Chapter 13

18/09/2011 17:43


I took a bath and changed into a boxer. I sat on my couch and watched "The News!". Some celebrity couples, and suddenly, me, Sasha, Phil and Ari on it!
"We heard that this four people are going to produce some real music ! We're hoping to hear some good news from The Smeezingtons soon." the reporter smiled. OF COURSE YOU WILL HEAR GOOD NEWS FROM US! Sasha called. I helped her to unpack. Damn, I bet she can buy the whole supermarket. But, at least, our kitchen looks full! She cooked me some breakfast and I ate with her. I really want to propose her soon. Just waiting for the perfect place and time. After washing the dishes, Sasha's phone rang.

"Hello?" Sasha said after she answered the phone. "Oh, now? Okay, we'll be there in 5 minutes?" she smiled at me. She put the phone down.
"They want us in the studio now." she smiled and kissed me.
"Wait, you didnt go to work!" I said, I enjoyed this morning. I can't even remember she's supposed to go to work.
"Nope, I'm taking the day off" she smiled. She put my fedora on her head and grab the house's key. I put on my shoes. We walked out from our apartment and walked across to the studio.

"SASHA! BRUNO! Glad you're here in less than 5 minutes!" Phil laughed.
"We told you we lived nearby." Sasha smiled.
"Okay guys, what do you want to do?" I asked.
"I wanted you, to make a song for Flo-Rida. Anything that suits him." Taylor smiled.
"Okay. Deadline?" I asked.
"Deadline? There's no deadline." Taylor smiled. I started to humming and I wrote down a song titled "Right Round" while Sasha, Phil and Ari wrote their own songs, means, The Smeezingtons are going to sing it! I finished the song in less than 6 hours. I looked at the clock. Its 7pm. It's depend on Flo-Rida if he wants to sing it. But he said soon. Not now.

"Baby? Wanna eat dinner? Me and you? Alone?" I whispered.
"Sure." she whispered back. She pulled me into the studio and we grabbed our things. We said goodbyes and left. We walked together. I put my hand on her waist. She hugs me while we're walking to the nearest restaurant. We sat and talked.

"I've showed Phil and Ari some of our songs. They liked it. And, they wrote some songs, but they want you to finish the song and sings it." she said.
"Really? That's so great !" I smiled. "I love my life now. So..... fucking...... Bad." I kissed her.
"Me too" she smiled. I'm so happy.
"We need to finish the song. And we need to eat ! I'm hungry!"
"Okay! We're here." we stopped in front of restaurant and had dinner. We went back to home. Sasha went to her room while I went to mine. I took a long bath. I jumped out from my bathroom and I saw Sasha's on my bed. Her face. She's not okay.

"Baby?" I said. I'm still in my towel. She looked at me with a sad face. "What's wrong?" I asked her.
"" her eyes started to sparkles and she cried. I hugged her tight.
"Baby, tell me whats wrong."
" sister....Fyza broke her leg in an accident. She can't walk. And my mom.... My mom died. It's... it's gonna take years for Fyza to be okay and able to walk. She needs me." her voice cracked. "I... I have to leave you and take care of her." she hugs me tight like she won't let go of me.
"Baby, it's for your family. She needs you. I'll pack my things right away." I smiled.
"NO! You can't go. You have your Smeezingtons to work with." 
"Baby, you're one of us. Remember?" I looked at her. She can't leave me behind. 
"Well, I have to tell them." she stopped crying. I wiped her tears and she dialed Phil's number.

"Hello *pauses* it's me, Sasha *pauses* I have to go back to Hawaii to take care of my sister *pauses* She broke her leg and my mom died. *pauses* No, I won't let him. He needs to be here for you *pauses* You can visit me there. Bruno will show you the way. *pauses* No, I won't be able to come back, until my sister is able to walk. *pauses* I'm gonna miss you guys, don't forget to come over. *pauses* Okay, Bye Phil." she put the phone down and burst into tears. "I told him. You can't go with me. They need you." she faked a smile.
"Baby? Promise me you'll come back to me?" I said. I don't know what to say anymore.
"I'm sorry, Bruno. I can't promise you anything." she cried some more.
"Just to let you know, I'll be here for you." I kissed her. She kissed my neck and walked to her room. I sat on my bed. I don't know what to think anymore.