Chapter 13

24/01/2012 17:18

Bruno went over and watched some TV while I got to know the girls more. I think I bonded the most with Tiara. We we’re the same age and had a lot in common. Bernie came down after a little while and I offered my hand in the kitchen. She even told me about a couple of meals I could make for Bruno that he loved. I finally sat down with the whole family for dinner. I was really loving the food here, it was different and I loved eating new things. I giggled the entire time at how Presley and Bruno picked with each other. It was like they never grew up. It made me wish I had siblings. Because Bruno was the one that got caught doing something to her he was put on dishes duty. He fake pouted the whole time doing it. Afterwards Bruno told me that he was gigging tonight with his Uncle and invited me to come . I turned him down, I didn’t want to smother him, I think we spent enough time together. Besides, I wanted him to spend as much time as possible with his family. I would always be with him, they wouldn’t.

I kissed him goodbye and closed the door for him as he left with Eric. Jamie left with Jamaro, she said that she had work early tomorrow and didn’t want to be late. Jamaro was such a handsome young guy just like his uncle. It was amazing how much all of them we’re alike. Tiara and Tahiti went down to the basement to hang out and I decided I would stay up with Presley. I had been looking forward to having a one on one conversation with her in person. She knew me the most out of all the girls. “Hey.” she said smiling to me as I sat next to her on the couch. “What ya’ watching?” I said sitting back and making myself comfortable. “Oh just Law & Order.” she said still glued to the TV. “I actually don’t watch this much..” “You should it’s a good ass show.” I laughed a little, “Yeah? We’re going to have to catch an episode together.” She nodded, “Will do.” I didn’t want to disturb her from her show to much so I pulled out my phone and surfed the internet.

“Diamond.” she said as a commercial came on. “Hmm?” I said looking up to her. “I really like you with my brother.” I smiled and nodded, “I really love him.” “And I’m glad because he’s a lot to deal with.” I laughed, “Tell me about it..” She laughed as well. “Why did you say that though?” I asked laying my phone on my thigh. “Well you can tell he’s serious about you.. and the way he looks at you..” I smiled from ear to ear, hearing this from her mean’t a lot. “I can tell you’ve touched him in more ways then one.” I nodded slowly just letting her words sink in. It was good to know that I could affect someone as amazing as him. “Thanks Pres.” I said softly. “Anytime, you know you’re my girl.” she said jokingly poking me with the remote. We talked for another hour or so before I was ready to write and head to sleep. “Oh by the way..” she said as I got up. I turned to her. “Do you think maybe you two can keep it down this time when he comes in?” “Ahhh shushh!” I said waving her off. She laughed, “Love ya D!” I laughed as well, “Love you too Pres.” I made my way up the stairs and into Bruno’s room. It had gotten a little chilly since we had left the window wide open. I walked over and closed it. I turned on the lamp and took my time making his bed.

I really started to take in what she had just told me. I felt like after we left Hawaii I would be even more in love with him, if that was even possible. I knew that Bruno loved me the same way, but what she told me made me truly believe it. I bent down and pulled my bag from around the side of the nightstand took my notebook out.


December 12th, 2010

Honolulu, Hawaii. What an amazing place to be. I was really looking forward to coming here during the summer when I could. But, I would have to just enjoy it while I was here right now. I hadn’t even been here a full day yet and I was already in love. Bernie was more of a sweetheart then I thought she was. I finally figured out where Bruno got it from. Such a momma’s boy. I don’t know if you would call what we had going on today a date, but it damn sure felt like it. I loved that we didn’t need a candle light dinner or expensive presents to show our love for each other. It was the simple things that mean’t the most to both of us.

I was still trying to figure out where he got these crazy positions from though.My arms still fucking hurt. I wish I knew how to control my noises, but with him that was impossible. Next time I would make him scream. I hope he didn’t think that him taking me to the beach today was counted as our surfing. Because he was def going to teach me before I left Hawaii. Presley had told me that he wasn’t that good and that’s why I really wanted to go just to see how he would fake like he did. I couldn’t be in a better place with better people right now. The best thing about all of this is that it was only the start. It was all going to get better at this point. There’s only one word that I can use to say how I feel and that is: Amazing.


“No thank you man.. I had a good time.” I said to the bar owner. “Best of luck to you and your career.” he said as I walked out the door. I ran my fingers threw my hair as I pulled out my box of cigarettes. I cupped my hand over one as I tried my best to light it with the breeze blowing at me. My Uncle John walked out laughing and looked over to me. “You still smoking?” I shrugged, “Yeah..” He shook his head, “Not good for your voice..” “I know know.. I just haven’t found the time.” “Don’t wait till’ it’s too late.” he said sternly.  I flicked my cigarette, I had no interest in smoking now that he had said that. “It’s a nice night.. walk with me?” he said pointing down the street. I nodded and went by his side. I knew that he wanted to talk about something serious. “I’m really proud of you..” he said smiling to me. I put my hand on my chest, “I owe it all to you.” He shook his head and smiled, “Always so humble.” “It’s only right.”

“You’re going to go a long way..” he said as we turned a corner. I nodded, “I hope so.. so far so good.” “Oh.. and you’re getting married.” he threw in. “Yes sir.. I really love her.” He put his hand on my shoulder, “No high school love right?” he said. I laughed, “No high school love this is real deal.” “Now I don’t want any phone calls from her in a year telling me you’ve broken yet another heart.” I looked up to the sky, “I’m done with that life.. I just wish she would believe me.” “Believe you..?” I looked back to him and realized that I had said to much. “Yeah we’re going to have a long walk..” he said nodding…….