Chapter 13

22/03/2012 20:06

It was late night when we landed at LAX and then it seemed as though all hell broke loose.  A swarm, and I mean the biggest I’ve ever seen, of photographers and people surrounded Robyn and I.  Even our four security guards looked taken aback by everyone.  Luckily, I had my sunglasses on, so I wasn’t blinded by the flashing lights.


“She’s with Rihanna!”

“Are you happy that Bruno is alive now?”

“Roxanne have you seen him yet?”

“Look there! Bite marks on her shoulder!”

“You let him bite you?”

Robyn’s grip on my arm tightened as I kept my head down, extremely grateful that the large sunglasses hid my horrified expression.  I pulled my sleeve up closer to my neck and tried not to let my jaw drop, and I focused on continuing to walk normal.

“Roxanne, we would like to interview you both for OK magazine!”

“Rihanna! Over here Rihanna!”

“Roxanne, are you two back together?”

“Rihanna, what do you have to say about your nude pictures?”

“Roxanne, how do you feel about vampires?”



“Alright move it, move it!” One of my guards, Daniel, barked, his arm creating a cage on my left side as he barreled us through the mass of people.

“CLEAR THE WAY!” I heard a man’s voice come through a megaphone, and several policemen dispersed in the airport, separating the crowd.  Some of the photographers were relentless however, trying to snap whatever reaction they could get from me.

“Roxanne, why aren’t you wearing your engagement ring?”

I tucked my left hand into my pocket and ducked into the back of the Ferrari, Robyn following close behind.  They continued to snap pictures, even as the car pulled off.  Minutes later, it was nothing but silence that felt like a wave of relief.  I was mute.  My eyes focused on the passing palm trees.

“I didn’t think we’d get out alive.” Robyn finally broke the pregnant pause.  She locked her eyes outside of her own window.  I looked over at her and the returned to resting my head against the window.  “You know they just wanted a reaction outta you babe.”

“He didn’t tell me he was going to reveal himself.” I said sharply.  I didn’t mean to sound rude, but I was so frustrated and confused now.  I wasn’t prepared for that, and I hate being vulnerable in front of the press.  If I hadn’t had proper media training, I would’ve lashed out.

Oh.” Was all she said.  The Ferrari stopped at my condo complex and I was disappointed to see more paparazzi outside.  I took my sunglasses off and glanced at Robyn.

“I’ll call you after I figure everything out.”

“Take as much time as you need.”

I exited the car, two guards flanking my sides as I rushed inside of my building, where the photographers weren’t permitted.

“How was the tour, Miss Roxanne?” The guard at the desk asked me as I walked by.

“First leg was excellent, now I’ve got a month off.” I said, forcing a polite smile as I waited on the elevator.

“You deserve it.”

I nodded, waving goodbye as I went inside of the elevator.  Once on my floor, I rushed down the hall and practically jammed the key into the lock, but the door opened as soon as I touched it.  It was unlocked, the lights on.  I threw my shit aside and stormed back into the dance studio.

“You’re upset.” He said, as he sat at the upright piano in the corner of the room.

I crossed my arms, fuming.  “Really?! How EVER did you know!? Oh right! You can either A.) Hear my blood racing through me, B.) Feel it through this “bond” we have, or plain old hear me storming through the fucking halls. Maybe I should include that in my interview. Yes, yes of course! My boyfriend uses his freaky ass vampiric skills to play guess my mood!” I ranted sarcastically, I could feel my face heating up.  Bruno showed absolutely no reaction, as he let me shout my brains out.

“Are you finished?” He asked.

“Fuck you!” I shouted, turning on my heels and starting to leave the room, when suddenly he appeared in front of me.  I jumped, a bit startled but angry nonetheless as I glared at him.

“Look, I wanted to tell you, I really did.” He placed his hands on my arms as he looked into my eyes.  “But I didn’t even know I was going to do it until I got back here.  I got a call from my Creator that something was urgent, I came back and he had press lined up for me.”

“There’s something called a TELEPHONE that you could have picked up and used!”

“It wasn’t up to me.  I couldn’t…and I don’t think you’ll ever understand.  This is bigger than you, it’s sure as hell bigger than me.  Everything is very very calculated in my world.  The Elitsts, they’re choosing who reveals andwhen.”

I tried to understand, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it.  Who were the Elitists? And why were they so involved in every vampire’s life?  Because of these Elitists, the world was in chaos, and everyone who wasn’t, was still in a state of shock.  “Why?” Was the only thing I could think of to sputter.  How else was I supposed to respond?

“I think they have something in store that makes my stomach churn…but they claim to be doing it in the easiest way to prevent too much shock value.”

Slowly, I began to put pieces together.  “Introduce the most recent deaths…” I said aloud, to myself.

“According to who was the best with the public.” He finished my puzzle.  “I think what they really want is trust from humans, so they’re using the nice-guys to get it.   But I just can’t trust them. I don’t think I ever will.”

“Then why do you listen to them?”

“Because if I don’t, they will find me, and kill me.  I’m not invincible.” He reminded me.  “If it were up to me, I would have told you as soon as I landed.  I’m sorry, please don’t be mad love?”

I could sympathize with him; this was new to him and new to me.  We had to stumble through the ropes together before we could be too hard on one another.  I punched his chest lightly and he pulled me into a bear hug, his arms securely holding me close, embracing me.  “I’m not mad.” I admitted, “But I do want to find out what these Elitists want our trust for, and what Robyn is.” I pushed myself away from him, running my fingers carelessly through my hair as I left the studio.  He followed as I went to the living room and sat down immediately at the computer, pulling up Google.

“You aren’t gonna find anything about them online, the government of us is super secretive.” Bruno pulled up a chair next to me.

I sighed, “Well on to the next order of business…” I began to type as I spoke, “Supernatural creatures.”

“That’s kinda broad, don’t you think?” He read the results over my shoulder.  “Ooh the Bogeyman.” He rolled his eyes.

I kissed my teeth, “You have a better plan?”

“Actually…I do.”