Chapter 13

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13. Daniel. 

Bruno’s Mind. 10.35 AM @ The Hospital

I saw Phil smiling like a faggot. ‘He’s cute isn’t he..’ I smiled at him. ‘Look at the little pimp’ I said touching his little face. ’Congrats man, you must be the luckiest man on earth right now..’ I said smiling. I loved seeing the joy on Phil’s face. ‘Where is Urbana?’ Also known as, the mother of this child. ‘..Taking a shower.’ He said.  I looked over my shoulder looking for Alissa. ‘Hey Aliss, I’m so glad you’re okay!’ I heard Phil say. She just stood there…with no movement. ‘’ she said. ‘Why are you happy?’  she asked with disgust in her voice. ‘..How can I not be?’ Phil said. ‘Sweetie, are you ok?’ I asked. I have never seen her like that. Her face was just blank but beautiful. ‘He’s dead’ she said. ‘No..he’s asleep and breathing..’ Phil said freaked out. ‘..Alissa..’ I said and I walked up to her. She looked at me not understanding what was going on, but neither did I. ‘Have you read the captions from the medicine she got?’ Phil asked me. ‘..No..’ Phil helped Alissa sit down while I was looking for the medicine. ‘Any side effects? ‘Phil asked. ‘The urge to eat and sleep a lot get cranky and angry very quickly ...’ I mumbled  ‘well..that’s fun’ Phil said. I kept reading but then I saw the problem‘…HALLUCINATION!?’ I yelled worried. ‘What the actual fuck?’ Phil said. ‘I’m fine’ she said. ‘Stubborn, that’s what you are’ Phil said. ‘Let’s go downstairs to get you some new medication.’  Phil looked at me ‘You’re not going to get them that easily’ I gave him the lion look ‘Pshh, Be right back..’ Alissa got up and we walked to the 2nd floor. We got in line and when it was my turn I slammed the medicine on the table ‘Can you give her another kind of this, you know the one that doesn’t make you think cute little babies are death!?’ The lady that worked here looked at me shocked. ‘Y..yes sir..I will look it up for you..’ she was young. Very young. Alissa was leaning on the bar looking straight forward turning her back to the employee. ‘..You know these medicine are for you’ I said looking at her. ‘I feel fine’ she said. ‘Than explain why you thought the baby was dead.’ I said plane. She glared at me. ‘And still, I feel fine.’  She got her hand through her long dark brown wavy hair and turned around to see what was taking so long. ‘She only went looking for another kind to stop you from yelling at her.’ She smiled. She was so beautiful. If only she noticed what she does to me, but she doesn’t so end of story. When she said that, that was the fun goofy Alissa I met. The Alissa that almost hit a doctor in the nuts cause she wanted to know what was up with her sister. The Alissa that doesn’t give a fuck and just does what she does, she is stubborn as fuck but that’s what I’m into. We’re a lot alike, I never noticed.  She looked at me waiting to reply. ‘I know.’ I said. Smiling back at her. She looked around searching for something or someone. I could just see it in her eyes. ‘..That’s my first doctor’ she said pointing at him while trying to hide behind me. I chuckled. ‘What are you doing!?’ I asked her turning my head. She war behind me leaning her head on my back, and holding me softly. ‘I started to yell at him when he didn’t want to tell me what was wrong with Joelle remember? …You walked in just 2 seconds later, I just don’t want him to see me cause I know he is going to try to talk to me. ‘ I smiled and took her hands from my waist I turned her around and kissed her tenderly. My eyes were already open when she opened them. She smiled at me and let go. ‘Uh, sir. We have your medicine.’ Alissa laughed at the word sir. ‘It’s not for me but for her.’ I said. ‘Be nice’ Alissa chuckled. She took the medicine from the I think 19 year old intern/employee and smiled.  ‘Thank you’ Alissa said friendly. She tried to smile at me but I turned my back at her. We walked to the launch. ‘You know, this could be her first day working here’ she said. ‘So..that’s not my fault.’ She stopped me from walking and grabbed my face. ‘What I’m actually trying to say is that you’re an ass!’ she said laughing and let go. I chuckled. ‘I can be sweet.’  I  said with my baby voice. ‘..That doesn’t stop you from being an ass.’ It’s like something in her snapped. From being irritated and cranky and not wanting to talk to anyone she got all…herself again. I got some water for her to take the new medicine. ‘Wait!’ she paused with the medicine near her mouth. ‘What!?’ she said. ‘…read the captions.’ She rolled her eyes reading the captions. ‘..Out loud..’ I said.  She sighed. ‘These medicine will lead to internal bleedings and heart attacks.’  She said. My head snapped. ‘WHAT!?’ Somehow I believed her but then she started laughing her ass off. Nice ass by the way.  ‘You’re face was fucking priceless!’ she said still chuckling. ‘Ok now, no jokes.’ She sighed. ‘It says that I will get mad quickly but I doubt that.’ I chuckled. ‘quicker than usual?’ I said. She gave me the puma look, faking of course. ‘Fuck you’ she said. ‘anytime’ I replied. She is the first girlfriend I haven’t had sex with already.  I doubt that she is a virgin. What am I thinking. I have to get over my thoughts. She took the medicine and got up. ‘Let’s go back to Phil..and just..forget everything okay?’ I didn’t reply I just looked straight forward still deep in my thoughts. ‘..Dude…’ she pinched my hand lightly and I snapped out of it. ‘What did you say again?’ She sighed. ‘That I’m pregnant.’ I looked at her shocked.  She chuckled again looking at my expression. ‘Stop doing that’ I commanded her. ‘I swear, it’s  not funny’  We walked to the elevator cause we were going to see Phil and Urbana again. ‘No one tells me what to do.’ She said plane and then she looked at me with her loving eyes. ‘We are a lot alike you know.’ I said.  She smiled. ‘I know, our personality’s match.’ She said smiling. We got in the elevator. We were alone and it was going to take a while to get to the 11th floor.  I sighed and leaned on the rail. Alissa was checking her hair and make-up in the mirror which made me chuckle a little. ‘What?’ she asked smiling. ‘..You look just perfect, don’t worry’ She smiled and I opened my arms for the well deserved hug. She hugged me and put her arms around my neck. ‘You are right..’ I looked at her not knowing what she was talking about. ‘You are a sweet ass.’  She smiled. ‘You know. We are alone in an elevator, this all just makes me think of the movie scenes where they press the alarm button and have sex.’ Alissa laughed and let go.  ‘You sex bomb’ she said. ‘Me? You’re the one teasing me with that mini skirt.’ I said looking at her.  She shyly covered her face and we laughed. Does she really expect me to be the dude who has fucked super models, and then here she is. The beauty above super models. I know she’s not insecure but…her confidence is low. I would love to give that a boost…that’s not the only thing I would like to give a boost. Stop thinking about sex. Or alcohol. Or going out. Silence is not good. We got there and walked to the room where Phil and Urbana were in with the little pimp. We got there ‘Everything okay?’ Phil said when he saw us walk in. ‘Amazing’ Alissa said. It almost sounded sarcastic but she was smiling..wait..was that a sarcastic smile? God I have no idea. ‘Good’ Phil said satisfied. Alissa walked up to Urbana ‘I’m Alissa’ she said smiling and introduced herself to Urbana who was laying in her bed with the little pimp in her arms.

Urbana let one arm go of her baby and smiled at Alissa with great joy of meeting her. ‘I know! Phil talks a lot, I’m Urbana’ Alissa chuckled ‘I know, Bruno talks a lot.’ The two of them laughed and me and Phil looked at each other nodding with our satisfied smiles on. Our girls like each other. ‘What’s his name?’ Alissa asked touching his little cheek. ‘Yeah right, what is his name?’ I asked. ‘Zadeh’ Urbana and Phil said at the same time. They looked at each other and smiled. Those two, the love is just so obvious. With a simple look at each other they will make your heart swell with the love they have for each other. Phil has been really busy lately with the record company, but he is still always there for her and now for the baby as well. ‘Nice’ Alissa said. ‘Indeed’ I said with my horrible English accent. Urbana smiled at me. ‘So, how long are you guys dating?’ Me and Alissa looked at each other. ‘..3 weeks’ we laughed at the thought of us dating for 3 weeks, it felt like 3 years. Alissa’s phone rang and I was surprised by the fact of how ninja quick she answered her phone. ‘Hello’ It was Joelle I could hear her hysterical laugh. Alissa smiled ‘he what?’  she said. ‘He has to stay in jail for 20 years!’ I heard Joelle say. Me and Phil looked at each other, confused.  Alissa looked down. ‘only 20 years?’ She sighed and looked out the window. ‘Aw, come one in 20 years you will be married and have kids and Bruno will protect you’  I heard Joelle say. it was crazy quiet in the room cause we were trying to listen to her conversation.  She smiled at what Joelle said and I did too..a little. ‘..have you even told Bruno?’ I heard Joelle’s voice say. ‘’   I guess she forgot she was in the same room as we were cause when she looked up and saw us she looked pretty shocked. ‘..Alissa, you have to tell him.’ Alissa looked at me with her big grey gorgeous eyes. ‘…I know.’ She hung up and still looked at me. ‘You just hung up like that?’ I asked. ‘Yes.’ She replied dryly. Phil didn’t want to get sucked in our situation so he got up and sat next to Urbana holding Zadeh.  ‘Can I talk..’ ‘Sure’ I interrupted her. I got up and we walked out of the building. I quickly texted Phil that we might not come back.  ‘This way’ I said and we walked to the exit. ‘What is it you wanted to talk about?’ she sighed ‘My dad’ I looked up. She sat down on this bench just outside of the hospital.  I sat down next to her and she faced me. ‘I’m just gonna explain everything at once, with no interruption.’ I nodded. She sighed ‘My dad, not the fun guy to be around..he always fights, he has been on drugs and he is an alcoholic. It got outta hand and my mom told him that she was leaving with me and Joelle. We were like…14 and we saw him hurting our mom and…we just wanted to help but we couldn’t. My mom always threatened with leaving him and so one day she did, something in him snapped and..’ her eyes got watery and she sighed. I took of my jacket and put it around her. I kissed her cheek and took her hand. I rubbed her hand with my thumb and pulled her close to me. ‘he killed her in front of my eyes.’ She said. She buried her face in my chest. I just couldn’t believe what I just heard. I knew that but..that her dad did this all. She faced me again. ‘It was like hell living with him, so when me and Joelle were old enough and got enough money together, we got away from him.  We moved here, I got sexually abused by him. I sold myself out to protect Joelle. I more careful now.  The first night you were at my house with Phil, that morning my dad found out where we lived. He made a surprise appearance..It scared the fuck out of me..He knocked me out and I don’t know what happened afterwards..they say he abused me again.’  I could see the pain in every single word she said. ‘..they locked him away.’ I let my hand go through her soft hair. ‘..Sweetie..I..’ I am speechless. Seeing her hurt is just…awful. She buried her face in my chest again, this time I put my arms around her with great strength to let her know she is save with me, no matter what.  Her hair smelled like oranges. I like oranges. I kissed her forehead and just closed my eyes.


Alissa’s Mind 2:22 PM @ The Hospital (Outside)


I never felt so save in someone’s arms. Bruno just has that touch to it. I won’t forget what Joelle said though. “There has to be SOMETHING wrong with him”  I know she supposedly is right. No one is perfect but he just seems everything above perfect. My heart was raising as he gently touched my cheek bones. ‘You’re perfect to me’ he whispered in my ear. I wanted to tell him that I wasn’t cause I ain’t but I just couldn’t ruin the moment, our romantic moment…in public. My heart was heavy.

It was filled with my love for Bruno.  This moment was just perfect to me.  Noises of nature, no people talking, no awkward silence, just love. The good kind of love. Bruno’s phone rang, his ringtone was an old beeping tone like your phone went off in the 80’s. He untangled his arms from me and picked up. I took a deep breath knowing the best moment spent with him of all was over. I sat back down normally on the bench again and looked at him. ‘Mom?’ I heard him say. He was surprised but a slight smile creeped across his face. I looked down smiling. It looked like I was smiling at my feet but I was just smiling at the happiness in his voice. ‘How are you?’ he said. ‘I’m doing fiine’ a little silence got between him and his mom. ‘..I miss you too’ he said eventually. ‘But I’m not coming back’ It was surprising how amusing it was listening to the whole conversation. He told her everything, from the car accident to Chanel, and from her to the break up and from the break up to us being together, and even what happened to me in the hospital, and about Phil’s kid. I was just listening.

I wasn’t even getting bored. The way he talked to his mom with love and respect. The way he sometimes mouthed to me if he should hang up, but I didn’t want him to. I could never be that selfish. Sometimes in those really quiet moments I could hear the hurt in his mom’s voice, she missed him so much. ‘I love you too mom, bye, yes I promise I will call soon, bye mom! Love you’  He smiled and put his phone back in his pocket ‘Sorry’ he said. ‘No, don’t be it was amusing to listen to’ I said. I got up. ‘What time is it?’ he asked. ‘You’re wearing a watch.’ I said ruder than I expected how it would come out. ‘That’s not what I asked.’ He said smiling. I sighed grabbed his arm and looked on his watch. ‘4 o’clock.’ I said and when I realized what I said my eyes almost popped out of my face. ‘WHAT!?’  I said afterwards still holding his arm up to look at his watch. He chuckled. ‘Let’s get out of here.’ I nodded we walked up to the parking lot ‘Aren’t you hungry?’ he asked when he got in the car. I closed the door, fastened my seat belt and he smiled at me. ‘Put on your seatbelt’ I said dryly. ‘..come on’ he said. ‘No, do it’ he sighed and fastened his seat belt. ‘Happy?’ he asked. ‘When I shove a cheese burger down my throat I am.’ He laughed. ‘Nice!’ He started the car and drove away so damn fast, it seemed illegal. I turned on the radio and this song by a guy called B.o.B  popped up. Bruno started singing along ‘Haters everywhere we go, Haters everywhere we go, Haters everywhere we go, Haters going down for the count’ I smiled at him trying to rap, it was pretty good though. His voice just naturally sounds good by everything he says. I remember when Joelle challenged Bruno to speak Chinese at a Chinese restaurant where we once went when he stayed with us. They practiced the most coming sentences and now every time we go back to that restaurant they talk Chinese to him. So they believed him. The look on the waitress’ face was priceless when she heard him talk. ‘I like this guy’ Bruno said when the song ended. ‘You do?’ he nodded smiling ‘Maybe you should produce something for him’ I said not knowing what I was talking about of course. ‘…Good idea.’ He said looking at me. ‘EYES ON THE ROAD PLEASE!’ I yelled. ‘God, what is up with you and traffic?’ I glared at him, I know he knew what I was thinking.  He smiled ‘Sorry’ I sighed and leaned my head on the side window. ‘It’s okay, at least we can joke about it already’ Bruno slowed down a little as we drove in to a village. ‘Eh, this is not where I live you know.’ He smiled. ‘It’s a shortcut’ I sighed. ‘To where?’ Bruno laughed a little. ‘To the Mac Donalds’



We got home, I took of my jacket, and let myself fall onto the couch. The smell of our home, I missed it. I sniffed the scent of Joelle’s perfume in one of the pillows and closed my eyes. ‘I missed you couch’ I said snuggling up with one of the pillows. Bruno laughed at me and kissed my cheek. He turned on the tv and sat down,  Joelle came in. ‘SISSY! And…SISSY’S BOYFRIEND!’ me and Bruno laughed at her. ‘Everything is back to peace.’ She said and let herself fall onto the other couch and sighed. ‘Yes, I can’t take more drama for now’ Bruno said. Walking to the fridge. ‘Get me a cola?’ Joelle asked sweetly. ‘Sure’ he said. He got himself some Orange Soda and got the Cola for Joelle. He handed It to her and sat down right next to where I was laying. I lifted myself up and I lay back down but this time my head was on Bruno’s lap. He smiled at me and stroked my cheek with his fingers. I closed my eyes. I was exhausted. Bruno smiled satisfied. ‘How is it between you and Jamareo?’ Bruno asked Joelle. ‘good, awesome, on our first date he took me to the beach..and threw me in the water’ she laughed.  I was listening, my eyes were still closed. A little smile appeared on my face.  ‘that must be exiting’ Bruno said sarcastic. ‘For me it was, shut up!’ she laughed. I think they thought I was asleep. ‘Things between you and Alissa are getting pretty serious hmm?’ she said. Bruno looked at me. ‘She’s  special.’ He said. ‘It’s just that, I feels like I know her for years, but we know each other for…2 months.’ Joelle snickered. ‘True love’ she said. ‘But if you hurt better Runaway Baby!’

He cleared his throat ‘I would never hurt her…I couldn’t, she has been through enough. I just want her to be happy and to feel save with me, that’s all.’ Joelle took a sip of her cola. ‘You two are the first people I know that not went on a single date and became boyfriend and girlfriend.’ The two of them laughed.  ‘It’s all so crazy..’ he said smiling. ‘Too crazy’ Joelle replied. A loud bang went through the building, My eyes flew open and I sat up immediately. ‘What was that?’ I asked scared. Bruno got up. ‘It sounded like it came from Dorine’ Bruno said. ‘Do-who?’ Joelle said. ‘The granny next door.’ I said. ‘Oh my god! The one who made us those yummy chocolate-chip cookies!?’ she gasped. ‘I hope she’s okay!’ We walked to the big hall and more people were standing by Dorine’s door. ‘What happened?’ I said to my other neighbor Jack he looked at me. ‘We are trying to break the door open. The police is on their way.’ He said. Bruno looked at Jack. ‘Hey man.’ Jack said. ‘you still remember me?’ Bruno looked at him ‘of course I dropped me of your record label and then you decided to move in next to me.’ Jack shrugged. ‘How are you?’ Bruno looked away. ‘Shut up’ he replied. Joelle chuckled. Jack looked shocked and he turned  back to all the people standing by Dorine’s doo. ‘ass’ she said to Bruno. I gave Jack the look ‘He dropped YOU of the label?’ I whispered loudly and mad in his ear. He nodded. ‘Yes.’ I looked at him confused. ‘B..but why?’ He looked down and pulled me closer to him. ‘I fucked up.’ He said. ‘yeah I know, you do that a lot, but how?’ Bruno sighed. ‘I was supposed to do my first gig for the record label, but I didn’t show up because I was…I just didn’t show up.’ I sighed. ‘Idiot.’ Joelle looked at him. ‘Because you was what?’ she said dryly. Joelle has like 4 ears. She notices everything I don’t notice.  ‘I was in jail.’ Joelle looked at me so quickly that I got dizzy. She gave me the I told you so look. ‘WHAT!?’the neighbors all looked our way. ‘Can we just talk about this later, please. It’s less important than what is happening right now.’  He said. I sighed out off irritate and out of the fact that he was right. ‘WE CAN’T OPEN THE DAMN DOOR’ This huge dude said who lived one floor above us. Bruno looked at the door thinking. ‘Alissa, what is he thinking?’ Joelle asked me. ‘How am I supposed to know. I can’t read his fucking mind.’ Joelle snickered. ‘Right, I forgot.’ I glared at her. Bruno walked up to the door pushing everybody out of the way not saying anything. He was digging in the huge vase that was standing next to the door. He got a little key out of it and opened the door. ‘…What the..’ I managed to say. Joelle looked at me a little creeped out and the sea of people – like 10 people – ran  in her house. Bruno looked at me. ‘How?’ I said. ‘She once told me that her spare key was in there, that if anything ever happened. I was welcome I never used it but I just thought about it I guess.  ‘Jail?’ Joelle said looking at him.  He sighed. ‘I got in a huge fight with this kid who was cheating on my sister. I only stayed in jail for like..36 hours.’ I wanted to say something but then the police came up the stairs. It was a skinny woman with strong cheekbones and blue eyes, her brown hair came just down to her shoulders. Her partner was a male, he has blond hair and he had this friendly look in his eyes. ‘They are in there’ Bruno said.  ‘They?’ the guy said.  Jack came out of the apartment ‘the bathroom door is locked, she’s in there.’  He said.  ‘The neighbors’ Bruno said to the police as if Jack wasn’t there.  ‘Thank you young man.’ They said. ‘So, when do we know when there is any news?’ I asked. Joelle cleared her throat. ‘Alissa, I’m sure they’ll let us know but maybe the woman is dying so I think it’s the best if everyone gets cleared out of the apartment and you help the woman?’ she said. I was surprised by her knowledge. Bruno looked at me like “where the fuck did that come from.’ I laughed at Bruno’s face. ‘Yes, you are right. From here we will take care of everything. Thank you.’ Joelle walked back into the apartment. I did too. And Bruno walked behind me. Joelle disappeared into her bedroom and me and Bruno sat on the couch.

‘Crazy’ I said. ‘It’s all just to crazy, too unreal.’  Bruno sighed. His tongue went over his lips and he leaned back he was almost laying on the couch. I just watched him fall asleep slowly. It was too cute to watch. I smiled. He fall asleep. I got up and took a blanket out of my room. I covered him with it and kissed his lips. His eyes moved and then he turned around. He needs the rest. He has been staying awake all the time while I was in the hospital..sleeping. I walked onto the balcony. I sighed and leaned on the railing. I looked at the people walking down the street. I heard Joelle behind me. I turned around calmly and looked at her. ‘When are you going to tell Daniel.’ She said. ‘I don’t need to tell Daniel anything.’ Joelle sighed. ‘Alissa, he knows where we live, he is madly in love with you AND you haven’t put your romance with him to closure.’ I got irritated. ‘I’m in love now. With Bruno.’ I said and I turned my back to Joelle. ‘Daniel tried so hard, don’t you feel bad?’ I looked at her again. ‘No.’ Joelle walked up to me. ‘I had a romance going on with him, but what I feel when I’m with him is nothing compared to what I feel when I’m with Bruno’ Daniel, he was the first boyfriend, the first guy who ever made me feel special. He was the first for everything. I never really put an end to our relationship but I think I was clear enough when I told him that I was leaving and I wanted no contact. I felt sorry for breaking his heart and just when I forgot Joelle had to come up with it again. ‘Well it’s time to put an end to it all.’ Joelle said. ‘Listen Joelle, I don’t need to do anything.’ I said mad. ‘..well to bad cause he is coming.’ I looked at her madder than ever ‘ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!?’  Joelle sighed. ‘Look, he called me and said he was coming and he said that nothing could change his mind, so don’t be mad at me I tried to stop him.’ I sighed ‘When is he going to be here so I can get Bruno out of the house?’ Joelle shrugged. ‘I don’t know, he didn’t say anything about it.’ I closed my eyes and groaned. ‘What if he’s going..’ Joelle interrupted me. ‘GOD, WOULD YAH STOP ASKING QUESTIONS, IT’S NOT LIKE I’M FUCKING SIDEKICK’  I glared at her ‘That was not going to be a question.’


Bruno’s Mind. 19.56 PM. @ Alissa & Joelle’s Place. On the couch.


I woke up and saw the blanket covering me. Alissa. I smiled. I heard the two of them bickering on the balcony. The doorbell rang. I got up got my hand through my hair and yawned. I walked to the hall and opened the door. It was a guy, with Brown short hair and a tan. He looked surprised when he saw me, but so was I. ‘Hey  I’m Daniel…uhm, are Alissa and Joelle here?’ he asked. I looked at him and sniffed. ‘Yeah so.’ The guy sighed. ‘Can I see them?’ I looked at him from head to toe. ‘Sure.’ I walked inside and the guy followed me. I walked onto the balcony and the girls stared at me wide eyed when they saw the guy. ‘What?’ I asked. ‘D..Daniel..’  Alissa stuttered. ‘What’s going on?’ I asked. ‘Oh my god.’ Joelle managed to spit out. ‘Alissa’ Daniel smiled and walked up to her. ‘What’s going on…who are you from her?’ I asked. Daniel turned around. ‘I’m her boyfriend’ he smiled and kissed Alissa. Okay, shit is about to go the fuck down…….