Chapter 13

24/07/2011 14:44

#Chapter 13 And I love the way this dream makes me feel; here you are! Here you are.


Bruno seemed a little bit preoccupied. I guess it's because he was still worried about me. Next time, i'll tell him when i'll be out. 


_Baby, are you okay? I asked him, troubled, rubbing his back. 

_I'm fine Kay. he said, rolling his eyes, as if he got something on his mind. 


I cuddled up in between his arms. I could feel his warm breath on my lips. His breath was jerky, he was shaking from all his body. I started to freak out. He saw I was quite anxious so he put his arms around my neck, looked at me in the eyes and kissed me. He finally managed to calm himself down. Suddenly, when i wasn't expecting it, he carried me like married couples in movies and went in our room. I was laughing so much. He put on the bed and languorously kissed me again and again. I gently pushed him away and run to the end of the room, picking my guitar. He was a bit disappointed but he smiled then sat on the bed. I took a chair and sat on. 


_I'm going to play a song about our first rendez-vous that I wrote on today with Janae. 


Bruno started to freeze when I pronounced the name of my best friend. A coincidence? Maybe. I didn't really pay attention to that and started to play my song.



Tonight, I met a boy, and he seemed quite familiar. 



I smirked at him.


Don't know where he's from, or what he's all about.



But all I know is that I wanna be his friend;



Bruno smiled and pointed at himself, as if he would have said "hey, I'm Bruno Mars! Everyone wants to be my friend". I laughed. 


Get to know him a little better, and maybe hold his hand.



We both shrugged and made a funny grimace then my look turned as seductive.


And as the night went on, he got a little sweeter.
And after that, he had me wrapped around his finger.




I put my finger in the air and turned it, as I wanted to say how crazy it was.

I used to tell myself i wouldn't fall in love, unless he was the guy of my dreams.
But here you are with my heart right beside me. 



Bruno touched "his heart" and made the heart beats as he beat his hands against his chest.



Never thought that I'd follow through with my belief. 



You took a dream and made it so real. 



I pointed at him.



And I love the way this dream makes me feel; here you are! Here you are.




I smiled with all my teethes and he did the same. 

The rest is history, we got this down so well. 



That boy's my energy when all I wanna do is dwell.
And i love remembering the night that we first met.
That story never gets old, oh how could we forget?




I smirked right at him again.

I never thought that I'd ever feel the way I do when you're around. And on that ordinary night it was love that I found.

Tonight, I met a boy, and he seemed so familiar..
La da da da da da da da da da



When the song ended, Bruno clapped his hands and whistled to me. "Bravo!" he said, faking his voice in a very loud and deep one. 


_Booh! You desperately needs to speak french honey! I said laughing at his "Bravo". 

_I know how to speak french you little ignorant! he said, pretending to be annoyed by my comment. Bonjour, je m'appelle Bruno. Je t'aime. he said, all seductive. 


I put my guitar down and jumped on the bed. I took a pillow and threw it at him. He took the pillow in his hands and put it on the bed. He stared at me and brushed my lock of hair aside which it was hide my eyes from him. It seemed to be serious but he had a cute smile on his face so I didn't worry. 


_Hm..Baby, you know in two days…he cleared his throat. 


I didn't see where was the point of this discussion, I was patiently waiting for him to end his sentence. All I wanted to do was screaming "WHAAT?! WHAT IS THIS IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THIS BIRTHDAY?!". I was just laying down on the bed and so did he. 


_You can't make it right? I said, with this all of a sudden sad look all over my face.

_No…he said, raising one of his eyebrows to see my reaction. 

_Oh well...I said, almost dying of sadness. 

_No, I only wanted to tell that in two days…he said, first, hold the "two daaayyyys" high note for a long time. 

_Tell me what? I said, hoping a little.

_In two days, you and me, your boyfriend and yourself…WILL BE IN PARIS!!!! he said, yelling, totally happy.

_WAIT…WHAT?!?! I said, screaming heaven above. 

_You heard that?! YOU AND ME, IN PARIS, IN TWO DAYS!! 

_For my birthday? I asked, putting my hands on my chest as I wanted to contain my surprise, my jaw dropped. 

_Yes!!! he said, almost happier than I was. 


I started to cry my eyes out and breathed hard. He couldn't give me a better nineteen birthday's gift. It touched me so much. He was so sweet. I love him so much and with all my heart. Bruno is the best guy i'll ever met in my life and I know that, he's so thoughtful towards me, I can't contain this joy. All I can do now is tearing of joy. He came closer to me and hugged me tight. I talked in his hair, whispering in his ears "I love you Bruno, I always will". He stroked and kissed me in my hair, saying "I will always love you Kaylee, you're my only love and you'll always be". All this loveliness made me cry much more. Bruno hugged me until I sleep in his arms then he slowly put me on the bed, put my head on the pillow and took my clothes off then he covered me with the blanket. Bruno got off of the bed and opened my closet. He looked into it and searched for some cute clothes I could wear then he put a bunch of them and stuffed my bag with everything else I would need for the trip in France. He quickly did the same with his clothes and put the two bags in front of the front door. Then he went to sleep right next to me, holding me tight.



My name is Kaylee, I'm almost 19 and I'm Bruno Mars's girlfriend.