinner and for my gas today. I decide to stop looking through his stuff grab a glass of water and go watch some TV until he’s done.

About half an hour later Bruno comes out of the shower. In a towel. All steamy. And wet. My eyes pop open and I just start to stare at him. Bruno takes no notice of me and just walks straight in to his room. He doesn’t shut his door and if I altered my position on the couch then I would have the perfect view. But my mother didn’t raise me to act like a whore. I’ve seen Bruno shirtless and wet before, but just thinking about what was under that towe-*ring* my phone starts to ring and I snap back to reality. “Hey Mid” “Hey Lex, are you ok!?”  “Yeah I’m fine, I’m with Bruno at his place” “With Bruno?” “Yeah, what happened after I left?” “Well Lex, you left a pretty huge mark on her face, how’s yours?” “It’s fine, what’s she saying?” “Just how she wants to kill you and shit. The usual. Hey, did he break up with her!? She said she dumped him, but I don’t believe that bullshit” “No, he deffinatly broke up with her” “So what are you doing at Bruno’s exactly?” “I’ll tell you later” “LATER!? Lex it’s nearly 1am” Oh shit, I never noticed the time “Yes I’ll tell you later then, bye Mid” and with that I put the phone down and at the same time I feel Bruno’s arms around me again. He smells so good. I turn around and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. Bruno lifts me up and moves round to sit on the couch and puts me on his lap. We stay like still kissing for a while until he stops and grabs my water and somehow, I don’t even know how but he manages to Spill the water all over my top and just starts laughing at me. It takes me a while to realise that my red lacy bra is clearly visible. Fuck how embarrassing! I cross my arms over chest to cover myself. I give Bruno an annoyed look and he responds by giving me a sly wink. Such a guy. “Come on, I’ll get you something to wear. Or you could stay like that” I get up off Bruno and say “I think I’d like something to wear please” Reluctantly he gets up “Fine”. He takes me to his bedroom and I see a double bed, with the covers unmade might I add. He looks through his cupboard and gives me this cute Mickey Mouse shirt, it smells just like him. Bruno makes no move to turn around or leave while I get changed, oh well, I’ll play along. I slowly remove my soaking wet shirt of and realise that Bruno’s eyes have popped open. I then use it to dab myself dry. I notice that Bruno is still staring so I throw my wet shirt at him, put his one on and make my way to the couch again.

Bruno follows and joins me. I miss sitting on his lap. Just as I think that Bruno says “I miss you sitting on my lap” Creepy. So I do just as he says. “Lex, tell me about this Fire Truck game then” he really wanted me to show him? “I’d need to show you, not tell you” “That’s cool” Oh God. I’m nervous but on some level I’m excited and kind of turned on. I move back and sit at the end of Bruno’s lap by his knees. I lower my voice. “Ok, my hands are the fire truck, when you want me to stop, you say the words Red Light, got it?” He nods in anticipation, so I continue. I place my hand on his knees and ever so slowly work my way up his thighs. His breathing deepens as does mine and I can tell it’s turning him on. Still slowly and sensually I make my way up to the top of his thighs, almost touching him there, is he going to let me go all the way? I continue and just before I reach it. “Red Light” he almost whispers, my heart sinks a little, but I move in close to him and whisper “Fire Trucks don’t stop for Red Lights”

Chapter 14

After Bruno stops me while playing the fire engine game I decide to ask him about Emma again. Still sitting on his lap I look deep in to his eyes and repeat my question from earlier. “Why didn’t you break up with her earlier? Why did you play me along like that?” He takes a deep breath, looks away from me and says “Because Lex, she loved me, I know that to you she wasn’t THE nicest person, but she loved me and I loved her” He said the words Loved. He continues “I didn’t think it would be fair to dump her for this new girl in my life, 2 years Lex, that’s a long time. I don’t blame you for wanting me to break up with her though; I just wanted to kiss you, just one kiss to see if there was anything between us, but you were right, what I was doing was wrong” It’s not that I don’t believe him, because I do, but I still feel like he’s hiding something. I get off his lap and he seems disappointed. This time I don’t look at him and almost whisper “Why else?” “What?” “Why else didn’t you want to date me, I feel like you’re still keeping something for me” “Lex don’t make this harder than it already is” I take his hand and just wait. After a while he still doesn’t say anything. I’m sick of having to wait around for him to make the decisions. I get up and make my way to the door. “Lex wait” Just as I open the door Bruno pushes it shut and just stands there with his hand on the door. I’m stuck. Still facing the door I say “Bruno. Open the door” “Lex don’t leave. Please” My heart breaks. I turn round to look at him “Then tell me why” He looks away from me “Because baby, I don’t have the money, I have nothing, look at where I live! I can’t afford to buy you all the nice things you deserve” Is he for real!? “What the fuck!? Bruno do you seriously think I care about if you have money or not!? Do you honestly think that I’m THAT shallow that I need money to make me happy in life? I’ve had to work hard in life to get where I am” “Face it Lex, I’m not good enough for you” I feel like I could actually cry now, why does he put himself down like that. “Bruno, I want you, just you, not what you can or can’t buy me, but I want you, I don’t care about anything else” I feel like I’m going to lose him, Bruno rubs his thumb across my cheek and wipes a tear away. “Lexii, don’t cry” He kisses me again with a long passionate kiss. “Bruno you have to believe me, I don’t care, and you’re all I want” “I know baby, I know” and he hugs me like he did when we were in my yard.

I don’t realise how tired I am until I yawn. “Yeah, we’ve had a long day, let’s go to sleep” and with that Bruno leads us in to his bedroom and I feel like here, in Bruno’s arms is where I belong. Just as I’m drifting to sleep, Bruno starts to hum that same tune that he sung the first time we were on the keyboards together. I happily fall asleep.

When I wake up I just lay thinking about how fast everything’s changed. I’m not usually this lucky in life. I get up from the bed, fix my hair, and make the bed and go to find Bruno. It’s only after I start to walk that I realise that my back still hurts from sleeping on the floor. I find Bruno in the kitchen reading a news paper. As soon as he sees me he gives me a huge smile and says “Good morning beautiful, how did you sleep?” “Perfectly” He leans in to kiss me but I pull away “Don’t! I haven’t brushed my teeth yet” He rolls his eyes and kisses me anyway; I can taste the mint on his breath. “What do you wanna eat? I can make you cereal, or pop tarts, or both” “What did you have yesterday?” “Cereal” “Pop tarts it is then” and he places a few in the toaster. I stretch out having completely forgotten about my back and whimper in pain. “Fuck” “Your back still hurts?” he says while he rubs my lower back. “Yeah it really kills” “Where exactly does it hurt?” “Just all over, mainly in the middle though, I think I’ll just need to get a massage or something but everywhere closed until Monday” he comes from behind me, kisses my neck and says “I give great massages” I don’t know if he’s just saying that, but I’ve seen the way Bruno handles a guitar, just to have those hands on me. “You do?” he inhales my hair “Mmmmhmmm and I bet I could fix your back for you”. I’m still uncertain. “Come on baby, let me give you a massage” Awwhh he’s begging to touch me now, how can I say no to that? “Have you ever given Emma a massage?” “Nope. Never” “Sure” and I feel him smiling against my neck.

Chapter 15

We finish eating breakfast, he was right, he does make killer pop tarts and I notice Bruno was in a hurry to finish his breakfast. I’m not sure if I really want him to give me a massage, It’s kinda embarrassing, I know I want him too, but I don’t think it’s right and I don’t want to give Bruno the wrong impression. I want to have sex with Bruno, I really do and I know he wants to with me, but I want to save myself and wait until the moment is right. I’ve been used before for sex and its gotten me nowhere with the guy. But I know Bruno’s different, I know he won’t hurt me like the rest….I go to the bathroom to freshen up, brush my teeth with my spare toothbrush I keep in my bag and I notice Bruno uses colegate, just like me. I don’t know why but I smile at that thought. I look like such a tramp, my makeup isn’t as good as it could be and my hair, I’m not even going to attempt to do anything more with my hair. I wonder what Bruno will think. I look through his cabinet too, but I find nothing interesting, mine is filled with all the tablets I take, which reminds me, I need to take my Yasmin and other tablets. When I go back out to meet Bruno he looks eager, but he looks like he’s trying to hide it. My back really does kill; I suppose it can’t hurt to have him try.

“You ready baby?” Yes. I’m ready for a massage and that’s it. Oh who am I kidding “Yuhuh” and he takes my hand and leads me in to his bedroom. My heart is beating like mad, I’m nervous. Oh God. “Did you make my bed and tidy up in here?” “Maybe…”  “You did that in the kitchen and living room too” “I just don’t like mess” “Oh and my house is messy?” “Yes” next thing I know Bruno tackles me and we fall on his bed laughing “This isn’t helping my back!!” I try to get out through my laughter. “You’re right” and Bruno becomes all serious again. Oh God. Bruno comes up close and kisses me, a slow kiss this time, “Lie down” he says and leaves the room. So lie down on my front and wait for Bruno.

“Is that massaging oil!?” “Yeah, It was bought but we never used it” Ew I didn’t like the we in that sentence. Bruno gets on the bed with me and sits on the back of my thighs. My heart is beating so fast, I’m finding it hard to keep steady breaths. I just lay my head down and wait for Bruno. I feel him slowly lifting my shirt up, well, his Mickey mouse shirt that I’m still wearing. He lifts it as high as it goes. “Nope Lex, this isn’t going to work” “What?” “I can’t give you a proper massage with your shirt still on” Did he really just say that to me!? Typical guy talk right there. Oh well, it’s not like he hasn’t seen me in my bra earlier. “You’re gonna need to get off me then so I can take it off” He happily gets off me and I take my shirt off, still not facing him. If he could only see my face, I’m sure I’m as red as a tomato. I lay back in the same position that I was in and Bruno sits back on my legs.

He puts the oil in his hands and gently starts rubbing my back, neck and shoulders. This actually feels so amazing, the way his hands just slide all over me, it’s like his hands were made for my body. He wasn’t lying, he does give great massages. I close my eyes and just feel the rhythm of Bruno’s hands on me. I deeply inhale and my exhale sounds more like a moan. OH.MY.GOD. I hear Bruno clear his throat but he still continues. “I see that your blush has disappeared” Fuck my life. He noticed. Of course he noticed. He’s always watching me. I don’t reply. HOW can I reply to that!? Then I feel Bruno doing something strange. Is he playing with my bra clasp? He undoes it and sure enough my blush comes back. “That’s better” Bruno whispers. I’m so immensely turned on right now. If he continues for very much longer I’ll have to stop him.

Luckily he doesn’t continue for very much longer, in a way I’m happy he stopped, but I’m sad that he’s not touching me anymore. He leaves the room to wash his hands because of the oil and I use this opportunity to sort myself out and put my own shirt back on. I take Bruno’s shirt and stuff it in my bag; I think I’ll keep this. Bruno comes back in “Baby how do you feel?” I feel like you just gave me an orgasm without even having sex with me. “I feel amazing, thank you” and I kiss him. “Good”

“We need to go to the studio today, Jacques will shoot me if I don’t go in” “So who is the Jacques guy then? He’s your boss right?” “Yeah he’s my boss, but he’s never in, I usually handle everything anyway” “Apparently he’s a douche” I laugh because Phred obviously told him that “Yeah he is, but he’s my boss so I gotta listen to him” It pains me that I have to leave Bruno but I need to go home and get ready for work. “No stay longer, don’t leave” “I don’t want to but I have to” “No you don’t” He locks the door, what a baby. “I have to go home and shower! Now let me go” I say while laughing “You can shower here” would you join me? “Nooooo, I need to go home, pleeaaseee” Reluctantly he opens the door and walks me out “You know your way home?” “Mmmhmm” “Damn” Bruno says as he comes in for a goodbye kiss. I have to pull away from him otherwise I’ll never leave. I get in my car and drive off home. Is this really happening to me? Am I really dating Bruno!? It’s hard to believe that he likes me back the same way that I like him. When I get home, I check my phone and see I have a text from Bruno. I don’t even know when he input his number but he did. It reads “I Love You. I Always Have And I Always Will, From The Very Start. When I Met You I Fell In Love With Your Smile, Your Eyes, Just You. I Love You. My eye’s start to well up, can he really be this perfect?