Chapter 13

24/01/2012 17:08

Oh my god, what was I going to tell Bruno? That was the only question on my mind as I let Urbana drag me back towards where Bruno and the guys were rehearsing. She kept muttering positive words into my ear, “Mel it’s going to be fine. You’ll have a little baby and it will make you guys be so happy. Don’t think of the worst it will all turn out fine I promise.”

At this point we had entered where they rehearsing, they were now going over ‘Somewhere in Brooklyn’ I still couldn’t believe how awesome Bruno sounded. He waved at me as I entered the room and I tried to put my best smile on in return. Once I had retaken my seat I watched the rest of the rehearsal in silence and I no longer danced along to the songs. All I could think of was that there was a baby quite possibly growing inside of me. I didn’t even notice when the rehearsal was over until I felt someone sit down next to me and put their arm over my shoulder. I glanced to the side and it was Bruno, I again tried to put a smile on my face for him.

“What’s up babe?” he asked me kissing me on the cheek.

“Nothing Bru, I’m just not feeling very well can we go home please?” I replied

“Sure, sure. I’ll just say bye to the guys.” He said as he walked off again. 
Urbana was in the seat Bruno was in a second ago just as he left. She simply said, “You gotta tell him, it will eat you up inside if you don’t” she gave me a tight hug and then walked off again.

She was right, I really did have to tell him. I mean this was a baby for fuck sake.

When Bruno returned I had made up my mind to tell him when we got back to his apartment. He picked me up and carried me to the car, all the while I was kicking and screaming in his arms demanding for him to put me back on the ground but he would refused to saying, “Nope. My baby’s poorly and she needs to be taken care of.” He put his hand to my head as if to feel for my temperature and he pulled it away as if he had burnt it, “Ha ha, very funny.” I replied, my voice heavy with sarcasm. He put me in the passengers side of the car and he even fastened the seat belt for me. The ride home was extremely awkward as none of us were talking and I could feel the tension. The closer we were getting to home the tighter the knot was getting in my stomach. It made me feel really nervous so I just put my head against the car window and looked out of it. When we pulled up outside my nerves felt like they were just going to pour out of me and I was going to tell him right there and then. Oh my god. What if he broke up with me? What would I do? I can’t do this again.

Oh pull yourself together Melanie Franklin. I thought to myself.

Once we were inside I walked straight towards the bedroom and sat down on the bed. Bruno came straight in after me and he had a worried look on his face.

“You okay Mellie? You don’t look too good, and you always look good.” He asked

“Bruno,” I patted the space on the bed next to me, “Come and sit down please Brunito. We need to talk.”

A worried expression crossed his face. “Whats up?” he asked me as he was sitting down next to me.

I took his hand in between both of mine and squeezed it tight. “Bruno. Baby. You know how we’ve been having sex non-stop since we got back together?” He nodded his head in reply, “Well you never used protection. Not once and well that usually results in-”

“NO!!” Bruno boomed, he was on his feet when I looked at him.

“What? I never even finished!” I demanded of him

“You didn’t need to.” He whispered

“Incase you didn’t get it i’m pregnant Bruno. Again.” I said to him standing up next to him

“YOU CAN’T BE PREGNANT MEL! Remember last time. What happened and what it did to us. Please we can’t go through that again. You can’t be pregnant. You just can’t.”

That was our little secret. Nobody knew about it, just me and him.

He was right it wasn’t the first time I was pregnant.

And It was not a nice time for either of us.