Chapter 13

18/04/2011 22:29

When we get home, I hear screaming. God I can't take anymore drama right now, I just had a gun in my face. So I open the door but Bru put his arm out to stop me and went upstairs but I followed him. It was Alisia on her bed dancing up a storm, she was listening to the radio and music was playing. Bruno was jumping up and down and I realized it was the hooligans music playing. He ran over to me and kissed me countless times. They had did it, they all had made it, I was so excited for them.

I walked downstairs and grabbed the phone and called Maria. She answer the phone screaming!she was talking so fast in Spanish I couldn't translate what she was saying but she was excited.


“yes and I think I'm deaf now thanks to you.”

“Lo siento amor”

“no hay de que but you and Phil together?”

“si, but he's in such shock I think it's funny” she said laughing

“oh yeah”

“yeah you should see his face”

We both started laughing. Maria sounded way better than she did when she was last here. I'm happy for her. She was finally happy and she deserved it.

“so about this wedding...”

“i don't know when, we haven't had a chance to talk about it yet”

“por que?”

“ there was a little surprise we found out yesterday that could hold us up”

“is it money, because you know...”

“we're having a baby”

I pulled the phone away from my poor ear as Maria screamed her life away. I just started laughing, that was Maria for you.

“yeah, I found out today for sure”

“wow, i'm so overly excited!”

“ ok well let me put Philippe on the phone”

“ok, Bruno!”

He came downstairs and I handed him the phone, he gave me a kiss then I went upstairs. I walked in Alisia room and she was laying on the bed, sleep with her hand on her stomach. I grabbed the blankets to cover her up when I noticed a mark on her neck. It was more like a bruise, like someone had hit her. I'll ask her tomorrow, I went to my other guest room and leaned on the door frame with my hand on my belly. This was going to be the room where we would raise a child, I closed ,my eyes, smelling that cinnamon smell, knowing that he was behind me. Bru wrapped his arms around me and we started swaying side to side. He was humming some tune in my ear, putting me at ease. He pulled me to our bedroom and got undressed down to his boxers, got into the bed and patted the cover. I striped down to my panties,put my rollers in and I walked over to his suitcase and pulled out a tee. It had a lion on it and I put it on.

“Babe, when you gonna unpack so this house can be your home too”

“I like living out a suitcase, i'm kind of used to it.”

“but you don't have to anymore, this is our home now”

He looked at me and he looked like he was uncomfortable with the Idea so I just climbed into bed and he held me close. I grabbed his hand and intertwined it with mine. He still didn't say anything so I looked into his eyes for an answer but all I seen was worry and shame. Like he was embarrassed that her hadn't made himself truly at home.

“i don't mean...” he said

I lifted my hand to protest “Babe it's OK. No pressure. When your ready”

“when I'm ready, you can take my unpacking virginity away ok, but will it hurt?” he said

“yeah a little but I'll go slow baby ok?”

We both started laughing, I put my head on his chest and fell asleep. God what a day.

I awoke running to the toilet. This was not something I could get used to. After I vomited my life away I went downstairs and grabbed some ginger, hmm, what can I make with this. I looked at the clock and it was 10 in the morning. Wow so early, I walked to the icebox and there was a not on it.


Sorry I forgot to tell you about today but I had to go meet the guys to sign the contract to my new beginning, our new beginning. The guys are coming over after words, which will be around 4. Could you make us some celebration lunch please? Thanks love you.


The guy with the hair

I loved how he just knew I was going to make lunch for 5 grown hungry men. I shook my head and laughed. He's lucky I love to cook but me and Alisia had to eat first. I looked back into the icebox and realized, I didn't have enough food for all of us nor the hungry cave men soon to eat in my kitchen. I pulled out some eggs, bread and strawberry jam but went back for the sausage. I was feeling extra hungry this morning, oh, right, i'm with child. As is on cue I hear Alisia hurling her life away as I was. I make breakfast for the two of us and she comes down just as i'm pouring the orange juice.

“Mmm, I haven't had toast & jam in forever” Alisia says as she takes a bite

“ well I hope you enjoy this pregnant breakfast” I said as I sit down and begin to eat.

“why the label?”

“ I put ginger in everything, to help with the nausea”

“ wow I can't even taste it”

“well after this, you wanna go grocery shopping with me?”

“i really just want to lay in bed and sleep”

“come on, it'll be good for us”

Alisia really wasn't herself and that bothered me a lot. I finished my food and looked at Alisia and got a sick feeling, Now that I was really looking at her, she had faded bruises on the other side of her neck and her lip was uneven. She caught me staring at her and my heart melted for her. She was being abused.

“Alisia, whats going on between you and J?”

“Nothing why”

“does he box?”

“No, why do you ask”

“Because it seems as thought he has a punching bag he named Alisia”

She didn't say anything but just kept eating her sausage. Which was pissing me off, seeing her like this reminded me of her mom.

“Do you remember the day we went to your mothers funeral”

“Don't you DARE,go there Alicia”

“Why not?”

“because everything will be ok”

“isn't that what your mom told you when you seen her with black eyes”

“you know, you act as though your fucking life is peachy, and I'm sick of you trying to be my fucking mother, no one told you to take her place when....”

“i'm not trying”

“no shut up Alicia, I can take care of myself. I don't need you writing my life”

Alisia ran upstairs and I heard a door slam. I threw my plate against the wall, all I was trying to do was talk to her. She was better than that, especially as we seen her mom go through it. She was letting j put his hands on her the wrong way and I didn't fucking like it. I put my hands in my head and took a couple of breaths. I ran over our argument and thought about what I said. Damn, I had pushed it to far by bringing her mom into it. She was right, I had no right to do that. Sighing I walk over and cleaned up my mess and went upstairs. Alisia was crying and It was all my fault, wow I'm such a good friend. I knock on the door.



“can I come in?” I asked

“i really don't want to see you right now” she said

“look....i'm sorry, really. I had no right to bring your mom into this”

“you damn right you had no right!”

“i know and i'm sorry but I refuse to bury my best friend over something I could have helped her out of”

She opened the door, her eyes were blood shot red. She put her arms around me and I hugged her back then started crying too.

“ I just care about you too much lil mamas” I said

“i know I know i'm sorry too”

“don't be, I needed that smack in the face”

“can I do it for real?” she said with a smile

I pull away and look at her like she was crazy. We both start laughing and hugged again.

“it was worth the try?” Alisia said

“laundry?” I asked

“Laundry” she said

She lets go of me and goes hop in the shower while I cleaned up downstairs. When she came downstairs, she was dressed in my skin tight black dress and my gold flats with my gold earrings. Which so happends to be my favorite outfit.

“you would pick out one of my favs”

“i love this dress on you but on me it's wonderful” she said

I rolled my eyes took a shower, put on my purple flair dress with the black straps , took out my rollers but on my black flats and went downstairs. I grabbed my purse and seen Alisia standing by her red mustang with her black sun glasses on.

“not to bad for a poor girl huh?” I said as I spun around

“gurl your not poor”

“well i'm not rolling in riches like you but I guess your right”

She rolled her eyes, we got in the car and was on our way to the store. We got there and I grabbed a cart.

“so what's for lunch?” Alisia said

“BBQ dipped pork sandwiches, Fries and Home-style Milk shakes.” I said

“Mmm sounds good.”

We shop around and grab the things we needed and some stuff for the house. When I started go get this bad feeling in my stomach. I bent over and was in pain but I had a nauseous feeling like I was going to vomit. Oh god not here, not at the grocery store.

“Gurl you ok?” Alisia asked

“yeah i'm fine”

All of a sudden it went away, which was strange. We grabbed some more things but Alisia kept glancing at me. Then she was bent over, she put her hand on the counter and breathed slowly but then she dry heaved. I pulled her hair back just incase she did vomit but then she stopped and looked at me.

“wow that was really strange” she said

“pregnancy, ugh”

“you telling me”

We started laughing and I was happy so see a smile on her face. We gathered everything that we needed, I bought the food and we went back to her car. There was a group a guys whistling and hooting at us. Alisia started swaying her hips and I followed, hearing the guys hoot and holler for more reminded me of the good old times with Alisia. The flirting, the cute guys and the random sex but I was taken and pregnant now. Golly what a change. I stopped and held out my hand and pulled my finger and them to wave them towards us, Alisia did the same. As soon as they started walking over, we put our groceries in the car and drove off laughing. It was a trick we used to play just for a laugh.

On our way back to the house I started to get that feeling again, Alisia looked at me with the same expression. We pulled up to the house and seen someone one my porch. Alisia was wide eyed and I knew exactly who it was. It was J.

“well that explains the bad feeling” I said

He walks over to the car but I put my hand on my switch blade just in case, things got brutal. Alisia was scared out of her mind but I was ready for a fight.