Chapter 13

20/08/2011 13:25


Edwards P.O.V


Then we heard laughter i turned around and saw Amber. I smiled until i saw Bruno with her. I remember when me and Amber first went out like it just happened yesterday. Our relationship didn’t last long because she moved away. They started walking this way, we had different hair colour and style so they probably wont recognise us. I gently tapped Tom with my elbow for him to see, he nodded his head to say he knows. “should we do anything?” He whispers. “no now’s not the time” I replied. Me and Amber made eye contact as we walked past each other and stayed like that for a short time, i could see Bruno disliked that.


We arrived at the apartment “so what room am i in?” i asked. “room.... 164” “okay.... whats yours?” He looked back at the key “room... 166”. “i thought you told them to put the room next to each other”. “oh i did but they said thats the only closest rooms they have”. “oh” We both went to our own rooms and unpacked. When i was done i sat on the couch, i heard laughing that seemed familiar coming from outside. They went into the room next to us then it hit me it was Ambers!



Ambers P.O.V


We were talking and making some jokes i saw 2 men come around the corner and they were both looking at me. I looked at the tall one he has light green eyes, its like i’ve seen them before i just cant think from where. We walked past and he still kept his eyes on me. Bruno started squeezing my hand “ouch.. you holding my hand tight” i said almost shouting. “oh.. sorry” I looked at him and he had his eyes on the other man. “Whats wrong?” i asked a little concerned. “nothing... its like ive seen him before i just cant think where” he looked at me with a hilarious thinking face. I started laughing “what?” he asked. “nothin’ its when your thinking you make a funny face” He smiled. “hey, wanna get some ice cream?” He pointed to the store. “sure” We crossed the street and all of a sudden we heard screams. I looked around and saw some girls pointing at Bruno and screaming. He waved at them and a girl almost fainted, it made me laugh. “go to them Bruno” i said. “nah... i wanna stay with you” he made a puppy dog face. “okay” We went into the shop and sat on a table Bruno want to get the ice cream while i sat down. A guy across the table winked at me, i just smiled and looked away. He got up and grabbed a seat and pulled it next to me “Hey im Mayson”. “hi im Amber” he picked up my hand and kissed it “so are you here alone?” “no” then i pulled my hand away from his and Bruno came over. “is there a problem?” Bruno said. “no i was just leaving” Mayson said as he got up and left. “who was he?” Bruno asked “i dunno he just came over” “okay, here’s your ice cream” he gives it me. “thanks” He got me cookie and cream flavour and he got himself the same. When we finished we went back to the apartment. We we got to the hallway he stopped me and said “i was thinking... and i like you allot and i’ve been wanting to ask this for ages....” he holds my hand and asked “will you go out with me?” i smile and hug him then say “yes” He kisses my then does a little dance which made me laugh. We went into the apartment. The rest of the day went by quickly. “there’s a great restaurant, wanna go there to get something to eat?” he asks. “yeah lemme get changed” he holds me by the waist pulling my back down the couch “what?” he smiles “can i have a kiss” “okay” i kiss him on the check. “thats not what i....” i kissed him on the lips after a while i pulled away he was the frozen so i went and got changed into a baby blue ruffle dress and curled my hair. When i was finished Bruno was lying on the couch with his eyes closed i went closer to him and whispered to him “Bruno... are you ready” “im awake!” he jumped up. “i uh...i wasn’t sleeping...i was just... resting my eyes” “i never said you were sleeping” he looked at me up and down “Damn” he whispered. “you look good baby girl” “thanks” We exchanged smiles and walked down to the restaurant there was a huge queue outside “Bruno i don’t think well get to eat until midnight” i whispered to him. “relax we will... watch and learn” Bruno pulled me to the VIP desk. “hi the queue is down there” she was still staring at the book. I started walking to the queue but Bruno pulled me back. The lady looked up at Bruno “oh sorry Sir how many people?” he smiled at her. “table for two please” she took us to a table and gave up the menu. “do you always get to do that?” i asked. “yep thats what you get to do when your famous... oh and good looking” when he said the last bit he looked far in the distance. I laughed. The waitress came over to us “Hi im Laura and im your waitress for this evening” she kept her eyes on Bruno but he didn’t look at her only when he talked he did. We ordered our food. She walked past behind his chair and whispered something into his ear. I couldn’t hear what she was saying. I tried to forget about it when our dinner came. “whats on your mind?” Bruno asked. “huh? Oh nothing” “oh c’mon i know there is” he said. “well.... whats did she say to you when she walked past?” I whispered. “She wanted my phone number” he said. “But i didn’t give it to her....i said i dropped it in the bath so then she went” I smiled. When we finished i got my money out but he said he would pay. We walked back to the apartment. “Whats up with the lights?” i asked while they kept flickering in the elevator. “i don’t know they have never done this before”. When we got to the floor the window was open in the hallway and it was cold. Bruno saw me shiver “are you cold?” he asked. “ a little” i said. He took off his jacket and put it over my shoulders. Suddenly the lights went off. “wow what happened?” i asked. “im not sure” We stopped walking because we couldn’t see anything Bruno pulled me to him and was holding my tight. I heard noises coming closer to us “Bru....Bruno wh... whats that?” i asked as i pointed to a shadow coming closer to us.