Chapter 1

16/06/2011 22:46

I have so many memories of him, they probably take up three fourths of my brain space. Before I tell you my story I want you to hear some of my memories. The first memory I have of us is when we were about four. I remember him running into my room singing Elvis. When I asked him what he was doing he told me he was going to be Elvis in a movie. We were both so excited,Bruno always told me how he was going to be famous when he grew up,he was always singing and dancing and trying to make himself better. While most of the other kids were swimming in the ocean or playing together Bruno was with his dad or his uncle,trying to learn new things and practice the things he already knew,and I was right there beside him(like always). I didn't love singing as much as he did but I was a pretty good singer and somehow he always got me to sing with him. The next memory is the day we started high school. Bruno almost missed it because he slept in and like always I had come running into his house wake him up,get clothes out for him,get him some cereal, and find his keys for him. Sometimes he was more like my kid then my best friend. We got in the car and he drove to Roosevelt high as fast as he could and as soon as we walked in the doors we could tell these were going to be the worst years of our life. Everyone turned to stare at us,and when I say everyone I do mean everyone. The whole school got quiet and everyone was watching us. Some guy tried to smack my butt when we walked by and Bruno turned around and stared at him. Bruno told the guy to apologize but he wouldn't so Bruno decieded to punch him. And guess who happened to be walking down the hallway,yep you guessed it. The principal. The principal told Bruno to go to detention and I didn't want him to be alone so I stepped on the principlas foot,he sent me to detention(after yelling a few cuss words). When we got out of school we went to my house and as soon as we walked in the door my mom popped up out of nowhere and asked us how school had been. Bruno told her we both got detention and at first she looked like she wanted to kill us but after we told her the story she smiled and said that it was good that we had stuck together,which I thought was a little wierd cause ya know,I had just gotten detention but whatever. I'm not going to complain about it. I think she was just really happy that I had a friend like Bruno because when she was growing up she didn't have any friends that were always there for her. The last memory I'm going to tell you about now is when he left. It was a Monday morning and almost everyone in our neighborhood had taken off work so they could say goodbye to him. He wasn't leaving until three so we were having a going away party for him. I didn't see him the whole morning and after a while I started getting really worried. I started asking people if they had seen him and almost everyone I asked told me they had just seen him but they didn't know where he was now. At two I was freaking out,I still hadn't seen him and I was not going to let him leave without saying goodbye. I turned around and saw him walk around the corner of his house,I ran after him but when I got around to the side of his house he was gone. I looked for him franticly for the next hour and then went back to askig people where he was,no one knew. I bumped into my mom and asked her if she knew where he was and she told me that they had just left for the airport. I ran up to my room and cried,and cried and cried and cried. I stayed in my room for a few hours then my mom came up to talk to me but I locked my door when I heard her coming up the stairs. She talked to me through the door but when I didn't say anything back she got Bernadette to come talk to me. I let her in because I thought she might know why Bruno hadn't said goodbye to me. She told me he had been in a really bad mood lately but she didn't know why and she said she would call him later and yell at him. Alright, I guess I should get started with the real story now. So here it goes.


This is for all the people that knew us when we were young and all the people out there who think that true love doesn't exist or that they'll never find their true love. True love is real,it's not just something in movies,books,and tv shows. Some people never find their true love because they can't see what's right in front of them. Ladies,give that guy a chance. Maybe he's not your type maybe he's a little nerdy but like I always say,you never know. And guys don't always go for the gorgeous supermodel girls that are really b*tchy to you. Well back to my story,it all starts here,at Roosevelt hospital.


"Bernadette Hernandez?" The nurse called out. "Right here.",Bernadette said walking towards the nurse. "I'm very sorry but we only have one room left,and there's another woman in there. We can pull a curtian between you. Will that be ok?",the nurse asked. "No no,I want to see the lady that I'll be having my baby born next to. No curtian.",she said. The nurse got a wheelchair and Bernadette sat down in it. The nurse wheeled her to a room and helped her into the bed. Bernadette looked at the lady across the room,"What's your name?",she asked. "Veronica Peterson." The lady said. "Well nice to meet you. What are you having?" Bernadette asked motioning to Veronica's stomach. "Girl. What about you?" Veronica asked. "Boy." Bernadette said.

-A few hours later-

Bernadette and Veronica were both holding their babies,"Wanna trade?",Veronica asked. "Sure.",Bernadette said getting up to give Veronica her baby. "Wow,he's cute!",Veronica said. "Thank you. Your baby's really cute too.",Bernadette said. They gave the babies back to each other and kept talking. By the time it was time to go home they were best friends and they visited each other all the time because they lived right next to each other, and they always took their babys when they went to visit each other because the babys seemed to love each other. They had been inseprable since one and it stayed that way all their lives.


"V! V! V! I have to tell you something!",Bruno yelled. He ran upstairs and started banging on my door. "What is it?",I asked. He started dancing around my room singing some Elvis song. "I got a part in a movie! I'm going to be Elvis!",he yelled with excitement. "Yes! You're going to be famous now!",I yelled. "I know!",he yelled. "Come on let's go!",I said running down the stairs,"Mom! Mom! Bruno's going to be famous!". She turned around and shushed us,"The baby's sleeping,be quiet!". "Oh sorry,we'll be quiet. But mom,I don't remember us having a baby.",I said. "It's no our baby,I'm watching a lady from my work's baby.",she said,"Now go! G play outside or something until lunch is ready!". We went outside and pretended that Bruno was having a concert and I was one of his many screaming fans. After thirty minutes of that we got bored and went to Bruno's house. We ran inside and his mom grabbed us both before we could get very far. "No! The girls are taking a nap,you can't be loud.",she said. "We can't play at V's house and we can't play here. Where do we go?",he asked. "I don't care! Go to the park, go to the beach,just stay away from the houses!",she said. "We can go to the beach?!?",we both asked excitedly. "Yes. I don't care,just don't die.",she said. Bruno ran up to his room to get his bathing suit and I ran to my house to get mine. I got my bathing suit on and ran back downstairs,"Where are you going?",my mom asked. "Me and Bruno are going to the beach,his mom said we could.",I said. "Well ok,but be careful.",she said. I ran outside and went over to Bruno's house. Bruno still wasn't ready so I sat on the couch and waited for him. He finally came downstairs,"What took so long?",I asked. "I couldn't find my favorite swim suit so I had to look for it.",he said. "Oh ok,now let's go!",I said. We ran down to our favorite beach but when we got there the waves were too high for us to swim so we just played in the sand. "Look at my sand castle! Do you like it?",Bruno asked. "Yeah,it's cool!",I said. We both stopped what we were doing and looked up,there was a man in suit standing there staring at us. Bruno looked at me,"Should we go home?",he whispered. "Yeah,let's go.",I said. We started walking home and the guy followed us,we started running and the guy started walking fast. When we finally got to our neighborhood we ran into Bruno's house. "Mom! Someone's chasing us!",Bruno yelled. "What?!",she said the walked outside,"You! What are you doing?! Get out of here!",she yelled. He walked up to the porch,"I'm sorry ma'm I wasn't following your children. I'm here to talk to the parents of Bruno Hernandez.",he said. "Well that's me. What do you want?",she asked. "Bruno is going to be little Elvis in the movie Honeymoon in Vegas,correct?",he asked. "Yes he is,but I still want to know why you were following them.",she said. "I'm one of the producers of the movie and I just needed to tell you that filming starts next week and have him there by eight every morning.",he said turning around to leave. Bernedette closed the door,"Weirdo. What was he thinking?",she mumbled. "Well I'm gonna go home. I'll see you later Bruno.",I said. "Ok bye,see you tomorrow.",he said. I walked home,"You start kindergarten next month so we're going shopping for school stuff today. Go back over and ask Bruno if he wants to come with us." My mom said. I nodded them ran back over to Bruno's house. "We're going school shopping today. Do you want to come?" I asked. "Ewww school! I don't want to go!" He yelled. His mom walked in. "Well too bad! You have to go and you're going school shopping with them!" She said grabbing some money and handing it to me,"Give this to your mom,it should be enough. Bruno! Get dressed! And hurry up!" We got in my mom's car and started driving towards the mall. "Can I drive? Please please please please!" Bruno yelled. "No! Sit down and buckle up. And stop yelling!",she said. Bruno sat back, crossed his arms and frowned,"I never get to do anything!",he said. "Ok we're here. Bruno get out of the car!",my mom said. "No! I'm staying here!" He yelled. "Alright fine. Come on Victoria,let's go." She said. She grabbed my hand and started leading me towards the mall. "No wait! I'm coming!" Bruno yelled running after us. "I thought so." My mom said with a smirk. "I'm sorry." He said grabbing my mom's hand. "You know what Bruno, sometimes you're a bad little boy but you are a really really sweet little kid." She said with a smile.