Chapter 13

16/12/2011 16:53

"And we were supposed to start playing Top Of The World but we fooled him and started playing Dynamite... " "Jamareo Artis. If you don't shut up, I will have the pleasure to sink you in the toilets" Kameron said. "Let Jam alone, it's not his fault if you're lazy" I replied. It was 3 A.M. We had to wake up at 1.30 A.M to take our plane. Needless to say all the boys were dying, except Jam who was all happy and ready. I personally never was on a bad mood when I woke up, even in the middle of the night so Jam and I were talking like girls. He was explaining me the concert where they tricked Bruno in France (ewww). "Come on Jam, let's isolate ourselves and make a group called 'The Ones That Are In A Good Mood In The Morning'" He laughed and we walked away. I asked him if we could listen to his iPod and he accepted. He plugged his headphones and I just said "I hate you" "What?" "You've got Dr Dre Monsters Beats. I hate you." He laughed and gently let me used them while I saw Peter quickly opening his eyes before closing them again.

I didn't want to sit next to a boring zombie during a 11 hours flight so I sat next to Jam "I played for before Bruno" he told me, tucking my bag in the plane boxes like a gentleman. "Man … Was it cool? Better than Bruno?" "Wahhh, I don't know. It was huge with Diddy. Here, it's smaller but we've got something special with the audience. "Do you have any favorite audience?" I wondered. He thought about it about 30 seconds. "I'd say Germany but this isn't fair because they are all over the World. Every time we go to a town, we always meet someone from Twitter. It's huge." "Really, wow, this is insane!" "Yup" "And do you do anything special to them?" "Pardon me?" "I mean … Look at the people on twitter, they are incredible. They trend things, they promote Bruno, some even run a blog or a site … They are the coolest. I've never seen so much love. Do you meet them or something?" "We try … At the end of concerts. But maybe like five minutes …I know it's short. I wished it was more" I didn't answer and started thinking. Maybe I could do something. Maybe. Ryan told me about their schedule and its was just full. As least, for Peter … Maybe if the guys agreed … We'll see. I grabbed Marcel (the name I gave to my camera) and tiptoed in the Business Class walkway to take pictures. I nearly ended up rolling on the floor. Phred was sleeping, his head on the the seat in front of him, Eric was sleeping on his shoulder, his mouth opened. Kenji had hid himself with the blanket. Kam was was attempting to get asleep, cuddling his pillow, Jay was snoring, Dwayne was trying to read but I saw him falling asleep. Finally Peter was sleeping his fedora hiding his face and Phil was snoring just next to his ear.

Oh my God. I was going to die of laughter because of them.

Peter collapsed on the seat next to me and installed his legs on my lap. Jam was playing video games with Eric. "Can I check your pictures?" Bruno asked "No or you will regret to have engaged me" He laughed "I'm glad you're here you know" he said. I smirked. "I know. I'm just fabulous" "It's good cause I'm not going to freak out when I see cameras" "What do you mean?" "You know, I've always been a private dude and I hate cameras. Whenever I see a camera, I just run away and Dre better follow me cause I run fast" "You run away?" "I told you .. I'm scared of my fans AND cameras" "Definition of looser yeah. The guys don't tell you anything about that?" "They kinda don't care" LOL. Actually, it wasn't funny but I'm just figuring out Bruno running away like Usain Bolt, followed by Dre, all sweaty. How nice. "Have you ever been to London?" Mr Burrito asked me. "Only about a billion times" "What?" I rolled my eyes, smirking. "Let me remember you I lived in France. We always used going in London when we wanted to go to a little week-end trip" "That's awesome! London must be one of my favorite town ever. It's just so cool. I usually walk around, say 'ELLO!' to random people and they answer me with a big smile on their face. I love English people" "Ello? Oh God hahaha … I'll try when I'll be there" "Phil and I made a song like this … Ello London Town, ello London Town Oh, we just touched down
And all of the sudden, We talk like this … 
" I couldn't help myself but laughing. This song was so freaking hilarious. I felt that abs were going to appear if I continued laughing like this so I tried to settle down but Bruno was also laughing so we kept going.

"What's your favorite London's area?" I said, still giggling. "There are areas in London?" he wondered, innocent. I smacked my face with desperation and he smiled. "I meant districts …" "Oh I don't know …I usually want to go sightseeing but I always get interrupted by cameras so I run away" I didn't know if I had to laugh or sighed but what the way he said that was really adorable. "I'll show you London and ask Dre to jump on any tourist who will try to take a picture of you" "That's very sweet but you'll see, you're going to rapidly leave me alone. The guys usually used to walk with me but they were so tired to see me run away and stuff that they abandoned me, so I just end up alone with Dre" "Yeah but I'm a boss. I know London, I'm gonna show you Camdem Market, The Glob – God I love the Globe – Nothing Hill … Wait, how many times have we got?" "Maybe three hours … I've got interviews" "Suckerrrrrrrrrrrrr. Anyway, I will show you these places in three hours. There's nothing I can't do"

"Are you still mad at me?" I immediately recognized Jay's voice and ignored him, looking at the cellar of the Heathrow's airport. "Oh come on, this is getting ridiculous, you exactly know why I did all of this" I quickly turned my head to check if Bruno was around. Fortunately, he was just having fun with the rolling carpet with Phil (I rolled my eyes. What a kid) "No I don't" I whispered. "Come on, everyone from the band knows it. Except Bruno of course …" "Why of course?" "Because people attracted to each other never realize it, or at least they try to ignore it" "We are not …" "Don't make a fool out me young lady!" "Pffffffffff … ANYWAY, I'm with Al and he's with Teepri or whatever her name is" "Tee what?" "She's the Grenade girl" "Grenade girl? Man … What's happening of all a sudden? Everyone's popping out from anywhere …" "See. That's why nothing will ever happen. He kinda wrote one of the best love break-up song for her" "Indeed. But it's not a love song, it's a break-up song" He had a point so I just shut my mouth and thought about it for three seconds. "So … you're not sulking at me anymore?" Jay said with a bog smile "Grumph … We'll see about that" He laughed and messed my hair.

I threw my suitcase and bags on my bed, stretched and yawned. It was 4 A.M in the U.S.A. I took a shower and really wanted to knock at Peter's door and make him having a walk with me. Then I realized I shouldn't shock this poor man like that so I decided to let him sleep, and me too by the same occasion. *knock* *knock* I grumbled to go away. It knocked again. Whoever it was, I was going to demolish his head. My legs weirdly led to the door and my hand opened it. "WHAT?" I yelled. Bruno gave me a sign to hush and pointed his watch. It was 1 A.M London time. "I was sleeping stupid idiot" "Oops, sorry" he apologized but he definitely wasn't. "I was hungry. You wanna eat something?" "If my stomach wasn't starving, I would have let you down. You fucking woke me up at one in the morning!" He smirked "I can already feel the McDonalds in my stomach … Or maybe Burger King" "No no no no … We're not going to a McDonalds … Are you serious? We're in London. They have delicious food everywhere." "Let me remind you I don't know London" "Well I do. Now let me bring you to the best fish and chips restaurant of the Theme"