Chapter 14-19

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“I love you too Bruno,” I said taking his face in my hands, kissing him softly. I could feel everyone staring at us. “Your cheeks are turning red booty,” he said wiping the tears that had escaped my eyes. “Everyone is looking at us, and I’m crying, it’s embarrassing,” I whisper. “Lets sit here 5 more minutes and we will leave. Okay? I don’t want people to think I just came here to sing.” I take a deep breath and collect myself. I can feel my emotions coming back into control. We talk to Phil and Urbana for a few minutes and then I excuse myself to the bathroom, I really have to go, but also Bruno just whispered into my ear our escape plan.

When I walk out of the bathroom Bruno is waiting for me, “You ready to go pretty lady?” He says offering his arm. We walk out without being noticed, climb into a cab and head home. “My feet are killing me. I can’t wait to get these shoes off!” Bruno looks down at me feet and then back up to me, “Take them off then.” I just look at him like he’s crazy, “What’s that look for?” “Bruno we are in a cab, I’m not taking my shoes off in this cab.” He finally gets the hint, but then he scoots to the other side of the cab, reaches down and pulls my feet into his lap and slips my heels off. “Just keep them here and you’ll be okay baby.” I reach over take his hand in mine and kiss his fingertips like he always does mine, “I love you Bru, you’re too good to me.”

When we finally get home, I head straight to my room to get out of this dress. I can’t reach the zipper, right before I yell for him, Bruno comes up behind me, and unzips me, and lowers my dress. When I step out of it and turn around he’s only in boxers, peeking over his shoulder I see his clothes laying on the floor in the hallway. “I’ve been keeping my hands to myself all night. Now I don’t have to,” he says kissing my shoulder. Grabbing my hips he backs me up against the wall. Taking me to another world with his kiss, he takes my bra off, and before I know it we are both completely naked. Trailing down my body with kisses, he lifts my leg and places it on his shoulder, turning his head he kisses the inside of my thigh. “Oh God Bruno,” I say through a moan.

Without warning, he slips a finger inside of me, and then places his mouth over me, sucking and biting my most sensitive spot. The faster his finger moves, the further I go into oblivion. Soon I’m spiraling into an orgasm. It’s so intense that, Bruno basically has to hold me up! I lift my leg off his shoulder and grab his head, pulling him back up to me. Kissing me he pushes me harder into the wall, squats just a little grabbing my legs and lifts me up, sliding himself into me. “You feel so good, Lace.” He says as he starts thrusting into me.

Soon, sweat beads start to form on his brow, the veins on his neck start to protrude. I know he’s going to cum soon. “Bruno, I love you, you know just the way to do it every time,” I say biting his neck. Our moans, are mixing together in a perfect symphony. I can tell he’s holding back in fear of cumming before I do, I’m on the verge of my own orgasm. “Bruno, stop holding back, I can tell your ready, I’m waiting for you, love, give it to me,” I say and then grab his bottom lip and suck. With that he gives he one hell of a ride.


We’re laying in bed, watching Roseanne. Lacey’s laying on her stomach facing the foot of the bed, hair all tangled from our latest sex. Tracing imaginary patterns on her back, I run my finger over the tattoo on her rib cage. It’s a bird cage, with a little sparrow flying out. The words, ‘Still I will rise’ are under. “Booty, tell me about this tattoo.” Rolling onto her side she looks at me, and then down to my finger, watching me trace the letters for a minute. Finally she says, “It’s from a poem by Maya Angelou.”

Did you want to see me broken?

Bowed head and lowered eyes?

Shoulders falling down like teardrops.

Weakened by my soulful cries.

You may shoot me with your words,

You may cut me with your eyes,

You may kill me with your hatefulness,

But still, like air, I’ll rise

“This was my way of fighting back. I was tired of being controlled.” There in her beautiful, ice blue eyes, I see so much pain. So much, strength, love, courage. And I fall in love with her all over again. “I love you so much, Lacey. I will never hurt you like that, and never again, will anyone hurt you like that. I will stand by your side, holding your hand, fighting with you. I promise.”




The next couple weeks fly. Bruno has finally gotten his studio up and running. He tries to be there only when I’m working, but it seems like the magic happens there when everyone else is sleeping. He’s also practically moved in, spending every night at my place. Most of his clothes are in my closet now. I’ve even given him his own key so he can come and go as he pleases. School is almost out, and the kids are so excited for our ‘vacation’, really we are just going to see my mom and family. But it’s been over a year since we’ve been “home”. Bruno doesn’t even find it weird that Greg is going along. I mean, he’s from Missouri also, his family lives about 3 hours from mine. So we are all going “south” for 2 week, kids will be with me for a week and then with Greg for a week.

“Dana, I’m so ready for the weekend, I’ve been talking to Bruno about finding a new job, and I don’t think 12 hour shifts are working for me anymore. I really think I would be happier in an office setting,” I tell her on our walk home from work. I love everything about my job, except the hours. I get the kids up and ready for school and then when I get off work they are usually in bed. The only time I have with them is the weekends. Until 2 years ago, I was a stay at home mom/ full time student. The change has been hard on them. “Well girl we have one more day! Are you still planning on going prom dress shopping with Kelsey and me?” Crap, I forgot about that. “Yeah, I’ll have to ask Greg if he will watch the kids for a few hours, while we go.”

Walking up the stairs to my apartment, I hear screaming and laughing. Looking at Dana, I let myself in to find, Bruno with a towel tied around his neck saving Kensley from which ever monster Brayden has decided to be! Kelsey is sitting on the kitchen counter, with the video camera, laughing. Dana and I drop our bags and run into the action, somehow I’ve managed to be on Bray’s team, jumping on Bruno’s back and tickling him. “Oh No! Princess I must put you down, and fight off this dragon,” he screams as he puts her down, and pulls me over his shoulder. “AAAAAAHHHH, Brunoooooo! I give uuuuppp!!!!! NOOOOO, STOP! I SWEAR,” I scream as he attacks me. “Say Uncle, Booty. I won’t give up.” “Uncle booty,” I say smiling at him. Leaning down and kissing me he says, “Welcome home momma.”

After saying goodbye to Dana and Kelsey, I send the kids to shower, and head to the kitchen to find something to eat. “Are you hungry Bru?” “No, I already ate, I actually made dinner tonight,” He says giving me a triumphant smile. “Really, and what did you all have?” “Fish sticks, French fries and Mac and Cheese,” He is so excited. Looking around the kitchen, there are no dirty dishes, I turn and look at Bruno, and he answers me before I can even ask the question, “Kelsey said since I cooked she would wash up.” “Awe, Baby, I’m so proud of you,” I say walking to him, wrapping my arms around his neck. “I missed you all day, Booty,” he says kissing me. “Mmmm, I miss you too, I really am starving though, I didn’t have a lunch date today, so I worked through.” As I turn around he pinches my butt and heads to the piano, “I didn’t come up with one good thing today,” he says as he starts to play ‘our song’. “You know, you don’t have to make a hit every day, Bru it’s ok to have an off day.” He just ignores my comment and starts singing.

After I’ve eaten and talked about the day with the kids, I send them to bed. Bruno, hasn’t left the piano all night, something is frustrating him. Scooting the bench back a little I sit on Bruno’s lap and start playing, he’s resting his head on my back and playing along on my thighs. “What’s really bothering you babe?” He doesn’t say anything for a few minutes so I keep playing. “It’s been a rough week, usually I can come up with something, even a stupid jingle just playing around. But this week, nothing,” he says finally, defeat in his voice. I stop playing, stand up, grab his hand and lead him to the bed room. I let go of his hand and head to the bathroom, starting a bubble bath. We have an unspoken rule that all important things be handled in the bathtub. I strip my clothes off, back in our room, I find him staring out the window still fully dressed. I walk up to him and start unbuttoning his shirt, and when that’s gone his pants. Grabbing his hand and take him to “our office”. He slowly sits down in front of me, and I rub his back, we’re quiet for a few minutes and when I feel his shoulders finally relax, I say, “You’re too hard on yourself. You know that right?” “I know, I just really want to write something, but nothing is coming and it’s driving me insane.” Phil has been in LA for a week, maybe that’s the problem. “Maybe you need a vacation, Bru you’ve been working so hard, for a long time.” “You know what, your right,” he says looking over his shoulder at me. I know that look, he’s got something going through his mind. “What if, I go to Missouri with you and meet your family? And then maybe while Greg has his week with the kids, we could get away for a little romantic vacation of our own?” This warms my heart more than I can tell you, he wants to meet my family! “Really babe, you want to meet my family?” “Really, I do. I want to see this small town you’ve told me about, and your amazing mom,” He says leaning back against me. “Well what are we gonna do on this ‘romantic vacation’ then?” I whisper into his ear. “I’m not sure yet, but you leave that part up to me, and you should probably get a passport.”




3 Weeks later.

We’re on the plane, heading to Missouri. Kensley is sleeping in Lacey’s lap, and Lacey is curled into my arm trying unsuccessfully to stay awake. When she finally goes to sleep, I pick up my phone and take a picture. Wanting to brag to the world, I send it straight to twitter, ‘My World right here’. I’m so excited and nervous about meeting Lacey’s family, the kids have been talking nonstop about all the things we are gonna do. It all involves “The Lake” as they put it. Her mom is an insurance agent, and her stepdad owns a boat dealership.

Soon the captain comes over the speaker letting us know that we will be landing in St. Louis. This is our stop, I start waking Kensley up and she is not in a good mood. Bruno leans over me and pokes her, ”Hey dude, were gonna be seeing your Grandma soon, get happy!” She smiles at him and then starts bouncing in her seat. When we finally get off the plane we say goodbye to Greg and head off to get our luggage and rental car. It’s the first time I’ve been in the front seat/drove in over a year. Bruno is kind of nervous about me driving, but I insist on driving. It’s a little over 3 hours, from St. Louis to my mom’s house. On the car ride, Brayden fills Bruno in on all the fun ahead of him, he’s told him a million times about the boat rides he is looking forward to.

“We’re here!” I say pulling onto my mom’s lake road. My childhood home, is a modest (compared to a lot of others on this road) 2 story lake front home. When we pull in the drive Mom is waiting on the porch. “Nana!” The kids yell, jumping from the car, she squats down and embraces them. “Hey Momma,” I say kissing her cheek and hugging her, Bruno is walking around the car, extending his hand. “Mom, this is Bruno,” Mom ignores his hand and hugs him, “We are huggers Bruno. It’s so nice to meet you!” When she releases him she takes the kids to the house. “Sorry about that babe,” I say to him. “Hey, don’t worry about it, my mom is a hugger too,” He says shrugging his shoulders. We grab our bags and head inside. Dropping the kids bags off in the guest room, next to my moms, and then we head upstairs.

My door is shut, I feel like I should warn him, but then again, maybe I got lucky and mom took all the posters down. “Bru, don’t you dare laugh when you walk in,” “What! Let me see it,” he says moving my hand from the doorknob and going in. “Awe, Booty, I knew you fangirled for someone,” he says looking at the half naked posters of Justin Timberlake on my wall. “Don’t you make fun of my man,” I say putting my bags down. “Oh that’s your man huh? Then what the hell am I chump?” He says, putting his bag down and grabbing me from behind, picking me up, and throwing me on the bed. Rolling over, I spread my legs, letting him snuggle into me, I wrap my arms around his neck, and kiss his chin, and then his lips. “Your my life.” “And don’t you forget it,” he says as he starts tickling me. “Bruuu, stop! AAAAHHHHH, NOOO! OKAY OKAY UNCLE!” “MMM, I didn’t say that was the magic word this time,” he whispers and then attacks me again.


Opening my eyes, I’m staring straight into Justin Timberlake’s abs. This poster has to come down. Lacey isn’t in bed, looking at the clock it’s only 7. What am I doing awake? I throw shorts on and head down stairs looking for Lace. Walking through the kitchen, I see movement out on the back deck. When I walk to the slider door, I see 2 butts in the air, laughing quietly to myself, I slide the door open and walk out. “What are you doing babe,” I ask bending over and copying her move. “Yoga, Mom does it every morning, and I figured I better stretch myself, or ill be sore tomorrow.” I sit down in front of her and ask her what she means, “We’re gonna go for a boat ride in a little bit, were gonna take the kids for a tube ride, and I might bring my wakeboard out.”

Bruno and I head up and put our swim suits on. When I open my drawer Bruno starts laughing, “Holy shit! I feel like I’m looking in my sisters drawers,” he says pointing at all my swim suits. “When you live on the lake you acquire a lot of them.” I throw one on and then throw board shorts over them. “Come on, I’ll take you for a ride on the Sea-doo first if you want to. Mom’s feeding the kids lunch before we go.” Its nice being here, almost like a double vacation, my mom takes over with the kids and lets me have a break every time.

We ride around a little on the sea-doo, I haven’t been on one in a long time. After about 20 minutes we head back to the dock and see everyone loading the boat. Putting the sea-doo back up on the lift, we go help load. Lacey’s helping the kids into their life jackets, while I hand Dan the cooler. Finally we back out of the slip, Lacey looks so happy, “You look exactly how I feel when I go home babe.” It’s like 10 years have been shaved off of her, she’s so relaxed and acting goofy. “It’s nice to be home,” she says. We drive around for a while, the whole family pointing out who lives where, or good restaurants they like to eat at, telling funny stories. I feel at home with them, I’m so happy that things are going this way. Dan stops the boat and Lacey stands up opens up the floor of the boat, revealing her wakeboard. She slips on her life vest and kisses me. “Bruno, watch mom! She’s awesome on that thing!” Brayden says, jumping up and down.

“Dan, don’t go easy on me,” she says slipping her board into the water. She turns around and kisses me again, and then high fives Brayden, “How should I get in bub?” “Flip in mom!” She gets up, climbs to the end on the boat, stands up turns around and back flips into the murky water. She swims to her board slips her feet in the boot-like things on her board and raises her hand. The boat starts up again and circles her, Ann throwing her a ski line. Grabbing the line, she dips her head in the water, wipes her face and raises her arm again. All at once, the boat takes off and she shoots out of the water! She gets her balance and then loops her arm through the handle, leans down she drags her hand in the water. I’m sitting there, with my arm around Brayden, were cheering for her, there is so much pride in his face, he has the coolest mom ever. After a minute she gives a thumbs up, I think she’s directing it towards me or the kids, but then I see Ann touch Dan’s shoulder and tell him faster. Back on the water, Lace is zig-zagging across the water. When the speed picks up to where she wants it she puts her hand out flat. “Watch, Bruno, she’s going to show off,” Ann says, she’s right next to me now. I don’t know why, but I’m nervous. Suddenly, she shoots across a wave and flies 5 feet in the air! When she lands, she shoots across again, and this time not only does she jump but she completely flips herself! She is amazing!

Climbing into the boat, I’m high from the adrenaline rush. The kids are yelling at me, Bruno has a huge smile across his face. “Babe, that was awesome!” “I haven’t done that in years! I’m surprised that I can still do it,” I say breathlessly. We take the kids for a slow tube ride and then I talk Bruno into going on one with me, “After what I saw on that wakeboard, I’m not sure If I want to get behind the boat with you. You’re crazy!” He says laughing. After telling him I’ll be nice, he finally jumps into the water with me. We go a little faster than I did with the kids, but he has fun! Before we’re done I manage to dump the tube on purpose. Bruno comes up from being thrown laughing, I think this is the most fun we’ve ever had.

After a few hours we head back to the house, and I take the kids in a put them down for a nap, being on the water wears you out. When I come out of the kids room Bruno is sitting in the living room drinking beer with Dan. There is an old western on, and Bruno looks bored. “Come on babe, let me show you something.” He gets up and follows me outside. We walk down through the yard, and I throw the ball for Duke, my Boxer. When we get to the hammock I climb in, Bruno climbs in with me and we almost tip for a second. It takes a minute but we finally get situated, wrapped around each other’s bodies. I reach up and pull his sunglasses off, “I love you Bru, Thank You for coming with us,” I say kissing him. “I love you too Booty. It’s been a great day.”

For the next few hours we lay in the hammock, in the shade, feet from the lake. Talking about my life growing up here and how it was pretty close to what he did during the days in Hawaii. “I spent a lot of time, right here in this hammock after my divorce,” I tell him, “I forgot who I was. Today though, today, I feel more like myself than I have in a long long time.” Looking me in the eyes, he takes my face in his hand and kisses me, “I never knew you were athletic, lace, you were great on the water, it was like you were coming out of a shell.” “That’s what the water does to me, I forget everything when I’m out there.” Without saying anything, Bruno jumps up and runs to the house, after a minute he comes back with his guitar. He sits down and starts playing. “Will you go get me a notepad, I feel something good,” He says, humming something, and then he melts into his music.

For the next hour, I sit next to him and write down what I can make out, sometimes I repeat back to him what I have, and sometimes I add something to his words. The kids come out with my mom and jump into the water, Dan comes out and starts the grill. The world goes on around us, and here we are, sitting on the grass, next to the water, writing a song. It’s the best feeling in the world. I love watching Bruno, he’s so talented, the words that come out of his mouth have an island feel to them. His eyes have a faraway look, and I know that he’s imagining himself on the beach. This song, it’s something that you would sing on the beach. 




The next few days fly by, we had a big BBQ with all my friends. Took Bruno to this big state park and made him hike. Funniest thing ever by the way. Went down to what they call “The Strip” and played at the arcade. More of my family is coming over today, cousins and Aunts and Uncles for another cook out. I’m pretty excited cause my cousin Crystal just had a new baby last month! I haven’t held a baby in 6 years, babies make me melt.

“Brunoooo, my leg is falling asleep, get off of me!” We’re laying on the couch, watching a movie with the kids, Kensley is curled up asleep on Bruno and he’s laying on my leg. We are having a lazy day, the kids aren’t feeling so hot, every time we come back, their allergies get all messed up. “Booty, I’m hungry,” “Me too Momma!” “What do you want?” They both respond with the same thing, “Grilled peanut butter and jelly!” I swear sometimes I have 3 kids. Brayden, got Bruno hooked on them, it’s their thing now.

“Bru, I’m gonna take a shower really fast before everyone gets here, can you keep an eye on the kids for me real fast?” “Baby, are you really asking me that? You know I got you,” he says slipping his arms around my waist, giving me a kiss. “EEEEEWWWW Bruno! Don’t you know my mom is a girl, and girls have cooties!” Brayden has the most disgusted look on his face. “Oh really, I didn’t know you were a girl, that’s gross get away from me!” He says giving me a playful push. “Oh, I have cooties huh? Come here little boy, give you some of these cooties,” I say chasing Bray down.

An hour later mom walks in my bathroom, “That Bruno, I tell you what, I have never seen you so happy in my life.” “I love him mom. I don’t even know why he likes me though, he has so much going for him, and then he sits at home and watches Roseanne reruns with me, stuffing his face with grilled peanut butter and jelly, like an old cat lady with me.” “He likes you because you’re you, and you don’t judge him, He loves you because you’re you and you don’t judge him for who he is. And you’re beautiful, and smart, and talented, and you could beat him in arm wrestling. And he loves those kids. When I walked in from the garage, they were jumping from couch to chair to coffee table, pretending that the ground was lava.” “Bruno was?” “Yep, Brayden said it was Bruno’s idea.” I just start laughing. “That’s Bruno for you.” I told her about Bruno putting the towel on as a cape, and two days later she called and told me that she bought him his own cape. She’s going to give it to him tonight.

Everyone is showing up, Aunt Sindy and Uncle Jack just got here, and right behind them, my cousin and her family pull in. Bruno says hi to everyone, and pretty much stays by my side for a while. My kids are running around chasing my brother and the dog in the back yard. We’re sitting on the deck laughing and joking around with everyone when Crystal gets there. She was more like my sister than my cousin when we were growing up. “Oh my goodness Crissy look at her! She is so tiny!” She takes Chloe out of the car seat and hands her to me, “I know you aren’t gonna give her up all night anyways, so there is no point in dragging this out.” “Oh, I’ll give her back when she’s hungry, or needs her diaper changed. That’s all on you momma!” I snuggle her into the crook of my neck and walk back over to Bruno. “Look at her babe, isn’t she sweet?” “She looks breakable, don’t get her too close to me,” he says looking a little nervous. “I didn’t say you had to hold her, butthead.”

After a while Bruno ends up holding her, I didn’t ask him to, he asked to hold her. I was actually surprised. I took that as an opportunity to have a shot with my brother, and then I snuck a little picture of Bru holding Chloe. After a little bit, Chloe started getting fussy, and Bruno started looking scared, Crystal saved him, taking Chlo and headed inside to feed her. Bruno and I took a shot and then snuck off to the dock to have a smoke.

“My family all really likes you Bru,” I say leaning back, laying my head in his lap. “Good, cause I’m not going anywhere. I like them too, they have really made me feel at home.” We sit in silence for a few minutes, “So you were playing ‘hot lava’ with the kids huh?” “Oh, your mom told on me?” He says laughing, and then he changes the subject, “I don’t think you’re a cat lady, and your mom is so wrong, you cannot beat me at arm wrestling.” “You heard us?” I say lifting my head to see him better. “Ya, I went up to get my fedora. I love you Lacey, I know I used to go out almost every night before we got together, and now I sit at home with you and the kids, but you don’t make me do that, I do it because that’s where I want to be.” “Well I just want you to know, that I don’t care if you go out, I don’t want you to sit at home with us because that’s what I do. I don’t want to hold you back from anything.” “If you keep talking all that nonsense I’m gonna push your ass in the water,” He says giving me a little nudge, “In other news, you look totally hot with that baby all up in your shoulder. Makes me wanna sing. It’s a beautiful night, were looking for something dumb to do, hey booty, I think I wanna impregnate you,” He says breaking into song. “Bru, you are nasty,” I get up grab his hand and head back to the house.

When we get back to the house, everyone take a shot. Soon everyone is having fun, dinner is done and were all just hanging out, eating and laughing. The kids are down by the water playing. When my brother heads back up from the water, I head down to keep an eye on them. Everything is going fine, until Brayden picks up a rock and throws it, right at his sister! I jump up and run to her, mother’s instinct, but I’m right, blood is pouring from her eye! “Brayden, what have you done!” I scream at him, and Bruno and my mom are both running towards me. When I reach Kensley, I smack my hand over her eye, scoop her up and run towards the house. Bruno grabs Brayden and my mom corrals the rest of the kids towards the house. I’m scared for my little girl, I’m pissed at my son, and my nursing skills kick into effect. Sitting Kenny in the sink, Bruno hands me a washrag from the drawer, and I run it under water and hold it to her head. “Bru, in the bathroom down the hall, under the sink is a first aid kit, please go get it.” He’s off running, “Momma, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I didn’t know she was there,” Brayden says pulling at my pants. “Brayden, please one thing at a time!” I scream at him, instantly I know I shouldn’t have done that, “I’m sorry Bray, give me a few minutes and we will talk, okay?” He just nods and walks away. When Bruno gets back he opens the box and hands me peroxide. I wash Kenny’s face down and then put pressure back on her eyebrow. Stepping away I go to the ‘junk drawer’ and grab a flashlight, I check her eyes. She seems fine, except for the blood. “Calm down Ken, I know it hurts baby.” After a few minutes she stops crying, and I get the bleeding to slow enough for me to take a look, I lay her back on the counter and shine the light on her. “I don’t think you need to go to the hospital baby, I think we just need to keep pressure on it and then put a butterfly bandaid on it.” Bruno takes her from me, “I think you need to talk to Bray, he’s pretty upset. I got my baby girl.” He wraps her around him, bloody clothes and all and heads to the deck singing to her the whole way.

“Bray, I’m sorry for getting on to you like that, I was scared for your sister,” I tell him, he’s sitting on the bottom bunk in their room. “I didn’t mean to hit her momma; I didn’t know she was there!” “I know, you’re not in trouble, you just need to go say you’re sorry and then we need to get you ready for bed. Okay? I love you.” He gets up from his bed, hugs me, and heads out to apologize. I go grab a butterfly bandage and some more peroxide and cotton balls and then I step out onto the almost empty deck. “Where did everyone go?” “Home, while you were taking care of Kensley and talking to Brayden, all the kids were getting cranky,” My mom tells me, “I’m going to go help Bray get ready for bed and tuck him in, he’s taking this hard, he feels really bad.” “Thanks Mom,” I say kissing her cheek, and then I squat down next to Bruno, he’s holding Kenny and she’s passed out. When he lets go of her head, no new blood comes out. “Well, I think she’s going to be ok, but she’s going to be swollen and have one hell of a black eye in the next couple days.” “Well it’s a good thing her mom is a nurse,” he says, “Maybe we should make her a pallet on our floor so you can keep an eye on her?” I’m surprised not by this. Bruno has a major soft spot for my daughter, she has him wrapped around her finger. “You mean, maybe she should sleep in our room, so you don’t freak out?” “Ya, I guess you’re right. I think this must be what it feels like to be a Dad.” 




Kensley woke up this morning with her eye swollen shut, and a huge deep purple bruise. I took a picture of her and sent it to Greg. He called me back within seconds, “What the fuck!” “Greg, calm down, Bray threw a rock, not knowing that she was standing there and it hit her. She will be fine.” “Fine, she will be fine? My daughter’s eye is swollen shut and black and you’re telling me that she will be fine? What kind of fucking mother are you?” Before I could respond, Bruno ripped the phone out of my hand. “Look Greg, you may have talked to her like this while you were married, but she is not your wife anymore. I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, but you better think twice before talking to her like this again. She is an amazing mother, and while you were out fucking that whore that you’re married to, Lacey was out getting a degree and taking care of her children. I may be smaller than you, but I promise you, if you EVER talk to her like this again, I will fuck your world up,” he puts the phone on the bed, kisses me and then climbs out of bed. “Greg, I sent you the picture so that you were not shocked when you see her tomorrow. I’m going now, oh and you might want to buy Martha a pregnancy test.”

When I get downstairs, Bruno is pulling poptarts out of the toaster. “Mom, Bruno makes the best breakfast!” Bray says smiling. “Mom is gonna have to give Bruno some cooking lessons, before his skin turns purple from all those wild berry poptarts he eats,” I say rubbing the top of Bray’s head. Kensley has her face buried in her arms, I walk over to her, scoop her up and sit down. She just hangs her head down, “Can I look at your eye Ken?” “No, it hurts and it’s ugly,” she says in a quiet voice. “Well I wanna see what color your eyeball is, and if you let me look it won’t hurt as much as it will if I have to hold you down to do it. You decide it’s your choice.” I sit her back down and head to the sink. I make a small glass of chocolate milk, and then get Tylenol and get stuff to clean her eye with. Dragging her feet she slowly makes her way to me.

I pick her up, sit her down on the counter, and look at her cut, “Kenny, I’m gonna pull the bandaid off okay,” It looks so much better than I thought it would. I clean her a little, and then pry her eye open and shine the light in it, just like I thought, there are no whites left to her eye, it’s all bloody. Bruno gasps, and I shoot him a look. “I’m gonna put some eye drops in to clean your eye baby, it won’t hurt, it’s just cold.” She handles it like a champ, after taking meds she heads back to the table with her milk and eats. “Is her eye supposed to look like that?” Bruno asks in a whisper. “Well not supposed to, but I figured it would. That’s what happens when you have trauma to your eye.”

The rest of the day goes by pretty fast, and before I know it, I’m helping the kids pack to go to their Dads in the morning. I still have no idea what Bruno has planned for us for the next week. After I put the kids to bed, I find Bruno laying in the hammock in the yard. “Kids are sleeping,” I say climbing into the hammock. I feel like I’ve been neglecting my man, I’ve been so busy with the kids and the rest of my family this week, the most I’ve done to him all week is kiss him. I miss his body wrapped around mine. I miss his lips exploring me. “Baby, I’m in need of some super sex,” I whisper into his neck. “MMMM, what kind of super sex do you want? Let me go get my super hero cape and ill sing you theme songs.” “You are such a nerd, you know what I mean.” I tilt my head up and bite his ear. That’s all it takes for him to get the hint. He completely forgets that we are in a hammock, and as he’s rolling over to put his leg over me, we flip out of the hammock. “Ouch!” Bruno rolls off me, “Are you okay babe, any broken bones?” I grab his head and pull him back to me. Wrapping my legs around his hips, I pull him against me, lift my hips and grind against him. Grabbing the bottom of his shirt, I pull up on it. Once he realizes that I’m actually going to strip him down out here, he looks at me funny, “Booty, let’s go inside before we get too far.” “hhhmmmhhh, We are not moving, I’m too far now,” I say, I’m so worked up that I could literally have an orgasm without actually having sex of any kind right now. Well I’m pretty sure I could, I haven’t been this turned on in a long time. “They can’t see us from the house, Bru, don’t worry, the only people that could see us are across the cove and it’s too dark out.” I roll him over, and sit up, stripping my shirt off, he runs his hands up my body, following my shirt as it comes off. I stand up and strip my pants down, and Bruno does the same. When I straddle him again, he’s ready, grinding against me, I lean down and kiss him and he pulls my hips up and guides himself into me. We both let out a little gasp, and then I start riding him. “Lace, something is digging into my back, we gotta figure something else out.” I look around and then motion my head toward the boat, it’s only a few feet away. He wraps his arm around my back and gets up fast. We dash to the boat and climb in, when he sits down I climb back on and start riding him again. His fingers are digging into my hips, the pain feels good. When I started to go faster, little moans started escaping Bruno’s mouth. “Lace, that feels so good. Fuuuuuck, slow down babe,” He moaned against my neck. After a minute he flipped me over onto my back and took over, grinding into me. Forgetting where we were I let out a loud moan, it echoed through the cove. “Shhh baby, people are gonna hear us,” he says putting his hand over my mouth, he speeds up. It feels so good I can hardly open my eyes. “No baby, don’t you do that, open your eyes and look at me,” he lets go of my mouth and grabs one of my legs and puts it up on his shoulder. “Shit Brunoooo, oh my god baby,” “Are you gonna cum for me baby?” He says slowing down but going deeper. He leans down puts his hands in my hair and puts his mouth on my neck, nibbling and sucking, sending me into an orgasm, within seconds he’s spiraling into his own. “Holy shit babe, you deserve the super sex cape for that one,” he says rolling off of me, breathing heavy. I get up and smack his butt, “Come on sex dragon, let’s go for a swim.” I send him one more look and dive off the back of the boat into the dark water. 




We just dropped the kids off with Greg and are now at the airport. Bruno won’t let me see the tickets, and every time I look towards the signs at the gate he covers my eyes. He wants to keep it a surprise until we land, it’s driving me insane! When we finally are able to board the plane, he makes me put headphones on to drown out everyone. He pulls out a notebook, and starts doodling pictures and writing notes back and forth with me. Once we take off and I’m assuming the captain is done talking he lets me take the head phones off. In the back of my mind I feel like we’re going to Hawaii or California.

“Bru, where are we going? This is driving me insane not knowing,” I say leaning into him. “Booty, it would ruin the surprise, if I told you!” I give him my best puppy eyes and stick out my bottom lip, which only makes him laugh. “Are we going to Hawaii to meet your family?” “No, but I did think about that at first, I just want to have some alone time with you. You will meet my family soon, I promise. I can’t wait for you to meet them, but this week isn’t about my family, this is about spoiling you, and having me and you time. We don’t get that enough.”      

Lacey is going crazy, I know she hates surprises, but she’s gonna have to stick this one out. I’m doing everything I can to keep her from figuring out where we are going. We talk about the last week, and what I have coming up in the next couple months, and we play hang man, and eventually she falls asleep. Girl sleeps more than anyone I have ever met, well besides her kids, but she is in a close 2nd with them!

We just landed in Texas! It was really hard keeping her from hearing where we were, I had to whisper in her ear and hold my hand over the other ear for almost 5 minutes! We have a 2 hour layover here and then we are off to Puerto Rico for another connecting flight! “Bruno, are we in Texas?” Shit! “Nope, were in Montana babe,” I say laughing at her, “let’s go get some lunch. I’m starving!” “Bullshit, this is Texas, and yes let’s have lunch.” So after stopping and taking pictures with a few fans and signing a few things we manage a quick lunch and then hop on the next plane.

Plane number two, Bruno is keeping me busy again with these headphones and notes. After about 20 minutes he lets me take them off. When I look out the window I almost die, “Bruno, that’s the ocean! We’re going over the fucking ocean!” “Shhhhh Lace, I know, calm down babe.” I start to have a little mini freak out, “I… uh… Bru… if we crash… our asses are gonna be eaten by sharks.” “Booty, look at me, we’re not going to crash, it’s alright,” He says in that soothing voice, holding my face in his hands, resting his forehead against mine. “Open your eyes Lace, look at me.” When I open my eyes, tears escape and roll down my face. He kisses my tear streaked face and pulls me into the safety of his arms. “I love you Lacey, I won’t let anything happen.”

Wow, if I knew she was going to react to us flying over the ocean like this I would have just taken us to California! I hate that she’s having an anxiety attack, and there is nothing that I can do for her, except be here. I hope that what I’m doing will make up for the stress that she is having right now. We are so close now, I don’t want to ruin it for her. As we start to descend to our next and final pit stop she starts to get nervous again.

“Baby, this is our last pit stop,” he says to me. “We have to go somewhere else?” “Yes but it’s a very short flight this time, less than an hour this time.” As soon as we get off the plane, he hurries me down a hallway and outside, “Where are we going Bru?” And then I see a small plane, he’s taking me on a private plane, OMGOMGOMGOMG I’m going to pass out. “Bruno, is that for us?” “Yes baby, come on.” He says pulling at me. “Bruno, I can’t ride on that plane, it’s way too small, I can’t do it.” “Laceeeee, look, if we don’t get on that plane, we have no luggage and no place to stay. Do you wanna spend the next 6 days here at the airport with nothing?” If I stomped my foot right now would he think any less of me? “Bruno, I’m scared,” I say curling into his arms. He leads me to the plane, the inside is not like any plane I have ever seen before. It has couches.

“Booty, look it’s just you and me on this ride. Well and her,” he says pointing to the flight attendant, “But she can go sit in that chair at the front and not look at us. She does this for a living, she knows how to give people privacy.” “What exactly are you saying to me Bruno?” “I’m just sayin, I can take your mind off this plane for the next 45 minutes if you know what I’m sayin,” he says through the side of his mouth, wiggling his eyebrows at me. “Are you suggesting that we join the mile-high club in this little ass plane? Cause I think if this was a boat and we were trying to do all that, we would sink the boat. I don’t really want this plane falling from the sky.” “Oh my god, you are ridiculous!” And this ladies and gentleman is how we fight. The flight attendant brings us some champagne, leaves the bottle on the table next to our couch and goes back to the front, pulls out a magazine and starts reading. “Sooooo…can you tell me where we are going now,” I ask taking a sip. Bruno takes a drink sits his glass down and then gets on his knees between my legs. “We’re going to a resort in St. Thomas.” A huge smile spreads across my face, I can’t believe he even remembers this. The first night he came to my house, we were talking about random things, and he asked if I could go anywhere, where would I go. I told him St. Thomas. “Bruuuu, I can’t believe you remembered that,” I say sitting my glass down, taking his face in my hands I give him the steamiest kiss I probably have ever given him.

One hand goes up my shirt, the other hand in my hair, he’s managed to twist me , and is in the process of laying me down on this couch, climbing between my legs. I let out a little moan and then remember where we are, breaking the kiss, I put my hand on his chest, “Bruno, we can’t do this here, you know how I get, and that lady will know.” “Baby, we don’t have time for that right now, I just wanna love on you, I’ll sex you every way you can imagine in about 45 minutes. Right now though, I’m just giving you an appetizer.” “Bruno, you just sounded like a horrible porn star from the 70’s.” He looks pleased, “That’s exactly what I was going for.” All of the sudden, I feel our plane start to descend. I let out a gasp, and the stewardess looks back and says, “Everything is fine, it just feels scary in these small planes, we should be landing in the next 5 minutes.” “Look out the window Booty,” Bruno says pointing over my shoulder. When I turn around, I feel like a little kid looking in a pet store window. “Oh my god, Bruno! Look at the water! It’s so beautiful!” I feel tears escaping my eyes, the man of my dreams, has taken me on a surprise vacation, to the destination of my dreams.