Chapter 14 - The End

19/07/2011 13:06

 I step into the elevator and press the button for the lobby. As I'm waiting I feel and sharp pain in my stomach. I shake it off and step off the elevator and make my way outside. When I get to the car I have another sharp pain. Must just be really hungry. I start up the car and pull out. I get to a red light and start thinking about how worried Bruno was when I left. Should I just go back? My thoughts are interrupted by another pain but this one a lot worse. "Jesus Christ!" I turn on the heated seat to try to ease the pain but it doesn't seem to help. The pains get worse and closer together. I start to panic, my mom almost died because her appendix exploded. I decided to turn around and go back to the hotel. As I turn around I see a semi truck pull out of a gas station. My heart stops. Behind the wheel is Nick and a hysterical looking Lucy. He pulls in behind me and slowly gets closer and closer. I pull a U turn and the pain in my stomach becomes unbearable. Its so bad I start crying. I double over in pain and when I look back up I realize Nick has shifted the semi so that now I'm coming at him head on. I swear to god everything slowed down. I saw his twisted face, and Lucy's hysterical face. I saw my life flash before my eyes. I swerve but it's too late. Bruno was right. I should have stayed with him. Then it hits me. This was my fate.


Bruno became overcome with worry. I picked up my blackberry and called Shyloe. It rang and rang but no answer. Right before I was about to hang up someone answered. But it wasn't Shyloe. "Mr. Hernandez? I'm Officer Greene from the LAPD. Your wife has gotten into a crash with a semi truck." I start crying my eyes out. "What happened? Is she ok?" "The car is totaled but it seems she swerved at the last minute and the grill of the semi took out the whole entire passenger side but the drivers side was untouched...." I let out a huge sigh of relief but something still didn't seem right. "....however, the paramedics told me her ankle is fractured possibly broken and they believe her appendix has exploded. We have a patrol car at your hotel they will escort you to the hospital." "Thank you, thank you so much." I hung up the phone and ran out the door. I ran down the stair into the awaiting cop car. The Officer puts on the sirens and we sped over to the hospital. We arrive at the same time the ambulance does. I don't even wait for the Officer to stop the car. I jump out and run over to the ambulance. They pull Shyloe out and she's crying and screaming in pain. "Shy! Shy, I'm here babe!" "Bruno it hurts so bad!" I know that she must really be in pain. She's always had a very high pain tolerance and when she says it hurts, it hurts bad. They wheel her into a room and do some tests hook her up to some machines and give her some medicine. A nurse rolls in a machine and sets it aside. "Make it stop!"


The pain was unreal. It was so bad I was starting to see white. A doctor brought a ultrasound machine and put the gel on my stomach. He started rubbing it around and abruptly stopped. He called for a nurse and he lifted up the sheets. "Oh my god! Your in labor." "WHAT?!?!" Me and Bruno both shouted at the same time. "Your having a baby, now!" Bruno eyes bugged out and he paled to a very unhealthy color. "No! I don't want a baby! I don't want it! I don't want to see it! I don't want a baby! I'm not pregnant! I'm not pregnant!" I thought they were joking with me but I quickly found out they weren't. They pulled the baby out. "It's a girl!" No cries. Just silence. "I don't want it!" They took the baby away and I thought finally the pain will be gone. Wrong! The pain persisted. "Wait a minute.....there twins! Push!" I pushed twice. "It's a little boy!" Silence. "I don't want them!" I looked at Bruno and he was actually crying too. "Bruno, I don't want a baby! I don't want two babies! I can't! We can't! Your career! I don't want a baby!" His lip started to quiver. It pulled at my heart to see him like that. He rubbed my head. "'ll work out. If were meant to keep them then we will. I'll be a good daddy and you'll be a good mommy, if not then god will take them." How can he make me feel the way he does. Everything makes sense and he makes everything seem like it's going to be alright. "Let god take them, I don't.....I'm not ready....we're not ready, there's too much going on right now. I'm not ready!" "Baby it's ok whatever happens is what will happen alright." He kisses me. The doctors stress to frantically work on the silent twins. I was wheeled away and put into a recovery room. A few moments later 2 police officers walked in. "Mrs. Hernandez? Were from the LAPD were here to ask you what happened a few hours ago." I sighed. It's time for the truth to come out. "It didn't start a few hours started about 8 years ago." I told them everything. Every single painful detail that I could remember. Bruno helped me and told them what had happened a few months ago. "So what your telling us is Nick Carmile, murdered your parents, abused minors, threatened to kill you and Mr. Hernandez, threatened to kill the passenger Lucy Smith, and slapped you." "Yes it is. The passenger Lucy is she alright? What about Nick?" The officers exchange glances. "Nick Carmile murdered Lucy Smith moments after the crash, and then committed suicide." They stood up and left. "Bruno, he's gone......he's out of our lives forever." "I know, we don't have anything to worry about now, were safe." "Bruno, we have a family now, I didn't even know I was pregnant. No weight gain, no mood swings, no cravings, no morning sickness, nothing. They only thing that could possibly relate to this is when we ran into Nick after dinner and I was puking that night." "I know, but listen to me, we'll be ok. I'll be a good daddy and you'll be a good mommy." "But what about your career!" "I don't know. We'll work something out alright?" A doctor walks in. "Mr and Mrs Hernandez? The twins are perfectly fine." A nurse rolls in two little beds. As soon as I see the first baby I fall in love. These lives were inside of me. We created them. I pick up my little girl and Bruno grabs the boy. I fall even more in love. They're perfect. "What should we name them?" Bruno has the biggest smile on his face. I've never seen him smile like that before. "I don't know." "I think I like Melody for my little girl. Bruno, what about Peter from him." He looks up and smiles. "Yeah Peter. Just like his daddy." "Yeah just like his daddy." Marybeth and the gang find out about the babies and they all come to the hospital. Marybeth brings Mariska's old thing for Melody. She goes out and buys stuff for Peter. Everyone thinks they're adorable. Bruno is always feeding and changing the twins. He's a really good daddy. We leave the hospital and just as Bruno said, everything worked out and we lived happily ever after.