Chapter 13

29/12/2011 14:15

“Bruno!” I yell as I kneel down by him. His hand is pressed hard against his shoulder and I see the blood seeping out the sides of his hand. He looks in so much pain, his teeth are clenched together, his eyes are shut tightly and his face is red. I stand up and take the rifle from the mans hands and throw it onto the ground and then race over to the bitch. I take her gun and point it at her shoulder. “How would you like it if I shot you in the fucking shoulder?! Huh? It’s not fun! Next time think about what you do before doing it!” I begin to pull the trigger down when I hear Bruno calling my name. I look back at her and shoot the gun past her body and it lands on the ground. Lucy screams and begins crying. “I wasn’t going to hurt you.” I told her.

I run back over to Bruno and look back up at the father. “Give us your shirt!” He quickly takes it off and hands it to me. I take Bruno’s hand off his shoulder and tie it tightly around the wound. I feel like crying  but I cant.. I’m all cried out. Bruno finally opens his eyes and looks at me. He places his hand on my cheek and I feel the warmth from the blood on my cheek, and I put my hand over his.

“You’ll be okay...” I help him up and I get directions for a way to a hospital. Once there the doctors hold onto Bruno and put him onto one of their stretchers and carry him off to get the bullet removed. While I waited I washed off the blood on my cheek and wiped all my old make up off. I sat there in the hospital for a couple of hours before being allowed into Bruno’s half room. He’s just waking up and his naturally tan skin is now a pale white, his eyes are dead looking. they aren’t sparkling like they do when he looks at me. But when he smiles over to me it’s the same. I give him a half smile and stand next to him.

“This is my fault.”

“No...” his voice is shaky and quiet.

“Yes.. it is! If I had just gone home with you none of this would have happened. I feel awful.” I did... how could I have let myself go off with a bunch of hillbillies?

“Look.. I’m okay. They got the bullet out, and you’re here with me. And I’ll be better by tomorrow.” He made things sound better, but I knew they weren’t.

“This has been the worst week of my life. First my mom, then my dad, then this. I swear I should be asleep for the rest of my life so I wouldn’t have to worry about this shit anymore.” I complain. After we talked the doctors told me he would be well enough to go home tomorrow. It was like telling a kid they were going to a candy store and get to eat everything they wanted in it. I slept at the hospital that night and by morning I needed a shower badly. By noon Bruno was walking with me out to the car. By four o’ clock we were back home at the apartments.

“Let me stay over ONE more night. Tomorrow I promise I’ll be up in my apartment with..” my dad, I thought. “Plus! You might need help getting stuff with your shoulder like that.” I pointed out to him. He nods his head and sits down on his bed and lays back. “I’m gonna shower..” then I remembered I needed a razor, a towel and my shampoo. Which is all upstairs. “Forgot stuff in the car.. I’ll be back.” I step out and make my way to the elevator where I land on my floor. I take off the heels so as to not make much noise. That way if he’s in the apartment he won’t hear me. I unlock the door and step inside. The kitchen light is on and I quietly look past the square opening to go into it and see he’s not in there and walk to my room. I flick on the light.. still not there. Maybe he’s out? I get into my bathroom and grab a towel, my shampoo, conditioner, body wash and back to my room I went. Got some new clothes and shoes. I was leaving my room and as I turned my light out and go back to the kitchen he’s sitting at the table.

“Shit.” I  say.

“Raina.. wait!” He stands up.

“No! Why?”

“Because I know you’re scared of me. I need to explain.” he begs.

“I don’t want an explanation. I want you out of my life again. It’s mid year and I haven’t had any problems! Not until you got here!” I say back to him. I begin trying to go around the kitchen and make it to the square again. He grabs my arm. “Get off me.. or I’ll scream.” I say. My heart is pounding and he actually lets go.


“No.” I walk out of the room and run downstairs before he tries to follow me by elevator. I run into Bruno’s room and slam the door.

“Woah! Angry?” he asks. I shake my head and get into the bathroom before he asks any further questions. I shower and change into a long sleeve, button down, denim polo with khaki shorts, a printed silk scarf and a pair of beige flats. I come out and sit down aside Bruno and let my wet hair hit his other arm  as I did.

“I’m fine..” I say to him.

Bruno looked to his side at me and took my hand, “where’d you get the clothes?” I look away from him and try thinking of an excuse.
            “I went to the apartment.”
            “But what about your dad?” he sits up.
            “Not there... out. Probably looking for me.” I lie to him. He lays back down and brings lays me over him. He wraps his good arm around me and I feel his finger tracing my back bone up and down. It sends tingles all throughout my body and eventually we fall asleep in each others. Kinda romantic I guess? You know in the cheesy, shitty romance movies? Yeah.. that’s us the cheesy, shitty couple. When I finally woke up I was under the covers of the bed, alone. I sit up and see Bruno in a chair on the other side of the room.
            “what are you doing over there? When did you wake up?” I ask him.
He looks so stern at me, “You lied to me.” I’m so confused.
            “Your dad. He was there.. with you in the apartment. Today.”
            “How did you?” I didn’t even get to finish.
He chuckles at me, “He came by while we were sleeping. Knocked on the door, I moved you over and put you in the covers. Thankfully you’re a deep sleeper. I  answered the door and he said that he was your father so I told him he could come in..”
            “You let him COME IN?!” I desperately ask him.
            “Yes, but I ran back in and put The covers over your face and just enough so he could see your hair. He came in and looked over at you. Told him you were my girlfriend of four years. That we love each other and shit.” I felt a smile prickle at the corners of my mouth. “He told me if I had seen you and told me that you had come by earlier while he was home and left with some clothes. Told him if I saw you that I would take you home.” I look down at my hands which are sweating now. I wipe them on the green covers and look at them again.
            “I’m sorry. I just didn’t want any questions from you.”
Bruno shook his head at me, “So instead of telling me. You chose to hide it, lie to me and cause me to find out about it by the man himself who abused you and your mom. Thank you Tatianna.” He was upset. I shouldn’t have lied to him.
            “I get it.. you’re mad at me. But Bruno..”
            “No. That’s the thing I’m ALWAYS getting mad at you! Why? Because of you!” He complains. Only he’s right I get him upset all the time.
            “What are you saying?” I ask.
            “What if we just leave each other alone. For a week. See how we deal with out each other.”