Chapter 13

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I looked at both of them. Who is this Ally girl and why did she call Bruno with his real name? She still didn’t take her eyes off him that I nearly wanted to slap her in the face. Dude, stop staring at my boyfriend!

‘You guys know each other?’ my dad spoke. I sighed in agreement and turned to Bruno.

‘Yeah. I want to know that too’

Bruno just stared into my eyes but he didn’t say a thing. I looked at Phil, Eric, Jamareo and Phred and they all gave me this stare that I couldn’t take it anymore.

‘I can’t believe I get to see you, again, Peter’ she was EXCITED.

The words that just came out from the unknown girl seriously almost made me wanted to blow up. Shut up, you bitch!

‘Who are u anyway??’ I asked her. She looked at my dad wanting him to answer that. She’s just avoiding meeting my eyes. Afraid much?

‘This is Ally. My step daughter’

My heart stopped. Right. His step daughter. Why he wanted to bring his step daughter here?

‘And why are u here, dad? It’s been a while. I’m doing fine without you’ My heart was beating real fast and I just can’t stand of seeing that Ally girl.

Bruno rubbed my shoulder trying to cool me down. But I shook it off.

‘I wanted to see whether u’re okay, honey’

‘Ohhh...don’t honey me! You didn’t care about me, you went off to marry another woman and from that day, I didn’t consider u as my dad anymore so just leave’

‘Cat.......’ granny looked at me and gave me her famous look. I rolled my eyes.

‘Listen to what I want to say’ my dad continued. ‘Debbie’s gonna have a baby soon so.........’

‘Who’s Debbie???’ I asked him annoyed. I know that’s his new wife.

‘Cat!!!!’ someone shouted at me.


It was Bruno. His eyes were glaring at me as if they were on fire. He pulled my hand into the kitchen and looked at me.

‘What? Take your hands off me, Bruno. It hurts’ he was squeezing my hand real tight.

‘Stop talking to your dad like that! He’s your dad for god sake!’

‘And why do u care???? Does Ally have anything to do with this?’

He stopped. I raised an eyebrow. ‘Huh?’

Bruno looked away from me. I touched his face. ‘Okay. Look, I’m sorry. I was being rude, I know. But I couldn’t control my emotions. Not when she’s there calling you Peter and all that.....Who is she?’


‘She what? Come on, Bruno. No secrets, remember?’

‘I don’t want us to get into a fight anymore, Cat’

‘Well, if ur not gonna tell me, then I’m mad............ Just spit it out’

He let out a deep sighed and took my hands. ‘She’s my ex’

‘Your what???????’


I shook his hands away. ‘Why did u guys break up?’

‘It was years ago, Cat’

‘I asked, WHY not HOW LONG!!!’

Suddenly Eric popped his head in the kitchen ‘Everything’s okay in here?’

‘Not really. I’m asking Bruno about Ally. Well, maybe you can answer it for him, Eric’

Eric looked at Bruno. ‘What’s up, man? Just tell her’

‘She asked me WHY I broke up with her’


I looked at both of them. ‘Ohhh....?? What ‘ohhhh...’????’

‘It’s a long distance relationship and.............didn’t work out...’ Eric said.

‘You guys broke up coz of a long distance relationship??? WTF Bruno! Are u gonna do the same with me?? HUH???’ Tears just running down my face and I couldn’t stare at his face anymore so I stormed off the kitchen and ran upstairs to my room.



I locked the door and jumped on my bed. I didn’t know why I said that to him. I was so stupid. But I couldn’t help thinking that one day maybe he would leave me. I mean, he travelled all around the globe with his tour and such and what if he’ll meet a new girl along the way and what would happen to me? I should stop crying now but only if I can.

I fell asleep for how long I couldn’t remembered. I woke up and it was dark. I smell something. It’s his perfume. I looked up. Bruno’s eyes were closed but I knew he wasn’t sleeping.


He smiled and opened his eyes. Looking at his face almost made me forget about what happened hours ago. He kissed me and I was in heaven. I don’t want to let him go. He’s the best thing that ever happened to me but our relationship have been pretty unstable for the past weeks.

‘Go home, Bruno’

‘I’m not gonna leave you. We just settled our problems and it hurts me to see you all sad like this when u didn’t even give me time to explain to you know what’

I got up and looked at him. ‘About what I said just now, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking but........

‘But what???

‘I’m afraid that u might leave u did to her’

‘That was then. You don’t know the real story, Cat’

‘Then tell me....

‘It was 3 years ago. It was a hard relationship. Things just didn’t work out for us. Besides, her mom didn’t like me, so.........

‘But about the long distance thing, is it true? That’s the whole reason?’

‘It’s not gonna happen to us, Cat. I promise u’ and he sealed it with a kiss.

‘I Love you, Bruno’

‘I Love you too’

Though, there’s something that’s he’s hiding from me. If only I have the guts to ask.


I woke up the next day by the sound of Bruno’s singing. He was writing some stuff and humming to a beautiful melody. There’s a guitar in his hand. I made a sound and he turned his head to me.

‘Morning angel’ he kissed my forehead. ‘Oh my, Did I wake u up?’

‘Yeah. You kinda did’

‘I’m sorry. So sorry, babe!’

I gave a laugh ‘That’s cool. I slept too much anyway. That’s a beautiful sound u got there. I never heard that before’

‘Yup. That’s coz I just wrote it. I can’t sleep last night coz I had these voices in my head. It’s still new. I need to get to the studio and work it out. I have a good feeling about this one’

‘What is it about?’


‘Me?’ I frowned.


‘Us? Sounds interesting....’

‘You’re my inspiration now, Cat. But this one is not personal. I’m gonna let the whole world knows about it!’

‘Fine then! Can I at least listen to it? Just a tiny bit??’

‘Okay’ he strummed his guitar and began to sing....

(Runaway lyrics)

‘So???? What do u think????’

I looked at him. ‘Did u really mean that?’

‘Of course’ he kissed my hand.

‘Well....I love it!’

‘I know u do’

I got up from the bed. ‘Well, imma get up now’

‘Where are u going?’

‘Take my shower, go to work. You know the deal’

He grabbed my hand. ‘You really have to?? Awww...I’m gonna miss you’

‘I’m gonna miss u too. But I have to work and why don’t you go and finish the song so......’

He sighed. ‘How about tonight?’

‘What’s tonight?’

He looked at me up and down and licked his lips. Okay, I know what he meant.

‘We’ll see....’

‘That’s a Yes?’ he seems excited.


‘So, a Maybe??? Okay. I can live with that’


After I got dressed, we both went downstairs and granny and Jessie were already on the dining table.

‘Morning peeps!’

Jessie looked at me. ‘Wow, somebody’s in a good mood today...’ then she looked at Bruno. ‘What were u guys doing last night, huh?’

‘Ahhhh.....You never know’ Bruno said, stretching his body.

I raised an eyebrow  ‘and you will never know coz nothing happened’ and I kicked Bruno.


‘Now now there, let’s sit down and have breakfast’

We both sat down and ate the delicious pancakes that granny made. I looked at Bruno and he didn’t stop after having two slices.

‘Hungry much??’ I asked.

He just stuck out his tongue and continues eating.

‘So Cat....’ granny started talking.


‘Your dad wants to see you today’


Bruno looked at me.

‘Well, why didn’t he tell me himself?’

Granny sighed. ‘I don’t know. Why don’t u give him a call?’

‘Yeah yeah. I’ll give him a call later’

I continue finishing my food but the three of them couldn’t take their eyes off me.

‘What????’ I rolled my eyes. ‘Fine, I’ll call him now. You people....!’

I grabbed my phone and walked out of the kitchen and dialled his number. Why he wanted to see me anyway? It’s been years and I don’t feel like wanting to talk to him or what. Not now.



‘Yeah, dad. It’s me’

‘You’re okay?’

‘Yeah yeah..well, granny said u wanted to see I call

‘Ehem...I just...maybe we could sit down and talk.....I miss u, Cat’

‘Dad......It’s a...been a long time

‘I know I know and I know u still mad at me but.....’

‘Yeah Dad. I understand. So, where do u want to meet up?

‘I heard that ur working?? So, I pick u up from work. Then we can go around town’

‘Ok. Cool. I gotta go now. See u soon’

‘Cat, I love you’

I smiled. I can’t stay mad at my dad. It’s MY dad we’re talking about. ‘I love you too, dad!’

I went back into the kitchen. ‘So, I’ve talk to him. We gonna have a father daughter bonding time, I guess

‘That’s good’ granny said.

‘Yeah....Umm...u ready Jess? I need  a lift’

‘I’m gonna drive!’ Bruno got up from his seat.


‘Yeah. I need to get home anyway. I mean, Phil’s house anyway’

‘Haha..Awww...he’s homeless’ Jessie joked around.

I grabbed my bag and kissed granny on the cheek. ‘Bye granny!’

‘Send my love to Sam’

I smiled. ‘Will do’


We got to my workplace. Before I got out, Bruno holds my hand and started kissing me. I almost forgot that Jessie was sitting in the backseat.

‘Guys, can u two do this when I’m not here? It’s disgusting’

‘Get used to it’ Bruno said.

‘haha. Sorry. Okay, I’m gonna go now. See u guys later!’ and I got out of the car.

‘Don’t forget about tonight’

I turned to Bruno. ‘I said, Maybe right?’

After I watched the car drove away, I walked to the cafe. Funny. It’s not open yet. Thank goodness I have a spare key. Usually Tess would be the one who opened the shop. Where the hell could she be? Is she sick or something? I got in, turn on the lights and took out my cell to call her. But then, I heard someone stormed in.

‘Soooorrrrryyyyyy Cat!!!’

I put down my phone ‘Where were u? I thought ur sick or something!’

‘Not really....I.....

And behind her came in a guy. Errr..Phred???

‘What....hey Phred!’ I gave a smile.

‘Hey, Cat. Sorry, my fault. We were sleeping ....and I....’

‘We???’ I looked at Tess. OMG!

She looked at me embarrassed.

I think Phred already realize the awkwardness that’s going on here. ‘I guess I better go now. See u later’ and he kissed Tess on the cheek.

We watched he left the shop and I turned to Tess.

‘OMG!!! What’s going on with u two????’


‘Aha! Nothing? Right............I’m not gonna ask u what’s up coz I know what’s up so........’

‘Fine! We met yesterday, right? At your house. Then we got talking. He’s so sweet, we went over to my house and......the rest is history. Btw, we didn’t DO anything. We were up pretty late and I asked him to stay for the night........’

‘Okayyyyyyy’ I gave her a sly smile.

She rolled her eyes. ‘Whatever’


After I finished working, I got out and saw my dad’s car already parked in front of the shop.

‘You’re early!’ I said got into the car.

‘I like to be on time. You know me?’

‘Yeahhh...So, where’s Ally?’ It’s only the two of us here.

‘I thought u wouldn’t like to ask’

‘I’m good now’

‘She’s out to see her friend. I don’t know who.’

I nodded. Okay. Good. She’s not here with me and my dad.

‘So, where are we going?’

‘Anywhere that u would like to go’

We drove the car all around town, to the place where me and dad used to go when I was little. It’s fun to be with him after so many years. We never actually got into a nice relationship ever since my sister died and it got worst after my mom died. Guess because I never learned how to compromise. But I’m more matured now.

We stopped at Starbucks.

‘So, how’s life now?’

‘Good’ I took a sip of my coffee.

‘How’s Edward?’

‘I don’t know. I haven’t seen him in a while’

‘I see that u already have a new boyfriend???’

‘Yeaahhh....’ I smiled. ‘So, enough about me. How about you? You gonna have a new baby? I’m gonna be a sister???’

‘You’re excited??’

‘Hell yeah! I mean, YES!’

‘We still don’t know whether it’s a boy or a girl’

‘Hopefully it’s a boy’


‘I don’t know. It’s always fun to be around boys sometime...He can stay with me!’

‘Aha! I’m not so sure! about you come and stay with me?’

I stopped for a moment. I looked at him. I love staying here. I’ve been living here since I was a baby. All the memories....good or bad, it’s all here.

‘I like it here, dad. I can’t just get away from here. Besides, I’m working and granny’s here with me, so I’m good. I’m gonna be alright. You know u can visit me anytime’

‘Granny can come and live with us too’

‘S’okay, dad. I really like it here’

‘Okay, if u say so’ he took a sip. ‘Ready to go?’



In the car........

‘Can u send me to Phil’s house?’

‘Who’s that?’

‘He’s Bruno’s friend. Bruno  lives with him’

‘ he’s homeless??’

‘Nooo!!!!’ I punched him.

He laughed. ‘Seems like you really like this guy, huh Cat???’


‘When I heard about your relationship with him on the news I was like, ‘Cat??? My Cat??’

‘Ahahah! Right dad! Nice joke u got there!’

‘You know what? If you’re happy, then I’m happy too’

We got to Phil’s house and I saw Phil’s car was there. Good. They’re home.

‘Thanks dad’ I got out of the car.

‘I’m coming with you’ He got out too.


‘I want to get to know my daughter’s boyfriend. Is that a problem?’

‘No. Not really. Come on’

We walked to the house and knocked on the door.

‘Cat???’ It was Karen.

‘Karen?? You’re back??

‘Yeah. this morning’

‘Daniella’s back in town too?’

‘No. She’s still there. Her sister just got back from the hospital so she wanted to stay there for a few more days’

‘I’m sorry to hear that.. Anyway, this is my dad. Dad, this is Karen, Phil’s fiancée’

‘Nice meeting u, Sir’

‘Nahh.. Just call me Sam’

‘So, where’s Bruno?’ I asked.

‘Ohhh. He’s upstairs with Phil and a friend. I’m making drinks for them.....

‘A friend????’

‘Yeah...I don’t know her. Why don’t u go upstairs???’


Her?? Who’s her???

We got to the little room where Phil had his studio in there and opened the door.

‘Hey guys!!!! How is it go................

My heart stops. I don’t know what to think anymore. WTF? I went up to him and gave a slap on the face. Hard.

‘Cat! Listen to me’

‘Listen to you? Why should I listen to you?????’ I punched him real hard.

‘Ally??? What are u doing here????’ my dad spoke.


My eyes were glued on Bruno. ‘You know what Bruno??? One moment you said you love me and I left u for work and now you’re here sucking her tongue behind my back? Damn u Bruno!!!!’

‘Cat!! Listen to me, it’s not like what u think!’ he squeezed my hand.

‘Let go of me, Bruno!!!’ and he let me go.

‘Look, now it’s finally over! It’s fucking over! Fuck you Bruno! No! Fuck both of you!!!!!’ and my eyes were glaring at Ally. Why is she here??? I thought I can already accept her in my life but now she’s here doing shit with my boyfriend.

I ran towards the door but my dad stopped me.

‘Cat, wait up’

‘I’m leaving dad!’ and I turned to Phil who was standing by the door. ‘Fuck you too!’

I ran out of the room, down the stairs and out of the house. I could hear Karen’s calling out my name but I continue on running. Tears were running down my face even more. I was hurt. I don’t know why this thing’s happening to me. All over again. Suddenly there was a car stopping next to me.


I looked. It was Eric and sitting next to him was Jamareo.